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 9/28/2013 4:47 PM
Mic Wright - Man hater, liar, hypocrite and outright moron

This is his twitter account. 

This is what man hater looks like.

Mic Wright

This is his web site.

His email is here:

And take a look at this photo. What a loser. Trying too hard to look cool and merely coming off like a dork.

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 9/28/2013 4:49 PM
Now this is the article he wrote.....just your normal man hating. mangina, liar, hypocrite trying to get laid by overpraising a woman who has achieved NOTHING in her life.

Dude...Penny is can see it all over her face. She is a man hater. And the only reason she even talked to you was to get you to promote her......dumbo!

Laurie Penny on Cybersexism: you may not want to listen, but you should

Laurie Penny is a divisive figure. Her tone is hectoring at times and her attitude to journalism at odds with much of the rest of the trade. She has, throughout her short career, blurred the line between activist and observer so much that it makes those with a traditional attitude to holding a press card uncomfortable.

Penny is part of a new breed of journalist, born of the blogs and of the internet, a fast-reacting creature of the net. She has said that “a woman’s opinion is the mini-skirt of the internet” – her gift for a pithy phrase at work – and she is right. Women are disproportionately abused online. But it is not that the internet has a misogyny problem; rather society has a misogyny addiction and humanity in general can’t shake its taste for hate.

In her new e-book, Cybersexism: Sex, Gender and Power on the Internet – one of those titles that immediately puts off anyone who has had to spend even the briefest moment near the works of Andrea Dworkin – she writes powerfully and persuasively on the topic of online abuse and free expression on the internet. Penny is a necessary and salutatory voice. She writes with punch. She is growing harder and more focused in her fight.

Fury runs right through Cybersexism, it is the heart of her argument, a righteous cry that she will take it no more; women should not have to accept the violent tone of debate. She is right about the need to eradicate the distinction between online and IRL (in real life):

The internet is public space, real space; it’s increasingly where we interact socially, do our work, organise our lives and engage with politics…the hatred of women in public spaces online is reaching epidemic levels and it’s time to end the pretense that it’s either acceptable or inevitable.

Male writers are by no means immune to violent abuse. Write on Russia's anti-gay laws and you will soon fine yourself on the receiving end of some very creatively phrased threats of sexual abuse.

The difference between male experience and that female writers is that these incidents are unusual in men's careers. For many female writers, to share their opinions online is to enter into a storm of rape threats and vile commentary on their looks, sexuality, family history and more.

Cybersexism is by no means a perfect book but to go through and fillet the arguments that are rickety would be a petty and pointless exercise. Laurie Penny is a flawed writer. But she also has an excellent turn of phrase and the bravery to put herself out into the world on the strength of her ideas. Decent people should stand strongly for an online environment where we judge people on the content of their arguments and nothing else.

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 9/28/2013 4:53 PM
The thing is this...what has this arsehole NOT been writing about these last 4 years while he has had a job in the media.

That's right...he has NOT been talking about the criminality of the Irish and UK guvments.

He has NOT been talking about how men are routinely criminally victimised in the family courts as well as other courts.

He has NOT been talking about the STATE OF WAR in Ireland. 

He has NOT been talking about the blatant criminal abuse of me by people all the way up to Alan Shatter and Enda Kenny.

In short. This arsehole Mic Wright is one more mangina who is sucking up to women in an attempt to get laid by attacking other men.

Well done arsehole. Your CAF entry will follow you around for the rest of your professional life. The NEXT time you want to attack men UNJUSTLY? You might think better of it.

The NEXT time you want to do an article you might want to write one about the criminality of guvments.....or I guess you don't have the balls to do that.....Your balls are probably in Pennys purse, right?

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 9/29/2013 6:19 AM
So Mic Wright posted a reply on the article that went like this.

Commenter's avatar

Hello Peter, 

I have seen your post on "Crimes Against Fathers". You have posted the full text of my article which is owned by the Telegraph. I would politely suggest you remove it. 


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 9/29/2013 6:19 AM
I responded as follows:


just now

Hi Mic,

Thank you for asking politely. But no. I won't.

If the telegraph decides to make this article go down the "internet memory hole" because it is such a man hating piece of propaganda that so many men object to? I want the evidence that they openly published such man hating propaganda to be widely available.

Newspapers like the Telegraph and the Daily Mirror, and "journalists" like you are being denounced for publishing man hating propaganda.

Us men are no longer tolerating this man-hating propaganda because it has already done a massive level of damage to western society, damage that is not repairable in the shorter term of 40 to 50 years.

Everywhere us men look we are depicted as oafs, idiots, useless. We are depicted as potential rapists, wife beaters, child molesters. We are depicted as "abusive" merely for speaking our minds.

And disgusting little gender traitors like you have openly taken your 30 pieces of silver to propagate his propaganda.

We asked "journalists" like you to stop politely. We asked your editors to stop politely. Many of us have been banned from making comments on newpaper comment sections for pointing out the man hating propaganda the newspapers and lame stream media have been presenting.

Well? We are bringing this WAR OF RETURN back to those of you who chose to take 30 pieces of silver to tell lies about men and to propagate man hatred. 

CAF is the vehicle for doing that. And even an order from the HIGH COURT in Ireland could not get Fiona Brassils entries taken down. Even the HIGH COURT in Ireland can not get you tube videos I have published taken down.

So the next time you want to publish a man hating hit piece of propaganda like this? We will capture it again and put it on CAF. We will denounce you Mic, for the gender traitor your are.

Like I said in my tweet. Welcome to CAF.

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 9/29/2013 6:22 AM

From: "Mic Wright (Twitter)" <>
Sent: 29 September 2013 05:57
To: "PeterAndrewNolan" <>
Subject: Mic Wright (@brokenbottleboy) replied to one of your Tweets!

.@PeterNolan1109 Hi Peter, welcome to my contempt. It’s quite a full roster. - @brokenbottleboy
Mic Wright replied to your Tweet!
  PeterAndrewNolan @PeterNolan1109
Mic Wright @brokenbottleboy

.@PeterNolan1109 Hi Peter, welcome to my contempt. It’s quite a full roster.

  04:37 AM - 29 Sep 13

Reply to @brokenbottleboy
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 9/29/2013 6:26 AM
LOL! So this pathetic little gender traitor mangina has "contempt" for me! LOL!! And this is supposed to bother me, how?

I have children older than this mangina. What this mangina does not know is that he is considered a 4th class citizen behind women, children and STRAY DOGS. And men like me have risked our lives to secure the future of young men, just like this gender traitor mangina who likes to spread man hating propaganda.

Well Mic Wright? Your CAF entry has already had 350 views and it is not even 24 hours yet. 

You pathetic little boy would not even have the guts to stand up for equality before the law....let alone denounce entire parliaments as criminal in public in your own name.

You claim to have "contempt" for men when the far more appropriate action would be to kiss my arse and donate money to me so that I can more easily continue with the process of removing all members from the Irish Parliament which is my stated goal and now very close to happening.

"Contempt"! LOL!! Oooohhhhh. I am so upset! LOL!!
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