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 11/16/2011 3:07 AM


1.              The Arbitration Panel


I have proposed an Arbitration Panel for the resolution of dispute or divorce between a man and a woman where they have created that marriage using the Marriage Agreement.


There are MANY reasons why I propose this. Not the least of which is that the ‘Family Courts’ are a satanic criminal enterprise used to enslave men. However, there are occasions when a divorce is something that would actually be beneficial to the parties involved. There are actually men who are terrible fathers and husbands, and there are actually women who are terrible wives and mothers. No man, or woman, should be forced to be shackled to one of these if there is clear evidence that severe violence and threat of severe injury exists. The normal ‘rough and tumble’ of relationships is not an excuse for a divorce, in my opinion. And this ludicrous “I don’t like the one I picked” nonsense has to stop because it injures the children so badly.


In my opinion, the one who breaks the Marriage Agreement must be required to make Remedy according to the unanimous decision of the Arbitration Panel. There can be no ‘consequence free breech of Agreement allowed. If there is? Then Agreement are worthless.


The proposal for the Arbitration Panel is as follows:


  1. To contain 6 men and 6 women.

  2. These men and women must have been married for 20+ years. Not necessarily to each other but if some ‘married couples’ were on the panel I would say this is a good thing.

  3. Each person on the panel must have raised at least one child to the age of 18 years.

  4. Decisions from the Arbitration Panel must be unanimous. This includes verdicts of innocence or guilt of breech of Agreement as well as Remedy Instructions for the people involved.

  5. All Remedy Instructions are to be sex neutral. This means that Arbitration Panels must take into account the prior Remedy Instructions of other Arbitration Panels in issuing a Remedy Instruction. Such prior cases might be referenced by a person who is nominated as an ‘expert advisor’ to the Arbitration Panel.

    By using prior decisions for Remedy Instructions on a sex neutral basis the tendency for women to be given ‘pussy passes’ will be removed because the same ‘pass’ will be required to be given to men in the same situation. The Arbitration Panel will not have the ability to discriminate against men as the satanic criminal Family Courts do today.

  6. All evidence given to the Arbitration Panel is given into the Public under oath and can be reviewed by any person over the age of 18 at a later date.

  7. Deliberations of the Arbitration Panel will be video and audio recorded so that any attempt to subvert the process of dispute settlement can be detected at a later date.  Since serving on the Arbitration Panel is performed under oath any attempt to subvert it is the crime of perjury and the Panelist is subject to the common law punishment for Perjury should he/she be found guilty of this crime.

  8. The only way that the Arbitration Panel can vary from this proposal is if both parties sign an Affidavit agreeing to the alterations from the ‘standard’ Arbitration Panel.

  9. The person found to be ‘in the wrong’ pays for the costs of the Arbitration Panel.

  10. Should the Arbitration Panel be invoked on an amicable agreement basis to issue Instructions for the termination of the Marriage Agreement then payment for the panellists is to be made from the joint assets of the man and woman prior to any disbursement of assets from the couple.

  11. The recommended payment for the Panelists is one ounce of silver per hour of service. Should any panellist attempt to ‘pad’ the deliberations for personal benefit they can be accused of the crime of theft.

  12. The recommended payment for the ‘expert advisor’ to the panel is two ounces of silver per hour. This is because he will have to read through many transcripts to determine the outcomes of OTHER cases and he will not be paid for this time of reading transcripts for OTHER cases. He must make his money up for this time by being paid at a higher rate when exercising his knowledge of other cases gained in his own time.



Should you have other suggestions for the Arbitration Panel please feel free to post them to the forums.


It is my belief that such an Arbitration Panel will be a far more effective instrument to end Marriages that are in severe trouble than the current satanic criminal family courts.




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