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 9/13/2012 1:48 PM
 Modified By host  on 9/13/2012 12:50:37 PM
So..I thought it was time to put Fiona Brassils details up on here.

I wonder how her family will react to knowing that what she does for a "living" is to tell women to commit perjury so as to cause a dispute and get a married couple to burn through a whole lot of money. I wonder how her friends will feel about her destroying families for a living knowing that she is a criminal.

This is what a man hater looks like.

Subject: Strictly Private & Confidential
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2007 11:57:43 +0100

Dear Jenni,

I would be obliged if you could arrange to forward a copy of your Australian Marriage Certificate to me together with a copy of your Divorce Order if you have same as we may be required to exhibit same in the Separation Proceedings.

Yours sincerely,

Fiona Brassil
Daniel Spring & Company
50 Fitzwilliam Square
Dublin 2
Document Exchange: DDE 87
Tel:  353 1 644 9900
Fax: 353 1 644 9999

From this page.

Fiona is a graduate of University College Cork and qualified as a solicitor in 2004. Fiona works principally in the area of defence medical negligence and has been involved in a number of significant cases in this area over recent years. She is a member of the Medico Legal Society of Ireland. Fiona, together with Geraldine Shanley and Emmajane O'Halloran, was awarded the Irish Law Awards Family Law Team of the year prize for 2012.

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 9/13/2012 2:41 PM

-----Original Message-----
From: Peter Nolan []
Sent: 13 September 2012 22:40
To: ''
Cc: ''; ''; ''
Subject: A message to Fiona Brassil and Donal Spring

Dear mail,
please pass along this message to Fiona and Donal.

Hi Fiona,
remember me? I am presumably one of many men you chose to criminally victimize.

Did you think I went away? Did you think I just “forgot about you”? Hmmmmm?

And you are a pretty young thing aren’t you. Qualified to be a solicitor in 2004 and decided that you would like to destroy mens lives by lying to their wives and telling them they can commit perjury with impunity to get the house and kids. This is what you think you should be doing with your life for what you call a “living”? This is you contribution to humanity? You lie to women to get them to destroy their families?

Did Jennifer bother to tell you that in the end she got 95% and I got 5%? Did she tell you about this video?

What are your family and friends going to make of you when they find this is what you do with your day job? CAF is very popular now and your name is going to come up in google searches from the CAF entry. This is going to be with you for the rest of your life.

Did you really imagine no man would ever stand up for himself? Did you think you would get to criminally abuse men with impunity? I really do wonder about what you women lawyers are thinking about when you tell our wives to lie to judges to justify the kidnapping of the children and stealing of the house. Maybe you can tell me, eh?

Now…something you will want to know about is this video.

There now exists a state of war on the land known as Ireland. You are on the list of enemy combatants. As is any partner or child you might have.

Now. I am not going to harm one single hair on that pretty little head of yours. Nope. I am not going to do anything to you. I am absolutely not going to commit any crime of any sort right throughout this process.  But I do not make decisions for other men, now, do I.

If we get new courts going, of course, you will be one of the first customers for being an accessory before, during and after the fact of the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse. I expect a rather large payout from you. And I expect to be getting part of your income for many years to come for the crimes you committed against me.

But if we do not get new courts for a while? Well? Who knows? Some man in Ireland who has also been through the mill might just read my story and decide that since you like to destroy mens lives and since he has no connection at all to you, that he might declare himself a soldier for the liberation of Ireland from the criminals in the law society and he might just commit an act of war against you.

And if he does? And if he is caught? What I CAN assure you is that I will get him out of jail when hostilities cease. He will truly be a patriot who engaged in honourable combat with an enemy of the men of Ireland.

So you, my dear, are now being publicly named as a criminal and you are being publicly linked to the crimes of Jennifer.

Of course. If you want to be removed from the list of being an enemy combatant that ANY VICTIMIZED FATHER might wish to commit an act of war against? You will do the honourable thing. You will admit that you are an accessory to perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse. You will make an offer of remedy. That offer will be made public so that other people can see just what value you place on destroying a mans life. And on your CAF entry men will be warned that you are no longer an enemy combatant and you have the protection of our new courts when they are created.

And if you think I can not do this? Try clicking here.

I wonder what life will be like for you when you walk down the street and you wonder if some father your colleagues have victimized is walking behind you and going to commit an act of war against you. A man you have never met. A man you have never talked to. The “man in the street”.

I wonder how well you are going to sleep at night knowing that any of the tens of thousands of men who have been similarly vicrtimised might just dispense summary justice during this period of declared state of war.

Have a nice day!

Your brother peter


Hi Donal,

You too will want to watch this and read this link.

I am going to hold you responsible for the criminal acts of your employee. It was impossible for you not to know that the family law courts are criminal enterprises and you employed someone who committed a series of crimes to ensure the destruction of my life as it was.

Now. Did you think no man would ever stand up for himself? Did you think you could make money destroying mens lives and that would NEVER catch up to you or your children should you have any?

Remember, since you attack the children of other men it is perfectly ok for other men to attack your children. Do unto others and all that.

So the same deal goes for you Donal. You have a choice. To admit your part in the criminal acts against me and make honourable offer of remedy. That offer will be made public and your CAF Entry will be marked that you are no longer an enemy combatant for fathers of Ireland.

Maybe you should get a job that does not entail being a criminal and destroying other mens lives to make what you laughably call a “living”.

It will be interesting to see what value you place on the destruction of a mans life. You obviously are very well off. You qualified as a solicitor the same time I started at UNI. And 26 years later your colleagues think it is a good idea to steal my house and give me EUR12,000 of the proceeds of my lifetimes labour.

Perhaps that is what we should do with you, is it Donal? Perhaps we should take everything off you and give you back EUR12,000 and tell you to be on your way just like your colleagues decided was “fair and just” for me. Do unto others Donal….and this is what you did unto me. You have, thereby, accepted that others can do the same to you. Or did they not teach you this at Sunday school when you were little?

I also think there are many tens of thousands of fathers out there, any one of which, might just like to dispense summary justice to you while this state of war is in effect.

But hey, if you want to take your chances? That is your choice.

Remember. It only takes ONE ANGRY MAN to decide he does not like what you do for a living now that you have been publicly denounced.

So. What are you going to do Donal? Are you going to take your chances? Or are you going to “MAN UP” and make an offer to remedy the crimes you have chosen to associate yourself with.

What is the life of a man worth to you Donal? The men whose lives you destroy.

What is YOUR life worth to you Donal?

Is it worth taking the chance that some angry Irish father who has had his life destroyed might dispense summary justice to you on the guarantee that he will not be in jail for very long if caught?

Best Regards

Your brother peter



New Post
 10/18/2012 8:46 AM

-----Original Message-----
From: Peter Nolan []
Sent: 18 October 2012 16:40
To: ''; ''; ''
Cc: ''; ''; ''; ''; ''
Subject: The criminal act of being an accessory to embezzlement

Hi Fiona,

It is funny how things work. I was talking to a colleague today about a man whose wife was reading his private emails and a judge found this was not an “invasion of privacy”. I commented that I did the same to Jennifer in divorce and that was how I found out about Jennifer stealing EUR18,000 from the company account.

And guess what? The conversation jogged my mind to remember that Jennifer TOLD YOU IN AN EMAIL that she got that money by stealing it from the company bank account.

As an officer of the court you were REQUIRED to report that crime and to fail to do so is to become an accessory to the crime.

Now…as it turns out I can not find the email. So I will have to make a negative affirment to put you into the position of needing to commit perjury to counter my negative claim. But there seems little point in you attempting to deny you received that email since Jennifer knows full well she told you she took the money from the company bank account.

So now I have you for accessory to embezzlement. Nice!

I will also post this to the CAF site so that people who search for your name will find out that you encouraged a woman to commit perjury and also were aware of an embezzlement and refused to report it to the police thus becoming and accomplice.

You hear that sound Fiona? That is the sound of your career in law ending. Exactly what you deserve.


Best Regards

Peter Nolan
Instant Business Intelligence
New Post
 10/18/2012 8:51 AM
And here is Fionas entry in CAF...all the way up to 4th on

And since Fiona is not denying that she is a man hater, a liar, a hypocrite? She has accepted these accusations to be true.

New Post
 12/6/2012 8:40 AM
 Modified By host  on 12/6/2012 8:45:13 AM
So the man hater, liar and hypocrite and all round not nice woman calling herself Fiona Brassil is "upset" at my CAF entry about her?!?!

Cry me a river!! LOL!! She wanted to be treated like a man...this is what it looks like.

So I get a letter today from Paula Murphy trying to threaten an unrelated third party because Fiona Brassil is too chicken shit gutless to talk to me! LOL!  How "strong and empowered" is Fiona Brassil? She can't even face the man whose life she destroyed. What a cowardly bitch she is...

The letter is linked below.

I have created a video response. You can listen to the video response on this link.

 12_12_06 Letter to Whois Privacy Protection Service Inc.pdf
New Post
 12/14/2012 10:30 AM
 Modified By host  on 12/14/2012 10:31:24 AM
So I got some more email from the man hating child abusing criminal Fiona Brassil today.

This is the first email.

-----Original Message-----
From: DonalSpring []
Sent: 14 December 2012 18:38
Subject: Extremely Urgent-Mandatory Injunction Enclosed
Importance: High

Dear Sirs,

Please see attached correspondence.

Yours faithfully,

Daniel Spring & Co 

And this is the second email.

-----Original Message-----
From: DonalSpring []
Sent: 14 December 2012 18:40
Subject: Court Order attached

Dear Mr. Nolan,

Please see attached correspondence.

Yours faithfully,

Daniel Spring & Co 

The two emails have attachments. And the attachments are linked.
New Post
 12/18/2012 7:08 PM
So I thought I would make a video about it is.

New Post
 11/4/2013 2:39 AM
 Modified By host  on 11/4/2013 2:48:28 AM
My YT videos were taken they are now available on torrents.

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