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 11/16/2011 3:02 AM


1.              What do women want?


A lot of men asked me to include more about women themselves in this book. So here is a little bit of my opinion on women now.


There was a funny Mel Gibson movie about this called “What Women Want”. It just wasn’t correct.


It is now ‘politically incorrect’ to talk about ‘what women want’ because it is only by not being talked about it that men can be entrapped into giving women what it is they want.


So read this sentence. It is the most important sentence in this book. One often overlooked by men.


Most women want babies.


That is it. They want babies. The physiological role of women in the human race is to produce the babies.


Whether you believe in Adam and Eve or evolution, you have to agree that a woman can have a baby and a man cannot. We are yet to see science advance so far as to allow a man to have a baby.


Women are created to ‘make babies’.  Politically incorrect. Absolutely true. I am reminded of a Russian woman I was dating. I asked her if she would ever consider not having babies. She stood before me and said;


“Peter, look at me. I am a woman. The purpose of my existence is to have babies.”


Western women are rarely that honest.


We joke about the ‘ticking biological clock’ and ‘nesting instinct’. It’s funny because it is true.


As a man? If you want to be with a woman on a long term basis you are well advised to understand first and foremost ‘women want babies’. You, as the man, are completely irrelevant with the exception of what else women want. Any man will do. Re-read the Woolly Mammoth story if you think this is not so.


You can see this is a fact when you look at the army of ‘baby-mammas’ that are being produced all around the world. They will go and get themselves pregnant from any thug in any bar and then demand the ‘welfare state’ pay for them and their babies. So this next statement is something that every man should know.


Most women want someone else to pay for THEIR babies so they can have the maximum amount of time with them.


And if you do not believe that statement I would invite you to go into men’s groups and ask just how often it happens that the ‘wifey’ gets her two or three babies and then quits work never to return. It is a VERY frequent occurrence. There are MANY men out there totally enslaved to high mortgages and wives who promised to work and then refused to once the babies arrived. I was one of them.


So, if you combine the two together and you realise that women want ‘babies and money’ you will have the most accurate of all descriptions of what women want. 


So, if you are a woman and you are reading this and you are offended?  I warned you at the front to put the book down.


So, to simplify the message for you because you are a man and it works for you to have the message as simple as possible. It is this…


Most women want babies and money.



You, Sir, are completely un-necessary with the exception that if you provide the sperm for the babies you are likely to have to provide the money for the baby as well.  You need to know, for your own benefit


The woman does not want you, she wants your sperm and your money. That’s it.



Now, your woman cannot say that because if she did you would run away very quickly. She has to get your sperm and your money from you by saying something else.. Forewarned is forearmed.


If you do not believe me on this? Just google ‘Paternity Fraud’. If women did not want this statement being made about them in general then they would have behaved a little better for the last 40 years.


One of the events that really woke me up to this was as follows. I was talking with one of my lady friends. We shall call her Sue1 here. Sue1 is just wonderful and at one time the question of being together or even possibly being married was discussed.


The situation was that she wanted more babies and I did not. It’s a very normal issue. We spent nearly a year with each of us persuading the other to our point of view.  One conversation we had is worth you knowing about young man.


Sue1: “When we are married, if I change my mind and decide I want a baby, we can have a miracle baby.”


Peter: “Really? A miracle baby? What is that? I don’t know what you mean by that.”


Sue1: “That is where I go and get a baby from another man and I tell you that it is your baby and it’s “a miracle”! ”


Peter: “That’s really interesting. But don’t you think I might be a little upset about that?”


Sue1: “Peter. If you do not want to pay for any baby a woman has you must not marry her.”


Peter: “Really? I’ve never heard that before. Do you think other women think like this?”


Sue1: “All us women think like this. But I am honest!!!”


I went on to check this statement out with other eastern European women. It turns out that ALL of them said pretty much the same thing. A woman will get a baby any way she pleases and try and pin it on a man to pay for it. Sometimes it is the husband but it is often not.


Another conversation I had with an eastern European woman went like this. She was a ‘friend of a friend’.


Peter: I mentioned in passing that my wife became ‘accidentally pregnant’ when she was young.


Sue2: “You western men are so stupid. No woman gets ‘accidentally pregnant’.”


Peter: “Really? Can you tell me more about that?”


Sue2: “Sure. We are women. We know what makes us pregnant. We know when we can get pregnant. So if we want to get pregnant we know just exactly how to do it. And if we do NOT want to be pregnant we know just exactly how to do that too. No women get ‘accidentally pregnant’. You western men are so dumb you will believe anything.”


I had to admit I really laughed at her calling me so ‘dumb’. Because in this respect I clearly was.


I also checked THIS comment out with a number of other women as well and yep, they told me pretty much the same thing. That in most cases the ‘accidental pregnancy’ was well and truly planned.


If you, young man, have any doubts as to the truth of some of these comments? I suggest you go to men’s groups and ask the older men about these things.  You have a right to know how badly you have been lied to. You have a right to have the opportunity to make sure you do not finish up in the same boat as me. Getting MINUS EUR40K after 26 years of working. THAT is how much women care about you. Not at all.


1.1.         More Wisdom from Sue1


Just after I separated I happened to meet a Ukrainian woman.  We will call her Sue1 in this book. Our first meeting in November 2007 was just ‘one of those accidents’ that happen that was very brief, friendly and fun. I was looking for ‘Wife 2.0’ whom I wanted to be of similar cultural background to me. Sue1 didn’t qualify as I realised she was not ‘western’ almost immediately I saw her and we only chatted enough to know each others names and faces. Five minutes tops.


As things happen, there are ‘accidents’ in life that lead to something. I started a relationship with a ‘western woman’ soon after my separation and that ended during March 2008. That very weekend I happened to ‘bump into’ Sue1 again. Life is strange like that. We had this chat and we decided that we might like to get to know each other better. Well? We did for nearly 2.5 years on and off with some ups and downs normally associated with new relationships.


What impressed me most about Sue1 was her humility, honesty, integrity, care and concern, sympathy and support. There are more things but those are the highlights.


She happened to ‘bump into me’ the exact same week I started the process of dis-owning my former children. This was a process wherein I nearly killed myself many times. I was suicidal all that April in 2008. It was only the May Day party that I went to that year that I first started coming out of my ‘suicidal stage’. I am very lucky it was only a month for me. Many men spend years feeling suicidal when their children are taken from them. A major reason I chose to dis-own my former children was that they were so dear to me and I loved them so much that if I were to perform my duty to protect them I would have had to have Jennifer killed.


Since I did not want her killed my former children had to be dis-owned as they were being badly abused by Jennifer. It was just their bad luck one entire sex totally and utterly supports and sanctions child abuse while also supporting removing the protector from the children. The responsibility of the abuse of my former children rests on the shoulders of Jennifer and ALL those women who refused to assist me in that situation and ALL those OTHER women who did not speak out about this kind of abuse going on over the last 40 years.


Sue1 has said so many things to me over the 2.5 years we were dating that they are worth recording for you young men. Things like the comment above about the ‘miracle baby’. She didn’t know what I was going through at that time (April 2008). She just knew something was terribly wrong and I wouldn’t talk about it. She gave me affection and support during this time that no other woman did. I did have another woman friend, who was married, giving me words of encouragement that were also greatly appreciated. She is now one of my best friends in the world. I am very loyal to my friends. In direct contrast to how western wives are to husbands now. Sadly, only two women could be bothered to assist me at this most difficult of times.


I put in here some of the things that Sue1 and I said. You might learn from these. This is what a lovely woman is like.


At that May Day Party. When I was still suicidal. She knocked her bread roll off her plate but it did not fall to the floor. She grabbed the bread roll quickly and waived it at me and said words to the effect:


Sue1: “I am so happy that did not fall on the floor so I can still eat it. Did you know that in the Ukraine, when a bread roll falls to the ground and if we can pick it up and it is not spoiled that we say a small prayer to God thanking him for saving this bread roll for us? After all, many people don’t have even bread to eat.”


Can you imagine a western feminist woman saying a prayer and being thankful for a bread roll not being spoiled when it fell to the ground? Western feminist women are not thankful for anything. Everything is an ‘entitlement’. Not something to be thankful for. This incident was the first time it occurred to me to actually have a future. It really caught my attention.


Peter: “Tell me, if we were to be married, what would make you happy in marriage?”


Sue1: “Peter, women do not know what makes them happy. A woman has to be told what she can have by her man and told to be happy about it. Then she will be happy.”


Can you imagine a western feminist woman saying that? No. You can’t. What she was telling me was that if we were to marry the way to make her happy was as a child. To tell her what she can have and tell her to be happy about it. The level of personal ‘happiness’ of western women is plummeting and this has been widely reported. This is why.


I loved this one. This was the second time she “snapped” at me as in “made an angry comment”. She was very tired and a little out of sorts on the day. She had misunderstood something I said to her and reacted what for her was “angrily”.


Peter: “I have told you once before. Speaking angrily to me like that is totally unacceptable. I won’t tolerate it. You have to apologise right now and never do that again.” 


Sue1 (laughing hysterically by the way): “Peter. Do you think THAT is going to make me behave? No. It won’t. A man has to put his woman in her place. When she is angry to him like that? He needs to stomp on her and put her down so that she will not try doing that again for a long, long time. If he does not do that? She will fight him all day every day. She will make his life miserable until he learns to put her in her place. Do you not know this?”


Peter: “Sue1. I have told you. I grew up in a house with three boys. The only woman in the house was my mum. Tell me, how do you think I would have gone if I tried to ‘stomp on my mother’ and ‘put her in her place’?”


Sue1 (She looked at me with a deepening frown and concern, a very worried look) : “Hmmm….I can see that you and I are going to fight a lot when we are married.”


Sue1 is a VERY strong willed woman which is both good and bad. She could see from my lack of experience at ‘putting a woman in her place’ as she called it would cause a LOT of problems between us. It would be something I would have to learn how to do.


This was one of the major issues in my marriage as well. I had been taught that women were ‘adults’ and that they were ‘responsible for their actions’ and so insisted that my wife take responsibility for her actions. Alas, she could not, and it was, indeed, cruel to expect her to. But this is the brainwashing us men were subject to. In this book I propose two affidavits. One for the woman to claim equality before the law and other for her to waive her rights and claim to be ‘chattel property of a man’. I rather suspect that a LOT of men will ONLY offer the deal of ‘chattel property’ and I also rather suspect a LOT of women will take that deal.


There is NOTHING WRONG for a woman to made the ‘trade’ (if you want to call it that) of having the man be the head of the household with the obligation and responsibility for making sure his wife and children are provided for in return for her being obedient to his decisions. After all? The responsibility clearly lay with him. Why should he carry that responsibility should he not have the appropriate authority to act in all matters.


If women do not like this? They can have their ‘turkey baster’ kids and provide for themselves. After 40 years of feminism how many ‘happily married couples’ do we see where one is the ‘mother’ of turkey baster kids and the other is a woman who labours for 45-60 hours a week for 48-50 weeks of the year for 45 years to provide for her and her children? This is so rare I have not heard of a case yet. But it used to be EVERY MAN. If women are so ‘equal’ why are they not doing what men have done for thousand of years yet? Labour to pay for someone else and HER children?


If you try and tell a western woman they are like a child and not responsible for their actions they will hurl abuse at you. BUT……THEN……When they commit a crime and you try to gain justice by holding them responsible for their actions they make up all these reasons why the woman is not responsible for her actions and hurl abuse at you for that too!! I know. I’ve had so much abuse hurled at me for wanting Jennifer to be held accountable for her perjury, kidnapping, extortion and theft it’s just not funny. I just dismiss all abuse by women now as ‘background noise’.


The repeating pattern, of course, with western women, is that the simply hurl abuse at men to get whatever they want now.  Any man who is not doing what ‘princess wants’ gets abuse hurled at him. Any thanks for a ‘job well done’? Nope. Forget that now with western women.


The idea that ‘you catch more flies with honey than vinegar’ is gone with western women. The truth has nothing to do with their endless diatribe of abuse thrown at men by western women.  This is one reason I never listen to the abuse western women throw around any more. Eastern women like Sue1 know that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. So they talk nicely to me.



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