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 11/16/2011 3:13 AM


1.              How Do I Perform a Strawman Recapture?


There are services to do this and I assume that these services will improve. If they improve over time then you would be well advised to spend your ‘money’ and use such a service. I am giving you what I did for you to work from. Period. I am not ‘agony aunt’ and I’m not going to spend a lot of time taking men through this. As I said above. If you want help? Ask someone who is proficient in this to help you and pay him for his time. I have spent enormous amounts of time on men who have shown very little interest in actually being useful.



1.1.         Why Perform A Strawman Recapture?


I travel a lot. The robots at the ‘Border Controls’ are often dumber than rocks. Really. They are not doing that job because they are PHDs. They are nice guys and they are doing their best and I am by no means insulting them. But if you are going to be sitting at the border patrol for many years there has to be a reason for it. I also notice that in the UK they are using more and more women at border control and that can only spell trouble.


So, when you roll up to ‘Border Control’ and start explaining to them that you have a God given right to freedom of travel, or that you have conducted a lawful process of permanent estoppel with the leader of his ‘country’ such that he has no right to interfere? Well? Good luck with that. So passports are something useful to have. I have two. One from Australia and a World Passport. So far the ‘World Passport’ has not been accepted.  I am working on that.


So, the main reason I wanted to keep my strawman is to maintain my passport. The other BIG reason is to maintain bank accounts. In case you haven’t noticed? Try buying something on line without a credit card now. Not easy.


They are trying to make the control grid so pervasive that you simply can’t function without it. However, they HAVE to provide remedy unless they are going to be caught promoting slavery. Their ‘legalese gobblygook’ is what they use to get people to believe they have to do stuff.


So it seems that maintaining the strawman and separating yourself from the strawman gives you the opportunity to operate in commerce in the ‘normal’ way that all the ‘robots’ are familiar with while creating a lawful and legal barrier between you and the strawman. This basically means you gain the benefit of using THEIR public system which is funded from your BOND against your ‘Birth Certificate’ while not being subject to THEIR corporate rules, legislation and statutes.



1.2.         Components of a Strawman Recapture


There are a number of components to a claim of right. They are as follows:


1.      Certificate of Sovereignty

2.      Deed of Evidence

3.      Common Law Copyright Notice

4.      Hold Harmless Agreement

5.      Private Agreement

6.      Security Agreement

7.      UCC 1 – Financing Statement


Each of these items will be discussed in detail in the following pages.


I want to acknowledge Arthur Cristian and his great site Arthur has been fighting these guys for a long, long time and has amassed an enormous amount of materials on his site. I could not have done this without referring to his materials. Thank you Arthur.


I got the skeletons for all these from here.

Instructions for completion from here:


Please refer to these instructions as they may be updated.



There are a number of components to a claim of right. They are as follows:


1.2.1.   Certificate of Sovereignty


The Certificate of Sovereignty contains your Declaration of Sovereignty. This is a way of documenting and communicating to other people that you have declared that you are a Sovereign. Remember, you are Sovereign when you BE Sovereign.  Sovereignty is a way of being, not a set of documents, and it is very important that you understand that. Filling out some paper work is not going to help you face down a policy enforcement officer or a magistrate. What is going to help you face down a policy enforcement officer or a magistrate is to remember that you are the Sovereign and they are your servant. And you do not allow them to act in any other way than as your servant. Treat them like you would treat your maid or your butler in your house.


The Certificate of Sovereignty also binds you to discharge truly and faithfully your common law duties to your fellow men. That means if you are signing this Certificate of Sovereignty then you are OBLIGING yourself to the common law. You are OBLIGING yourself to stand up for the common law and stand up for justice. That means you are OBLIGING yourself to serve on juries if you are asked.



1.2.2.   Deed of Evidence


The Deed of Evidence is a tool to create the evidence of the Strawman. Basically it says that if the ‘Berth Certificate’ has been considered the Strawman in the past that this Deed of Evidence now declares that this piece of paper and extracts from it are the only legal evidence of that corporate strawman. If someone wants to talk to ‘PETER ANDREW NOLAN(c)’ I can give them a certified copy of this Deed. I believe I can also give them my ‘Berth Certificate’ as well. But I think giving them one of these is better.



1.2.3.   Common Law Copyright Notice


Ok. Your name and your calling? Who owns it? You might say ‘The guvment’ or you might say ‘well, no-one’. You would be wrong. YOU decide what you are going to be called and you can call yourself anything you want. So, lets say for convenience sake you will continue to use the name your parents gave you. Did you agree to a contract with your parents as to your name? No. You were a baby. You couldn’t agree to ANYTHING back then.


So. Your Common Law Copyright Notice is a Notice to say that you are now taking copy right title of your name, your calling, any derivations of such, as well as all images of yourself and your DNA, your bodily parts etc. You claim you own everything about you and it is all YOUR copyright because YOU own you.


Also, importantly in these days of forced vaccinations. You are claiming you can not have anything put into your body as it is copyrighted as your body. This would also be covered in your claim of right where you have the right to self defence up to and including deadly force.


I also created a Notice of Methods of Communication which cites my Copyright Notice and Notices that people can communicate to me in writing under certain conditions.  They can write to the Juristic Person or to the human being. To make it clear that they have communicated to who they think they have communicated to they have to address the two differently. I then respond from the point of view of who they have addressed.


Any breech of copyright once a human being has been noticed of the existence of the copyright, and since mine is in the public at my personal web site that means whoever wants to write to me has an obligation to find out if my name is copy righted. However, that’s a little vexatious and so I always send my Notice of Methods of Communication and make sure that the other party has a chance to know my name is copy righted.


Now. I have not collected on a copyright infringement. But I sure hope to!! My ex brother in law, Michael Toal, has been a pain in the neck lately and he has been using my image without my consent and that is copyright infringement.



1.2.4.   Hold Harmless Agreement


OK. The Hold Harmless Agreement is an Agreement whereby the debtor, PETER ANDREW NOLAN(c) and the creditor Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c) enter into an agreement whereby the debtor indemnifies and holds harmless the creditor for any claims that are made against the debtor.


This means that the human being can not be reached by any claim that is against the debtor, the strawman. This is quite cool because it means that when I use my Strawman Signature, which is what is on my passport and credit cards for example, then nothing I do there has any legal ramification for me.  It is ‘buyer beware’ time and the ‘buyer’ must inform himself that he is taking the signature of a corporate fiction. This could be used maliciously but I wouldn’t recommend that.


If a human being wants to contract with you in the private then you can use your human being autograph.  I have noticed in some places the human beings signature is consistently referred to as an ‘autograph’. I have not got to the bottom of that. But in any case. As long as you can make a mark that you recognise and is difficult enough to copy then that’s a good signature/autograph for your human being. I recommend that you make your human being signature SIGNIFICANTLY DIFFERENT to your strawman signature and make sure people know which legal or lawful party they are dealing with.


The Hold Harmless Agreement is the one to use to rebut the presumption that the Strawman that the police come looking for has got anything to do with you as the human being. It doesn’t. And your Strawman signed an agreement to say so.


When the cops come. And they will. This Agreement is what you need to give them. Also? I think it’s a really good idea to go down to your local police station and hand them over all this paperwork and tell them that you know about all this and that if the head of the local police station orders any of his boys around to kidnap you that you will hold the head of the station liable. That way you can make sure he tells ALL his boys to leave you alone.


You tell him you want to live in peace etc but tell him kidnapping is considered NOT ok.



1.2.5.   Private Agreement


The Private Agreement alters the status of the Debtor to being a Transmitting Utility. It notes that the Creditor is the source of value for the Debtor such that the Debtor can engage in commerce. This ‘transmitting utility’ is important. It is creating the agreement that the Debtor can act AS the Creditor for all actions that the Debtor needs to undertake and that any ‘remuneration’ that comes back to the Debtor can be transmitted through to the Creditor.


On your UCC 1 Financing Statement you also need to note that the Debtor is now a Transmitting Utility. Don’t forget that bit.




1.2.6.   Security Agreement


The longest agreement of all is the Security Agreement. And this is the one you want to spend a bit of time on. I know it’s hard to believe and understand in the beginning.


The Security Agreement delivers ALL property of the Debtor across to the Creditor. It then creates a large debt to the Creditor and names the Creditor as the Primary Creditor and Secured Party. The property is enumerated just to make sure that it’s clear what is covered. Not every bank account needs to be named but just that Bank Accounts in the Debtors Name should be specified.


By creating the debt and naming the Creditor as the Primary Creditor and Secured Party the Creditor is then ‘first in line’ for payment. This means that if someone else comes along with a claim for ‘money’ from the debtor then they have to ‘get in line’. Someone like, the guvment for example.


Things are transferred across such as Passports, Tax File Numbers, Bank Accounts and the like. This then transfers all the property you THOUGHT was yours but was not across to you. The fact is that since you have been signing documents using the authorised signature against THEIR strawman all you have ever been doing is transferring money from one of THEIR accounts to another of THEIR accounts. Did you ever own anything? No. You didn’t. This is how the state seizes property. You never owned it in the first place. They use a whole lot of legalese that you don’t understand and tell you ‘ignorance of the law is no excuse’. Then when you feel threatened and frightened you hire a liar/lawyer who pretends to be your friend but is anything BUT your friend and when you hire the liar/lawyer you waive all your rights and declare yourself a ward of the state and the pirates plunder you.


How about that?


So by having the Security Agreement transfer THEIR property across to YOU and for you to hold under a common law claim then YOU own that property and you hold it under the law of ‘thou shalt not steal’ which implies your property rights. And you can punished those who steal your property.


So. Spend some time on this Security Agreement. It’s important.



1.2.7.   UCC 1 – Financing Statement



Lastly? You must complete a UCC 1 Financing Statement. There are any number of web sites that will allow you to register a UCC 1 Financing Statement. As according to the instructions on Arthurs Site I went here:


It took me a couple of goes because I kept doing the data entry incorrectly. This was one of the WORST web sites I had ever seen in all my years of working. I hope it is better by the time you use it.


My understanding is that the UCC 1 – Financing Statement is simply the registration of your contracts in a public place so that people may be reasonably expected to find it. You have the rights you have declared and you have the contracts that you have written but for people to have a reasonable chance to know that you have done this then the fact you have done it needs to be registered. I had thought it was another ‘claim’ thing. That if no-one rebutted your claim that it then stood. I now believe that is not correct and that it is truly just a place to publish the fact you have done this without needing to publish your whole set of contracts. In my case I have published my set of contracts and the UCC 1 – Financing Statement onto my personal web site now.


I spent some time with a non-de plum but I always knew I would have to ‘come out’ as I was going to try and put the judge and magistrates on trial and they have the right to confront their accuser. So before I made my name public these documents were made public in the name of ‘John-Doe’.


Once you have registered your Financing Statement you can make claim that any person claiming against you had ample opportunity to inform themselves.


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