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 11/16/2011 3:12 AM


1.              A Word About Policy Enforcement Officers and Kidnapping


There are some unscrupulous thugs calling themselves ‘Policy Enforcement Officers’.  This is shortened to ‘Police’ in many western countries. These men are scum. The worst kind of scum. Because they are employed to be ‘Peace Officers’ and to ‘Protect and Serve’ and instead they are allowing themselves to be the willing and complicit tools of oppression of their fellow men.


My disgust for these men knows no bounds. Even the ‘honest’ ones because they are not ringing the bell.


I have spoken to a small number of them and they pull their bullshit about how they are being ‘helpful’ but if you go into the role they are really playing then they will start their bullshit.


Here are my thoughts for men on how to deal with these scumbag men who are willing and complicit in enslaving you while lying to you can telling you they are ‘protecting’ you.


If you claim your right to defend your freedom then you are going to have to defend it when these scum try and kidnap you. My recommendation for men on how to deal with this situation is as follows:


  1. Create a small group of some 5 or 6 men.
    The reason the group is to be small is that this avoids infiltration by Illuminati Shills..

  2. Each man is to swear an oath under pain of death to defend the life, liberty and property of the fellow members of the group.  This oath is up to and including deadly force to defend each mans right to life, liberty and property.

  3. Acquire deadly weapons and DO NOT REGISTER THEM. Let no-one know you have these weapons. Most especially NOT your guvment.

  4. Learn how to use these deadly weapons.

  5. One nominated man from the group go down to your local Policy Enforcement Office and lawfully notice the commanding officer that should he issue an order to falsely kidnap any free man, or should he issue an order to unlawfully remove property from a free man that HE WILL PERSONALLY BE HELD RESPONSIBLE for this crime.

    Make sure you tell this man that MANY MEN are armed with deadly weapons and that they will have NO HESITATION IN USING THEM if the station commander allows ANY infringement of a free mans rights as claimed by that free man.

    And you make sure you tell him that those who willing to carry out such unlawful orders will ALSO BE SUBJECT to summary justice dealt out by the militia of the Free Men. Tell him to make DAMN SURE that he passes that message around.

    It might even be a good idea to video record the entire discussion and post it to You-Tube.


Now. What rights might you claim in dealing with these Policy Enforcement Officers? This is what I claim.


I claim that their policies only apply to THEIR tradmark. If they would like to arrest THEIR trademark they can print a copy of my “Deed of Evidence” and put it into a cell for as long as they like. It’s on my web site here:


I also claim that if a Peace Officer wishes to arrest me then what he needs is a human being accusing me of a crime. That human being must be willing to create, or already have created, an Affidavit signed under penalty of perjury, full commercial liability, with proposed remedy and notice of intent, prior to the peace officer calling on me.



Should such an affidavit be presented the Peace Officer is obliged to accompany me to a magistrate who will state his oath of office before me and enter into the bond of his oath of office to hear the testimony of this other human being under oath as well as my rebuttal under oath. This is all to be performed on the record and under common law jurisdiction because I claim common law jurisdiction.


The Magistrate may not deprive me of my freedom unless the accusation is so serious that I would be a ‘flight risk’ and that there is substantive evidence that I was indeed guilty of such a crime. Since I do not plan on committing any such crimes there will be no such evidence. One persons testimony rebutted under oath is not evidence.


So. My question to any Peace Officer trying to do anything with me is as follows. I suggest you also choose some similar statement.


“Son, do you have an Affidavit with an attached Proposed Remedy and Notice of Intent signed under penalty of perjury and full commercial liability making an accusation of a crime against me?

Or do you have a human being making oath to you that they will complete such a document?

If no? You are hereby lawfully noticed that any attempt to kidnap me by force is punishable by force up to and including deadly force at the time and place of my choosing.


Son. You kidnap me? You are putting your life at risk. Now. Go get your paperwork in order.”


And, of course, if you need to live up to the promise of summary justice against one of these scumbag criminals calling themselves Policy Enforcement Officers? The way to do that is to ensure that one of the men you have taken oath with delivers on his oath while you are FAR AWAY and have an irrefutable alibi. You need to remember that in such a situation NO CRIME IS COMMITTED. The Policy Enforcement Officer was lawfully noticed that you claim the right to use deadly force at the time and place of your choosing should he kidnap you thus violating your right of freedom. You do not make the claim that it must be you do deliver on that Lawful Notice. And no other Peace Officer may ‘investigate’ the situation since no crime was committed.


Once a few Policy Enforcement Officers have had summary justice dealt out to them, and let no man forget that these scum have been killing plenty of men themselves so no sympathy can be afforded them, they might choose to stop being ‘Policy Enforcement Officers’ and start being Peace Officers again. THEIR CHOICE.


When I was a kid there was a kid in my football team who’s Dad was a ‘Peace Officer’. He was a really nice man and he was a pillar of the community. I am more than happy to pay men to be Peace Officers and they will have my gratitude and respect for being Peace Officers. It is a very important job.


However. I despise Policy Enforcement Officers like the pair who came into my house at my wife’s invitation and assaulted me and kidnapped and incarcerated me based on a lie by my wife. Those men are scum. They are no better than the German Soldiers who put people into gas chambers or ovens saying “I am only following orders.”


If our Peace Officers had been men of honour and integrity they would have refused to violate men’s right to life, liberty and property. They are not men of honour and integrity. They are scum. They deserve to be labelled the scum they are. They can redeem themselves by choosing to be Peace Officers once more.


And Gentlemen? ANY MAN who can bring an Affidavit of an alleged crime committed by one of these scum known as Policy Enforcement Officers will also be give a path to justice from courts that are created in Ireland and Australia. It is the responsibility of each man to ensure he is acting lawfully at ALL TIMES even when acting as a ‘Policy Enforcement Officer’ of a private corporation just the same way as the burger flipper from McDonalds is required to act lawfully. Just because a man is given a blue clown costume and a gun does NOT put him ABOVE the law. Indeed, if anything, because he is given a deadly weapon he has MORE RESPONSIBILITY to make sure he is acting lawfully.


So. This is my advice to men about ‘kidnapping’ from scum calling themselves ‘Policy Enforcement Officers’. Make sure you defend yourself from them by oath of a small group of men, make sure you have weapons that can be used to back up that oath, make sure you communicate this to the senior officers. Then go about your business. And deliver on your oath if you ever need to.


Have no concern or sympathy for these men who would enslave you. They made their bed. Let them sleep in it.


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