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 11/16/2011 3:18 AM


1.              Purpose


The intended purposes of “Living Free in a Fem-Nazi World – The Book” are:

·      To pass along one man’s knowledge and experience such that the ‘next guy’ might be able to use that knowledge and experience and avoid many of the same pitfalls I fell into from ignorance and placing my ‘trust’ in women.

My Rule#01 is this. “Never trust a woman.”

I mean NOT EVER. If a woman tells you the grass is green? Check for yourself. If a woman tells you the sky is blue? Check for yourself. The single biggest mistake I have made in my ENTIRE
LIFE is to place trust in a woman. ANY woman but mostly my ex-wife, Jennifer Toal.  If women do not like that being Rule#01? So what?

If they wanted to be trusted they should be honest. It’s real simple. When you are honest your are TRUST-WORTHY, note ‘worthy’. When you are a liar you are not TRUST-WORTHY. And women are the consummate liars. Indeed, I have come to the conclusion that they can not tell the difference between fact and fantasy. So it could almost be said they are not ‘lying’ so much as ‘incapable of being honest’ like men are incapable of producing babies. Indeed, I don’t hold women accountable for lying at all.

·      To save YOU the reader, a great deal of ‘money’. If you are a man who has an interest in ‘money’ this book will save you more ‘money’ than anything else you could possibly read. You should be real interested in that.

·      To give you, for free, everything you need to claim your freedom, your birth rights, and tell your fem-nazi totalitarian communist guvment to get out of your life.

And yes, during the course of this book you will find out that all western guvments are fem-nazi styled communist totalitarian guvments that enslave you via the monetary system.

·      To educate you in the ways of women such that you can notice the techniques of the trade that women use to dominate, control, lie, steal, and generally make a mess of a mans life. They are clearly identifiable.  

Young men have a right to know these things. Have you young men every noticed that you are constantly told how ‘complicated’ women are and how ‘hard they are to understand’?

Well? I am near genius. I listened to women for 32 years, including my mum and aunts, to learn about women to be able to ‘better manage my relationships with women’. Guess what? They
ALL lied. And because they ALL lied and told the SAME lies it sounded like the truth. More on that later.

Just remember a major portion of this book is about teaching you, young man, just how women go about dominating and controlling you and then messing up your life.

·      To forewarn and forearm you with some small manner of defences against women.


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