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 7/21/2012 12:32 PM
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This video is addressed to the young women who are facebook friends of Josephine as well as to the more general population of young women in Ireland.
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 7/21/2012 12:35 PM
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Video to the young women of Ireland who are linked to Josephines facebook.

Hello and welcome.

My calling is Peter-Andrew of the Nolan family from Wagga Wagga of Australia. I am also known as Joschua-Brandon of the Boehm family of Germany. Either of Peter or Joschua to address me is fine by me. I am using a second facebook because I am pretty sure some people will try to get this one deleted.

This video is primarily intended for those young women in Ireland who are linked to my former daughter Josephine Marguerite Nolan on facebook. However this video is just as instructive for all young women of Ireland in the age group of 18 to 30. I will explain why soon.

Firstly. Let me introduce myself so you know who you are listening to.

Secondly, let me address the book which I have very strongly recommend the lads your age read. If you, as a young woman, want to read The Truth Be Told so that you know what the lads your age are being told then feel free. It will upset you and that will be your problem.

I am denouncing western women, such as you, as liars and hypocrites in the 99.9% majority. I am denouncing the 99.9% because it is true.  I have spent the time to collect the evidence and to present it to the lads. The very fact that women get VERY upset at me saying that is also further evidence. If it was not true women would just deny it and point to their track record.  The sad fact for women in Ireland is this.

My former wife Jennifer committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse in order to use the criminals in the family law courts to extort money from me.

I can point to the fact that every single woman in both houses of your parliament condones these crimes.

I can point to the fact that every single woman of the 250 women in the international womens club of Dublin condones these crimes.

Your older sisters, the same age as your grand mothers and mothers, agree, at a rate very close to 100%, that when a woman commits criminal acts against a man that she should NOT be held accountable before the law on the same basis as a man. This is despite the fact that we have heard these same women claim how they want to be “equal” for the last 40 years.

We have heard “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”, “sisters are doing it for themselves”, “women can do anything a man can do”.

Really? Well? Women can not hold women who are criminals as equal before the law and make remedy the man criminally victimised by a woman like men can hold wife beaters, men who rape and men who are paedophiles to justice pretty well. Indeed, in Ireland there has been a lot of work by good men to reduce criminal acts by men against women using all the latest technologies. But there has been NO effort by women using ANYTHING to reduce criminal acts by women against men.

Indeed my evidence of the criminal acts of my wife was put before Mary McAleese, last time I looked she was still a woman, in October 2010. She did not have to use ANY technology other than reading the documents served on her office. Did Mary McAleese ensure that I gained a path to justice? Does Mary McAleese take the position that women who commit crimes must be held accountable before the law the same way as a man? Does Mary McAleese really believe in “equality”. Of course not. She has made to president of Ireland and she has betrayed you young women by not living up to the claims she made on her way to that office.

IF you wish to not be part of the 99.9% of women in Ireland who are rightly labelled liars and hypocrites THEN you young women are well advised to denounce Mary McAleese as the liar and hypocrite she is. You are well advised to demand that she is removed from office as she does not represent you.

If you do not denounce her you are telling the lads that you are willing to allow a woman to be a liar and a hypocrite and you are allowing her to represent you. And that tells the lads what they need to know to protect themselves from you young women.

Now. In October 2009 I called on the 300 or so women who were members of the Irish FreeMan society to form a court and a jury and to put Jennifer on trial for her criminal acts. I called for this in the face of the “guvment” not being willing to do this. You need to understand that the Irish FreeMan society, at the time, had common law as one of the founding tenants of the society. A large part of it was about how to protect the Irish people from the criminals in the guvment. What happened was only three of the 300 women agreed to sit on that jury. One of those women reported that she was later verbally attacked by other women when she came out and said that she was one who thought Jennifer should stand trial for her crimes.

This is 99% of women who ALREADY AGREE that jury trial is the best way to settle criminal dispute who refused to put a criminal woman on trial.

Young women. The evidence is simply not refutable. The evidence is stacked to the moon and back. In Ireland, when a woman commits crimes the OTHER WOMEN do not insist that the woman is held accountable for her crimes and is required to make remedy for her crimes. This is the evidence that is being presented to the lads. If you too refuse to stand up for all the men who have been criminally victimised by women then you too will be correctly labelled the liars and hypocrites you will have chosen to be.

I will continue to speak out against ANY WOMAN who refuses to hold other women accountable for criminal acts the same way I would speak out against any MAN who would publicly refuse to denounce men who bash, rape or kill women, men who physically, mentally or sexually abuse children.

You see. I am one of the few men who is not a man-hating, sexist, discriminatory, bigoted man. I am a man who takes the position that women have claimed they want to be treated the same as men for 40 years and now I am calling on the lads to give you what your mothers and grand mothers demanded you be give.

And that means the same criminal act gets the same remedy instruction no matter the sex of the perpetrator or victim of the crime.

Now. What can you do to avoid being labelled publicly as liars and hypocrites?

In the links below is the Crimes Against Fathers Ireland Womens site. I have invited only mothers to join up to this point in time. Now I am also inviting young women who are not married and who are not mothers.

Your mothers and grand mothers have voted. Their vote is that they are prepared to tolerate being called liars and hypocrites for the benefit of being able to commit criminal acts with impunity. The difference between those women and you is that they already have their husbands, their children, their houses. Those women are perfectly willing to be called liars and hypocrites for the “right” to be able to rob the men they claim to love of their children, their house, their business and sadly, many times, their very life.

You younger women are in a different position. You do not yet have your “compliant man slave” ensnared in the criminal legislation known as “Family Law”. You are still yet to sell that deal for the most part. I am going to expose all those young women who refuse to denounce their mothers and their grand mothers for what they have done to the young men.

My second book, The Truth Be Told, has now had more than 1,800 downloads. The lies and hypocrisy of women is becoming more and more apparent every day to the young men. That the entire membership of the parliament of Ireland has taken the position that the lads of Ireland have less legal protection than a stray DOG and that their mothers and grand mothers agree with that position is becoming clearer and clearer to the lads every day.

I am telling the lads that 5% is the new 50% if you happen to be a man. I am telling that lads that in Ireland 99.9% of the women and 99% of the men agree and condone with a split of assets of 5% to the man and 95% to the woman even when no paternity test was done for the alleged children, even when the woman refused to work for 14 years of an 18 year marriage, even though I raised her two children of a prior marriage as my own, even though I renovated two houses and that is where the meagre assets of the marriage came from.

When I tell men that in my case 5% vs 95% is condoned by VIRTUALLY EVERYONE and that this is what they can look forward to in the future the young men listen. The only tactic that women have to try and counter the facts of the matter is to call me names like 5 year olds. The lads are not buying those lies because they can see they are lies.

Young ladies. In short? The lies and hypocrisy that your mothers and grand mothers have used to secure their futures be enslaving men via the criminal legislation called family law is being exposed and presented to the lads. This means that YOU are going to be MOST AFFECTED as the result of the lies and hypocrisy of your mothers and grand mothers.

For example. I now denounce Josephine Marguerite Nolan and Kristen Robinson, my elder step daughter, as unsuitable for marriage and that any man who would marry a young woman who agrees that her father (or step father) be criminally abused in divorce and be given a lousy EUR12,000 of his own assets against legal fees of EUR60,000 in divorce is NOT FIT FOR MARRIAGE because that is what SHE will have her eye on as well.

That Josephine and Kristen did NOT speak out about the criminal acts of their mother, in and of itself, makes them NOT FIT FOR MARRIAGE.

I am telling all the lads the same thing. I am telling the lads that any young woman who is not willing to denounce a woman criminal and serve on a jury to give a man who has been the victim of a criminal woman is NOT FIT FOR MARRIAGE.

I am advising the lads to ask you young women directly if you are willing to serve on the new all women juries and all womens courts that will be created as part of The Peoples Courts of Ireland. I am advising the lads that any young woman they ask to do that who refused should be immediately dropped out of any relationship and is NOT FIT FOR MARRIAGE because she is a liar and a hypocrite. A young woman who will not sit on the new all womens juries in the all womens courts but who still wants the protection of the law herself is not “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”, is not “a sister doing it for herself”, is not “doing anything a man can do” and should be denounced as so.

So. Young ladies. Your mothers and your grand mothers have betrayed you by hating on men and committing crimes against them for decades now. Your mothers and grand mothers have poisoned the well for your generation. What you do with your mothers and grand mothers who have committed these criminal acts like Jennifer and her mother Irene Toal will be watched by more and more young lads.

If you fail to hold criminal woman accountable for criminal acts on an “equal before the law” basis this will no longer be able to be hidden from the young men. They will see your lies and your hypocrisy in plain view. And they will take this into account when deciding if they want to marry you. Because men dislike nothing in a woman so much more than their lies and hypocrisy.

Those young men who foolishly choose to marry a young woman who has not registered to the CAF Ireland Womens site will get no help from me or from anyone in the Mens Business Association. If a young man does that then he can solve the problem he created for himself.

We are going to tell the young men only young women who are prepared to actually BE HELD EQUAL BEFORE THE LAW and hold OTHER WOMEN AS EQUAL BEFORE THE LAW are fit for dating and marriage.

We are going to tell the lads that the young women who openly protest the lies and hypocrisy of their mothers and grand mothers are the MOST FIT FOR MARRIAGE AND DATING.

Many young lads will not listen. They are not smart enough. The lads who WILL listen are the smartest lads. And the smartest lads are the ones who will gain the financial rewards of joining the Mens Business Association and doing their business outside the jurisdiction of the guvment.

So there it is young ladies. What you do with this information is up to yourself. I have put Josephine Marguerite Nolans facebook in the comments below. If you want to ask her why it was that she has not spoken out about the crimes of her mother and the victimisation of her father so that I have created this problem for you? Feel free to ask her. She is your peer. Ask her why she thinks her father should have been criminally abused and robbed. See what she says.

And all those other young women you know who are well aware their mothers and grandmothers criminally victimised their husbands to get the “house, kids and business”? Ask your peers why they have not been speaking out.

The silence of the women while so many men have died at their own hand after years of criminal abuse in many cases is a total disgrace on the behalf of the women. And that is what we are telling the lads. We are telling them that their women care about them so little they do not even care when they kill themselves.

You young women are going to reap the rewards of the lies and hypocrisy of your mothers and grand mothers your whole lives. You might want to take issue with them. Even your daughters and grand daughters will have to deal with a world where men instinctively do not trust or believe women because of the betrayal of your mothers and grand mothers. I know this is the case because I see this in Russia and the Ukraine.

Good luck with the decisions you make now. You, your daughters, and your grand daughters, will have to live with them.


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