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 11/16/2011 3:11 AM


1.              The Management of Relationships in the Future


There are many people talking about relationships all around the western world. With the collapse of the marriage rate, the number of children born out of wedlock going on to being criminals, the drug problems, the divorce rates. There is not a thinking man in the western world who is not aware that there is something seriously wrong in the world today with respect to relationships between men and women. Try


This has been by plan. It is part of reducing the number of people on the planet and it is well documented. The short story is this:

  1. The Illuminati want to cull back the population back to 500M people. That’s what they say. And the people that say that are some very powerful and influential people. They are not to be automatically dis-believed just because what they are saying is ‘un-believable’. Just start with ‘Georgia Guidestones’

  2. In order to more effectively ‘manage the people’ the Illuminati started the two world wars. The problem was that these wars did not reduce the population quickly enough for the liking of the Illuminati. They are currently trying to get World War Three started. (see ).

  3. The next step was to decide to destroy the family. The destruction of the family would leave people more easily managed, more easily culled/killed if needs be. So immediately after WW II the assault on the family started in the west. At this time the first ‘propaganda’ about how women should be looking forward to the ‘prince charming’ wedding was started. For example the Walt Disney movie ‘Cinderella’.

  4. The next steps were things like the introduction of the Pill to ‘liberate’ women from the ‘oppression’ of child birth and being required to be very careful before marriage, best abstaining, so that accidental pregnancy does not take place. The introduction of ‘feminism’ included such things as ‘free love’ which was actually documented in the communist manifesto, the programming of ‘the home is the comfortable concentration camp’, the programming of women in the house were ‘brain damaged and suffering from the disease with no name’. Those who bother to read it can see that the Communist Manifesto said that the nuclear family had to be abolished and children had to be raised by the state to ensure ‘equality’.  

  5. In 1974 the UN promoted through the Council for Population Control in Bucharest the idea that all member states should ensure equal outcomes in the public work place for men and women. Following on from this meeting in 1974 the ENTIRE WESTERN WORLD re-wrote their family laws in the subsequent 12 years. In Australia the ‘Family Law’ was re-written in 1975. Many men will read this from Australia. At that time there were huge political and social issues. The labor government had come to power for the first time in 20+ years. Vietnam was ongoing and there were marches in the streets. And inflation rates were high. Yet. In this turbulent time what did Komrade Gough Whitlam and his band of cronies do?

    They REWROTE THE FAMILY LAW (Legislation).

  6. The Illuminati ordered the re-writing of the legislation of most western countries to introduce ‘positive discrimination’ for women. However, if there is ‘positive discrimination’ it begs the question, who is this discrimination against? Well? That would be men. By the early 80s we were starting to see ‘the quota women’ turning up in jobs all over the place. And men said “Ok, we will let you come in and see how you go.” Alas, what then happened was that when women under performed in the work place it was not ‘politically correct’ to actually speak about women’s poor work performance.

    I recall this when I first started working in 1982. When the female trainees that were my peers would do university work and not the work that they were allocated to do no-one would talk about this and no-one would point out to the females that this was ‘stealing’. When I asked about how this could be I was called ‘sexist’!! Apparently if a man asks a woman to do her job that she is being paid for he is ‘sexist’!! This call of ‘sexist’ has been going on in the workplace for AT LEAST 28 years that I am PERSONALLY aware of. This experience has been repeated to me by men

  7. Following the re-write of the Family Law the divorce rate spiralled all around the western world. There was also the introduction of ‘welfare’ for these women who were no longer being supported by husbands. And not long later there came draconian ‘laws’ to ‘make dead beat dads pay’. This has all gotten so out of hand that suicide by men in divorce is around 8-10x higher than the suicide rate of women.

    If women are the ones who are so disadvantaged? Why it is the men killing themselves? Hhmmmm.



So? If you go out into the world and take a look around you will find that relationships between men and women are in disarray. You will see that men are walking away from long term relationships and marriage in their droves. And rightly so. I was one who was criminally abused for more than  three years at the time of writing (Now March 2011). And when I sought justice not only did virtually ALL western women hurl abuse at me for wanting a path to justice a LOT of MEN did too.  I am one of perhaps 100 MILLION such men.


Whenever we allegedly ‘complain’ for wanting justice to be done we are abused. Gee. Thanks a lot. For me this has gone on for three years.  I have worked my arse off for 2.5 years and spent a great deal of money and a great deal of time figuring out how to gain remedy. Not one woman has helped me. I have just this week, after more than 2.5 years, had the first woman say “I will help you as best I can”. That was a really pathetic effort from our women folk. When I point this out they call me sexist some more. Gee. Women have not changed their shrieking calls in 28 years and what they do is every time you reveal their treachery they scream ‘sexism’ at you. It’s about time western women made a different call.


This book is written for MEN and no women are invited to read it.


And this section answers the question for a man.


“I am being severely discriminated against and I am labelled a sexist if I ‘complain’ about this discrimination. Relationships with a woman are like walking on egg shells. What is a possible remedy?”


The next section of this document is about remedy. And remedy is so simple it is awesome.


The major problem today, apart from the Illuminati wanting to kill 90-95% of the worlds population, is that they are pursuing this agenda via the practice of offering the women the ‘babies and money’ from the men by force the state via the taxation system. Effectively, the Illuminati are offering men as ‘state-tax-man-slaves’ to the women and women are buying that deal in their tens of millions.


So? What is to be done to stop this system. Simple. Rescind your consent to be governed. As you have seen above. And STOP ‘PAYING’ INCOME TAXES. Their income taxes are payable by THEIR person….NOT YOU. Their income taxes are only payable on the PROFIT from THEIR JURISTIC PERSON. NOT YOU.


So. If you refuse to participate in THEIR system you can refuse to be bound by THEIR rules. Now, it’s important to understand that by refusing consent to be governed does not mean that you can NOT still take advantage of THEIR system that was created for you by YOUR DELEGATES FOR YOU. You have every right to access the strawman by being the primary creditor and secured party of the strawman. When you want to sign something as the strawman then you sign the strawman name. When you sign something as the human being you sign your human being name.


Many men will be happy with that. Just ignore the system. But most men are actually required to interact with women in their public life and some men, like me, actually also wish to interact with women in our private lives.


The issue with dealing with women in our private lives is that women are not held to account for their actions. A woman can commit murder and reasonably expect to be given only a nominal punishment.  A woman can commit perjury and no-one will do anything. This includes the western woman’s ‘right’ to commit kidnapping, extortion and theft with total impunity and this is totally supported by the Family Law court and usually supported by the ‘manginas’ around the women.


So. The next step in the solution is to establish the lawful position of the women in your life. And YOU are RESPONSIBLE for establishing the lawful position of the women in your life. If a western woman in your life says “don’t you trust me” you are best advised to give the answer “no”. If she acts all hurt? Bad luck. If she did not stand up for men by denouncing women committing common law crimes during the last 30 years? Why not? And if she decided to trade her credibility for the privileges being accorded women by way of crimes? Well it was SHE who decided to waive HER credibility.


So? How do you determine what the lawful status of a woman is? Well, you have to ask her. And how do you ask her in such a way as to make it lawfully binding? You ask her to create an Affidavit and give you a certified copy or to place a certified copy of her Affidavit into the public domain.


Now. Women in your life are going to be FURIOUS about being asked to do this and they will come up with the normal 101 excuses. Just IGNORE them all. If she tries the one of “why don’t men have to do this?” you can reply “because men have always known that they are equal before the law to other men”.

So what tools are available? Surprisingly today? None. These had to be created .


The first Affidavit I have created is for a woman to claim lawful equality for the woman. These Affidavits are what I have called a BONDED Affidavit. It’s like a BONDED oath. It is making a statement of what the woman believes to be true and what she will do in the future with respect to how she will deal with men. If someone can show a situation where the woman has violated her oaths of the Affidavit the plaintiff can present an Affidavit for the infraction under oath. If the Affidavit is not rebutted the bond is forfeit. If the Affidavit is rebutted it is a matter for the common law de jour court to progress. Could this be done better? Maybe. I would welcome other people to create sample documents that can be added to my website or placed into web sites for men to use.


When I say ‘lawful equality’ I mean ‘lawful equality and waiving all privileges’. This is important for you to understand. Today women enjoy enormous privileges over men and they always have. If they wish lawful equality to men then men will rightly insist that all privileges are waived and that men have no obligations to offer privileges to women as men commonly do today.


For example? How many women change flat tires? Almost none. They always get the ‘nearest man’ to do that. Well? That’s not equal. That’s a privilege. A woman has no ‘right’ to have a man-slave change her tire.


The unique idea that I propose is that YOU MEN who see these manginas extend privileges to women who claim equality but demand privileges? You then TELL the MEN that you have no respect for them and you refuse to have anything to do with these MEN because they are also the agents of your betrayal.


If a man allows a woman to claim equality and then also offers that woman privileges?




I propose that men ask women to put forward an Affidavit to say whether they are claiming lawful equality between men and women or whether they are claiming what might be called the ‘traditional’ status of women which, since they have claimed they were oppressed as the ‘chattel property of men’ I am giving it exactly the same name as they gave it.


I propose that men give women they interact with a CLEAR choice as to the lawful status they wish to select.


Now? The interesting bit is this. ALL men have a right to refuse to interact with any human being that they do not know the lawful status of. So, if women are NOT willing to make a public statement as to their lawful status, ALL men have a right to tell that woman he will not interact with her in any way because he does not know her lawful status. And please do not forget her ‘legal status’ is irrelevant to this conversation. What is relevant is her LAWFUL STATUS.


This also means that any man who employs a woman? He has EVERY RIGHT to transform his company from a ‘company’ to an association (because a REGIS-tered company is owned by the GUVMENT and you do NOT own a company) and then ask all the women he employs to complete one of the two affidavits to establish her lawful position. If a woman refuses to establish her lawful position an employer has EVERY RIGHT to terminate employment opportunities with his company.  She is an ‘Occupational Health and Safety Risk’.


A good example of this is the whole issue of false sexual harassment. Very large numbers of women have made false sexual harassment claims in the workplace and have then claimed ludicrous amounts of ‘money’ to address ‘hurt feelings’. Should a woman claim equality then she will agree to hear such cases in front of a de jour jury. Should the allegation be found to have knowingly lied in the accusation then she forfeits her bond to the man she is making the false allegation to. Simple. She lies under oath committing perjury? She pays. Big time.


In all these cases the woman is required to sign an Affidavit and be liable for punishment to perjury so as to establish her lawful status. Should she refuse to establish her lawful status, which is fine, men are well advised not to interact because of the uncertainty of relating to her lawful status and her actions.




1.1.         The Safe Working Environment


There is also the issue of ‘safe working environment’. In all western countries there is legislation in place that insists that employers offer a ‘safe working environment’. Who has NOT heard of ‘Occupational Health and Safety’?


Well? If a woman does NOT define her lawful status she is NOT SAFE to work with. She can make a false allegation and she will not be punished. That means YOU, the man, are being subjected to an un-safe working environment.


What can you do about this? You can create a Lawful Notice whereby you notice your employer that you insist that all those whom your employer wishes you to interact with in the course of HIS business have lawfully declared their lawful status. It is not necessary for men to do this since men know they are ‘equal before the law’ and subject to jury trial should they commit a crime. However, women claim they are not ‘equal before the law’ and women claim that they have a right to make false allegations to the vast detriment of the man with complete impunity.


Since this is the case men in the workplace are very well advised to create letters to insist that they will not work with any other human being who is not subject to the law just like they are.


An example text of such a letter is as follows. The idea is to claim common law jurisdiction by way of noticing the human being and the agent and placing the common law notice at the top of the letter.


You are simply lawfully noticing your employer that you believe you are being asked to work in an unsafe working environment as you could be falsely accused of any number of crimes by a female employee who would enjoy the benefit of not being subject to remedy for her crime of perjury.


You are proposing two solutions and offering your employer the opportunity to also make a proposal in return. You are letting your employer know that should you suffer any injury, harm or loss via a false accusation by one of his female employees that, since he is the employer asking your to suffer in this unsafe working environment, you will hold HIM accountable for any injury, harm or loss as you can not hold the woman accountable for the same.


It is then up to the employer to respond to this Lawful Notice. Should he not respond you issue a follow on letter to make sure that the employer is noticed of the expiry of the time period in which he can propose solutions and that he is now lawfully liable under the common law for any injury, harm or loss suffered by you in going about HIS business.


Make sure he understands that you WILL put him before a jury and demand compensation for ANY injury, harm or loss caused by false allegations of any of HIS female employees because such could have been easily foreseen. They happen every day so there is no ‘excuse’ that this is ‘unusual’ or ‘unexpected’ or ‘unknown’.


Gentlemen. The way to deal with women is to make sure the MEN who offer them privileges know that it is no longer acceptable to men to be discriminated against by other men like this and to make sure those MEN who discriminate against you know that you WILL deprive them of their property should they continue to offer women privileges over and above ‘equality before the law’.


ALL women’s privileges are accorded by MEN. Women do almost NOTHING for themselves. So you are best advised to ATTACK THE MEN who are offering women privileges. Very, very simple.




Lawful Notice to:

To the human being calling himself a-b: c also acting as Mr. A. B. C.

Name and address of employer


Lawful Notice From:

Peter-Andrew: Nolan©

Human Being. All Rights Reserved.
Waiving None. Without Prejudice.
The address that you wish to receive correspondence to.


Date: xx/xx/20xx

Subject: Lawful Notice with respect to Occupational Health and Safety


Notice to Principal and notice to Agent and notice to Agent is notice to Principal.


This lawful notice is issued under the common law jurisdiction of the land commonly called Australia.


To the human being calling himself a-b: c.


Greetings and Salutations. I offer this Lawful Notice to you to ensure we are in agreement as to the obligations of us both with respect to my being a man who is labouring for you in this company we call xyz.


After much time and study it has come to my attention that I am being placed at severe risk of injury, harm and loss by working for you in this company. I wish to continue our relationship and so I seek resolution of this issue to the satisfaction of us both.


As you well know, in our society, including our workplace, women can make false allegations of ‘domestic violence’, ‘sexual harassment’, ‘rape’, and pretty much anything else they would like to claim is ‘inappropriate’ or ‘offensive’ without enumerating what these might be. They can do this on the basis of lies with complete impunity. It is well known in our society that women can commit perjury in a court of law under oath and do so with complete impunity.


As a man and as an employee of your company you are asking me to work in interaction with women. However, as stated above, these woman can make a false allegation against me with impunity causing me serious injury, harm and loss and I will not be compensated for this crime against me. This is, therefore, an unsafe working environment. All us men know we are working in such hostile and dangerous environments and it is about time we did something about it.


I offer you two solutions to this problem for your consideration, both of which would be agreeable and acceptable to me:

  1. Provide me the opportunity to work exclusively with men in the course of performing activities for your company.

  2. Ensure that any woman you request me to work with has created a Bonded Affidavit such that she has lawfully declared her lawful status. I have no concern what her lawful status is declared to be. I only have concern that she will be held accountable for any crime she commits against me.


I am sure you agree that you have an obligation as an employer not to allow crimes to be committed with impunity in your company as part of providing a ‘safe working environment’. You would surely agree you have an obligation to not allow us men to physically hit women or kick them or rape them with impunity. I am just as sure you will agree that women do not have a right to commit perjury and make false allegations against us men with complete impunity. All I am insisting on is that I know that those whom I work with can not commit crimes against me with impunity. A perfectly reasonable position.


In pursuit of ensuring that we can create agreement I am willing to allow you 28 days to determine which of these options you wish to implement so that we can all work in our newly safe working environment.


I am also open to counter proposals should you believe that you have an alternative solution that might be acceptable to me.


Should you wish to not respond to this proposal and you insist that I remain working in an un-safe working environment I hereby lawfully notice you that should I be subject to any such false allegations that I will hold you responsible as a human being and I will reserve the right to regain all damages from you.



I reserve the right to form a de jour jury in a de jour court and present my case against you for what will be your wilful negligence of my request to ensure that all those employees of yours I interact with be subject to the law of the land, the common law, just as I am.


It is not my intention to put you into a ‘difficult position’. I am merely lawfully noticing you of my position with respect to currently working in an unsafe working environment. I know this may sound ‘crazy’ but you and I have both seen MANY men’s careers destroyed by false allegations from women. Should you allow my career to be one of these then it is you I will hold accountable before a court of law for your wilful negligence.






Yours Sincerely

Peter-Andrew: Nolan©

Human Being. All rights reserved.

Without Prejudice.

Also acting as

Primary Creditor and Secured Party

For the Juristic Person




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