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 1/20/2014 1:54 PM
Kevin Flannigan, liar, criminal slandered, man hater, idolatror of women

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 1/20/2014 3:08 PM
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Peter Photo

Our Vision

To re-introduce the rule of law into all CAF Countries so as to secure the rights of men and their children.

To secure equality before the law for men and women in all CAF Countries.

Kevin Flanigan is at it again

So Kevin Flanigan has been going around calling Vince Byrne a liar for some years regarding the donation I made to TNS by way of Vince to make sure that the radio station stayed on the air.

Kevin is mis-representing the comments I made at the time. I have corrected this mis-representation in this post.  I see that at the current moment (2014-01-20) that post has had 62 views. A few if them would be me creating the post and editing it so I would think it safe to assume it has had 50-55 views in the last 24 hours.

But, apparently, this is not enough for Kevin. My testimony in my own voice that the conversation I had on the phone with Vince back in 2010 was "spend this money as you see best fit" does not convince Kevin that this is exactly what I said to Vince at the time. It is strange how my testimony is not enough to convince Kevin of what I said. But then again, Kevin is a liar and I know him to be a liar so I presume he is projecting his lying character on to me.

How do I know Kevin Flannigan to be a liar? Well he told lies about me many times at that time that I allowed to pass since I was working on the much bigger picture of re-introducing the rule of law on to the land known as Ireland. If a small man like Kevin Flannigan wanted to tell lies about me but was useful in the bigger picture I determined to humour him. At the time he was telling lies about my online persona "Global Man" and it was not that important or interesting to me to denounce him as the liar he was choosing to be. Few people knew who "Global Man" was so it was of no importance to me that Kevin was lying about me. But I was WELL AWARE he was lying about me.

Now Kevin has decided to tell some more lies about me and he has chosen to say so using my now business calling of Peter Nolan. You can listen to his lies, in his own voice, on this link.

Let me quote the slander exactly but feel free to hear him say it in his own voice. Kevin has said in public that I am a:

"woman hating, chauvinistic, misogynist, the word sexist does not even cover the vile words that this man used to spew on the web site."

He claimed that they even changed the security question because I threatened to come back on because I have hundreds of email questions.

Well? There is no need to look further as to who is the liar here. The liar here is Kevin Flannigan. Further, Kevin Flannigan just committed the crime of slander for all to hear.

The funny thing is that I put more than 2,000 posts into the TNS forums and I did an interview on the radio show and NO ONE PROVED THAT ANYTHING I SAID WAS NOT TRUE.

Because they could not refute the FACTS that I was presenting as to how men are treated by women in the family courts and because they wanted to support an adulteress, prostitute, criminal, child abusing woman over an honest man of honour and integrity, they simply called me names like a bunch of 5 year olds.

Kevin even admits, in his own voice, that he and others attempted to SUPPRESS THE TRUTH based on the LIE that the TRUTH of what I was presenting was "woman hatred" because they had no answers to what I was actually saying.

What I was saying is that women know full well that women commit the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse in the family courts and that they FULLY SUPPORT AND CONDONE THESE CRIMES which leads the suicide deads of HUNDREDS of Irish men every year. THAT is what I was saying. And I was pointing out how women REFUSE to live up to their claims of equality by demanding women are treated as "equal before the law".

In October 2010 I then went public and I PUBLISHED THE PROOF IN MY OWN NAME of everything I had stated on the TNS Forums. And, surprise, surprise did any of the THOUSANDS of people who had read my comments as Globalman come to me and APOLOGISE for doubting my honesty because I have PROVEN IN THE PUBLIC WHAT I HAD SAID BEHIND AN ANONYMOUS NAME IN AN EFFORT TO KEEP THE CHILDREN OUT OF THE PUBLIC EYE?

No. No one came and apologised for doubting me or lying about me or slandering me. No one.

The reason Vince would NOT ban me is that he had a copy of the court meeting on his word that he would not release my name or the video and HE KNEW I WAS SPEAKING THE TRUTH and all those calling to BAN ME he KNEW were trying to SUPPRESS THE TRUTH.

Kevin Flannigan has admitted, in his own voice, that he tried to silence me on the forums BASED ON THE LIE that the TRUTH is some how "woman hatred". And he has attempted once more to slur Vinces good name claiming that I had some how "bought my place on TNS" when the fact was that I had EARNED MY PLACE ON TNS and Vince knew this to be true.

And exactly as Vince said he would he did talk to me a NUMBER OF TIMES and asked me professionally and politely if I might tone down the rhetoric if I could see my way clear to doing that WHICH I DID. But that was not enough for mangina man haters like Kevin Flannigan. ALL criticism of women MUST BE SUPPRESSED because manginas like Kevin Flannigan think they can't get laid without being a pathetic white knight mangina attacking men on behalf of women so as to cover up the crimes of women against men.

Now, we have Kevin Flanigan, again, in 2014, calling me names like a 5 year old only this time I consider such false statements slander. I have published the full details of both my court cases and PROVEN IN WRITING that all that I said on the TNS forums was true.

The very fact that even today, in Ireland, there is not ONE WOMAN OF NOTE who takes the position that women are to be treated as equal before the last PROVES that 99.9% of women in Ireland are liars and hypocrites on the issue of equality before the law.


And I will go one further. Because this matter has been before the ENTIRE PARLIAMENT for TWO YEARS I make the claim that the vast majority of women in Ireland, 99.9%+, as well as the vast majority of men, maybe as many as 99%+ are EVIL PEOPLE because they condone and consent to CHILD ABUSE, the condone and consent to women committing criminal acts against men in the family courts. PURE EVIL PEOPLE.

And as far as all these so called "Irish Sovereign People" are concerned claiming how "Sovereign" they are? Garbage. Sovereign refers to SELF-RULE.

Man hating manginas like Kevin Flannigan do not SELF-RULE. They are RULED BY WOMEN. They are told what to do by WOMEN. And they do this in a pathetic attempt to PANDER TO WOMEN SO THEY MIGHT BE THE RECIPIENT OF SEXUAL FAVOURS FROM SOME WOMAN OR OTHER.

Let me let you in on a secret Kevin Flannigan.


Sure, they will USE YOU. They will tell you how "upset" they are that their LIES AND HYPOCRISY is being exposed for all to see and DEMAND that you take action to SUPPRESS THE TRUTH OF THEIR LIES AND HYPOCRISY.

They will demand you suppress the truth of their PURE EVIL that causes the deaths of so many Irish men every year and leaves those children fatherless. They will demand you support them DESTROY MENS LIVES in their tens of thousands.



Now. I have PROVEN BEYOND ALL DOUBT that the VAST MAJORITY of people in Ireland, including the so called "TNS Sovereign People", are LIARS AND HYPOCRITES on the point of holding women equal before the law to men specifically meaning the same crime by a woman gets the same remedy as a man.

Jennifer Toal committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse while living on the land known as Ireland. The PROOF she did this is available on this link. And yet 99.9%+ of Ireland born women and 99%+ of Ireland born men will not hold this adulteress, prostitute, criminal, child abusing woman accountable for the crimes she committed on THEIR LAND.

What a bunch of losers. What a bunch of liars. What a bunch of hypocrites. It is no wonder the young men have no respect for the older men of Ireland. Men who let their women trample all over them and let their women destroy the future opportunities of those young men. Young men have been told in no uncertain terms that the older men BETRAYED THEM BY PANDERING TO WOMEN in my second book The Truth Be Told.

The blame for the shambles that Ireland is in can be laid at the feet of all those men who heard my call to create new courts and new juries and to hold ALL CRIMINALS accountable for their crimes and REFUSED TO DO SO. And there would be at least FIVE THOUSAND OF YOU if not many more.

The ONLY reason that so many people in Ireland are in the situation they are in is because the PERVASIVE MAN HATRED and PERVASIVE FEMALE IDOLATRY means that MEN are too cowardly to hold women accountable for their crimes and therefore VERY FEW OF THE REAL CRIMINALS are held accountable for their crimes.

You Irish people have only yourselves to blame for your situation. You decided, in the VAST MAJORITY, that the crimes of Jennifer Toal were perfectly ok. And in doing so you consented to others doing the same to you.

And Kevin Flannigan is one of the biggest man hating, mangina, white knight, losers, on the land of Ireland because to the best of my knowledge he has NEVER agreed to sit on an all mens jury and an all mens court and hold CRIMINAL WOMEN accountable for their crimes.


This is a man who claims he wants the rule of law re-introduced into Ireland?


He does not want WOMAN held accountable for their crimes. He wants their VICTIMS SILENCED. And if he can not silence the victims of criminal women then SLANDER IS HIS NEXT WEAPON OF CHOICE.

Now. In my second book, The Truth Be Told I wrote this:

"Any slander of me will be pursued ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. "

I consider that FAIR WARNING.

Well, Kevin Flannigan? The price of slandering my good name is set at EUR10,000. I own my good name and I decide the price of slander. You can pay up or you can go through the jury trial process which will include  the process of being outlawed and then killed if you do not pay up.

Next time you want to slander me? You might think twice if this time costs you EUR10,000. You might want to get all your "supporters" and "followers" to chip in, eh?

Lastly? Because the vast majority of men in Ireland are gutless mongrels like Kevin Flannigan and will not hold women accountable for their crimes? I have claimed into existence a STATE OF WAR on the land known as Ireland. It is now LAWFUL TO KILL ANY WOMAN OF VOTING AGE WHO IS MENTALLY COMPETENT WHO IS NOT MUSLIM ON THE LAND KNOWN AS IRELAND.


So you mangina men want to protect your women? Prosecute the criminal women among you. Then we will leave ALL your women alone. Refuse to prosecute the CRIMINAL WOMEN among you? Then ALL WOMEN who fit that profile are legitimate enemy combatants that can be attacked and killed in the street the same way they condone women attacking men in the family courts.



New Post
 1/23/2014 11:50 PM
So...some more public comments from Kevin Flanigan.

Hi Kev, just saying hello have you had an threats from the msi bullys?

"no i've not gotten any threats but i am watching my back. I've taken some precautions in case anything happens tho. But sure it would be very obvious if it did. They just set that bulldog globalman on me but imo that was a mistake on Vin's part cos he's just showed him up for what went on i'm convinced globalman bought is place on the site but obviously can't prove that but the signs are there and besides, i am not the only one putting this info out. not by a long shot

Intersting. I am now a "bulldog" that has been "set on him"! LOL! Truly. I did not make that up. I am in the sincere belief Kevin made this comment. He can write to me on and deny it if he did not make the comment.

It does beg the question as to how telling the truth about the conversation I had with Vince nearly 4 years ago when the only two people on the conversation were Vince and I is "setting a bulldog" on Kevin. 

Kevin publicly lied. He has been calling Vince a liar for some considerable period on this issue. I have set the record straight for all to hear. 

He also tells the lie again "i'm convinced globalman bought is place on the site". This is not true and it is just another insult to Vince. It is also an insult to anyone who might ever consider donating money to any organisation Kevin is involved with ever again.

At the time of the split? I had no idea who was being honest. I was living in the UK at the time and there was a lot of comments made by both Vince and Kevin as to what was transpiring. Since I had never met either Vince or Kevin face to face at the time and I was not a witness to any of the claims I did not concern myself with who might be lying, I concerned myself with how to create new courts so as to process the cases against the criminals who committed crimes against men for the benefit of all Irish people.

Now that it is three years later. It is pretty obvious Kevin is a habitual liar. And, to date, no one has presented me with any evidence that Vince is a liar. If someone has such evidence feel free to send it to me. But I take the position that I give all men the benefit of the doubt until I see evidence to the contrary. Especially in this area since agents are telling lies about those who are honest in order to discredit them to the feeble minded. ASIO is lying about me and I think that is really funny.

"i am not the only one putting this info out. not by a long shot"

Well if other people are lying about me? Please let me know. I would be more than happy to process more cases for slander. 

"like, sending cash to vin is effectively supporting terrorism"

LOL! Whoever this person is will have to do better than that. I was slandered as a terrorist in the Daily Mail in Ireland. 

"a lot of other researchers and people from other groups have gotten in touch"


"ppl from years ago coming forward with their stories too having heard the broadcast the other night"

Then let them speak up in their own names. 

"Yes, and someone had taken screenshots of this chatbox angela, which means someone was logged in as a member. so fyi people - the chat could be being watched"

Kev. Here is a tip. There were 3,000 people on the TNS site when I was there. Many of them wrote to me and told me that they supported me speaking out on behalf of men and that they could not speak out themselves because they would be attacked by the other members and their community.

The very fact that members of TNS knew that if they told the truth they would be attacked by other members of TNS is an indictment of TNS. So yes. Some of those people still talk to me. They are keeping an eye on what you say about me and they do keep me up to date. 

I have not bothered with Ireland much because it is clear Irish men are too gutless to sit on juries. But Vince called me because of your repeated lies about him and Vince asked me to set the record straight with my testimony which I was only too pleased to do for him since he treated me fairly and justly. 

So yes. There are still members of TNS who believe that men are people too and should have the equal protection of the law and that women are not above the law.

It is an indictment on the TNS community you are a part of that such positions are not common, indeed that such positions can not even be expressed for fear of attack. Some "community" you have their Kev. Where you practice female idolatry and you agree with attacks on any man who says women should be held accountable for their crimes and this position of yours is so well known the members of your community talk to me about it but not to you.

Way to go, eh? 
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