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 11/16/2011 3:20 AM


1.              A for word and warning


Gentlemen, this book has been evolving for some time and has gone through a number of ‘virtual re-writes’ in my mind as well as some on paper. What you are now reading is the version that was ‘meant to be’. I wish to share with you a little about what it is you are about to read.


I have referred to this as ‘my book’ for over a year at the time I type this (October 2010). But for some reason I didn’t write that much.  I was collecting a lot of things and cutting and pasting a lot of things but I didn’t really put them together. There was ‘something missing’. Just a few weeks ago my copy of David Ickes latest book showed up and I eagerly read it. Even forgot to go to bed a couple of times while reading it. It turned out that there are quite a few parallels in our lives that I did not know about before reading his latest book.


As I pondered over his latest book and considered all that had happened to me over the last three years it finally became clear to me that this is not ‘my book’. Someone or something wants me to write this book and I am merely the vehicle for the writing of the book.  I can tell you, it was the weirdest feeling as I realised this. No. I don’t know who this someone or something is. I don’t know if they are friend or ‘foe dressed as friend’. I do know that it is some being or power well in advance of me. I would therefore encourage you to read everything I write with a critical eye and not accept anything I say as ‘truth’. I would encourage you to look into your hearts and look into your heads and determine what you perceive to be true, right, just and then act on that basis. I would encourage you to look out into the world and validate everything I say for yourself. If you have evidence that something I said was not correct? Please let me know.  I would encourage you to take full responsibility for yourselves as sovereigns. It is quite a humbling experience to realise that you are ‘just the messenger’ but, as David notes, “It is what it is”.


At the same time it also became clear to me that the events of my life over the last three years, many of which I didn’t like such as the kidnapping and relocation to places unknown of my children, were events that had to happen in order for this book to be written.


Over the last few years I asked ‘God’ a few times: “Why me? Why did my family have to be destroyed by my wife? What is that all about?”. Just the other week I got the answer. Because I WAS one of the very best fathers and husbands. Because I am an honest man of honour and integrity. Because my word is above reproach. Because of these I am the perfect candidate for having his family destroyed for no better reason than the greed of my ex-wife Jennifer. Because I am a man with backbone who will not allow injustice to stand. I am the perfect candidate.


Indeed, as I read David’s book and noted how perfectly well he had been prepared to be the man he is and bring the message he brings I realised that I have been exceptionally well prepared to write this book I am currently typing. Indeed, I can’t  think of another man I know who would be a BETTER candidate to write this book. I will do my best and other men can take it or leave it.


David Icke comments “Infinite love does not always give us what we want”. He’s sure right about that one! People may question other things David Icke says, but on that one? He’s spot on.


So? What is this book about? This book is about freeing men from the slavery of the Illuminati control grid.  Of all the stuff I read out there? No-one has presented a ‘solution’. I have been wondering about this for ages. Why is no-one presenting a solution? The closest is Michael Tsarion who, in one video of his I saw, noted words to the effect “We just need to walk away. That’s all we need to do.”


Michael spoke about how the Illuminati are far more intelligent than us, far more technologically advanced than us, and have been farming us for thousands of years. The idea we could somehow overthrow them by force or out-think them is ludicrous.  He commented that the only real alternative is simply to refuse to be part of their system. Just ‘walk away’.


And you know? He’s right. If a man wants to be free? All he has to do is walk away. It’s THAT simple.


So. That’s what I did. I rescinded my consent to be governed and I declared myself sovereign and I ‘walked away’ from THEIR control grid as much as is possible in this ‘modern world’.


And that is what this book is about. This book is about giving men the tools to ‘walk away’. Just like I did. This book? Should you use it? Will free you from the tyranny of the control grid. I wish you well.




1.1.         What About The Zombies?


I want to also add a word on this hysteria of ‘we must wake everyone up’. In the alternative truth area there are endless numbers of people saying ‘we must wake everyone up’.  I happen to disagree. When I was young I learned a saying:


“Do not try and teach a pig to sing. It sounds terrible and annoys the pig.”


When I walk around I see endless numbers of mindless walking zombies also known as ‘people’. If you catch the tube around London like I have the last 2 years? You will see tens of thousands of these ‘zombies’ going to ‘work’. Once you are awake and you see this it is really an amazing sight. They are all chasing ‘promissory notes’.


For a long time I tried to ‘wake the zombies up’. I would sit with people and show them the ‘promise to pay’ on the British pound notes and tell them about how this is a promissory note and their own rules say you don’t have to pay anything to the guvment.


People would just glaze over and think I was a ‘nutter’. So even when you present the most concrete and irrefutable of evidence the zombies are not going to ‘wake up’. Fine. Let then sleep walk in their slavery. This book is for those few men who WILL take it and use it and liberate themselves. I think that number is about 1% of men. Then, after some time, other men will start to notice and say:


“Hey, he’s doing pretty well, what’s he got that I haven’t?” And the answer will be ‘knowledge’.


I was over on for about 8 months.  This is a place that claims to be ‘Piercing the Shield of Ignorance’. I must have put 2,000+ posts into that place.  How many men actually figured out what I was saying was true? Three I think the number was. THAT is how asleep the zombies are. The zombies love their slavery and they will not thank you for pointing it out to them.


Michael Tsarion makes the analogy that when you shine a light into the face of a sleeping person sometimes they are not going to like that, even when it’s for their own good. Plato said the same in “The Cave”.


Men are now so dumbed down many of them are terrified at the idea that they might actually have to take responsibility for themselves and can not look to the ‘monarch’ or the ‘guvment’ to ‘protect and provide’. Take a look around you and you will see this. Lots of men think that their ‘guvment pension’ is going to take care of them in their old age. Men think their guvment is there to help them. I have no idea how men can be this stupid. I’m not. I’m pretty smart but you don’t have to be very smart to figure out your guvment is not your friend. After all, they kill more people than anything else. No less than Ronald Reagan said:


“The eleven most frightening words in the English language are I am from the government and I am here to help.”


I knew my guvment was not my friend when I was 20 and they introduced higher taxes on University Education while claiming to be running a program for ‘the clever country’. I immediately picked up the hypocrisy that you can’t be claiming to be running a program for ‘the clever country’ while you are simultaneously reducing the ability of the best and brightest to be well educated. 


I never voted ‘left’ again because it was clear they were a pack of liars. Indeed the Prime Minister at that time was Bob Hawke who was a Rhodes Scholar (Illuminati training school) and he was also a member of the Fabian Society (Illuminati political left wing). Bob Hawke was an Illuminati puppet and that’s part of why his lies were so obvious.


John Howard was little less . It just turned out the right of politics are better liars than the left and they are all controlled by the Illuminati anyway.  GST killed any idea Howard was ‘honest John’. While I was in University I discovered that the quality of ‘education’ was so abysmal that it could not have possibly gotten this bad by accident. I skipped the vast majority of my ‘lectures’ because it was clear to me they were totally irrelevant and most were pitched at your average 10 year old. What a waste of time my ‘degree’ was. It was only later I realised that the ‘degree’ is a ‘hurdle’ to overcome to see if you are going to be a good sheeple.


So. No. I don’t think there is any future in running around saying to men ‘wake up, you are a slave, do you want to be free’? Because most will deny they are slaves despite the fact that they must work 40 hours a week, 48 weeks a year for 45 years. I mean really. If a man can deny he is a slave looking at those figures he can deny anything.



1.2.         Going Forward?


There is no doubt in my mind that today most of the world is nothing but a totalitarian communist dictatorship with the thinnest of thin veneers of ‘freedom’ layered over the top. You have to admire the Illuminati. They have farmed us like sheep for thousands of years and we are so stupid we don’t know it! That’s pretty funny when you actually ‘get it’. There is absolutely endless information on the web now as to how they have done this. Some names you can put into your google searches are:


  • David Icke
  • Alex Jones
  • Henry Makow
  • Michael Tsarion
  • Eustice Mullins
  • Aaron Russo
  • G Edward Griffin
  • Freeman
  • Robert Menard
  • John Harris


These are pretty much the “top bunch” of people who have produced books and videos as to what is really going on. You could not read all their works in a year if you studied them solid. But the evidence of the New World Order and your slavery is all around you. Once you understand how money works you know how their bogus system works. You should ask yourself the question:


“Why is it that in all my life no-one has ever told me how our money system really works?”


The answer would be. “Because it is the money system that is the primary mechanism of slavery and they don’t want you to know how that works”. Second behind the money system is the ‘legal’ system.


How do those of us who don’t want to be slaves any more get out of this control grid? Well? It’s actually pretty easy because the mechanism they are relying on is denial. Once you are out of denial it’s really easy.


  1. Learn where do your rights come from.
  2. Learn how to claim your rights.
  3. Learn how to exercise your rights.
  4. Learn how to defend your rights.


You do these four things? You are as free as you are ever going to be.


Now, David Icke talks about the entrapment in the 5 sense reality and how we can interconnected to the ‘All’. I am not there yet. If I get there? I’ll write more about it. This book is about freeing you from the control grid put in place by the Illuminati. Which, in my opinion, is a really important thing for those who wish to be free.


Basically it all hangs on whether you want to be a slave or if you want to be a sovereign.


If you want to be a sovereign then be so.


All that there is to do is to choose to be sovereign and then be sovereign.


If you want to be a slave? Stop reading now.


If you want to be a sovereign and be free? Keep reading.



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