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 5/21/2013 5:09 PM

Mouria Quinlan Pluck - Man hater - hater of her own son

What a shame I have to start to denounce women who would claim to be “good women” and women who would have claimed to be my “friend”.

However, having repeatedly appealed to these women over a 5 year period and their total refusal to stand up for truth, justice, liberty and equality before the law it means that they have to be named and shamed and denounced to get them to do what they should have done in the first place.

These women are in particular need of being denounced as man haters because they are women who claimed the benefits of “affirmative action” and “equality”. They got good paying jobs. They asked to be given an equal chance and were accorded those chances. But when asked to stand up for truth, justice, liberty and equality before the law they chose to openly and publicly support a criminal woman against a man they knew to be honest. And in most cases they knew us for a LONG time.

So I am denouncing these women because they SHOULD have publicly stood up for truth, justice, liberty, and equality before the law.

As I keep saying to people. The biggest disappointment in my life has been women. I was sold a lie by my mother when I was too young to know it was a lie and when I trusted my mother.

I tell every young man I meet. NEVER trust your mother about ANYTHING because they are LYING to you about what women are like in the VAST majority.

Now, with that as an introduction I will talk about this specific woman.

Mouria Quinlan Pluck - Man hater

I do not have an electronic contact for Mouria. But her son is Darragh and his facebook is here.

Mouria was a friend of Jennifers and Darragh is the same age as Joshua John Nolan. When Jarrod had cancer and Jennifer returned to Australia with Jarrod we were able to get Josephine into boarding school but we did not have a place for Joshua. Kristen refused to even come and help out. In fact Jennifer lied to me and told me Kristen was coming back to help and I did not know this was a lie until I walked into the house on a trip home from Germany and asked “where is Kristen”.

Jennifer dumped the two children with me and said “you have to work out what to do with them, I am going back to Sydney”. That was always Jennifers way of handling the toughest problems. “You are the man, you figure it out.” And then she would bitch about how she never got to many any decisions.

Anyway. Somehow Mourias name came up as a possible place for Joshua to stay during the week when I had to work. Jennifer approached Mouria to see if Joshua could stay with her and Darragh during the week. This was agreed to. Of course I was VERY, VERY grateful that a good Christian woman had been willing to take care of our son in this very difficult time.

Since I was dropping Joshua each Sunday afternoon and picking him up each Friday night I came to know Mouria pretty well. I had a lot of time for her. She seemed like a really good woman.

So, naturally, when I was trying to get someone to help me with Jennifer who knew me to be a good father I turned to Mouria. She knew me to be a great father. She knew me to love my children. She knew me to be a Christian man and Jennifer to have fallen from her faith and that I wanted her to return to her faith.

And what happened? When I called to ask her for her help she hung up on me flat. Just hung up on me. Did not even say hello.

I was very shocked at the time. I was like “What the hell? She is a Christian woman who knows me well and she knows I am in need and I am calling to ask her help and she HANGS UP ON ME?”

Women like this have to be denounced. It is that simple. If you claim to be Christian you are COMMANDED to “love one another as I have loved you” and “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

As I pointed out. Mouria has a son who is now 20 who was a good friend of Joshua John Nolan. They stayed together for those 12 weeks and got along reasonably well even though that is too close a set of quarters for two 12 year old boys.

Mouria has made it plain to Darragh what she thinks of men. She has made it plain to her own son Darragh that when a woman kidnaps a mans children, tells lies about him, steals his house and destroys his life, a man she had presented herself as a FRIEND to….she will hang up on him when he calls for help with his wife.

Now he is an adult Darragh can go and talk to his mother and ask her for himself why she turned her back on a good man she KNEW to be a good man. Why did she co-operate in removing Joshuas father from his life. And he can as her for himself what would she do if the same happened to HIM. If Darragh spends the next 20 years working hard to raise a family and his wife does exactly like Jennifer what would HIS mother do about it? And if she says she would help him? How might she help him since the womans mother and all the womens friends will HATE ON HIM and work against him. How could HIS mother help him in that situation.

Indeed? If Darragh did get married and have children which would be Mourias grand children? Would she do what my father did? Which was betray him so as to keep in good with the mother to see the grand children? Might THAT not be what Darraghs mother ACTUALLY does if this happens? Because if his mother sides with Darragh you can bet the house on the fact that Mouria will RARELY see her grand children if EVER again.

Mourias only card to play will be to betray Darragh if she is to see her grand children..and a LOT of mothers do this.

I am going to post this to Darragh. He is an adult. He can decide for himself what he is going to talk about with his mother and his father. But this young man has been warned by the actions of his mother towards me. Darragh knows me to have been a great father who did everything he could. And he now knows his mother turned her back on me and actively supported in the abuse of Joshua and Josephine to remove their father from their lives. So young Darragh knows EXACTLY what to look forward to from his mother if HE is ever in the same position as me….most likely betrayal in favour of the woman.

@Darragh? You are well advised to read this book. You are a fourth class citizen in your own land behind women, children and STRAY DOGS. If men like me are not successful at re-introducing the rule of law in to Ireland? You are going to live in abject slavery and tyranny before too long…if you are not killed in the transition.

And what have your mother and father done to secure your future these last 5 years as you government has introduced the soft police state that now exists? And what have they done to resist the harsh police state that is planned? Anything? Nothing?

It was for lads just like you and so many others on your facebook that I have worked so hard to re-introduce the rule of law into Ireland….and not even your own mother or father could care about securing your future by helping me. How about that?

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ForumForumDiscussionsDiscussionsDiscussions Parent ForumDiscussions Parent ForumMan-Hating Wome...Man-Hating Wome...Mouria Quinlan Pluck - Man hater - hater of her own sonMouria Quinlan Pluck - Man hater - hater of her own son