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 5/10/2012 7:45 PM

Girl’s Name : Ruma Das
Father’s name : Rajen Dawn
Address or City: Mahatma Gandhi Road Kolkata
State : West Bengal

Breif synopsis

1) Wife left husband with our 1 year old son from Delhi, husband’s place of work, to Kolkata on October ‘05 to in-laws residence with all bank deposits and Income Tax papers.

2) Wife started changing all husband’s bank account addresses from Delhi to Kolkata and started withdrawing Lakhs of Rupees from the accounts.

3) Wife started threatening of a false 498A case in December ‘05. Subsequently we filed a General Diary (GD) in January ‘06 in Kolkata that we are getting threats of false 498A.

4) Wife filed false complaint, GD against myself and my 73 year old father at PS Kolkata for physical and mental torture on February ‘06

5) Police called me in PS and said to go for negotiation. No FIR was registered.

6) My wife gave a draft for Mutual Consent Divorce asking for 50 Lakhs on March ‘06, which obviously we don’t have. Wife threatened of a false 498A if we do not pay 50 Lakh.

7) Husband filed for Restitution of Conjugal Rights (RCR) in Tis Hazari in New Delhi on July ‘06.

Wife received the notice of RCR in Kolkata. Then she went to Women Grievance (WG) Cell, Kolkata in August ’06 and filed a fresh new complaint of dowry against me, my father and this time also my aunty (my mother died long back) u/s 498a, 406 and 3 & 4 of Dowry Prevention Act. WG Cell first called my father in Kolkata in September ’06. I was called in Sep ’06, but as I was in Delhi, I went to WG Cell in Kolkata in November ’06. No summons, only telephone calls were made to call us. WG Cell started threatening me to give Mutual Divorce for 50 Lakhs or otherwise all my parents/relatives would be placed behind bars

9) After seeing that WG Cell is not doing anything to arrest us, my wife went to the court and by using clause 156(3) she filed false cases against me, my father and my aunty u/s 498a, 406 and 3 & 4 of DP Act. Court ordered ONLY 498a in November ‘06 against me and my father based on my wife’s first complaint (GD) made on February ‘06.

10) Now came the most harrowing part. My father aged 73 years (Heart patient, already had 2 Pacemaker operation) had to be shifted from his own residence to an unknown location as he could have been arrested any moment. Husband had to go on a tour outside Delhi as he also could have been arrested as no evidence in required in filing a false 498A. A mere complaint of the wife of physical and mental torture without any proof whatsoever can lead to the arrest of the entire family/relatives whoever name she mentions in the FIR that also without any investigation.

11) Myself and my father finally got Bail in December ’06.

12) Wife then filed for divorce in Kolkata on January ‘07

13) Currently my wife, an MCA, is asking Rs 2 Lakhs as litigation fess u/s 24 just to harass me. My entire money and all my fixed deposits are already with her and she is withdrawing Thousands/Lakhs of Rupees from my Accounts. I have to attend 5 court dates regularly, 2 in Kolkata and 3 in Delhi.

I have met my only son only once in the last 2 years and I really miss him. I had applied for custody and visitation rights but I am yet to get even a one hour visitation right per month in the past 1 ½ year.

Unable to bear the heavy stress, my father suffered another stroke and had to undergo a 3rd Pacemaker operation recently.


Harrased Husband

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