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 3/6/2012 6:54 AM
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Note: 2014-01-14: Added a link to my books. Please feel free to buy a copy of The Truth Be Told.

Sharell Cook is an Australian woman who has apparently moved to India and married an indian man. I noticed her blog because she linked to my Boycott American Women ( blog, saying it was full of "false generalizations" about western women.

Her present location is: Mumbai, India
Here is Sharell's email address:
Here is her LinkedIn profile:
Here is her Twitter profile:
She has written a book called "Henna for the Broken-Hearted".
She runs her own business called POWAI INFO, and the website is here:

The name of Sharell's husband is Pradeep Maharana, and he is a DJ from Kolkata.
Here is Pradeep's Facebook page:
Here is an interview that Sharell and Pradeep did:
Here is an advertisement for one of Pradeep's recent DJ events:
Here is a news article about Sharell and Pradeep:
Here is another news article about Sharell and Pradeep in some auto rally in Mumbai:

Here is a picture of Sharell Cook
Post image for I’m in Love: No Nasties Moustache T-Shirt

Picture of Sharell and her husband Pradeep Maharana

She created a thread at her blog called "Why does a western woman usually get unfairly(wrongly) blamed as being responsible for a failed relationship?"

In that thread, she also makes the statement "Any husband – in any part of the world-  who abuses his wife needs to go to jail . Period."

Here is my reply to that disgusting man-hating western woman named Sharell that I posted to her blog:

Why are western women blamed for divorces? Because divorces are initiated by women 80 percent of the time in America.

And then you western women turn around and try to slap a huge alimony/support payment on the man. That is sickening, absolutely disgusting!

As for your comment "Any man who hits a woman anywhere in the world should be in jail".

More MAN HATRED typical of you western women. Where do you also state "Any WOMAN who hits a man should be in jail"?

No, you never make such a statement, because you are a man-hating western woman and you think women are above the law. Nevermind that some research even puts 30 percent of DV at WOMEN being physically violent against their MALE spouses.

How's that for hypocrisy of western women? You western women are disgusting pieces of slime.

No men want to marry you worthless whores anymore and now you have to go to shithole 3rd world countries and marry low class indian men.

As for indian women, they are the best women on earth. Whereas western women are the worst women on earth. Therefore, I guess western women and indian men are a fitting pair, since they are both the most disgusting types of people on earth.

NOTE: We also have a Crimes Against Fathers India page, where we have listed the names and information of hundreds of indian women who have made false cases or false 498a charges against their husbands:

CAF India page

If you know of any indian women who have made false cases or false 498s charges against their husbands, please submit the woman's name, her father's name, home address including city and state, and a short description of the case and we will be happy to list them on the CAF India page. Submit them to

If you want to actually be educated to the truth about feminism and how the governments have used feminism to enslave men, as well as the solution to how to become free from this tyranny? I suggest you download and read Peter Nolan's two free ebooks he wrote, they are only about 100 pages each:

Living Free in a Fem-Nazi World

The TRUTH Be Told

New Post
 3/6/2012 10:28 PM
Hi John,

"Any husband – in any part of the world-  who abuses his wife needs to go to jail . Period."

Can you point me to where she says this?


New Post
 3/6/2012 10:38 PM
Please note. From her introduction.

"I gave my business suits to charity, quit my accounting job in Melbourne, moved to Mumbai, married an Indian guy, became a white Indian housewife, and started writing."

So I gather she is one of these hateful Australian shrews who could not get a man in Australia and has gone for a dupe in India. I wonder if her husband knows how much she hates men. 

It would also appear that she has decided that working for a living is too much like hard work so now she is a "blogger". I wonder how much her husband is subsidising her man hating blogging activities.

Whoever married this woman is obviously a moron. Why would you marry someone who so obviously hates men?

I sure would like to talk to the husband and fill him in on the cultural background to Australian women and how much they HATE men.

I sure would like to tell him that 100% of the women in the Australian parliament condone the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse. They also support a split in divorce of 5% vs 95%.

This mans wife has not raised any objection to such crimes so this man might want to know that.
New Post
 3/6/2012 10:51 PM
Here is the link to the forum post where she wrote about men should be in jail:

Yes, you are absolutely right. She is just another low class hateful western woman who can't find a western man dumb enough to marry her, so she had to go marry some low class man from a shithole 3rd world country.
New Post
 3/7/2012 3:30 AM
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In reading the thread I can not tell that she wrote she "ocean"? Anyway my response to the post is as follows. If you have an id on her site you can paste or paste the link as coming from me directly.


The reason women are usually held responsible for failed relationships, especially marriages, is because they ARE responsible. In the case of marriage TWO female researched, Shere Hite and Michelle Langley BOTH claim that their research shows women to be responsible for creating the divorce in more than 90% of cases.

If you read this letter from my wife you will see that she takes 100% responsibility for the failure or HER relationship with me.

However, if you read her perjurous court documents that were submitted just six months later you will see she is LYING and claiming that I have been a BAD HUSBAND.

Despite this IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE that my ex is a liar and committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse 100% of females in the Australian Federal Parliament condone these criminal acts.

This is called a FACT.

Another FACT is that I have asked THOUSANDS of Australian women to live up to THEIR CLAIM of being “equal” and to assist me stop such crimes as perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse. So far I have ONE. Here is what she had to say about me.

“Liz” has been a TREMENDOUS help over the last few years. She has battled the SAME HATRED I have been subject to and she is a GRANDMOTHER denied access to her grandchild by her OWN DAUGHTER. You see Sharell. Women will not only HATE ON MEN who want to see their own children. Women will HATE ON A GRAND MOTHER WHO WANTS TO SEE HER GRANDCHILD.

Women have declared mothers saints who can do no wrong and anyone who points out any different is HATED ON. Even the womans OWN MOTHER.

You western women are truly, truly horrible people in the 99% majority now. That is why I no longer live in a western country.

When are you going to write on your forums about how WOMEN COMMIT CRIMES? When are you going to write on your forum how when women claimed equality they also took on the responsibility of ensuring that women make the same remedy for a crime as a man does?  When are you going to call for all women juries in all women courts to put criminal women on trial? When are you going to call for all women who are abusive to their husbands should be jailed?

Any time soon?

You women are such man-haters. I am so happy I found eastern European women. They are such lovely people compared to you man-hating women.

New Post
 5/21/2012 9:13 AM
I got an email from Sharell Cook as follows.

-----Original Message-----
From: Sharell Cook []
Sent: 19 May 2012 12:19
Subject: Re: Crimes Against Fathers - Australia New User Registration 

Hi Peter,

I write to you in regards to this post on your forum:

It is slanderous in nature and I request that it be removed by you, as a responsible webmaster, as it contravenes your terms of use, namely:

By way of example, and not as a limitation, you agree that when using a Communication Service, you will not:

·         Defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights (such as rights of privacy and publicity) of others.

·         Publish, post, upload, distribute or disseminate any inappropriate, profane, defamatory, infringing, obscene, indecent or unlawful topic, name, material or information.

·         Upload files that contain software or other material protected by intellectual property laws (or by rights of privacy of publicity) unless you own or control the rights thereto or have received all necessary consents.

To clarify my position:

I do not hate men, I am not Ocean, and I did not make the statement:  "Any husband – in any part of the world-  who abuses his wife needs to go to jail . Period."

I also did not link to John Rambo's Boycott American Women blog. I don't even know of his blog, being an Australian women myself. In fact, John Rambo has been harassing me and posting insulting messages on my blog, and the blogs of my friends.

Furthermore statements made by John Rambo such as this, "No men want to marry you worthless whores anymore and now you have to go to shithole 3rd world countries and marry low class indian men."  are extremely insulting.

John Rambo has also used a photo of me on your forum that is subject to copyright and which he does not have permission to use.

I again request that you please remove the post about me from your forum, so that I don't have to take further action.  Could you also please write to me and advise me of doing this.

Thank you for your understanding.  I appreciate it.


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 5/21/2012 9:16 AM
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-----Original Message-----
From: Peter Nolan []
Sent: 21 May 2012 00:10
To: 'Sharell Cook'
Cc: 'John Rambo'
Subject: RE: Crimes Against Fathers - Australia New User Registration

Hi Sharell,

Thank you for your email, it is much appreciated.

From this page I find the following quotes.

Husbands who abuse their wives for dowry should live in jail.

Husbands who beat or abuse their wives for any reason should live in jail.

Any husband – in any part of the world-  who abuses his wife needs to go to jail . Period. 

Now. You say you are not Ocean and so I will post this email to the CAF site to note that you are not ocean and so you did not make the comment. 

I apologise as the owner of CAF. I put this apology right next to the place that the comment was made. As you can see from the entry I asked John to refer to the spot you made the comment. John has mistakenly thought you were Ocean. So I apologise on his behalf as well. I believe it be an honest mistake. 


I have read further through the thread. I can not find any comments from you as the blog owner pointing out that women who abuse their husbands should also go to jail. Do you have any reason why your blog is so sexist that when your members comment that men who abuse their husbands should go to jail there is silence as to what women say about women who abuse their husbands? What is your opinion of what should happen to women who commit violence against their husbands.

For example. My wife threw a knife at me. Should she be in jail for that? She hit me and scratched me. She struck our small children to the head. Should she live in jail too? She committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse. Should she live in jail too? 

Perhaps you women might do better to talk about WOMEN and the crimes of WOMEN and let us men know what you are prepared to do about WOMEN who commit crimes rather than talk about MEN who commit crimes. After all? Us men are going a pretty damn good job putting MEN who commit crimes in jail. The jail population is 90% men in most western countries. This is not because women commit less crime. It is because when they are found guilty they are rarely jailed. Gender of a convicted party is the SINGLE largest indicator of sentence length for the same crime. 

It seems women do not wish to protest the inequality of jail terms for the same crimes. And that makes you women hypocrites Sharell.

Now. You did make the comment “I do not hate men,” in your email to me. 

I disagree with your opinion. I would believe you hate men with a passion. You were brought up in Australia so you can not fail to hate men. The VAST majority of Australian women exhibit hatred of men.

How might I know that? 

Well? Please she me what you have personally done to help men like me re-introduce the rule of law into your home country of Australia. Since you come from Australia you will know MANY men who have been criminally victimized in the family law courts. Indeed, if you look at my case you will see that my wife committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse. You can also see that ALL WOMEN in BOTH HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT in Australia support and condone criminal activities by women against men. That is what CAF is all about. The FACT that 99.9% of western women openly support and condone criminal acts by women against men. If that is not HATRED I do not know what is. 

Switch the genders. If I said that I condoned and supported GANG RAPE of women by men and I openly condoned and supported and hid men I knew had taken part in GANG RAPE of women would you call me a “woman hater”? And if you need any guidance on that please note that MANY women have called me a “woman hater” just because I am seeking a path to justice and remedy for the crimes my wife committed against me and my former children. 

You can’t have it both ways Sharell. You can not have the 99.9% majority of women openly supporting and condoning criminal acts by women against men and then be “upset” when us men point out this HATRED that women have for us men now in places like Australia. 

Why are so few women willing to hold women accountable for their criminal acts, eh? This is out and our hatred. 

By the way. In Australia divorce is FAR more traumatic for a man than a simple GANG RAPE is of a woman. After all, a woman who has been GANG RAPED is no more likely to commit suicide than the next woman. But a man who has been through divorce is about 8 times more likely to kill himself than a woman who has been GANG RAPED. 

One estimate in Australia places the number of men who kill themselves as the result of the criminal abuse of women wielding the family law courts at about 4,000 per year. Guess what. NO WOMEN are talking about these dead men. But we all know if a woman suicided from criminal abuse of men it would be front page news. 

Sharell. Us men are aware that there is pervasive man hatred in Australia that is promoted by women AND MEN alike.

We are exposing it. 

And the most obvious evidence of this hatred is the fact that women AND MEN ALIKE expect men to tolerate criminal victimization by women. As an Australian woman you have thrown away your credibility in this area by NOT talking about this. We call this HATRED Sharell. 

Now. I recommend you talk to your fellow women in Australia and suggest they might like to join the CAF Australia womes site to create all womens courts and all women juries so that you women can put criminal women on trial and let us men know what you want us to do with criminal men who commit the SAME crime. Currently Australian women claim women can commit crimes with impunity. We are sick of that HATE FILLED ATTITUDE. It is up to you women to DEMONSTRATE that you wish to hold criminal women accountable for their actions just like men have held criminal men accountable for their actions as best as we could for centuries. 

Here is the Australian womens site. There is also an Indian womens site.

“Furthermore statements made by John Rambo such as this, "No men want to marry you worthless whores anymore and now you have to go to shithole 3rd world countries and marry low class indian men."  are extremely insulting.”

I agree that Johns comment is extremely insulting. That he insults whores and prosititutes by comparing them to the general population of married Australian women is extremely insulting to the whores and prostitutes. My wife was of far lower character than a whore or a prostitute.

@John…please stop insulting whores and prostitutes by comparing them to the average Australian wife. Australian wives are FAR LESS honourable than ANY real whore/prostitute. At least a whore/prostitute is making the transaction clear. Australian wives do not make it clear that they like to screw men over in the courts for money up front. Australian wives also condone criminal acts against men in the vast majority.


Let me ask you a question. Are these comments, which you brand “extremely insulting” better or worse than, say, my wife making the false allegation that I cheater on her, the false allegation that I was violent in the home, the false allegation that I had abandoned my former children, the false allegation that I was a bad father?

And are they worse than these false allegations being used to steal 95% of assets via the criminals in the courts? And are they worse than the kidnapping of my former children?

And are they worse than women who do not even know me calling me a wife beater and a paedophile? Here, let me show you some women who called me a wife beater and paedophile.

What are you women going to do about women who openly slander a man by calling him a wife beater and a paedophile when they do not even know the man and have no evidence of such? Are you going to demand that they make remedy to save YOUR credibility? Or, are you, like all the OTHER women we talk to going to claim it is none of your business that women commit crimes and you have no obligations to ensure women criminals are brought to justice.

Now. Let me show you some names you might know.

Bettina Ardnt.

Miranda Devine

Sam Brett

These three women were informed of the criminal activities of politicians and the legal fraternity and stayed silent despite being so widely published.

If you want to know where your credibility has gone? Ask them. Ask all the women in the parliament. Ask Julia Gillard who has allowed the funding of ASIO agents to slander me left right and center across  the web. Here. Try this link.

Sharell. We are sick of the crap you women go on with and we are sick of your HATRED.

You women wanted a “war of the sexes”.

We have shown up. We are going to prosecute this war  to its logical conclusion. We are going to re-introduce the rule of law whether you women like it or not.  Women were asked to participate and they gave us a resounding “NO”. So you made yourselves irrelevant to the remedy.

If you wish to know what I recommend you do? Click here.

Best Regards 


New Post
 5/21/2012 9:29 AM
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-----Original Message-----
From: Sharell Cook []
Sent: 19 May 2012 12:42
Subject: Re: Crimes Against Fathers - Australia New User Registration

Hi again Peter,

By the way, in response to what you wrote to me in the forum post (scroll down to refer to link) about your situation in regards to your wife. I'm really very sorry to hear of her actions and the pain she caused. To be honest with you, far from what you said about me not being able to get an Australian guy to marry me -- I was previously married to an Australian guy, and unfortunately it was him ended our marriage by his choice under very painful circumstances.  I spent a year trying to keep my marriage together. Yes, it hurt me enough to leave Australia and find a man who is not of "white" origin.  I no longer live in a western country because of what happened to me. So, I can fully understand your desire to no longer be in a western country or have a relationship with a white woman. It sounds like you have found happiness with eastern European woman, and I'm truly  happy to hear that.

Please, could you now read my message below, and remove the slanderous post from your forum, for reasons that I refer to.


New Post
 5/21/2012 9:37 AM
 Modified By host  on 5/20/2012 3:37:52 PM

-----Original Message-----
From: Peter Nolan []
Sent: 21 May 2012 00:30
To: 'Sharell Cook'
Cc: 'John Rambo'
Subject: RE: Crimes Against Fathers - Australia New User Registration

Hi Sharell,

“I'm really very sorry to hear of her actions and the pain she caused.” 

Us men simply do not believe you western women on this point any more. I have had THOUSANDS of women tell me how “sorry” they are. But when I ask them if they will sit on an all woman jury in an all women court and give me a path to justice then they ATTACK ME as a WOMAN HATER.

Sharell, your credibility has been destroy by the THOUSANDS of women who have come before you. If you do not like that fact? Then I suggest that you and your fellow women set about changing the HATRED OF WOMEN TOWARDS MEN. Us men are simply exposing what is already there. The hatred of women towards men.

By the way? We also do not lend any credibility to womens stories of how “hard they tried to keep their marriage togther” etc. We view these as just lies that are put about by women for the most part. Women researchers have claimed that 90% of marriage destruction is the SOLE result of the WOMANS actions.

What western women do is provoke and attack the man until the situation is intolerable for the man and then the woman turns around and claims to be a “victim” of “abuse” by the man and needs to be “rescued” from the “bad marriage” via divorce.

If you do not like that this is the stereotype we now see women through then you might have taken issue with women like my wife who was CLEARLY the SOLE PARTY responsible for the destruction of our marriage by her LIES and STEALING MONEY and CHILD ABUSE. She even ADMITS these things. She was also caught sleeping over at someone elses place soon after divorce and there is also evidence she was a prostitute as well. Even THEN women will still support the criminal woman over the honest man.

Husbands do not come any better than me and STILL I was SHIT ON by all and sundry in Divorce because “if the woman is behaving so badly then the man must have done something really bad to deserve it”. That is the sort of CRAP I have had to put up with for FOUR YEARS from men and women alike.

THAT is how pervasive the man-hatred its.

So rather than spout your LIES about how “sorry” you are? How about you hold women ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR CRIMINAL ACTIONS because our guvment is a criminal cartel in league with the judiciary and they are NOT holding women criminals accountable for crimes.

You have no credibility Sharell. Your sisters threw it away for you. Up to you whether you work to get it back.

Best Regards


New Post
 5/21/2012 9:40 AM
please note in my post I said 

"In reading the thread I can not tell that she wrote she "ocean"? Anyway my response to the post is as follows. If you have an id on her site you can paste or paste the link as coming from me directly."

John mistakenly thought you were Ocean. In my response I addressed your post directly. Lets see if you wish to take the position of "equal before the law". Lets see if you blog about what we have told you. You will have to email me if you do as I will not watch your blog.

As far as I am concerned the only people John could possibly be said to have insulted are whores and prostitutes. And as you can see I have asked him to stop doing that. 
New Post
 5/23/2012 10:55 PM

-----Original Message-----
From: Sharell Cook [] 
Sent: 21 May 2012 14:42
Subject: Re: Crimes Against Fathers - Australia New User Registration


Hi again Peter,

Thanks for the discussion.  You have every right to feel the way you do, and it's perfectly understandable that you feel that way considering the horrendous things you've experienced. And of course you didn't deserve such things to happen to you! And obviously that makes the pain even worse, because you were a decent husband. Unfortunately, some people (such as your wife) are just screwed up! I would sit on a jury if I could but I can't. As I mentioned to you, I've left Australia and western society. I haven't lived in a western country for almost 7 years. After what happened in my marriage, and the pain it caused me, it made me see that western society isn't for me. Hence the reason why I moved to a country where there is emphasis on family values. 

If I really hated men, don't you think I would be spewing insults at you right now, and at John Rambo too -- for some how selecting me and posting an awful message about me, when I know neither of you and haven't even had any dealings with you. However, I don't. I'm trying to understand what horrific things have happened to make you so angry about women. And fair enough.   Unfortunately, there is little that I can do to convince you that I don't hate men. But I have a father who has loved and cared for me all his life. I've been brought up in a loving home and taught to respect men. So, why would I possibly hate men?  There is already too much hatred in this world for me to want to hate anyone. 

You may think I have no credibility thanks to the actions of other women. But Peter, I've walked away from western society, turned my back on it and its government years ago. I just simply don't want to be a part of such a flawed society anymore. If I could change it I would -- but like you, I've simply chosen to leave it for a better life.  That's the most real indication I can give you about how I feel. I understand if you don't want to believe me though.


New Post
 5/23/2012 10:55 PM
From: "Peter Nolan" <>
Sent: 22 May 2012 20:42
To: "Sharell Cook" <>
Subject: RE: Crimes Against Fathers - Australia New User Registration

Hi Sharell,

Do you know that you western women all tell the same lies? I mean, if you could read my email logs of the HUNDREDS of women I have talked to you would find them filled with the same lies as your email here. Truly, we are sick of hearing your lies. Just stop telling them. Here let me show you a blatant lie. 

“You have every right to feel the way you do, and it's perfectly understandable that you feel that way considering the horrendous things you've experienced.”

This is NOT about “feelings”. You women like to boil everything down to “feelings” because facts and being responsible for your actions is too hard for you. I FEEL FANTASTIC. I have never felt happier in my life. I am DELIGHTED I am divorced. I am DELIGHTED to be rid of FOUR ungrateful children whom I might have laboured for many more years under the false impression they cared about me.  

Yet do you women listen to the TRUTH. No. You don’t. You make up lies so that you do not have to hold women accountable for their crimes.


All us men have asked women for is to live up to THEIR claims if equality. Us men did not claim equality. YOU WOMEN CLAIMED EQUALITY.


Yet, when women commit criminal acts they REFUSE to accept EQUAL PUNISHMENT and virtually ALL THE OTHER WOMEN AGREE. In the 99.9% majority!!

Here is another blatant lie. 

“Unfortunately, there is little that I can do to convince you that I don't hate men.”

There is MUCH you can do to convince me you do not hate men. Since you live in India you can join the CAF India Womens site and you can take oath to sit on all women juries in all women courts in your community when a woman commits a crime against a man. 

You can enroll your FELLOW WOMEN that you interact with every day to do the same.


That would be a HUGE start to have an all womens court in your local area that, if a man is criminally abused by a woman the man could come to in order to gain a path to justice. Us men have provided you with EVERYTHING YOU NEED to do that but you will not do it.

When you start requiring your FELLOW WOMEN to MAKE THE SAME REMEDY for the same crime as you would like us men to get men to make THEN you will  convince me you do not hate men. But while you REFUSE to offer the same protection of the law you want for yourself to men then that, we say, is the very definition of hatred. 

That you will allow men, MILLIONS OF MEN, to be criminally victimized and to do NOTHING about it is HATRED Sharell.  

Us men do not allow MILLIONS OF WOMEN to be criminally victimized and to do nothing about it. We do our damndest to find men who commit crimes against women. We are doing such a good job of it that 90% of all incarcerated people are MALE. This is not because men commit 90% of crimes. It is because women get far shorter sentences and women often are never incarcerated for the SAME crime as a man.


So PROVE to me you do not hate men by giving them the PROTECTION OF THE LAW in the community in which you live.


It would be a SIMPLE thing to do and we are even proposing that jury time be paid. In India the pay will be less than in the west.


“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

Further. If you want to make a statement to ALL WOMEN in the TWO HOUSES of the Australian Federal Parliament as to your position that women in Australia should be subject to the SAME REMEDY FOR THE SAME CRIME I can put that statement in front of ALL WOMEN in the TWO HOUSES. You would be the FIRST WOMAN to make such a statement. It would be a HUGE contribution to the cause of “equality before the law” for you to be the FIRST WOMAN IN AUSTRALIA TO DEMAND WOMEN BE TREATED AS EQUAL BEFORE THE LAW.


And let me ask you this Sharell. Why do you think NO WOMAN IN AUSTRALIA has EVER demanded EQUALITY BEFORE THE LAW?


How big a bunch of hypocrites can you women be? How hate filled can you be.


You hate men all right. You hate them so much and it is so ingrained in you that you think it is NORMAL that men are criminally victimized with no recourse to law and that no public comment on this criminal victimization is normal.


If you look deep inside? You will see that your silence on this issue shows your man-hatred is there. If you did not hate men so much when the comments I quoted were put on your site you would have asked Ocean if she also advocated WOMEN who abusedtheir husbands also go to jail. You would not have failed to ask that question if you loved men as you claim you do.


Think about that. I can now see right through you western women with what you write.


Stop telling lies. Start telling the truth. Or suffer being called the liars and hypocrites you have chosen to be.


Best Regards



New Post
 5/23/2012 10:57 PM
From: "Sharell Cook" <>
Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2012 4:59 AM
Subject: Re: Crimes Against Fathers - Australia New User Registration

Hi again Peter,

Sadly, you are taking the wrong approach to get my help and support. I do not respond to vitriolic rants, slander, threats, disrespect, and insults.  As I'm sure numerous other people do not.

I suggest that you post this reponse on your forum, along with all your other rubbish that is there about me, as my explanation of why I don't wish to help you or further waste any energy on you.  Anyone who reads it can clearly see that not only are you not a reasonable person to deal with, it's obvious that what has happened to you has severely affected your mental stability. You may have had bad things happen to you but the way you are responding rapidly dissolves any kind of sympathy or empathy anyone would have for you. Same goes for your other looney mate John Rambo.
You say that you're happy but you seem more hatefilled than happy. I don't wish to be involved with such negativity. It clashes with my focus on enjoying life and interacting with positive people.
Communication with you is ended from my side.
New Post
 5/23/2012 10:57 PM
From: "" <>
Sent: 23 May 2012 08:55
To: "Sharell Cook" <>
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Guess what Sharell...

it is ALWAYS the wrong approach to get "help or support".

You see. In claim that there is a "right approach" you are saying that I do not have a RIGHT to justice.

I told you that you were a man-hater...and you just proved it.

I will put this up on CAF so that other men can see what a liar and a man-hater you are.

You were given a chance to PROVE you were not a man-hater and you spurned it.

I knew you would prove out to be a man-hater in the end.

I hope your husband finds the blog entry and finds out his wife does not believe HE has a RIGHT to justice.

Thanks for the evidence. 

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 5/23/2012 10:58 PM
From: "John Rambo" <>
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Peter asked you quite politely to help him get a path to justice.

You called it rubbish and hated on him further. You are EXACTLY WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT- A MAN HATER.

How does that feel? To know that you are UNABLE to escape your western misandric (man hating) conditioning, even after living in India for so long? I bet that must be pretty discouraging.
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 5/23/2012 10:59 PM
From: "Sharell Cook" <>
Sent: 23 May 2012 09:51
Subject: Re: Crimes Against Fathers - Australia New User Registration

And I asked him very politely to remove the slanderous post, which infringes copyright and the terms and conditions of his forum, from his forum.  He declined. From the basesless and unprovoked insults in that post, directed to both me AND my husband, it's clear that neither he nor you are people I wish get involved with.  I don't hate anyone, but I certainly don't involve myself with such rude people.
Now, run along and bother someone else. I have no interest in communicating with you futher.
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 5/23/2012 11:00 PM
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Amazing. I actually offered to DELETE her CAF post if she would simply email the people that Peter provided her with in the previous emails. She did not reply, and so she has rejected such an offer. Anyway, I could care less. The CAF page will remain, and anyone who googles her Diary of a White Indian Housewife blog will see the CAF page in the first page of results. Sucks to be her!

From: "John Rambo"
Sent: 23 May 2012 11:43
To: "Sharell Cook"
Subject: Re: Crimes Against Fathers - Australia New User Registration

Anyway, if you had actually shown some repentance and humility like any normal person would have done, there's probably a good chance I would have removed your CAF post. That is, if you had actually written the letter Peter sent to you and mailed it to all of the email addresses that he provided.

How about that? Show us that you are actually sincere in your repentance, and do something to atone for all of your past man hating actions, and send that email to all of the people on the list Peter provided. Also, you must CC or BCC us both to the emails so that we can be sure that you are actually sending it.

How hard is that? Just cut and paste the message Peter wrote for you and email it to the people he listed. If you did such an action, I would believe that you are on the first step towards repenting and giving up the man hating western woman nature, and I'll gladly remove your CAF post. That way, people who google your Diary of a White Indian Housewife blog will not see our CAF link in the first page's results. I'm sure you'd be glad for that.

With regards,
John Rambo, Anti-Feminist Soldier
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 5/28/2012 2:08 AM
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So now her excuse for not being willing to hold criminal women accountable for their actions is the allegation that John Rambo insulted her husband. Sharells husband has to be a bit of a moron. Any Indian man who is crazy enough to marry a western woman is a moron or simply does not have his eyes open....sleepwalking.

Sharell has made the case for how "good" she is but she has flatly refused to join CAF, she has refused to ACT on her STATEMENT that women should be held accountable before the law. I sent her an email and suggested that she update it to her own opinion and send THAT to the people who chose to involve themselves in criminal acts against me.

All in all what did Sharell Cook ACTUALLY DO? Well, like virtually ALL other women before her she DID NOTHING USEFUL. She moaned and bitched and complained about being called a man hater and then went on to PROVE she is, indeed, a man hater.

These women think up all sorts of excuses so as to not hold women accountable for their crimes. Listen to this rationalisation hamster.

"I feel like you have insulted my husband so OTHER MEN do not have the protection of the law".

THAT is what Sharell Cook is actually saying. And she tries to DENY she is a MAN-HATER while openly taking the position that men who are the victims of crimes of women do not have a RIGHT to remedy.

I could not make this up.

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Subject: Re: Crimes Against Fathers - Australia New User Registration

Considering the post on the forum directly insults my husband based on his nationality, he won't be interested in anything it has to say.  As I said to John Rambo, I certainly don't hate anyone. However, I don't wish to be involved with such rudeness and disrespect. Fine if you want to say hateful things about me, but you and John directly extended your insults to my husband on that forum post.  Of course you have a right to justice. Just don't expect me to help you get it.  You had a chance to prove to me that you were a reasonable person and responsible webmaster by removing the slander on your forum. You spurned it.


Please don't waste your time contacting me again. 

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 7/13/2012 4:13 AM
If I may

1) Although there are plenty of feminazies in the west, and there are quite a few in India too. I don't believe Sharell is one. BTW.. its actually these family values hating feminazies of third world dump who would readily go out with white western men (not all of them, there are good women who do go out with white men too, so I don't want to knock all Asian women who go outside their klan so to speak). Traditional family oriented women from "3rd world world" generally prefer their own men in their 3rd world dhump. Just FYI.

2) If jaded white men who prefer family values of the east  can find women from "Third world  hell hole dump", it would only be logical that jaded white women  find an Indian guy with family values from the same third world hell hole dump". No? I don't get your logic  behind dumping on all Indian men.

3) Why would feminiazies of the west would even want to go out with men from 3rd world dump..They are generally prejudiced against them. they assume men from places lile India are misogynistic anyway.

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 7/13/2012 8:59 AM
Sharell Cook is a man hating bitch. She has flatly refused to take the position that women are obliged to hold women accountable for criminal actions just like men hold men accountable for criminal actions.

She is a liar and a hypocrite. These are facts. Not opinions.

You are welcome to your own opinions. You are not welcome to your own facts.

By the way? If you are male and from the US and you are willing to make oath you will sit on our new juries in our new courts you are register there. This forum is not a "discussion forum". It is a denouncement forum. If you have some evidence of women being man hating bitches you are welcome to post it here.

Apart from that? We are not interested in your opinion and we are not interested in discussions. The time for discussions has passed. We are now simply denouncing man hating bitches so that their name appears in Google from CAF.

I wish you are good day.
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