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 11/16/2011 3:17 AM


1.              how are men enslaved?


Something that most people never actually take the time to stop and think about is the answer to this question:


“How are men enslaved?”


I am amazed to see that almost NO-ONE has the balls to actually answer this question. You can read all the books you like by the ‘leading researchers’ and none of them will tell you just exactly how men are enslaved. I find it interesting in itself that this is totally omitted.


To make it very, very clear how men and women had to be ‘socialised’ by the Illuminati I developed a little anecdotal story. Of course we do not know if it is true or not. The Illuminati may have done things differently. But the effect is the same. In this story I merely credit the ‘elders’ as the Illuminati.



1.1.         The Woolly Mammoth Story


20,000 years ago Og and Ogette lived in a little society that had found a nice big cave to live in and they were all very happy ‘cave people’. Each day the young men went out to make war with the ‘woolly mammoths’ to see if they could ‘bring home the bacon’. One fine morning Ogette kisses her man Og as he goes off to do battle with the woolly mammoth. She tells him how much she loves him and cares for him and how much she admires him for bringing home food for the children. Young Og is filled with pride and good feelings about his important role of feeding his ‘wife and children’. He is the ‘picture of a good husband, father and citizen’ in this little tribe.


The young men tromp off with a few of their number left to guard the women and children from the roaming sabre tooth tigers with nary but some pointed sticks for defence. These young men are expected to fight the sabre toothed tigers who might wander by, to their death if necessary. If they fail in this duty and do not die in the effort they know they will be killed by the men returning from the hunt. So basically they are taking on a mission ‘to the death’ to ‘protect the women and children’. Notice no women are required to ‘defend the women and children’ to their death. Not even old women who are past birthing age because, you know, despite the latest claims of ‘equality and feminism’ from some other nearby tribes the women in this tribe know that the men are stronger and that being ‘equal’ might see them as ‘dinner’ for a sabre toothed tiger!! Right?


Anyway, night falls and the young men return from the hunt. They have successfully killed and dissected a woolly mammoth and have brought home food for a month. There is great joy and celebration in the cave. The sacred fire is stoked to cook the meat. Ogette is all happy at the prospect of food for herself and her children and searches for her man Og to thank him but she can't find him. “Oh where is my beloved Og? Where is my beloved Og?”


She is soon told that Og, valiant and brave, had fallen victim to the woolly mammoths stomping foot during the kill. He has died to bring food to his wife and children. All the young men shout praises to the dead Og and his bravery and he is remembered in song. They cheer him and drink some of this funny stuff that they just learned how to make out of fruits that makes them feel good and sing his praises all night. (But Og is still dead. Don't miss that point.)


Ogette mourns the loss of her man....for a short while....basically until one of the other strong young men who does not have his own woman offers her some food and they start chatting. If she is to have food for herself and her children she has to align herself with a man. It's that simple. Welfare has not yet been invented. All the women know, and have known for 20,000 years, that a woman’s affection must be immediately transferable. It’s always been that way because it HAS to be that way.


The plain fact of the matter is that for the last 20,000 years men have died young in ‘war and work’ and it was necessary for the woman to be able to ‘transfer her affection’ to another man who would feed her and her children very easily. So much for how much ‘women love men’. They don't. It is a lie. They love the food and shelter that men provide. And when that is all taken care of they will have diamonds and 5 bedroom houses too. But a woman ‘loving a man’? There is no need for it so it does not happen. Anyone who has been in the divorce courts can see for himself how much women ‘love’ men and how much they ‘love’ what men provide. BIG DIFFERENCE. If you have evidence to refute the abuse of men in the divorce courts? Feel free to write your own book and publish it.




But what of the young men? Well? A strong young man does not need to kill a woolly mammoth to feed himself. He can go and catch a rabbit or two and do quite well. Why in hell would he risk his life to kill a woolly mammoth when he can feed himself quite easily with almost no effort on his part?


Well, the OLD MEN of the tribe know that in order for THEM, the women, AND the children to be fed the YOUNG MEN of the tribe have to do all the work of collecting food. So the OLD MEN of the tribe brainwash the YOUNG MEN of the tribe into the idea that THEIR SPECIFIC WOMAN is SOMEHOW SPECIAL and that the most honourable thing he can do is labour as best he can to feed HIS woman and children. Oh...and he has to pay ‘taxes’ of a little meat so the OLD MEN who are organising everything can be fed as well. Right?


So the OLD MEN invent ‘love’ and they brainwash the YOUNG MEN into ‘love’ and ‘devotion’ and ‘dedication’ and ‘commitment’ and ‘honour’ and ‘integrity’ all those nice words that we hear shoved downs men’s throats so often but which women know full well do not apply to THEM. After all, a woman can break her wedding vows and commit perjury with complete impunity, right? It is a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, right?


And so the young Ogs are sent out to make war with the woolly mammoths with little more than pointed sticks because, if the old men, the women and the children are to be fed and the overall group is to survive or thrive it simply has to be done. If a few young Ogs die that's not a problem because it's always possible for one of the old men to take on the ‘onerous duty’ of impregnating the unmarried women for ‘the good of the tribe’ and to raise taxes to make sure the children are fed. Right?


The fact of the matter is that the young men are considered expendable by everyone except themselves. The only reason they do not suspect that they are considered expendable is because they are brainwashed.


Sounds like soldiers to me. Therefore, what is most essential for a woman is to find one of the young men who has been appropriately brainwashed and indoctrinated by the old men into believing that the best thing he can do is find ‘love’ with that ‘special woman’ who he will ‘marry’ and ‘have children’ and he will labour for the ‘love of his life’ for the rest of his life no matter that be short or long. Hhhmmm...that would describe ME perfectly in 1984 when my ex first hit on me! I was a very good selection for her! LOL!!


Young man. The truth is this. The ‘old men’ or the ‘Illuminati’ have known that the way to enslave men, to be willing to work hard and risk their lives, is by using the women to do so. It has always been that way. It does not always need to be that way. Now you are reading this book you can be one more young men who refuses to be enslaved by the Illuminati by way of a complicit woman.


And something very important for you to know young man? The women have been very well aware of this set up all along. I was really surprised to find that out. In my life, ALL the women told me the same lies so they sounded like the truth. Women tell the lie that women will love a good husband and father and would never treat such a man poorly and would never injure his children. Women are consistently painted out as ‘goddess’ while men are consistently painted as ‘evil’ and ‘bad’.


This is the story of the enslavement of men. It has been this way since the ‘serpent’ persuaded Eve to take the apple and then SHE persuaded Adam to partake of the Apple, her already having done so. It turns out, and it was a surprise to me, that women are coldly calculating and manipulative and they are in full support of the Illuminati enslaving men. Lot’s of women will ‘hate’ me for saying that. Fine. Please present your evidence it has ever been any other way.


This is why women vote left and vote for big guvment. Ann Coulter has even made the statement that women should not have the vote, and she would be happy to give up her vote if all women did, because when women get the vote what they do is plunder the finances of the ‘guvment’ to create welfare states. There was a play created by the Greeks called Assembly Women where the women snuck into the Assembly with fake beards on and introduced a communist state. It was presented as a comedy. So the communistic nature of women has been well known for at least 2,500 years. It is not ‘news’ to those who run the world.


Young man. The MEN at the top want you to be their slave by working 40 hours a week, 48 weeks a year, for 45 years or so. Then they ‘tax’ you to live off you like parasites. And the sad thing is that our women entirely agree with this idea. They are willing accomplices.


This book will show you how to hold women accountable and stop them from being the accomplices of the Illuminati.


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