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New Post
 1/23/2012 12:10 AM
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I had the misfortune of encountering a man-hater named Jeannine Vegh, who is an American woman from Columbus, Ohio, and is working as a Psychotherapist at APEX Counselling Services LLC.

Here is the company website:
And you can contact them at their Contact page:

Here is Jeannine's LinkedIn profile:

Here is Jeannine's personal website:

Here is Jeannine's email address:

If you would like, you can write to her company using their Contact Us page (link above) and asking them why they are employing a man-hating woman like Jeannine, who also claims to be a marriage counselor. My god! What kind of marriage counseling would this woman give? She would blame it all on the man, and demand the husband to pay her alimony and support in the cause of a divorce, as her comments below so clearly indicate.

Another photo of the man-hater Jeannine Vegh

Here is the full exchange that took place on LinkedIn, under a topic about "Are women still discriminated against in the workplace". My profile name is Amanda Green.

Amanda Green
New Post
 1/23/2012 12:18 AM
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Here's a copy of the email I sent to her employer:

By the way, if you would like to contact her directly, here is her email address:

I encountered an employee of yours named Jeannine Vegh, and was very upset by her man-hating comments that she wrote on LinkedIn publicly. It's like she blames men for everything, and so I really worry what kind of psychologist or marriage counselor this person would make, and what kind of damage she could cause to her patients.

Evidence of her man-hatred has been reproduced here:

If you want to actually be educated to the truth about feminism and how the governments have used feminism to enslave men, as well as the solution to how to become free from this tyranny? I suggest you download and read Peter Nolan's two free ebooks he wrote, they are only about 100 pages each:

Living Free in a Fem-Nazi World

The TRUTH Be Told

New Post
 1/23/2012 5:48 AM
 Modified By Host2  on 1/22/2012 12:11:06 PM
Here's a copy of the email thread between me and Jeannine. Quite entertaining how these "liberated, strong, independent" western women will
immediately cry for the help of "the authorities" whenever a man confronts her on her hypocrisy. So, it is a crime now to expose women for the hypocrites
that they are?

Subject:   Re: Man-Hater?
Date:   Sun, January 22, 2012 2:44 pm
To:   "Jeannine"

Interesting how you American women claim to be so confident, independent,
and strong, and you "don't need a man" and yet at the first sign of
trouble, you run screaming to the nearest man, i.e. "the authorities".

Bloody hypocrite.

Yes, you do hate men, and your comments are seething with hatred of men.
You blame men for everything, and misandry (hatred of men) has become such
a normal condition for you, that you don't even realize it is abnormal.
That is how sick you American women have become.

And with man-hating psychologists like you spewing your man-hatred? No
wonder the youth in America are so screwed up. Are you aware that the
membership in youth gangs increased 40 PERCENT since 2009? Most of these
kids probably come from single mother homes, and 70 percent of criminals
in America were raised by single mothers.

So by spewing your man-hating feminist garbage, you have destroyed
millions of families, which in result has led to the criminalization of
the youth.

You American women have destroyed America. Want to see what your fellow
American men are saying about you women? Check out

A summary from the blog:

I am an American man, and I have decided to boycott American women. In a
nutshell, American women are the most likely to cheat on you, to divorce
you, to get fat, to steal half of your money in the divorce courts, don't
know how to cook or clean, don't want to have children, etc. Therefore,
what intelligent man would want to get involved with American women?

American women are generally immature, selfish, extremely arrogant and
self-centered, mentally unstable, irresponsible, and highly unchaste. The
behavior of most American women is utterly disgusting, to say the least.

This blog is my attempt to explain why I feel American women are inferior
to foreign women (non-American women), and why American men should boycott
American women, and date/marry only foreign (non-American) women.

Tens of millions of American men have had their lives completely destroyed
by American women through the following crimes:

1. False rape accusations (it has been proven that up to 80 percent of
rape accusations are FALSE)

2. False domestic violence (DV) charges (same as above)

3. Financial destruction of men in divorce courts through alimony and
support payments (women get up to 95 percent of their ex-husband's income
and savings, as well as the house, car, etc)

4. Emotional destruction of men by ex-wives who have stolen their children
from them and forbidden contact

5. Divorced dads who commit suicide as a result

Not one single American woman has EVER condemned their fellow American
women for committing these crimes against men. Silence means consent.
Therefore, American women support and enjoy destroying men's lives and
causing men to commit suicide. Apparently, American women think it is okay
to be a criminal, just as long as you are a woman. Therefore, is it any
surprise that a huge percent of American men no longer want anything to do
with American women, other than using them for easy sex and then throwing
them away?

Over 50 percent of American women are single, without a boyfriend or
husband; so the fact is most American men no longer want to marry American
women. Let these worthless American women grow old living alone with their
10 cats.


Lastly, threatening me with "the authorities" is a joke, as I am outside
the jurisdiction of America. I am not a resident of your country, so the
threats of you man-hating American women are a joke.

Cheers to all of the big, strong, independent women like yourself. NOT!


PS. A quick Google search for your name reveals that you are also an
author. So, anyone who searches for your name in Google trying to find
your book or articles will also see the evidence of your man-hatred.

> And I will in turn contact the local authorities if you bother my office
> staff or harass me any more on the web.  I do not hate men.  Your email
> address and email will be sent to Yahoo and Google for your abusive
> actions.  Amazing that someone disagrees with part of what you said - on a
> professional website and you call them a man hater.  I agreed with a lot
> of what you said, so that really takes the cake.  You are not mature
> enough to be on that group and I will ask them for your removal.
> Jeannine Vegh, M.A., I.M.F.T.
> --- On Sun, 1/22/12, 
> wrote:
> From: 
> Subject: Re: Man-Hater?
> To: "Jeannine" 
> Date: Sunday, January 22, 2012, 10:27 AM
> Thanks for emailing me, your email address has now been added to the list
> at CAF so that other men may contact you.
> Your name is going to be fully visible in Google now, so that anyone who
> Googles your name, including your own children and present or future
> husbands/boyfriends, will be able to see the evidence of your man-hatred.
> "why you feel a need to call me a man-hater"
> Because you are a man-hater and unless man-hating women like you are
> exposed for the man-hating scum that they are, institutionalized misandry
> (hatred of men) will never end in America.
> Cheers!
> John Rambo
>> I don't know who you are or why you feel a need to call me a man-hater. 
>> You an call my "office" all you want because I work as an independent
>> consultant at that firm.  They also know me very well and know that I
>> work
>> with many men as clients.  I do not hate men nor do I hate anyone.  If
>> you
>> read my website and came to this conclusion than you are not a very
>> bright
>> person! I feel very sad for you.
>> Jeannine Vegh, M.A., I.M.F.T.

 And here is the last email I wrote to her. I notice how western women always say "Any further communication with me at 
this point will be considered stalking/harassment", so I decided to let these women see how they like a taste of their
 own medicine. 

Subject:   Re: Man-Hater?
Date:   Sun, January 22, 2012 2:44 pm
To:   "Jeannine"
PSS. If you send me any more unsolicited emails (you emailed me first,
remember), I will report you to Yahoo for harassment and stalking. Your
behavior, Jeannine, now borders on stalking. You continue to harass me and
send me threatening emails.

Any further communication with me at beyond this point will be considered
as stalking/harassment and will be reported to the FBI and Homeland
Security Department, both of which have very handy tabs on their websites
for reporting cyber crime.

How will that look on your future resume, Jeannine, being convicted of
cyber crime and stalking/harassment? Sure wouldn't look very good on the
resume of someone who is promoting themselves as a psychologist and
marriage counselor. LOL!

New Post
 1/25/2012 10:16 AM
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New Post
 1/25/2012 10:47 AM
Thanks for that John. I shall send Jeannine an email and post it here. She has not even got the countries correct. John Rambo in Australia? LOL!! What joke.

But yes. This is typical of the "strong" and "independent" and "empowered" and "liberated" grrrrrllllls.

Men stormed the beaches of normandy in withering machine gun fire. Many men dying in their boats never having gotten out of them so that women like Jeannine could live in freedom. And what does this "equal woman" do? She makes what I would call is a false allegation and also commits the crime of false reporting and abusing police time because she is so "empowered" she can not handle her man hatred being exposed. 

I will have fun with this woman. I am busy right now but with these details I will get to it.
New Post
 1/25/2012 11:05 AM
Sorry, the HTML got totally messed up on the last post, so I am reposting it again here.

The man-hater Jeannine thinks that it is okay to commit crimes against men, but if a woman so much as receives an email from someone she doesn't like, that is now illegal and harassment. How much more hypocritical can these scumbag Western women get???

She created a new thread on LinkedIn and this is what she said in it, and I also replied to her (my profile name is Amanda Green):

New Post
 1/26/2012 1:03 AM
So...I got an email from "Pete" at support for Lavabit. Apparently the man-hater Jeannine Vegh is so "strong" and "independent" and "empowered" and "liberated" and is such a grrrrlll that she has to make a FALSE ALLEGATION of "abuse" because despite the claim that she is so "strong" and "independent" and "empowered" and "liberated" she is ALSO such a delicate petal that she claims she is "abused" by emails from John Rambo sent from 10,000 kms away.

Indeed. Jeannine Vegh has made in the public the FALSE ALLEGATION that John Rambo is a "stalker" who is harassing her.

Well? Last time I checked a STALKER was someone who follows you around in close proximity, will steal personal possession, perhaps break into your house while you are away, usually has some history of mental illness or emotional instability, and because of his OR HER unbalanced mental condition is far more prone to commit a criminal act than someone of a more balanced emotional nature.

THAT is a "stalker".

But the "strong" and "independent" and "empowered" and "liberated" grrrrllls a "stalker" is someone who exposes your public man-hatred. 

You have to love how these "strong" and "independent" and "empowered" and "liberated" grrrrllls can go from "strong" and "independent" and "empowered" and "liberated" grrrrllls to "victim" in the blink of an eye.  What the man-hater Jeannine Vegh has done is EXACTLY what man-hating women do every day IN THEIR MILLIONS.

They spout man-hatred and womens privilege and as soon as someone calls them on it they immediately flip to "victim" mode and then try to get a MAN to attack the other MAN on their behalf. So the remedy is simple. Point out the MAN-HATRED to other men and tell men that if they continue to attack men on behalf of a LYING WOMAN that the MAN will also be outed as a MAN-HATER because he has not done his due diligence to ascertain the facts of the matter and to determine if the woman is lying or not.

Since women are CONSUMATE LIARS and in the west they LIE about being "victims" at the drop of a hat the best advice to men is to make the initial presumption that the woman is LYING and have her present her evidence. It would not have to be this way if WOMEN had not made false allegations in their HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS. is the letter from LavaBit. My response is below.

-----Original Message-----
From: Pete S. - Lavabit Support []
Sent: 22 January 2012 22:42
Subject: Abuse Complaint

Hi Peter,

We received a complaint about one of our users,, regarding harassment and threats they directed

to a private individual (an American psychotherapist).

This user was threatening the recipient as being a "man-hater", and

included various other threats by email. They posted a record of this

conversation and the recipient's contact information at


This appears to violate the "Defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or

otherwise violate the legal rights (such as rights of privacy and

publicity) of others." section of your terms of use by including

personal information about the recipient.

We have warned the user that such behavior was in violation of the

Lavabit abuse policy and that future behavior would result in their

account with us being administratively locked. So far, that has not yet

been necessary.

You may consider doing something similar.




Pete S.

Lavabit Support/Abuse

New Post
 1/26/2012 1:08 AM
And here is my reply.

-----Original Message-----
From: Peter Nolan []
Sent: 24 January 2012 17:35
To: 'Pete S. - Lavabit Support'
Cc: ''
Subject: RE: Abuse Complaint

Dear Pete,

Thank you for your email. 

I am aware of the online activities of “John Rambo” and he has my unqualified support. 

Here are some questions for you. I do not know where you live but lets say you live in the US just as an example. Everything I say here is true for all English speaking countries. These issues affect about 400 MILLION men. 

Did you know that you can be arrested and jailed based on the lie of a woman? 

False rape, sexual harassment, DV allegations abound. You will be assumed to be a predator and you will be jailed. Often you will be severely injured in any such arrest. Often you will be found guilty based on nothing but the lie of a woman. 

I, myself, was criminally assaulted and severely injured by police called into my house by my wife because she was “upset” about me catching her lying to me. She called the police because she was “angry” I called her a liar when she had, in fact, lied to me. I was assaulted and severely injured right in front of my children in my own home. This was done in complete surprise. We were having a quiet and orderly conversation when the cops attacked me. That was in 1997 so this has been going on a LONG time. 

Some men who have been STABBED by their wives are arrested on the presumption the MAN is ALWAYS the most violent person. These men are usually denied medical treatment. There have been cases of men having knives embedded in their chest by the violent woman and the MAN is arrested and denied medical treatment until morning. WITH A KNIFE IN HIS CHEST. 

Did you know you can have your children stolen based on the lie of a woman? 

All across the English speaking world women make false allegations in divorce and the criminals in the family courts will steal a mans children based on no evidence at all. In my case, my wife alleged that I was violent, and tendered the “proof” that the police were called to the house ten years earlier. Her son and father were FURIOUS at that since they BOTH knew that the only reason that the police were called to the house on that occasion was because Jennifer LIED to get them there. 

Based on this LIE that I am a “threat” to the children my children were kidnapped and relocated to places unknown. 

The SAME can happen to you, your brothers, your sons, you male cousins.  

Did you know you can have your HOUSE stolen based on the lie of a woman? 

Yep. That’s right. In my case I had been working in IT for 25 years. I had worked myself to the top of the tree in Business Intelligence. Here is my company. Yet. In divorce my house was sold off against my will and 95% of the proceeds were given to my wife. I was given $A20,000 after 25 years of work. Since 1994 I had NEVER made less than $A150,000 except for one year I took a long holiday. One of the reasons for my divorce was the wreckless spending of my wife. But did you know if you stop your wife from spending money you do not have that is “domestic violence”. You are “controlling” and “abusive” if you do not allow your wife access to ALL the family assets and to spend them as she sees fit. 

Did you know you can have your COMPANY destroyed based on the lie of a woman? 

Yep. In my divorce my wife got the courts to freeze the bank account of Instant Business Intelligence as an attempt at extortion. “Don’t pay up the EUR6,000 per month extortion money and we destroy your company”. I told them that if they destroyed the company they would have to pay compensation when I got around to it. My personal bank accounts were also frozen and I was cast into poverty. This was done without service of ANY documents on me legally. That could be YOU one day. 

Did you know that 99.9% of OTHER WESTERN WOMEN condone and support the fact that all the above can happen? 

True. If you review the CAF site you will see that for my trouble of gathering this evidence and presenting it to young men like you that I have been called a wife beater, a paedophile, a dead beat dad. All sorts of nasty things. And do any WOMEN speak out about this slander? No. They do not. They are very happy to see me slandered to go along with the criminal victimization that I have already suffered. Yes. Women are THAT big a bunch of hypocrites now. 

Men like John Rambo and I are doing what we are doing to wake up young men like you as to the very serious danger in which you find yourself. A danger you likely do not know about. 

So when you see women claim “harassment” and “stalking”? You might want to remember these SAME WOMEN OPENLY SUPPORT the idea that based on the lie of a woman you can be assaulting, kidnapped and incarcerated. You can have your children and house stolen. You can have your company destroyed. You can be impoverished no matter how good a man you have been. SAME WOMEN Pete. 

Don’t forget that women will LAUGH at you should you be victimized like I was while they are asking for you to violate another mans rights. Don’t forget that. 

Now. As far as women claiming emails constitute “harassment” and “stalking”? Rubbish. 

If women are so “strong and independent and empowered and liberated” they can deal with emails. After all? Men had to deal with machine gun fire on the beaches of Normandy. 

Women claimed “equality”. Stop treating them like children. If a woman tells you that an email is “harassment” or “stalking” tell her to “woman up” and “take it like a woman” and “get over it”. That is what they tell us when we have our children stolen, our houses stolen and our companies destroyed. They said they wanted to be treated the same. Not us. 

Now. What I say to all young men is this. 

“5% is the new 50% if you happen to be a man” 

“The vast majority (99.9%+) of western women are liars and hypocrites. They are liars because they claimed they wanted equality but what they demand is legal superiority and they get it. They are hypocrites because they demand the protection of the law for themselves while denying the protection of the law to men.” 

And I have PROVEN it on CAF. 

Now. As to this particular case? John has found an example of a woman expressing hatred towards men. He is not “threatening” a woman with man-hatred he is exposing a woman as being a man-hater. Big difference. Women who feel so privileged that they can openly express HATRED OF MEN in public are now going to be exposed as the MAN-HATERS they are. This is in YOUR best interests Pete. 

Further, just because a woman LIES and tells you she feels afraid or threatened does NOT MAKE THAT TRUE. As you can see from above? Women OPENLY SUPPORT and condone other women telling lied to victimize men via “authorities”. 

You are well advised to assume that any claim by a woman to be a victim is 99%+ likely to be FALSE and that it is being done to UNJUSTLY violate a mans rights. 

John has the right to send an email to anyone else he chooses to. Especially someone who is speaking in public and has published an email address. That is an invitation to communicate. Those who receive such emails have the right to delete it if they do not want to read it. Its called being a responsible adult. His email is certainly not spam. 

My email is public and anyone who wants to write to me is most welcome. The spam I get? I just throw it away. Women claimed equality. Then they can act like a grown up like me,  ok? Again. Stop treating them like children. They told you they did not want your protection. They certainly will not afford you any protection of the law. 

You talk of “right to privacy” for this woman. Well? Does this woman talk of your right to your children, your house, your property, your company? Do ANY women talk of these rights where men have had them violated? No. They don’t. 

So why are you involving yourself in defending a womans “right to privacy” when she is not defending your right to children, property, indeed, life? 

Now Pete. 

I have taken time out of my very busy day to tell you this information. 

I recommend that you pass it to as many young men as you know. 

I also recommend you read this book and pass this book to as many young men as you know. 

You have been lied to very badly by people you trust. 

As for Lavabit? If it is run by a man I would be very interested to talk to him and suggest to him that he might like to let his other male employees know exactly what I have told you. He will be appreciated by his fellow men for saying so and hated on by women. Standard. Western women HATE men who are telling the truth because they trade in lies and deceit. 

The sad fact is that western women have a pathological hatred of men and it sits just under the surface. As soon as you “prod” a woman a bit that pathological hatred comes out. Trz it for yourself. We are doing this and collecting the information for lads like you to see. You might want to browse this forum and see the hatred spewed out at me by women. I have even had women call for my death for having the temerity to stand up for my rights. 

Women like the one that John is pointing out are quite happy to see men criminally victimized while running to the “authorities” over the slightest thing. Indeed. After my ex had kidnapped my children and stolen my house she claimed that my emails to her on this matter were “abuse” and “harassment” and “stalking”. 

How about that? Stealing a mans children and house is perfectly ok. But send her email from 2,000 kms away and that is “abuse” and “harassment” and “stalking” for which the criminals known as police will be called to further criminally victimize the man legitimized by the lie of a woman. Welcome to your world. 

There was a man who is alleged to have said “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. 

Well? Western women have destroyed the lives of more than 100M men these last 30 years. The chances are very high that you will be one more victim of a lying woman who runs to the “authorities” to have you victimized. It is almost impossible to avoid it now because lying women insist on inserting themselves into every nook and cranny no matter how unwelcome they are. Even mens sproting change rooms. But do they invite male sports reporters into womens change rooms? No. Hypocrisy writ large.

Just this week we saw a case where a woman in the UK smashed a beer glass over a mans head and he had a one inch gash in his head that needed treatment. We all know that if a man smashed a glass over a womans head he would go to jail. In this case all he did was smile at the woman in a bar. That’s it. His crime was he smiled at a young pretty girl. 

Her claim was that she had been “harassed” by men in her job as a PLUMBERS APPRENTICE that day and so she felt entitled to smash a beer glass over the head of a man who smiled at her because she was “upset”. And will any women say this young woman should be treated like a young man who had done the same? No. She is a “victim”. She was “harassed”. So she is ENTITLED to smash a glass over a mans head and receive a slap on the wrist. And that is EXACTLY what the judge on the case said. 

Did you know that if a woman KILLS you and then FALESLY claims you raped her and abused her that she is very likely to suffer little or no punishment? 

This is how women treat men today. It is time to expose this hatred to as many young men as possible. I claim young men have a RIGHT to know that women are such liars and hypocrites and so dangerous so that they can protect themselves. 

Did you know in New Zealand a young woman accused a young man of raping her. He had the good sense to follow the advice of secretly video recording all sexual encounters. So the man produce the video record of the incident to the police. Was the woman charged with perjury for the false allegation? No. She was let go free. HE was charged with violating HER “right to privacy” despite the fact the video was made in HIS bedroom and was the ONLY thing that kept him from a false rape allegation. 

The case is now progressing to see if the courts will make the claim that a man does NOT have the right to defend himself against a false rape allegation by secretly video recording all sexual encounters. THAT is how bad it is today Pete. 

Just by the way? 

One of my rights that I have claimed, which you can read about in the book, is the right to free speech. No one has any right to violate my freedom of speech. Not you. Not lavabit. No one. 

Further? You seem to think the legal system applies to men like John and I. I can assure you it does not. There is a VAST difference between “legal” and “lawful”. If you do not know that difference I would encourage you to study the book. Men like John and I live before the rule of LAW. We do NOT live in the world of “legal”. 

Now. Pete. You have been given a great gift today. The gift of knowledge. The gift of having it pointed out what a bunch of liars and hypocrites western women are. What you do with this gift is up to you. But if you ignore this knowledge and you are later criminally abused by the very women you leap so quickly to defend? You can have no one else to blame but yourself. 

I also suggest for all young men for a good read. You will find the TRUTH there. 

Best Regards

Your brother Peter 

New Post
 1/26/2012 12:10 PM
Here are the screen shots of all of the posts on LinkedIn that the man-hater Jeannine has made. I am also posting a couple of screen shots of her emails that she wrote to me. I am attaching them to this post. These will be used later to prosecute this lying woman for her FALSE ALLEGATIONS/ACCUSATIONS.
 Jeannine shot 12.JPG
 Jeannine shot 11.JPG
 Jeannine shot 10.JPG
 Jeannine shot 9.JPG
 Jeannine shot 8.JPG
 Jeannine shot 7.JPG
 Jeannine shot 6.JPG
 Jeannine shot 5.JPG
 Jeannine shot 4.JPG
 Jeannine shot 3.JPG
 Jeannine shot 2.JPG
 Jeannine shot 1.JPG
New Post
 1/26/2012 12:39 PM
Turns out Jeannine Vegh is a published author, and has 4 of her books listed on both and Barnes and Noble's website.

Here are links to her books:

Would anyone like to write a short review on her books on those websites, and expose her to the public and her audience as the man-hating criminal slanderer that she is? Thanks.
New Post
 1/26/2012 12:58 PM

I feel that it is also important that I save all of Pete’s(from Support) emails as well as my replies on here, as they can serve as valuable evidence in the future.

Subject:   [Lavabit Abuse] Abuse Complaints
From:   "Pete S. - Lavabit Support" <>
Date:   Sun, January 22, 2012 3:39 pm

Hi John,

Please note that it is against the Lavabit abuse policy (available at
<>) to, and I quote, "Use your
account to harass or threaten others."

I have received complaints of harassing behavior associated with your
account. Such behavior is not permitted at Lavabit.

This warning is being sent to you as a courtesy. Continued abuse may
result in your account being administratively locked.

Thank you.

Pete S.
Lavabit Support


Subject:   Re: [Lavabit Abuse] Abuse Complaints
Date:   Sun, January 22, 2012 3:43 pm
To:   "Pete S. - Lavabit Support" <>

Hi Pete,

I received an unsolicited email (she wrote to me first) from a lady named
Jeannine Vegh, and she was very threatening and harassed me as well.

If anyone is getting abused, it is myself.

I can forward you the whole email chain, if you'd like? It's also
available online here:




Subject:   Re: [Lavabit Abuse] Abuse Complaints
From:   "Pete S. - Lavabit Support" <>
Date:   Sun, January 22, 2012 3:59 pm

Hi John,

The content of the messages is irrelevant -- it is not our intent to
censor our users. Rather, it is the behavior that's relevant: harassing
and threatening people using Lavabit services is not permissible. This
message was a warning: future complaints may result in your account
being administratively locked.

If you have a disagreement with someone that cannot be settled
respectfully, you should disengage rather than trying to escalate things.

I appreciate your understanding and cooperation.



Subject:   Re: [Lavabit Abuse] Abuse Complaints
Date:   Sun, January 22, 2012 4:07 pm
To:   "Pete S. - Lavabit Support" <>


Are you aware that SHE emailed me first? Thus, if anyone has the right to
claim abuse, harassment, or stalking, it is MYSELF. And I have done so,
and reported her to Yahoo Mail Abuse.

I have done nothing wrong, and I have handled a man-hating feminist like
herself quite respectfully.

THIS is your policy? Abuse men who are being abused by man-hating women?

Sorry, but I think you just convinced me to cancel my account with Lavabit.

The fact that you would side with a man-hating abusive woman over a
respectable man of character such as myself shows a serious lack of
character in you, Pete.

Men like you who cater to and thus support the abuse of women against men
is why marriage and gender relations are so screwed up in the West today,

Do NOT come crying to me or to Crimes Against Fathers when YOU are the
victim of a crime that a woman has committed against you. When YOUR wife
divorces you and destroys you financially, do NOT come crying to me for
help. And when YOUR wife/girlfriend files a false rape accusation or false
domestic violence accusation against you, do NOT come crying to me for

Men like you do not deserve help, as you were unwilling to defend men of
character and integrity who were and are trying to help defend other men.



Subject:   Re: [Lavabit Abuse] Abuse Complaints
From:   "Pete S. - Lavabit Support" <>
Date:   Sun, January 22, 2012 4:23 pm

Hi John,

I'm not going to get into a "But *THEY* started it!" discussion.

Your behavior is abusive and threatening. Such behavior is not
permissible at Lavabit. It doesn't matter who started it -- your
behavior was harassing and threatening in its own right.

If you feel that you cannot comply with the Lavabit abuse policy, you
are welcome to close your account at <>.

If you continue with your harassing and threatening behavior your
account will be administratively locked.

Thank you.



Subject:   Re: [Lavabit Abuse] Abuse Complaints
Date:   Wed, January 25, 2012 9:52 pm
To:   "Pete S. - Lavabit Support" <>

As I said, Pete, YOU have no character, because you are defending a
man-hating criminal slanderer. You could very well be prosecuted as an
accomplice, no?

As for your FALSE ALLEGATIONS of "abuse" and "threats", let's analyze that.

Speaking the truth is "abuse"?

As for threats, where did I make even one statement that was REMOTELY
THREATENING? Where did I ever threaten physical violence towards Ms. Vegh?

Thus you are also taking part in the CRIME of slander, are you aware of that?

I also noticed that you did not bother to even reply to Peter Nolan's
email. This is how spineless you are, and it exhibits your total lack of

You would rather side and defend man-hating criminal slanderers like Ms.
Vegh than take the side of honest men of integrity such as myself and
Peter Nolan?

As I said before, karma can be a bitch. Do NOT come crying to us when YOUR
life is destroyed by the LIES of a woman. After all, YOU support such
lies, and if your life does get destroyed one day by the lies of a woman,
it will be due karma.

All of your emails are being saved and published to CAF for future
reference as evidence.

John Rambo

New Post
 2/28/2012 5:09 AM
UPDATE: Just sent this yesterday:

a letter from my friend
Sun 26/02/2012 20:05
From: John Rambo

Jeannine, this is a letter written from my European friend who asked if I could send it to you instead of him sending the letter directly to you. Just in case you forgot who I am, I created a thread on the website Crimes Against Fathers under the forum Man-Hating Women with your name and info, and can be found here:

Here is my European friend's letter:

To Jeannine

I find it amazing how you American women claim to be so "Strong, independent and confident" and yet you can't even handle an email written from a guy living halfway around the world from you because it exposes your hypocrisy.

Did you know that 1 out of 4 women in America take psychiatric drugs? Far from being strong and confident, you American women are the most insecure and mentally sick women on earth! 

Anyway, you American women are a complete joke, and we European men all joke and talk about how low class and disgusting you all are. Now sure, I would sleep with one of you slutty American women, as you have the world's reputation of being the biggest sluts, but no man in their right mind would EVER consider marrying or having a long term relationship with one of you filthy cunts.

Anyway, why did you report my friend John Rambo to the FBI? You are so "strong and confident and liberated", TAKE IT LIKE A MAN! Grow up, you immature little child. You are a disgusting excuse of a human being.


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