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 5/15/2012 4:35 AM
My wife's name: Asha Kiran Kadava
Father's name : K S Rajanandam (ex principal of M S Ramayia college of
Case filed : 498a. 504,402. 34 , DP 3 and DP 4.
Age of Relationship: 17 yrs
Married : 5 yrs (love marriage)

Case description: FIL did not like our marriage and wanted to break our
marriage some how. after our daughter he started his attempts more
desperately to divide us and at the end he was successful. I do not know
what exactly happened in the back ground but just before the separation in
2010 she started behaving very unreasonably. made a complaint in UK and
later made a complaint in India and now she is stuck in UK as I made a
application here for child contact. To justify her self now she added a
complaint of Rape. Judge ordered for a 3 days trial. probably the date will
be in June 2012.
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 9/1/2013 10:46 AM
 Modified By host  on 9/1/2013 10:47:20 AM

-----Original Message-----
From: Suzanne Phillips-Cole []
Sent: 30 August 2013 12:38
Subject: Letter from Malloy & Barry, Solicitors

Dear Mr Nolan




We have been consulted by our client, Asha Kiran Kadava, about an entry placed on your website on or about 15 May 2012.  The entry is placed on your website by an individual alleged to be “John Rambo”.


The entry is defamatory, because it unjustly brings into disrepute our client’s good name and character, together with the good name and character of her father, Mr K.S. Rajanandam.


This is because the entry is misleading and inaccurate.  Mr K.S. Rajanandam was involved in proceedings in the Cardiff County Court, and was held liable for inflecting domestic violence on our client.


The purpose of this e-mail is to require you to remove that entry from your website forthwith.


We also require you to disclose to us the identity of the individual who put forward the entry for John Rambo to post.


Please note that if you prevaricate or, alternatively, if for any reason you fail to abide by this request, then our client will have no alternative but to take further legal action against you.  In such circumstances, she will claim the costs of doing so from you.


We sincerely hope that such a course of action will not be necessary, particularly as our client guards her reputation jealously.


We require an acknowledgment to this e-mail within 48 hours of receipt.


Finally, if you are in any doubt about your legal position, you should consult a firm of lawyers, who will be able to give you professional advice.


Yours faithfully


Michael Barry

Malloy & Barry




Malloy and Barry Solicitors

194 Cowbridge Road East - Canton - Cardiff - CF5 1GW

Tel:02920 34 34 34 - Fax:02920 34 14 34


S.R.A. Number 208277

Malloy and Barry Solicitorsis a Practice regulated By Solicitors Regulation Authority

VAT Registration No: 681746896

This e-mail is confidential. It is intended for the use only of the the person to whom it is addressed .If you receive it in error please reply to the sender indicating that it was sent to you in error. Please then delete the e-mail and do not copy it or forward it to any third party. This email has been virus-checked. We believe (but do not warrant) that this e-mail and any attachment is virus free. This firm is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority


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 9/1/2013 11:25 AM
And this is the letter I sent back to her.

-----Original Message-----
From: Peter Nolan []
Sent: 01 September 2013 20:24
To: 'Suzanne Phillips-Cole'
Subject: RE: Letter from Malloy & Barry, Solicitors

Hello Suzanne,

firstly, Mr Nolan is a legal fiction. You may call me Peter or Joschua.

Now. As to your email.

Where do you man hating bitches get off? What sort of hide do you have? You openly support women committing the crimes of perjury, kidnapping extortion, theft and child abuse. You have NOTHING to say when women commit crimes against men. But as soon as us men start fighting back you are all “upset”.

So what? Who cares if you man hating bitches are upset? You women started a war of aggression against us men. We asked you to stop. We told you there would be consequences if you continued to commit crimes against us men. You man hating bitches LAUGHED at us men when we said this.

Well? Is this man having bitch Asha laughing now? Is the low life scum of a father who raised a daughter who supports women committing crimes against men laughing now?

Mr. K S Rajanandam can go jump off the nearest cliff for all I am concerned. He SHOULD have raised his daughter to believe in equality before the law for women and men. But since HE also openly supports women committing crimes against men? He is a low life scum and the post on the form is, therefore, in no way defamatory since to be defamation the statements have to be FALSE.

As far as such low life scum as this taking “legal action”! LOL!! Don’t make me laugh. I am well aware that the entire global legal system is a criminal cartel and I am no longer subject to anything that has got the label “legal” attached to it. I do not participate in the “legal system” at all. So you and your fellow criminals can do whatever you like. You can not establish any jurisdiction over me or my assets.

I have also denounced the entire parliaments of Ireland and Australia as criminals and we are putting the members of the federal parliaments in both places on trial. I have also addressed the entire parliament of the UK on the issues of their overstepping their bounds of the Magna Carta and none of the 625 or so MPs wants to talk to me at all. Here, you might enjoy reading these Open Letters.

Now. As far as “our client guards her reputation jealously.” Well? Maybe your client might have considered that condoning and supporting women committing perjury might have some “blow-back”. Given she is quite happy for women to commit perjury in courts to destroy the reputation, family and financial health of MEN? Why would I care about how she “guards her reputation”? She is a man hating bitch just like you. And I am prepared to say that in the public in my own name. If you or she does not like that? F*** the both of you. Ok?

When you two grow up and start to act like ADULTS rather than acting like 5 year old girls you might earn a little respect from a man like me. But while you act like 5 year old girls and while you and 99.9% of your fellow western women openly condone and support women committing crimes against men? Don’t be thinking you are going to be getting any co-operation from me.

And don’t be thinking that any MEN are going to help you either because I denounce ALL MEN who attempt to oppress other men at the behest of women. So if you women “need a man like a fish needs a bicycle”? Sort your own problems out without running to a man like the cowardly liars and hypocrites you so often choose to be.

BE A MAN and deal with your own problems, eh?

Now. I think I have made my position very clear to you, you man hating bitch. That you female lawyers think it is sssssooooooo funny to condone your female clients committing the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse is now going to blow back on you BIG TIME. Try calling Fiona Brassil and ask her how much she likes having this entry in CAF.

Not even the HIGH COURT in Ireland has been able to get that entry taken down or my videos denouncing Fiona as the man hater and criminal she chose to be taken down. You tube don’t like taking down my videos any more because I am putting Eric Schmidt, Larry Page and Sergy Brin on trial over their support of the crime of slander against me.

So Suzanne. Us men have decided to fight back…so far we are doing so restraining ourselves from the use of deadly force in most places. But I will warn you. A state of WAR has been claimed into existence on the land of Ireland and it is now LAWFUL to commit ACTS OF WAR against non muslim women of voting age who are mentally competent in Ireland. If an “Irish Anders Breivik” emerges and commits an act of war and kills a while bunch of women? We will free such a man from any possible incarceration. For example? If a man KILLS Fiona Brassil and happens to be incarcerated? We will release him at the end of hostilities.

Us men are now at the state were many of them are seriously considering simply killing random women to bring attention to the fact that you man hating bitches do not wish to be held equal before the law to men. THAT is how serious this matter is. If some man in the UK wishes to pay me to claim into existence a state of WAR in the UK? I will do it GLADLY!

In 2008 I went to a female lawyer just to get a document notarized in the UK. When she read what my wife was doing she cackled like witch. She thought the kidnapping and abuse of my former children was FUNNY. SHE LAUGHED IN MY FACE.


Are YOU LAUGHING knowing that 20 years of pervasive man hatred in the west in the face of being asked to come to the table to talk has left MANY MEN ready to KILL WOMEN JUST LIKE YOU?

Do YOU think THAT is funny Suzanne?

Now. If I were you? I would contact all the female lawyers you know, especially female family law lawyers, and create a group of women ready, willing and able to put women criminals on trial in all womens courts before all womens juries. Because while you women refuse to do this? We are going to keep denouncing you as the liars and hypocrites, the man hating bitches, you have chosen to be in the 99.9% majority in the west.

Here is the UK womens site. I expect to see your registration tomorrow… man hating bitch. I expect to see you go and get your fellow women to join and ACT LIKE MEN and support truth, justice and equality before the law LIKE I DO.

Oh…One more thing Suzanne.

Since you wrote to me in such a disrespectful manner? I am denouncing you in the UK CAF site as the man hating bitch, liar and hypocrite you chose to be.

Welcome to CAF. We get 110,000 hits a month now. Your CAF entry and name will show up in the search engines in a few days.

The next time you talk to me? I recommend you show me the respect I have earned.

Best Regards

Your brother peter

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