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 11/16/2011 2:57 AM


1.              appendix D - About the Author


Every book like this has to have an ‘about the author’. It is that little bit of text that establishes some level of credibility to answer questions such as:

  • “Why should I listen to this guy?”
  • “Does he know what he is talking about?”
  • “Can I really learn anything from him?”


I will go through all this in this section. Those who know me know how I am. All the documents I talk about have gone to various so called ‘world leaders’ using my real calling. I am not hard to find if someone really wants to find me, and quite a few have.


In the early 90s I was ‘somewhat famous’ in my area of speciality. I didn’t really like it. I would prefer to not be ‘famous’ or ‘well known’ outside of my specific business interests.  I am just a guy who was intended to be one more piece of ‘divorce court road kill’ and they couldn’t defeat me so they had to steal all my ‘money’ off me. Well? I’m going to take all the property of two magistrates and one judge. The three who committed crimes against me.


So, as we say in Australia: G’day. Some brief facts about me are:


  • I was born in 1964 so at the time of writing this book I am 46.

  • I was raised of loving caring parents who taught me the value of family.

  • I was raised in a small country town in Australia called Wagga Wagga.

  • I had a great childhood, no bad experiences, no skeletons in the closet.

  • When I was little my Dad used to say to me “Son, when you grow up, if you are really lucky, you will marry a woman like your mother.” I believed him. I just didn’t get lucky.

  • When I was 12 I discovered girls….and knew that I liked them.

  • I was what I considered ‘unsuccessful’ with girls…for some reason I could not get the ones I liked to like me back when I was 12. I didn’t realise most boys have the same problem at that age.

  • When I was 14 I had my first girlfriend, for 6 weeks, and I was heartbroken when she told me she did not want to be my girlfriend any more. We remained great friends for 32 years before I dropped her as a friend. In my words I dropped he because I realised that she was not a friend, and never was, and that maintaining that ‘friendship’ was ‘worthless’ to me.  Her reply was telling. It included:

    “You are the only person who has wished me happy birthday all these last 32 years. Not even my mother has remembered in time every time.” And “Have a good life.”

    A lot of young men I tell that to are shocked. “Have a good life”? After 32 years of steadfast ‘friendship’ during which time we had both cried on each others shoulders many times over as we lived our lives? Stories like that really shake up the young men.

  • When I was 16 I had my second girlfriend. And that lasted 18 months and was a wonderful growing experience. I messed up that relationship by being too ‘chickenshit’ to deal with the issue that I planned to move away from my hometown to go to university. I apologised many years later and the wonderful woman was generous enough to forgive me my lack of courage and maturity. After all, I was just 17 and most 17 year old boys lack courage and maturity in their relationships with girls.

  • When I was 20 I ‘re-met’ the girl who was to become my wife. She was a family friend. Her little brother and I were best mates at school. She was actually the best friend of my first girlfriend and so I knew her from when I was 12.  I had been in and out of their house from the time I was 12.  Her name is Jennifer. 

  • Jennifer and I started out on ‘the date that never was’ on the evening of Wimbledon Ladies Final in 1984. So it was always easy for us to remember which day marked our anniversary of being together.

  • We were together for 5 years before getting married.

  • We were married for 18 years.

  • Jennifer had two children from her first marriage. I raised them as my own but always made sure they honoured their real father.  An early decision was they were to use my first name.

  • We had two children of our own born in 1991 (Josephine) and 1993 (Joshua).

  • I completed my degree and was lucky enough to get a great job at IBM. I worked there for 8.5 years before starting my own company. I ran that for 2 years before being made an offer ‘too good to refuse’ to move back into the corporate world. By 2000 I had enough of the corporate world again and relocated to Ireland to contract in a team with an old mate of mine.

  • From February 2001 to the date of print I have worked based out of Ireland doing Consulting work in my area of specialisation. I am one of the top people in the world in the area of Business Intelligence. There will be plenty of western women try and destroy my business out of hatred for men like me. You know, honest men who are prepared to put their thoughts into print. Western women HATE men like me with a passion.

    Any woman who makes knowingly false claims against me will be accused of slander and I will have a jury issue a Remedy Instruction. So ladies? You should not even be reading this, but if you slander me? I will find you and I will take your property off you.

  • I have made good money for my age from the time I was 22. In later years I have done very well in terms of earning revenue because of my high level of skills.

  • I was faithful to Jennifer throughout my 23 years though I had plenty of opportunity to have sex with any number of women. I travelled extensively for work and was made MANY offers.  I was very surprised women do not value faithfulness.  I now tell young men don’t bother being faithful as it will not be rewarded. If women wanted faithful husbands they should have rewarded a man like me rather than to punish me for my wife’s crimes.

  • I never once lied to Jennifer in our 23 years together.  (Not many men can say that.)
    I was even more surprised that honesty is not rewarded in a marriage. Indeed, dis-honesty by a woman is abundantly rewarded and supported by other women.

  • I don’t do drugs, I am not a drunk though I do like the odd drink. I rarely smoked cigarettes and never, every had so much as a cigarette in sight of my children.

  • I used to be Christian until I realised it was part of the Illuminati control grid.

  • I am very widely travelled. I have worked on 5 continents and in at least 20 countries for something like 200+ companies.  Some of those companies you know the names of as they are household names in Europe and Australia.  Some of my clients have been global household names.  I really must count them all some time.

  • When my grandmothers died I was the grandchild who was asked by my peers, my cousins, to perform the Eulogies at BOTH the grandmothers funerals.  I was told that this honour had previously gone to the eldest grand child but it was decided to have a ‘vote’ on this in my generation and I was, apparently, asked to perform this honour. Those two speeches live in my memory as the greatest honours of my life.

    I add that to let the read know. I am the sort of man my FEMALE cousins asked to eulogise their grandmother. I am held in high regard across my family, though some of the women are not happy with what I am now saying. Bad luck them. If they can find anything I say that is false they are welcome to rebut my facts, evidence and well based opinion based on those facts and evidence. I’m still waiting.

  • In divorce I was treated terribly. Really terribly. My personal and company bank accounts were frozen even before any documents were served on me. This meant I was impoverished and needed to borrow money to defend myself from the perjury of false allegations being made against me by someone who swore for many years she ‘loved’ me who had also sworn to our children she would ‘settle amicably’.

  • My former children were kidnapped as in relocated to places unknown and I was refused even a phone number.


  • The thing that pissed me off the most was this. My mother was falling into dementia and in February 08 I went to my home town to spend my last time with her in a lucid state.  Jennifer, in attempting to extort money from me, refused to give my father a phone number for his wife of 49 years to call her beloved grandchildren on his word of honour this phone number would not be given to me.

    I was forced to sit in front of my elderly and ill mother, while she knew full well she had only a month or two of lucidity left, and watch her cry as she begged me to get a phone number to talk to her grand daughter.

    You men would be well advised to take note of what I just wrote. A woman was prepared to abuse an ill and elderly woman by withholding contact from her grand-daughter in order to extort money from the father and son.

    I talked to Jennifer’s father, Bill Toal, and demanded he take this issue to Jennifer’s mother, Irene, and tell her in no uncertain terms that this was one of the most disgusting and repulsive acts of abuse I had ever seen in my life. I demanded a phone number or this act would be widely broadcast in our town.  Jennifer’s mother, also a grandmother many times over, refused to rebuke her daughter and I was left with no result.

    I talked to many other women demanding they call Jennifer and demand that she stop the abuse of my mother. You men want to listen up REAL CLOSE. Guess what? NOT
    ONE WOMAN ACTED. Ok? Have you GOT THAT? Every woman I talked to said ‘No’. She would not stand up to such bully tactics and such abuse from Jennifer. Guess what? You might be next..

    I was the admins of Jennifers largest social group and I obviously had the email list for that social group. This was the International Women’s Club of
    Dublin. It was filled with women who’s husbands came from ‘somewhere else’ to work in Dublin like I had done. These women were the richest and most privileged women you could meet.

    So I wrote one of the most scathing letters I ever wrote and I told those women in no uncertain terms just how disgusted I was with each and every one of them that they would allow such abuse of an ill and elderly woman. One who was in the age group of many of the women in that social group. I told them I was thorough, thoroughly, thoroughly disgusted that they would allow such behaviour of one of their members and that if that is what women in this club were like they were beneath my contempt.

    Eventually my father was given a number to call and my mother was able to talk to her grand children before slipping into incoherency. But that I had to roundly denounce more than 200 women as utterly disgusting and beneath my contempt to get it should tell you men reading this just how disgusting western women have become. 

    You men would be well advised to ask yourself: “How can more than two hundred women agree with abuse of an elderly and ill woman in order to extort money from a man who has done no wrong?” Go ahead. Ask yourself that question. See what you come up with. Talk about it with your mates. Ask them what they come up with too.

  • As time went on and I learned that the courts were nothing but a satanic cult that are part of the nazi totalitarian communist guvment control grid I fired my lawyers and started acting on my own.

  • In Ireland the so called ‘outstanding interim support’ was EUR150,000. I sent Judge Griffin a lawful Bill for his Order of EUR1.5M. I have never heard another peep about that so called ‘interim support’ and therefore I have proven that any man can deny an ‘court order’ of the family court by using conditional acceptance and issuing a bill for the fulfilment of the order.

  • In Australia I walked into the satanic criminal ‘just-us’ system to deal with the scumbag self confessed criminal calling himself David Dunkley on 2009-11-26. The full transcript is here:

     I video recorded the ‘meeting’. It is on my you-tube channel here:

    I proved, and collected the evidence, that the ‘Australian Federal
    Magistrates Court’ is nothing but a bunch of scumbag criminals masquerading as ‘magistrates’. They are private employees of a private company called ‘The Commonwealth of Australia’ and they are scumbag criminals.

    I have David Dunkley, on video and in a transcript saying ‘talk of inalienable rights is a nonsense’. He means YOUR right to life, liberty and the enjoyment of your property. It does not get any clearer than that.

    While sitting on the ‘bench’ David Dunkley refused to answer the question as to whether he was acting under oath TWICE. That tells you he was not. The video footage was sent to Kevin Rudd (Australian Prime Minister) and Robert McClelland (Australian Attorney General) and they were given 6 months to act against the scumbag self confessed criminal David Dunkley and they did nothing.

    I sincerely believe this is treason as David Dunkley is acting as a senior officer of a foreign power, the British, and Rudd/McClelland did not deal with this treason therefore committing treason themselves. They were required to act according to the statues of ‘The Commonwealth of Australia’ as well as according to common law which is the prevailing law in the land known as

  • So. I created and presented the evidence of the corruption of the courts to the Prime Minister and the Attorney General and they did nothing thereby committing a crime themselves. You men want to take REAL CLOSE notice of those facts.

  • Further, the criminal scumbag calling himself David Dunkley took exception to me gathering this evidence and so contrived a deceptive ‘order’ to transfer 95% of the entire proceeds of my 25 years of labour to Jennifer. The scumbag tried to get my signature on a form giving me EUR12,000 of my own money. I told him to basically ‘go f*** himself’ and that he had all the paperwork for my claim to the entire amount and since he had offered no rebuttal in the time frame required that any attempt to send any of my property anywhere else would constitute common law theft for which he would be charged.

    You can read this deceptive order here and my annotations on that order:

  • The deceptive and unlawful order was acted on by another criminal scumbag called Justin Dowd who works at ‘Watts McCray’ in Sydney as a family law lawyer. At the time of writing I still need to deal with this criminal scumbag. But to tell you, dear reader, what sort of scumbag this man is? I presented him with evidence of the ongoing genocide in Australia and asked him if he would be patriot and help me expose the genocide.

    HE CHARGED ME $A3,000 TO READ MY EVIDENCE OF GENOCIDE and then said he would do nothing about it. THAT is the sort of scumbag Justin Dowd is. He will be charged with accessory to genocide when I get around to him.

  • The final wash up was that 95% of the proceeds of my 25 years of labour was transferred to Jennifer. Now, you men? Listen REAL CLOSE. How many women do you think protested that 5% vs 95% was clearly unlawful and must be addressed? Yes. You guessed it. NONE.

    Ask yourself the question: “What does it mean when NO WOMAN will protest a 5% vs 95% split of assets when all those who are close to the situation know full well the woman was bone idle and refused to make her best efforts for more than 10 years of an 18 year marriage?”

    Go ahead. Ask yourself that question and see what you come up with.

    If you think women want ‘Equality’? I have a bridge to sell you. Ok?

  • Here is something else you men will want to know about. Jennifer committed the common law crimes, on the land common known as Ireland, of perjury, kidnapping, extortion and theft.  I joined the Irish Free Man Group and I was interviewed by the host, Vince, and I presented my story. I did this in an effort to educate and expose the Illuminati control grid.

    In the interview Vince noted I had ‘upset’ some of the women by my statements about ‘western women’. He noted that there were many ‘good women’ who were subscribers to the site. One of the things I undertook to do was to challenge the women on the site to live up to their claims of wanting ‘equality’ and ‘common law’ to be practiced in

    The challenge to the women was simple. My ex had committed crimes. I asked for the women on the site to form a jury such that I could present my evidence to the jury and for the jury to
    deliberate and pronounce a punishment since my ex had accepted she had committed these crimes. I stated that the only thing I would claim is that whatever punishment was given my ex that no MAN could be more harshly punished for committing the same crimes.

    Now?  How many women do you think volunteered to serve on this jury? THREE. And one of them reported to me that when talking to other women about how this was ‘only right and fair’ the OTHER WOMEN attacked her as ‘supporting Peter’ where what they were really supporting was the rule of law.

    You men here might want to ask yourself the question: “Why is it, that given 5.5 months, the women of the Irish Free Man Group (of which there were at least 200 at the time) flatly refused to form a jury to try a woman for crimes committed against a man?”

    You would do well to think about that question for a while and see what you come up with. Ask yourself . “Does this sound like women want to be ‘equal before the law’ to you?” Well? Does it?

  • Continuing on. I have found scumbag criminal calling herself Louise Henderson, also calling herself ‘Australian Federal Magistrate Louise Henderson’ operating her criminal activities out the of ‘Federal Magistrates Court’ in Parramatta Sydney guilty of common law theft. Ditto for scumbag criminal David Dunkley. I am working on forming juries to have the remedy issued.

  • I will also be holding a court for scumbag criminal Judge Griffin of the satanic criminal ‘just-us’ system acting as a ‘Family Court’ in Dublin on the land known as Ireland.

  • Lastly, but certainly not leastly, I will be running a court for my ex before 12 men who will pronounce a remedy that will set the standard for MEN AND WOMEN for the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion and theft committed on the land known as Ireland. I care not what the remedy is. I only care that no man suffer harsher remedy than Jennifer. The men will be faced with the decision. Do we offer no remedy and therefore de-criminalise perjury, kidnapping, extortion and theft or do they issue a remedy such that these crimes are still considered crimes? It will be an interesting trial.




You men reading this book? You want to be really, really, really clear. In divorce you are very, very, very likely to be f***ed over like I was. In men’s groups we are starting to see some men point out that if the ex has a ‘fatal accident’ then the man has a FAR better chance at a good life than if he tried to go into the satanic criminal ‘just-us’ system also calling itself ‘The Family Court’. And you men would do well to remember this.


So, my summary is that I am a pretty ‘normal’ guy who has done his best for his family for a long, long time.  I have plenty of experience of being married.  I spent a lot of time ‘working on’ relationships.


So why am I writing this book?


Well, because, despite my doing all I could, my very best, when my wife and I got divorced she did things I would have thought were impossible to do. I was ‘legally abused’ at the same time as crimes were committed against my interests causing injury, harm and loss.


And that was very disappointing to me.


But what was MORE disappointing was the lack of a view of ‘broader responsibility’ by women to stop Jennifer from doing what she was doing.


I had married into a family and I assumed that should I ever have trouble with my wife I could always go to her parents and ask for help to have her behave reasonably. Much to his credit, her father was great and he did his best to help, as did our eldest son of 26. But that was only ‘early on’. Both Bill Toal and Jarrod Robinson then committed crimes by engaging in Jennifers crimes against me. Both will be accused of these crimes and have their property taken off them.


Jennifer was adamant that she was unwilling to listen to her father and adult son. Only 2 other women tried to persuade Jennifer that I had done nothing wrong, indeed I had done all I could, and that it was not reasonable to ‘take him for all you can get’ at the end.


So, this book is about this situation in which men find themselves and how to get out of it legally and lawfully.


Young man? No matter how great a husband you are. No matter what you do. When your wife leaves, as is almost inevitable nowadays, she is very likely going to ‘take you for all you can get’. You cannot ‘do enough’ for her to be reasonable. The likelihood that she will be reasonable is so low as to be insignificant.


Shakespeare was right “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” And this is true even if the woman initiated the divorce.


So this book is about arming you with advice:

  1. Such that you do not land in my position, which I will describe in these pages.

  2. On how to notice when you are being ‘worked over’ to get you to commit to getting married and having kids with the woman who says she loves you.

  3. How to divorce your wife, state, rescind your consent to pay income taxes, alimony, child support, and to walk away free.

  4. How to unplug from THEIR control grid.

  5. How to claim your birthright of freedom, claim your rights, exercise them, and defend them.


That is enough of introductions and background. Let’s get into the ‘meat’ of this book.


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