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 11/16/2011 3:05 AM


1.              A word on prostitution


One man who commented on what I was writing told me “I suggest you make a comment on prostitution in your book.”


I thought that was a good idea. So here it is. My opinion about prostitution. Men can make of it what they will.


Prostitution is only ‘illegal’. It is not unlawful. The legislation and statutes that apply to prostitution only apply to your strawman. They do not apply to you, the human being. If you and some woman wish to come to some agreement as to exchanging something that you both see is of value and that transaction is agreeable to you both then no-one else has any right to tell you what you can and can not do. You can lawfully notice your local Policy Enforcement Officers of this and tell them that should they try to enforce their legislation on you that you will seek justice in a properly convened court de jour.


Western women are liars and hypocrites and prostitution is one of their BIGGEST lies. Their expressed opinion of prostitution exposes their hypocrisy in spades.


Hundreds of millions of women claim “My body my choice” when it comes to killing their own babies. Um? What exactly is the mans choice in the murder of HIS baby? Oh, that’s right, men don’t have babies, men have liabilities, and don’t you men forget that.  Women claim they can kill the baby of a man at any time it is in the womb. Go check it out if you do not believe me. The few women who do NOT claim this stand by and allow other women to do this. The 2 BILLION abortions that are estimated to have taken place since 1970 make it pretty clear what women think about “my body my choice”.


But, with all this ‘empowerment’ and ‘my body my choice’ what do women say about OTHER women who are willing to have sex for money? Oh? THOSE women are not entitled to ‘my body my choice’. THOSE women must be stopped from being ‘evil prostitutes’ while they have a right to be an ‘enlightened and celebrated baby killer’.


Really? And who, exactly is hurt by the act of prostitution? No one. There is no dead foetus in the garbage bin at the end of a ‘roll in the hay’ between a man and a woman like there is at the end of an abortion.


The whole issue of women denouncing prostitution is one area where their lies and hypocrisy are so ‘in your face’ that you simply can not make excuses for them and believe the rubbish they come up with. Either an adult is free to do as they please where they cause no injury, harm or loss to anyone else, or they are not.


Women and their mangina lackeys are the ONLY people who are so hypocritical they will argue the toss about this.


In ANY case what is marriage other than ‘prostitution’ that is ‘acceptable’? Not much else today. What was my wife other than a prostitute? My wife lied to me from the very first date. If she lied to me from the very first date what was she lying for? To get money. How did she get money? By pretending to ‘love’ me. What is that called? That is called prostitution. Men ask me if I have ‘ever used a prostitute’. My answer is simple. I say:


“Sure I have. I was with a prostitute for 23 years. I just didn’t know it. I consider prostitutes to be FAR ABOVE my ex on a moral scale since prostitutes don’t lie to men about what they are doing whereas my ex lied to everyone about what she was doing.  Yet, still women will support a lying woman who was clearly a prostitute and denounce honest women who are prostitutes. Thank you for the opportunity to explain the hypocrisy of women one more time.”


My opinion is that if an adult man and an adult woman both agree to have sex and they are happy about the exchange of ‘value’ that takes place, be it ‘cash-money’ or ‘matri-money’, and no-one is harmed?


They can do whatever they please.


And all those women who claim they should be able to tell someone ELSE what they should and should not do? I recommend you just ignore them and go about your business.  They are such clear hypocrites.



One of the good things that will come out of men learning how to deny the jurisdiction of the courts is that prostitution is likely to become far more widespread, far safer for all, and very likely far less expensive. The only reason that prostitution is so expensive, so dangerous, so linked to criminal activities is because it is a crime. 


It is like the days of prohibition in the US. By making alcohol ‘illegal’ all that happened was that it was controlled by criminals and quite some crimes and violence followed. Alcohol became of poor quality. Many died from ‘bad booze’. Criminal gangs fought for control of the alcohol trade. It was all rather like the ‘drugs’ trade today. Only the most poorly informed people are not aware that the ‘drugs trade’ is actually run by our govments.


In Germany? Where prostitution is legal? It is well regulated and there is little social ‘stigma’ attached to it.  Sure. The women don’t like it. And the married men denounce it so as to ‘keep in good with the wife’. Or perhaps some of the married men really do disapprove. I can’t tell the difference. But why should there be any social stigma or hatred of prostitutes? It is ‘the worlds oldest profession’. It’s not like people don’t know that prostitution happens. It is only women who want to retain their ‘power’ by being the sole suppliers of sex, a monopoly, that object to prostitution. Women and their tame manginas.


Indeed? If women did not use sex as a weapon against men? If wives were more forthcoming with sex for their husbands? Prostitution would markedly decline. Everyone knows that the largest group of men who use the services of prostitutes are actually married men. Now? Why would this be? It would be because the wife uses sex as a weapon against the husband. And just to make it clear? Even when men are faithful in marriage, as I was, in the face of a wife using sex as a weapon? We are not appreciated or rewarded for our good behaviour. Indeed? I was hated on by western women just as much as the worst of cheating husbands. Gee. Thanks.


If women are going to treat the best of husbands just as badly as the worst of husbands? Would any man be surprised that the man will seek comfort in the arms of another woman? And even if the ‘other woman’ is not a ‘formal prostitute’ we all know that she is angling for his money if he has any.


Women STILL somehow miraculously ‘fall in love’ with men who have more money than them a staggering 90% of the time. Gee. What a co-incidence. The number of women who ‘marry down’ is still very small. So much for ‘equality’.


And again to point out the hypocrisy of women.


Women like Helen Girly Brown and Andrea Dworkin were prostitutes. Yet they are revered as heroines of the feminist movement. Let’s not forget that MANY of the ‘leading feminists’ who are ‘respected’ were prostitutes or sluts. Germaine Greer admits that she has sex with SEVEN different men in her THREE WEEK MARRIAGE. Yet she is lauded as an ‘example of all a woman can be’ and a ‘hero to women’. Do you men think women would laud as a ‘hero to men’ a man who had sex with SEVEN WOMEN in a three week marriage? Do I need to remind you men about the reaction of women to Bill Clintons blow job?


Women laud and champion women who have been prostitutes and sluts and turn that into hatred of men.


Yet those same women hate on men who use the services of prostitutes and actually really like women.


Just more hypocrisy from our women folk.


It is EVERYWHERE you look.


So my opinion on prostitution stands as:


Two Sovereigns are free to do as they please so long as they agree.


No-one else has any right to tell two sovereigns what they can and can not agree to.


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