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 5/22/2013 4:44 PM
 Modified By host  on 5/22/2013 5:53:12 PM

What a shame I have to start to denounce women who would claim to be “good women” and women who would have claimed to be my “friend”.

However, having repeatedly appealed to these women over a 5 year period and their total refusal to stand up for truth, justice, liberty and equality before the law it means that they have to be named and shamed and denounced to get them to do what they should have done in the first place.

These women are in particular need of being denounced as man haters because they are women who claimed the benefits of “affirmative action” and “equality”. They got good paying jobs. They asked to be given an equal chance and were accorded those chances. But when asked to stand up for truth, justice, liberty and equality before the law they chose to openly and publicly support a criminal woman against a man they knew to be honest. And in most cases they knew us for a LONG time.

So I am denouncing these women because they SHOULD have publicly stood up for truth, justice, liberty, and equality before the law.

As I keep saying to people. The biggest disappointment in my life has been women. I was sold a lie by my mother when I was too young to know it was a lie and when I trusted my mother.

I tell every young man I meet. NEVER trust your mother about ANYTHING because they are LYING to you about what women are like in the VAST majority.

Now, with that as an introduction I will talk about this specific woman.

Philippa Cottle - Man hater – Hater of her own son

This is her linkedin.

This is what a man hater looks like.

Philippa Cottle

Philippa has a son, Roland I believe it is spelled. It has been a while. So again we are dealing with a woman who openly condoned a woman committing crimes against a man who has a son who will grow up and live in this misandrist man hating group of people.

Philippa and he husband, James, were family friends. Their son Roland was the same age as Joshua John Nolan. As you can see from her linkedin address she is actually a lawyer.  She started out as an associate solicitor way back in 1981. So Philippa is a similar age to me and I am 49.

We were not close friends. We did dine at each others houses on a regular basis and I fixed up Philippas PC a few times as various viruses or problems with it emerged. I was the “all round fix it guy” for people with PCs whose children went to the same school.

Being a solicitor for 30 years Philippa clearly understands the concepts of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse.

During the divorce process Jennifer consistently asked Philippa to counter sign documents and Phillipa appears to have been more than pleased to do so. I have plenty of documents that Philippa counter signed for Jennifer. I wrote to Philippa and told her not to aid and abet someone in conflict with me or she, herself, would come into conflict with me.

Phillipa is clearly aware that aiding and abetting someone to commit perjury is, in and of itself a crime. She is also clearly aware that if the consequences of that perjury is injury harm and loss to the other person that she has enabled that injury, harm and loss via countersigning statements she knew to be false.

The other interesting part is this. Philippa is well aware of the criminal nature of the entire legal system. I have copied her in occasionally on what I am doing with the Irish Parliament. I will put a link below to the latest emails I am sending to the Irish Parliament. So why is she staying silent when it is clear to her that every single member of the Irish and UK parliament are criminals? Eh? And why is she staying silent as a FEMALE Solicitor on the question as to whether men, meaning HER 20 year old SON, should have the equal protection of the law to women.

As a woman who is in the law profession her son would have very good cause to ask his mother why it is that she aided and abetted someone she knew was committing crimes and why does she not take the position that men, meaning HIM, have the equal protection of law as an inalienable RIGHT?

Roland Cottle would be well advised to challenge any claim his mother made to him that she would support him if he were ever in my position as follows:

“The issue is not whether you stand up for me as an individual, the issue is that you did not stand up for truth and justice as a principle. The principle is that good people stand up for truth and justice ALL the time, not when it suites them.

You aided Jennifer Nolan commit crimes and you are a LAWYER for goodness sake! You know what the law is around helping people you know are criminals and defending people you know are victims of crimes and who are honest. You did not stand up for truth and justice when it did not suit you.

What if I have children and my wife promises you that she will let you see your grand children if you go along with her, but if you support me she will never let you see your grand children? That is a common case now. You will have a lot to lose if you support me. Access to your grand children. You showed me that you do not stand up for truth and justice as a principle. That when it is not convenient for you that you will turn a blind eye to a woman committing crimes. Yet you stand here any try and tell me you WILL stand up for truth and justice even if the price is you never see your grand children again? And you expect me to believe that?

Why would you EVER not stand up for truth and justice? Why would you allow your credibility to be able to be rightly questioned? Even by your own son? It is not Peter Nolan you did not stand up for. It is all the men who have been criminally victimised by women in divorce. And I might be one of them one day. Who will stand up for me? Look around. NONE of your peers, people around 50, stand up for men who are victims of crimes in divorce. NONE OF THEM! Not their mothers, not their fathers.

Do you honestly think that lads like me have not seen lads like Joshua John Nolan lose their fathers because of the actions of criminal women and did not notice? Do you think we did not notice that the peers of the Peter Nolans of the world, you, let them be criminally victimised? Do you think we will believe that your generation would not allow the same to happen to us? Do you think we will EVER TRUST YOU AGAIN? Do you imagine we will trust the women who are our peers who also saw this and said nothing?

By failing Peter Nolan, and all the OTHER MEN you have known were being criminally victmised by women in the divorce courts you have sent ALL us young men a very loud and clear message. We ARE 4th class citizens as Peter has pointed out and you AGREE with that position. And any argument you present to the contrary lacks evidence because Peter Nolans book “The Truth Be Told” presents the PROOF in spades as to how men are treated in divorce today.

If you ever want to earn the my trust again? You are going to have to deal with your silence on this matter and all the OTHER divorces you know about.

And lastly? Look at Peters evidence the members of the parliament are criminals. They have sold my future down the toilet and claim I have a large “debt” to pay via taxes from my labour. I didn’t create that debt. You did. Your generation did. Your generation is the one who knew your politicians were criminals. And when Peter Nolan asked YOUR GENERATION for help to put these politicians on trial to secure MY FUTURE AND MY RIGHTS YOUR GENERATION HATED ON HIM AND PERSECUTED HIM SOME MORE…making it more difficult for him to secure MY FUTURE AND MY RIGHTS! What do you have to say about that?!”

Yep. If I was Roland Cottle I would be having that conversation with his parents. If I were Roland Cottle I would be passing this link around to ALL my twenty something male friends and saying “you lads might want to ask your parents these questions. It is YOUR PARENTS GENERATION that has sold your future down the toilet. You might want to ask them why they did that. YOUR PARENTS know the politicians, lawyers and police are criminals. You might want to ask them why they have not supporter Peter Nolan and his colleagues re-introduce the rule of law for YOUR PROTECTION.”

As I said. It gives me no pleasure to make this post. But when people sin, when people fail, they have to be presented with their sin, their failure, and rebuked if they do not correct it. If they do not correct it subsequent to a private rebuke then a public rebuke is in order. If people do not like public rebukes? Then they are best to remedy their sins and their failures in the private when offered the opportunity. Since I have been at this five and a half years? No one can make the claim that I have not given all parties plenty of time to remedy their sins and failures in the private.

By the way? Philppa and James are hardly alone. There is no man or woman in Ireland who is 50+ years of age who does not know women commit crimes in the family courts and who does not know the politicians are a bunch of criminals. To attempt to deny this would be a joke.

Virtually NONE of them will actually do anything about it. This has destroyed what could have been a rosy future for many hundreds of thousands of young Irish men. Those men have every right to know who betrayed them and who refused to secure their future and their rights when those men were too young to do so for themselves.

Those men are well advised to inform themselves and their peers that the women of their age know all about what happens in the family law courts too and the women of their own age are hoping to take advantage of the family law courts themselves on day. The young men should have no illusions that the women of their own age are betraying them in their silence.

Once broken? Trust and credibility never goes back just the way it was. The old saying of a cracked mirror is correct. No matter how much you mend the cracked mirror? You will always be able to see the crack.  And this is what Joanne and Ian did when they failed to stand up for truth and justice no matter WHO was the perpetrator and who was the victim. They cracked the mirror of credibility they have. As have so many of their peers.

This is one reason why I refused to tolerate any crimes against me. I will NEVER fail to stand up for truth and justice so as to retain my own personal integrity and credibility. I would never compromise these things as to do so would make me a lesser man and I would know it.

Now. It is up to Philppa and James to decide what they will do with this public rebuke and call to stand up for truth and justice REGARDELSS of who the perpetrator of a crime is and who the victim of a crime is. I am sure Roland Cottle and will watch their response to this public rebuke. After all, the future for Roland daughter is yet to be written.

@ Roland? You are well advised to read this book. You are a fourth class citizen in your own land behind women, children and STRAY DOGS. If men like me are not successful at re-introducing the rule of law in to Ireland? You are going to live in abject slavery and tyranny before too long…if you are not killed in the transition.

And what have your mother and father done to secure your future these last 5 years as you government has introduced the soft police state that now exists? And what have they done to resist the harsh police state that is planned? Anything? Nothing?

It was for lads just like you and so many others on your facebook that I have worked so hard to re-introduce the rule of law into Ireland….and not even your own mother or father could care about securing your future by helping me. How about that?

Here are links to the situation in Ireland and the UK. Philippa can not argue she does not know about the criminal nature of the government in Ireland and the UK. She can not argue that she is remaining silent while the futures of millions of Irish and UK kids are sold down the toilet by the criminals in the legal fraternity and the government.



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ForumForumDiscussionsDiscussionsDiscussions Parent ForumDiscussions Parent ForumMan-Hating Wome...Man-Hating Wome...Philippa Cottle - Man hater - Hater of her own sonPhilippa Cottle - Man hater - Hater of her own son