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 11/16/2011 3:03 AM


1.              A word on the rule of law


This is going to be a very controversial ‘word on the rule of law’. But hey, I am not concerned about controversy.


Today men are so badly abused they do not have the protection of the law. If you are a man in the English speaking western world there is no rule of law for you today. There is only the satanic priests of the UCC courts wanting to steal from you and plenty of women who will help them do it for ‘their cut’.  I have, for three years, pursued ‘the rule of law’ and for justice to be done in my particular case. Suffice to say I am hated on by pretty much ALL western women and not a few men as well for having the temerity to wish to avail of the protection of the law. If a man attempts to gain justice for himself without taking ‘the law into his own hands’ he can be assured he will be hated on for doing so. Fine.


Something that you, young man, should be very aware of is this. When you are not the beneficiary of the ‘protection of the rule of law’ you also have no obligation to ‘obey the law’. None at all. You should not forget that. The ‘rule of law’ works BOTH WAYS or NO WAYS. You are afforded the protection of the rule of law as part of the social contract of obeying the laws of the people of the land you are living on.


If the protection of the law is withdrawn from you then you should rightly feel no obligation to obey anything that someone might call ‘the law’. I certainly do not.


And here is something else men might want to know for themselves. When a man is falsely accused or is going to be taken to the cleaners in the ‘Family Court’ it is not ‘lose 50% of your stuff’.


As in my case David Dunkley sent 95% of the assets I worked for all those years to Jennifer. You men should know that:


5% is the new 50% if you happen to be a man.


Quite literally. They are going to do everything they can to make sure YOUR LIFE IS OVER.


If you do not believe that then you should talk to a few men who have come out the other side. Or you should take a look at the suicide statistics of men in divorce or false rape allegations. Go ask men about this on


What does this all mean? Well? It means you have to ask yourself a question. In the absence of the rule of law how are you going to protect yourself from these lawless women and lawless ‘legal system’? Because if you do not protect yourself I can assure you that no-one else is going to protect you for you.


But how can you ‘protect yourself’ from your wife when she attacks you using the satanic criminal courts and when no-one else will lend you assistance to be with your children? How can you stop YOUR life being over? Well? People will not like what I say next but that’s THEIR problem.


The protagonist is removed from their position of abusive power. The soon to be ex-wife has ‘a fatal accident’.


We are now seeing more and more men simply kill their soon to be ex-wife and very often we are seeing them also kill their children. Many times these men are then also killing themselves. If men are feeling so abused that they are willing to kill their wife and children and not JUST themselves then it’s high time people listened up. I have consistently talked about one estimate of 4,000 men in Australia kill themselves each year from the abuse they receive from the Family Court and CSA. And you know what? No-one cares about them. They really don’t.


Well? How long is it going to be before men figure this out. That if their soon to be ex-wife has a ‘fatal accident’ that they will get the kids, the house, HER life insurance policy, and his future income. Indeed. HIS life is no longer ‘over’.  Just HERS is over.  If you don’t believe me when I say this is happening and that incidents of this are going to become more frequent. Watch this video.




How long can it be before the more intelligent of men figure out that the best way for such an ‘accident’ to happen is via the old ‘Stranger on a Train’ mechanism. That is. The man finds another man that has the same problem that has NO CONNECTION to him and they ‘trade problems’.


Because there is NO connection between the two men and NO connection between the two men and the women involved the probability of being found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt for any crime is ALMOST ZERO.


How long can it be before the more intelligent men, who really want the best for their children, who really want to be with their children, figure out that arranging a ‘Stranger on a Train fatal accident’ is FAR more likely to lead to a good life than to go into the satanic criminal courts?


My own opinion? It can’t be long at all. There was a recent case in South Africa where a man killed his wife and stuffed her in the freezer.  He then killed a later partner and they re-opened the case about the ‘wife who ran off’. They found her in the freezer. The father was quoted in the article saying something like:


“If he did not want to be married to her why not just divorce her? Why did he have to kill her?”


Well. The answer would be that if he did HIS life would be destroyed and from HIS point of view committing murder looked like a MUCH BETTER OPTION.


I have been telling people for a while now that the murder rate of wives and children by distressed fathers has been seemingly rising. I have been telling people that if just 10% if the men who decide they are going to commit suicide would kill the judge/magistrate or the wife/children first we will have an epidemic of murder and dead people on our hands.


All intelligent men know that my proposal to get the satanic criminal scumbags of the Family Court OUT OF THE FAMILY and to ‘starve a family law lawyer today’ by using the Arbitration Panel instead of the Family Court is actually a very viable alternative to the Family Court.


My warning to all intelligent men, and women and children, is this. If these proposals are not taken up? If women continue to support perjury, kidnapping, extortion and theft as they do today? Then the most intelligent of the men they are attacking are going to start organising ‘Stranger on a train fatal accidents’ for their wives.


As far as I see it? This is inevitable.  When a woman makes the mans BEST OPTION her own MURDER she had better start thinking about just how smart that move is.


I am not advocating murder. I am merely saying that when you make a mans best option murder? Some of those men WILL take that option without any hesitation at all.


If the wholesale slaughter of Family Law Judges/Magistrates/Lawyers and vindictive wives and the innocent children is what you men reading this sentence really want?


Just continue to do nothing as you are mostly doing now. And don’t bitch to me when my prediction about the murder rate comes true.


But if you want more stable and secure marriages? If you want fewer dead wives and children? Then teach other men about the ideas in this book. Spread the word. Give men a path to justice via Arbitration Panels and de jour courts. Protect the rights of your fellow men when they are victims of crime. Because if you do not protect their rights when they are victims of crime? They might just take justice into their own hands, which they have every right to do. And since the only form of justice that will work for them is one where there are no witnesses to report what happened? That form of justice will require killing people.


So? Those men who read this and then do nothing? You will have the blood of these people who are subsequently murdered on your hands because you chose not to give men a path to justice when they had crimes committed against them.


I can see a day when things could become very, very bad if men do not implement the ideas in this book or similarly effective strategies.



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