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 7/21/2012 12:40 PM
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This video is addressed to the young men who are facebook friends of Joshua as well as to the more general population of young men in Ireland.

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 7/21/2012 12:40 PM
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Video to the young men of Ireland who are linked to Joshuas facebook.

This is the link to The Truth Be Told.

Hello and welcome.

My calling is Peter-Andrew of the Nolan family from Wagga Wagga Australia. I am also known as Joschua-Brandon of the Boehm family of Germany. Either of Peter or Joschua to address me is fine by me. I am using a second facebook because I am pretty sure some people will try to get this one deleted.

This video is primarily intended for those lads in Ireland who are linked to my former son Joshua John Nolan on facebook. However this video is instructive for all young men of Ireland in the age group of 16 to 30. The book that is linked below is intended for lads 16 to 30.

Firstly. Let me introduce myself so you know who you are listening to.

Secondly, let me address the book which I very strongly recommend you read.

Your guvment in Ireland is a criminal cartel. The members of your parliament have betrayed you to a system of slavery that you can not see or touch or taste or feel. But you have been condemned by your members of parliament, your legal fraternity, your police, your parents, your grand parents, to a life of slavery if you do not throw your shackles off.

I have spent the last 4.5 years, nearly 4,000 hours, and more than EUR300,000 taking on the guvments of both Australia and Ireland to re-introduce the rule of law for young men just like you. Most young men today are so disrespectful of their elders that they do not even appreciate what I have done for them. But a small percentage understand what I have done and are very grateful.

So I recommend you read this book. It will provide for you the evidence you need to believe everything else I am about to tell you.

Now…something you need to know. Your women are liars and hypocrites in the 99.9% majority in Ireland. I mean every woman over the age of 18. You will find in the book that 100% of the women in the parliament openly condone and support the criminal acts of my ex wife, Joshuas mother, Jennifer Marguerite Toal. Jennifer committed the criminal acts of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse. And 100% of the women in your parliament support those criminal acts. The 250 out of 250 women in the international womens club of Dublin also support those criminal acts. 100% of the women in the Australian Parliament also support those acts.

Further. I have talked to more than 10,000 women in the last 4 years one way or another. I have found THREE willing to sit on a jury in Ireland and only TWO women in Australia to speak out that Jennifer should stand trial.

You young lads need to know that 5% is the new 50% if you happen to be a man. In my divorce I was so generously given EUR12,000 after 25 years of working against court costs of EUR60,000. That was 5% of assets against Jennifer getting 95% of assets. I was robbed like this because I had made the decision to expose the criminals in the guvment for YOUR BENEFIT. Virtually ALL WOMEN in Ireland agree with such a result. You young men need to know you could work for the next 25 years to build up assets, be robbed of your children, your house, your business and the women will LAUGH AT YOU!

You know Joshua John Nolan because you are linked on his facebook. You can talk to him directly and you can ask if it is true that I renovated two houses and raised his step brother and step sister as my own. You can ask him directly if his mother refused to work for 14 years out of an 18 year marriage. You can ask him yourself if his mother got 95% of assets. You can ask him yourself if he knows that his mother committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse. Joshua is now 19 and so he is an adult. He has no special protected status as a child.

Once you verify that I am telling the truth by asking Joshua John directly or reading the book here are some things I advise you to think about.

Your mothers and your grand mothers totally approve of men being criminally victimised in the family courts. 99.9% of them approve of that. So if these women in your life, your mother, your aunts, your grand mothers, your sisters are telling you that THEY do not condone these crimes? Feel free to call them the liars and hypocrites they have chosen to be.  Feel free to reject their lies.

Most importantly, point them to the CAF Ireland Womens site and show them that in SIX MONTHS only ONE WOMAN in Ireland was willing to sign up. Tell them that if they want YOUR RESPECT they have to EARN IT by signing up to the CAF Ireland Womens site and sit on all women juries in all womens courts and dispensing the SAME remedy instruction for a guilty woman as they would wish for themselves of they were criminally victimised by a man.

You young lads are well advised to refuse to respect ANY WOMAN over the age of 18 who REFUSES to join the CAF Ireland Womens site as an indication she has taken oath to give men the same protection of the law that she DEMANDS in the case that she is the victim of a crime.

You young lads are well advised to think long and hard as to why I have been calling for a path to justice for four and a half years and have been hated on by women AND MEN alike for doing so. The vast majority of people in Ireland, 99.9% of the women and 99% of the men are man-hating, sexist, discriminatory, bigots because they will leap to the defense of a woman if a man so much as makes an “unwelcome comment” but they will stand back and allow a man to be criminally robbed of his children, his house, his business, his assets, his future and, sadly, in many cases even his life.

As a man who was suicidal for the month of April 2008 I can tell your first hand how hard it is for a loving and caring father to disown his children who have been kidnapped. How hard it is when your own father blames you and holds you responsible for the criminal actions of a woman thereby denying that women are even responsible for their own actions. I, for one, have disowned my former children, I have dis-owned my father, my brothers, my former family.

I do not associate socially with ANY PERSON who does not take the position that criminal women are held accountable before the law on an equal basis to men.  Sadly, in the west I must associate with such people since they make up at least the 99.5% majority of adults. The question for you, as a lad, is whether you will be one of the 99% of men who are man-hating, sexist, discriminatory, bigots who demand that women are able to commit crimes against other men with impunity. Because if you are some woman one day will commit crimes against you and you will be on your own.

You young lads are well advised to think about why was it that Jennifer was awarded 95% of assets while she refused to work and I was the one who earned all the money, the one who renovated houses on weekends for years, the one who went to far flung and dangerous places to earn enough money for Jennifers endless reckless spending.

You would do well to ask why is it that the minister for justice claims that he is not responsible for justice. Why is he not responsible for bringing criminal judges to trial. You might want to ask why a criminal woman was given citizenship while a man who is top 20 in the world in his profession who earned EUR220,000 in foreign income in his last year before divorce was denied.

You might want to ask why my bank accounts were frozen and I was impoverished and threatened with jail without so much as a piece of paper lawfully served on me.

You might want to ask yourself how can all this be happening, be widely exposed, and yet you still hear nothing about it.

And here is something else you want to wonder about. Joshua John Nolan knows full well his mother is a criminal . He knows full well that she was awarded 95% of assets in a criminal act. And yet he has remained silent on this issue when pressed for an opinion.

You might want to wonder how many of your peers would remain silent if this was YOU in 25 years time.

You might want to wonder why lads like Joshua and young women like Josephine Marguerite Nolan stay silent when they have attained the age of 18 and they know full well their mother is a criminal who abused their father and drove their father out of their lives.

You might want to wonder what does that mean for you. You are a young lad. You will be being told to “work hard and make the best of yourself”. Those who are older than you might be telling you “work hard and get married and have a family” or some variation of that. Well? What is to stop you being in my position in 25 years? Where your wife steals your kids, your house, your assets and then poisons the minds of your children to you so much they will not even speak to you on Christmas day just 6 weeks after you have been unceremoniously removed from your house with the threat of the police being called to arrest you at the point of a gun.

You young men might want to ask yourself why was it that Joshua John Nolan, and presumably many of his peers do the same, could n ot be bothered to even take a call from his father for Christmas just six week after his mother removed his father at the threat of the point of a gun?

And you young men want to wonder why there is nothing to stop this from happening to you.

You young men are well advised not to believe the lies of your mothers and fathers and aunts and uncles and grand mothers and grand fathers, and your sisters. You are well advised not to listen to the lie “this will not happen to you” or “Peter must have done something to deserve such bad treatment”. There are a hundred other lies that are told to you young men to try and get you to make the marriage vow, a vow that is broken by women 90% of the time while all the hatred and shaming is directed at you.

Young man? I have risked my life for you. I have sacrificed everything I used to hold dear to make sure that the truth was told. I did this because you are less able to take care of yourself than I am merely because you have been the victim of pervasive lying.

I sacrificed everything I had to bring you the truth so that you can choose your life for yourself. If you choose now to listen to me but go ahead and get married? When you are screwed over in the family law courts you will remember that you were told the truth and you had a choice.

If you take my advice and you rescind your consent to be governed as described in the first book called “Living Free in the Femnazi World” then you will stand a much better chance at a good life in the future. I will have done my job so much the better if you have a great life. You are also well advised to join the Mens Business Association as early members and get started on the business of starting your own company or apprentice to someone whose skills you want to learn.

But above all? You are well advised to question everything you see and everything you hear. You are being lied to pervasively. I only discovered those lies at 44. You have a chance to discover them at half my age. I am 48 now. I have had a great life. No matter what happens now I have had a life better than all but a very small percentage of men. I could die tomorrow and be well satisfied with my life.

But you are young. You are going to live in abject slavery and poverty if you do not stand up for yourselves. Your fathers and grand fathers are not standing up for you in nearly large enough numbers. They are too afraid of being “hurt by the guvment”. You are young. You have far less to lose. And many of you are far to strong a match for the criminals who call themselves guardai. They are guarding the criminals in the parliament, not you.

Each young man who sees this video has to decide for himself what he must do. I have done what I can for you. I am trying to get new courts and new juries started because the current system of law is a criminal enterprise and this has been well proven.

I suggest you talk to your fathers and your grand fathers about this and see if your can motivate them to actually stand up for your rights. I can’t get hem to do that in any number. If they will not stand up for your rights then you need to stand up for yourself. And do not forget those who would not stand up for you. They do not deserve your respect or the protection of their rights in the future.

If you do not stand up for your rights? Then you can have no complaint when they are violated more and more by the criminal agents of your guvment.

You lads need to know that I am challenging the young women to join the Crimes Against Fathers Ireland Womens sites. I have called on mothers to sign up to the CAF Ireland Womens site for more than 6 months now. In that time only ONE woman has signed up. When your mothers and your grand mothers tell you that “women stand up for the rights of men” then you should ask them “Why is it that in six months only ONE woman agreed to sit on the new all womens juries in the all womens courts that are being created? Please do not tell me such blatant lies, they only damage your credibility.”

I am advising you that if a young woman that is presenting herself as “dating” or “marriage” material to you is not willing to join the CAF Ireland Womens site then she is NOT MARRIAGE MATERIAL. I am here to advise you that any young woman who is not willing to sit on an all womens jury in an all womens court to deal with criminal women is unwilling to do so FOR A REASON. And that reason is that she wants to keep the option open of stealing from some man in divorce at some point in the future.

It is also an indication that the young woman does not take the position of “equality before the law”. Any woman who is not willing to ensure that criminal women are required to make remedy just like a criminal man in the west today is rightly called a liar and a hypocrite.

I have heard the claim of women for 40 years that they want “equality”.

You, young man, are the first generation who are in a position to give the woman what their mothers and grand mothers demanded. Equality before the law.

I recommend to you that this is what you do.

To do that you read the book linked and you will join the Mens Business Association.

I also recommend you view the video I am making for the young women of Ireland. It would do you well to know what I am saying to them. It would do you well to make sure all the women who are your peers see that video.

Young man. I risked my life and sacrificed everything I held dear to get to this position to bring your this book and this video. I can do little more for you.  It is up to you to make your decisions now. You will join the Mens Business Association or not. You will live in freedom or not.

I wish you good luck in whatever you choose to do. Feel free to spread this video around with comments. Each young lad who see it in Ireland will then have a better chance at a better life.

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