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 6/13/2013 2:34 AM
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Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn Man hater, criminal

This is her facebook.

This is what a man hating criminal looks like
Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn

I went on to her page and posted the allegation of susan toal that her father in some way molested her has a child. Cahtherine removed it.

This is the thread.

The text is below. Plenty of people saw the comments so there is no denying them.

Here is the  link to the Lawful Notice posted to Catherines Facebook as well as being served on the Wagga Wagga police.

And here is the link for Michael Toal, a known ASIO asset, who is using tax payer money to slander me and Catherine Burns knows all about this.

Both Bill Toal and Michael Toal have been named by Suzanne Toal,  the daughter/sister to these two, as raping her when she was a teen girl.

So the obvious question is why is Catherine Burn protecting two men who have been publicly named as rapists of a teen girl? Is it because ASIO told her to?

And why is Catherine Burn not investigating the crimes for which I have put the evidence in to the public? 

Who is telling Catherine Burn not to investigate these crimes? ASIO? And under what threat? 

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 6/13/2013 2:34 AM

Peter Nolan Catherine. We are well aware that the NSW Police force is a criminal cartel. That you criminals have failed to heed our calls to stop committing crimes against us for more than two years has placed you in a very difficult position. Many of you are going to be put on trial in the new MBA Law Courts.

Now. You and ALL your colleagues are being asked if you will serve the people of Australia as PEACE OFFICERS who take your instructions from our new MBA Law Courts.


Here is my statement to ALL police officers in Australia. It is not like we are not making this statement VERY public.
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 6/13/2013 2:35 AM

Peter Nolan And Catherine. You might want to explain to the people here why I was banned off the Wagga Wagga LAC Facebook for reporting an allegation of child sexual abuse from the child in question who is now an adult.

You might want to explain to people here why are credible allegation of child sexual abuse of a man who is now a known criminal was not investigated.

Go ahead. Explain the work of your staff in Wagga LAC as to why they did not follow this up.

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 6/13/2013 2:36 AM

Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn Peter Nolan - while everyone is entitled to their opinion, I have had to delete one of your comments/links relating to allegations of child sexual assault because of the potential for them to be deemed prejudicial, defamatory, inflammatory or distressing for the parties you have talked about. I do not know the background of the allegations you have discussed, but my strong advice is that if you believe a criminal offence has taken place, you visit your local police station to report these matters or alternatively lodge a formal complaint to our Professional Standards Command via this link -
. If you have already done this, and you are not satisfied with the outcome, I would suggest you take this up with the NSW Ombudsman or the Police Integrity Commission. In relation to your other post, in which you assert that the NSW Police Force is a criminal cartel, the less said the better. You are certainly entitled to your view and for this reason I have left your comment up, but your comments are an insult to the 17,000 NSW Police officers who work tirelessly every day to keep our state safe.Complain about a police officer - NSW Police Onlin
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 6/13/2013 2:37 AM

Peter Nolan "Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn Peter Nolan - while everyone is entitled to their opinion, I have had to delete one of your comments/links relating to allegations of child sexual assault because of the potential for them to be deemed prejudicial, defamatory, inflammatory or distressing for the parties you have talked about."

So, Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn. Nice to see I have your attention.

So....It is perfectly ok to publish the name of someone like ROLPH HARRIS all over the tabloids according to you but it MIGHT be prejudicial to serve a Lawful Notice on you into the public because your officer refused to investigate the matter when it was served on them in private. Hhhmmm?

And you expect us to believe you are HONEST?

Catherine. It is well understood the NSW Police are a criminal cartel.

I have served MANY notices on MANY members of the NSW police not the least of which was serving them on the facebook of the NSW Police FORCE.

I have asked MANY members of the NSW Police force to cease and desist their criminal activities and make oath to be PEACE OFFICERS whose job it is to provide the PROTECTION OF THE LAW. In more than TWO YEARS of asking that question not ONE active police officer has come forward and said yes, he will act as a PEACE OFFICER and make OATH to serve the people of Australia to provide the PROTECTION OF THE LAW. Because of this we have had to launch our own PEACE OFFICER SERVICES.

When we get to you police officers we will remove you from public office. We will take your property off you as the proceeds of crime. And you will not be getting any state sponsored pension. You can rest assured that when you retired you will not be paid on cent from any government pension fund. And quite frankly, I do not care if you starve in the street.

This is how you have treated HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF MEN. As in my case you and your police colleagues openly supported the theft of the proceeds of my 25 years of labour, represented by my house, and you stood by and let it happen even after the PROOF of the theft was laid before THOUSANDS of officers.

The NSW Police is a criminal organisation hiding behind its "good works" the same as the catholic church is a criminal organisation engaging in massive levels of paedophile and genocide hiding behind its "good works".

The very notion that a Lawful Notice of testimony from a woman was served on to your officers for child sexual abuse was ignored and then when served on you it was removed while at the SAME TIME men like Rolph Harris are PILLORIED IN THE MEDIA BEFORE ANY JURY TRIAL TAKES PLACE shows just how criminal you police officers are.

Now. We have created 480 cases to run for the MBA Law Courts. Many of them in Australia. We are starting with David Dunkley who committed the crime of impersonating a public officer, namely a magistrate. He did this in front of TWO Australian Federal Police Officers who were informed the crime was about to be committed right in front of them and told that they were obliged to arrest David when he committed that crime. They refused and were therefore in violation of their oaths, perjury, if not treason.

This video is blocked into Australia which is ANOTHER crime called suppression or evidence, obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting known criminals.

You are in a LOT of trouble Catherine. As are many of your fellow senior officers.

Just by the way? Here are the links to the cases against David Dunkley and Louise Henderson. Two federal magistrates. I have read the full evidence into the public record. They have refused to reply and thereby accepted their guilt. What a shame the NSW POLICE FORCE protects criminals like this rather than the people who actually PAY YOUR SALARY, eh?

Like I said. Catherine. You are, personally, in a GREAT DEAL of trouble.
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 6/13/2013 3:25 AM
And I added these comments.

Peter Nolan Now. Catherine.

let me explain to you just what sort of trouble you and your follow officers are in.

Firstly? You do not get to downgrade facts to “opinions” and try the womanly lie of “everyone is entitled to their opinion” when you are talking about FACTS. You women have been howling on about “we want equality” for my entire life. But when you are CHALLENGED the first thing you do is go back to your lying womanly ways and try to weasel your way out of things. Well? It is not going to work. I am going to treat you like you demanded to be treated, like a MAN. And I will do that whether you like that or not.

Now. It is not an OPINION that the Police force in Australia is a criminal cartel. It is a FACT that has LONG been established. I first realised the criminal nature of the police in 1983 when I was 19. I have talked to HUNDREDS of police officers and NONE of them has EVER denied they PERSONALLY know a police officer who has committed a crime and not been held accountable for that crime.

As Police officers you are going to be held to the SAME STANDARD as everyone else for your crimes. And as you have told us “ignorance of the law is no excuse” and you, personally, and all your officers will be held to THAT STANDARD.

So take a listen to this. In 1997 I was viciously assaulted and badly injured by two GORILLAS masquerading as police based on the FALSE CLAIM my wife was “afraid” of me. The two cops were both well over 200 pounds and about 6 feet 4. I had offered to accompany them to the station under my own steam and was talking politely with one of the officers when the other jumped me from behind using the element of surprise.

I was very badly injured in this arrest. My shoulder muscles were very badly torn and if I had not been so expert at protecting myself from my footballing days I would have been seriously injured around the head. I was placed into a 6x3 feet cell with a man covered in blood who might have had aids or hep-c or anything. At the time I was a very well respected father of 4 who was the sole income earner for his family.

I was FURIOUS with the two GORILLAS. It took me more than TWO HOURS to talk my way out of the cage. My shoes were covered in the other mans blood as I fended him off with my feet. I had to throw the shoes away.

I finally got to talk to the station commander. I DEMANDED to know the meaning of the VICIOUS PRE-MEDITATED ASSAULT that his officers had perpetrated on me when I had ALREADY AGREED to peacefully accompany them to the station and explain to them that my wife was LYING so as to “teach me a lesson”. The fact I had her two teenage children as witnesses that the claim was FALSE AND VINDICTIVE and explained that to the officers when they were there held no water apparently.

When I was ASSAULTED even my WIFE told the officers that the claim was FALSE AND MALICIOUS but they said they were “under orders”.

So when I talked to the station commander I wanted an explanation. He told me that he was UNDER ORDERS to instruct his officers to use MASSIVE FORCE and the ELEMENT OF SURPRISE with a MANDATORY ARREST POLICY. He told me, to my face, that the two officers were under orders to arrest me using the element of surprise and massive force before the left the station…REGARDLESS OF WHAT THEY FOUND WHEN THEY ARRIVED AT THE HOUSE.

I told the station commander that I did not believe such legislation could exist and I would get a lawyer on the Tuesday and he had better be prepared to face me in court should this claimed legislation not exist. I went and talked to the two officers who told me to my face that these were the orders they were under. I told them that I held them not responsible since their commanding officer corroborated their story. They were nice young lads. We shook hands and had a smoke together and parted on good terms. I had no complaints about those two lads. They were doing what they were told.

Now…I did hire a lawyer. He told me that the NSW Parliament had passed legislation for MANDATORY ARREST using MASSIVE FORCE and the ELEMENT OF SURPRISE exactly as the commanding officer had told me. I was shocked and stunned. He suggested I write to my local member and go through the political process if I wanted the legislation changed. As a father of 4 and sole income earner I did not have the time so I wrote the whole issue off. I told my wife that if she EVER picked up the phone to call the police again I would walk out the door and NEVER come back. Period.
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 6/13/2013 3:25 AM
Peter Nolan ....

So. Catherine. Imagine my surprise when, in 2008, I am getting divorced and I ask my divorce lawyer, one Justin Dowd from Watts McCray Family Law in Paramatta to please produce a copy of this legislation because I could not find it on the NSW Parliament web site. Justin Dowd charged me UAD500 to “research” this piece of alleged legislation. Before giving it to me he asked me what I was going to do with it. I told him I was going to PUBLISH IT on my web site.

He then REFUSED to give me a copy of this alleged legislation and REFUNDED my AUD500. You may know that Justin Dowd was promoted to President of the NSW Law Society as his pay off for criminally victimise me. A short lived benefit as he is going on trial in our new courts.

So why it is, do you think, Catherine, that a family law lawyer would charge AUD500 to “research” the MANDATORY ARREST LEGISLATION FOR DV CALLS and then REFUND that money rather than provide that legislation? Might it be because that legislation DOES NOT EXIST? Hhhhhmmm?

And even if it DOES exist? Mandatory arrest based on false allegations is NOT LAWFUL. And police officers are expected to OBEY THE LAW. They are expect to INFORM THEMSELVES whether it is LAWFUL to perform a MANDATORY ARREST BASED ON NO EVIDENCE AT ALL.

So you see Catherine. The trouble that you and ALL your fellow police officers are in is that you have been performing UNLAWFUL ARRESTS all over the country for FIFTEEN YEARS. AND I CAN PROVE THAT IN A COURT OF LAW.

This very point means that ALL Police officers have colluded and conspired in these criminal activities because there is NO POLICE OFFICER IN AUSTRALIA WHO HAS NOT KNOWN ANOTHER OFFICER WHO PERFORMED A MANDATORY ARREST FOR FALSE DV CLAIMS.

I would challenged ANY police officer in Australia to state under oath that he/she has NEVER HAD ANY KNOWLEDGE of a fellow officer performing a MANDATORY ARREST based on a DV Claim. I would say that any officer who said that under oath we would be able to research their history and interview colleagues and we would find at least ONE CASE where that officer was DIRECTLY AWARE of a mandatory arrest based on this seemingly non-existent legislation.

How about YOU? Are you going to tell me as Deputy Commissioner you have NEVER had direct personal experience of another officer performing a MANDATORY ARREST in a claimed DV situation? Eh?

So, Catherine? I have nailed ALL police officers on the DV issue. Mandatory arrests for claims of DV are NOT LAWFUL and “ignorance of the law is no excuse”. Each and every police officer who has served since 1997 will face the due process of law. Unless they are willing to make OATH that they have NEVER has direct personal knowledge of a MANDATORY ARREST for a DV claim they will be found guilty of aiding and abetting known criminals, namely the police officers who made the MANDATORY ARREST.

Those who make OATH they have NEVER had direct personal knowledge of such an arrest will be investigated to see if we can turn up evidence they did. If we turn up that evidence then they will be guilty of PERJURY for making the claim under oath. I rather think ALL police officers will confess they have known at least ONE person who was subject to MANDATORY ARREST based on a DV claim.

For ALL those officers who we process? I will ask the jury to do exactly to them what they AGREED was done to me. Namely 95% of their property will be seized and they will be left with 5% of their property to do with as they please. They will receive no state pension. That is what I will ASK for.

Those police officers who walk away from their life of crime and MAKE OATH to be PEACE OFFICERS and assist us re-introduce the rule of law into Australia will be able to present their actions to the jury and beg for mercy. The jury will decide the remedy. Those police officers who have shown NO REPENTANCE will very likely be treated more harshly.

Now. I have copied all this to CAF so you can not deny you were told these things. Plenty of other people will see your entry in CAF.

The next time you women say you want to be treated like MEN? You might want to remember that when you criminally victimise MEN they get VERY ticked off about it and some of us will work to see justice done even at the risk of our own lives. And CERTAINLY men are prepared to kill to defend their loved ones. Of have you never heard of the idea of WARFARE.

Even as I type there are men arming themselves in Australia so as to be able to wage war against the police if you do not cease and desist your pre-emptive, pre-meditated, unwanted WAR against us, the men of Australia.

And if you think I am not serious about this? We have already claimed into existence a state of war in Ireland. It is already LAWFUL on the land of Ireland to commit an act of WAR against a police officer, his/her wife/husband and his/her children. You police attacked our wives and children. Under the law of “do unto others” you have agreed we can attack your wives/husbands/children should we claim into existence a retaliatory state of WAR.

If I were you Catherine? I would support the Mens Business Association Law Courts and advise your officers to stand trial before a jury of their peers and accept the remedy for the crimes they have committed. And the only crime I NEED to be able to PROVE is that the officer KNEW that MANDATORY ARRESTS for DV claims were happening and that the officer did nothing about that. And I rather think each officer is going to admit that quite readily rather than attempt to deny it under oath.

You police officers should have accepted my offer of a peaceful settlement that was widely offered to you TWO YEARS AGO.
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 7/31/2013 1:08 PM
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My friend Isabella put this up for me.

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