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 11/16/2011 3:04 AM


1.              A word on Lawyers and Barristers


Having just written a word on prostitutes it seems only entirely fair to also write a word on lawyers and barristers as follows. Not that I intend to denigrate prostitutes by putting their page next to the lawyers and barristers page.


My disgust at the lawyers in the Family Law area knows no bounds. They are even bigger scumbags than the Policy Enforcement Officers. Your average Policy Enforcement Officer is a man of little education and much indoctrination doing his best on a relatively meagre salary. They are, in many cases, “doing the best they can with what the good lord gave them”. In many cases they don’t have a lot of options.


But lawyers and barristers? These men are well educated. They are paid vastly too well. They live lives of luxury as they gorge themselves on the carcases of honest men of honour and integrity who wanted nothing more than to be the fathers to the children they had. My disgust for these men knows no bounds. None at all. I will not rest until every single family law lawyer is flipping burgers. NOT EVER.


I have taken vow to put ALL FAMILY LAW LAWYERS AND BARRISTERS OUT OF BUSINESS.  These scum should never be allowed any position of any responsibility EVER AGAIN.


If you take my scumbag lawyer calling himself Justin Dowd as just one example? I presented this man with extensive evidence of the genocide being committed in Australia. He CHARGED ME $A3,000 to read these materials and when I asked him if he was willing to help me break the news of this crime he told me he was not interested and didn’t know any other lawyers who were interested in exposing this genocide either. That’s what these people are like. How big a scumbag can one man be?


When I pointed out the Justin that common law was superior to legislation and statutes he argued this was not the case. I have the email trail. And when I presented him with the Robert McClelland presentation saying that, indeed, common law was superior to legislation and the only mechanism for protecting individual property rights did Justin Dowd say “Gee, sorry Peter, I was wrong, let me tell ALL MY LAWYERS MATES about this important error we have made.” Nope. Just silence from the scumbag Justin Dowd.


And don’t even bother to get me started on the other criminal scumbag lawyer I had in Australia called Jacqueline Vincent.  That woman was such a liar that when I met with her face to face on March 7th 2008 it was clear she was a lying bitch. I just didn’t know what she was lying about. It turned out to be ‘everything’.  How this woman expects to raise her child when she is such a lying bitch and a criminal of the worst kind is beyond me. I pity her child. Poor kid has no chance at all with a bitch like that for a mother.


And try taking a look at Fiona Brassil of Daniel Springs in Dublin and Sarah Bevan of her own firm in Australia who were Jennifer’s Lawyers. Look what THOSE bitches did!!


Everything from suborning perjury to lying blatantly to filling my exes head full of lies so as to attack her husband and take a path that would destroy her family and impoverish herself? With ‘friends’ like Fiona Brassil and Sarah Bevan who needs enemies?


You men should have no doubt in your mind. ALL the Family Law Lawyers know that Family Law is a complete scam to destroy the family such that they can gorge themselves on the carcases of the families they destroy. ANY Family Law Lawyer who tries to tell you different is just lying to you. Period. You should just call them a liar to their face.  Try reading the transcript of what Sarah Bevan said in the ‘meeting’ with David Dunkley. Here is the link again:


She actually goes so far as to say that the court should have no concern about justice for me because, you know, I’m not willing to be a slave. Bitches like this belong on the street pushing all their worldly good before them in a shopping cart. Bitches like this are paid MONEY to spout this sort of man-hatred? And women wonder why I have no respect for them? They should try reading what Sarah Bevan said in the ‘court’ and notice that no women will denounce her for the lying bitch she is.




Women will say “she was just doing her job”.  Well? So where the german soldiers shoving Jews, gypsies, gays, the infirm and elderly into gas chambers. It doesn’t make it right.


“I was just following orders” and “I was just doing my job” were shown not to be a reasonable defence at the Nuremberg trials.


So to all you men out there? Let me make it very, very clear to you. With respect to common law contracts you have the right to go to a de jour court to settle any disputes. You have the right to use an Affidavit with an attached Proposed Remedy and Notice of Intent to settle your disputes.


Leave these blood sucking leeches of lawyers OUT OF THE LOOP. Put them out of business. Starve them to death. That’s what they deserve.


And just like policy enforcement officers? For any man who can bring me an Affidavit with an attached Proposed Remedy and Notice of Intent to settle your disputes with lawyers who then refuse to settle the dispute? You will be welcome to the courts we create in Ireland and Australia to gain remedy from these criminals. Pretty much ALL the wealth they have gained they gained as the proceeds of crimes.  It should be taken from them by any man who can prove that a crime was committed against him by these scumbags.


In my own education it only took me about three months to realise that there was an underlying law system beneath the Uniform Commercial Code of Legislation. I was reading about UCC and noticed it talked about how the UCC had to work in harmony with underlying law systems which begged the question, what underlying law systems?


In Australia and Ireland this is common law. Same for the US, Canada, India, New Zealand etc.


Now. If I can find this out in three months as a layman? What do you think the lawyers know about this? Do you think they can really go to law school for SEVEN YEARS and not know that the common law system is superior in Australia?  No. Not possible. And this is evidenced by the fact that plenty of lawyers, like Justin Dowd, try very hard to tell me that legislation, being UCC, was superior to common law only to go totally quiet when it was demonstrated to them this was not the case.  The ‘give away’ was that, once defeated in this argument, they DID NOT then go out into the public and announce their ‘mistake’.


I’ve done the same thing to 3-4 lawyers or people with ‘law degrees’ in public places like The Spearhead or the Irish Free Man site.


Simply put. There is no credibility in the argument that lawyers do not know that they are scammers because when it is revealed to one he is a criminal scumbag scammer there is no ‘remorse’ and no effort to address the situation. Just look at Justin Dowd and Jacqueline Vincent. When they were exposed as criminal scumbags what did they do? They just blocked emails and then continue on with ‘Business As Usual’. What scumbags these people are.


Men? I strongly advise you to talk to as many men as you can and denounce these scumbag lawyers and barristers for the scumbags they are. Tell men they can use common law courts with de jour juries in all former British colony countries.


Tell them they would be well advised to ‘starve a lawyer today’.  Because that’s what lawyers and barristers deserve. They deserve to be starved of any money that comes from gorging themselves on the carcases of families, especially the carcases of fathers and husbands who were doing their best.


These scumbags do this EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK.



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