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 11/16/2011 2:56 AM


1.              Appendix E – A Final Word


Young man. You might be wondering to yourself.


  • Why has Peter put so much of his personal life ‘out there’ to be read?
  • Why has he been so willing to suffer the ‘outrageous slings and arrows’ of so many vindictive women telling lies about him, trying to ruin his business, trying to ruin his life?
  • Why has he spent so much time and money on other people when he could so clearly just go back to writing and selling software and living a very comfortable life?
  • What are his reasons for doing this?


Let me answer that by an email I received from a young man. This is a fine young lad of about 22 years of age. He’s even a pretty good looking young lad. He’s in the ‘tall dark and handsome’ category. Yes. He’s sent me some pics so I could put a face to the name.


Here is what he said to me.


Just want to take a moment to say thank you for all your dedication to this cause and to saving men's lives. Based on your actions I can tell you actually have a heart and are genuinely looking out for the well-being of young men such as myself. In particular I have found your information regarding women to be VERY enlightening, this same crucial and vital information about women for young men is so ruthlessly suppressed by the media.


I can now clearly see who my friends are and who they are not. To give you an example, a few weeks back my aunt (mid-50's) came to visit me. While she was here she kept going on and on about "You're so tall my baby, we need to get you married" and "When you get out of school the girls are gonna love you, we need to find you a good girl who knows how to cook".


Now, had I still been in the dark about women I would've thought what she said was a good idea and mostly benign, but now that I know the truth, I can CLEARLY see she does not have my best interests in mind, she is merely trying to get "babies" in the form of grandchildren so SHE can talk and brag about with her female friends.


In another incident recently at work, an new woman (mid-30's) who just started was chatting up people during lunch and she asked me "You're pretty tall, are you married? You need a girlfriend ". 


You were 100% right!!! They're ALL in on the marriage scam!!! It's CRAZY to see this stuff proven to be true in real life scenarios!


Keep doing what you're doing man, DONT EVER STOP



And you know what? I am never going to stop. Someone has to look out for these young lads being so badly lied to and it might as well be me. There are many other men also telling you young lads how badly lied to you are. You can find a bunch of them here I recommend that site to every young man who would like to read about how badly men are abused and how much crime is committed against them with impunity. There are plenty of men sharing their stories there. I also recommend because on this site men speak much more openly. And there are plenty of guys there who will tell young men just exactly how life is. There is also a vast array of cases recorded in the forums over the many years they have been running.


When I first came out of my period of being suicidal I made a vow to ‘save one mans life’. I felt that if I could ‘save one mans life’ that I could then get on with my life feeling that I had ‘done some good’ for some young lad and that he would not be victimized like I was.  Only trouble was I achieved this in a few weeks after joining ‘Men are Better Than Women’. On telling my story there I was immediately met with MANY emails from young men thanking me for sharing my experiences.  Many knew ‘something was up’ but they didn’t know what. Once I told them the ‘what’ they ‘got it’. I am pleased to say I counseled a number of young men there to end their engagements and refuse to marry their fiancée.


Every single one of them thanked me for that as I was able to put into perspective the behaviours they were seeing from their fiancées.



Young men have been the ‘cannon fodder’ for ‘the tribe’ since the time of the ‘woolly mammoth’.  This is why I included the ‘Woolly Mammoth’ story. Young men read that and it really resonates with them. They can see that from the time of the “Woolly Mammoth” until today men have been “expendable slaves” in war and work.


I recall telling the Woolly Mammoth story to ‘Sue 3’. At the end she gave me this really ‘fierce’ look and said:


Sue 3: “You are so cynical”


Peter: “Yes. But in this case I also happen to be correct.”


And at that her expression ‘broke’ and she look quite forlorn and sad. She knew she was the one who was looking for a brainwashed man who would be willing to sacrifice his life for her and that she would never, ever love him like he would her. In that instant, she really ‘got’ what it was to be a man who loved a woman and realized that she would never feel a similar way. I told her that I didn’t really know if it was good for her in all cases to be spending time with me because the ‘life lessons’ I might share might be a little too much a little too soon for her.


I tell the young men, and young women, the Woolly Mammoth story to point out that to the young men that if you are expected to dedicate your ENTIRE LIFE to a woman you had better make sure you are getting something worthwhile in return. Today? There is nothing of value offered a man for this ‘commitment’. He can have his very children stolen from him, along with his house and life’s work, JUST LIKE I DID, and women will LAUGH AT HIM, just like they did me. When I tell the lads “5% is the new 50% they really get it”.


And for the young women? I am warning them that if they do not offer something of real value then many, many more men are going to refuse the joke that is called ‘commitment’ now. There is no ‘commitment’ at all from a woman.  Another conversation with Sue 3?


Sue 3: “But the problem for us women is that after 2-3 years with a man he can put us women out on the street with only our suitcases. He does not have to make a commitment. And then we have to start searching for a new man to be our husband all over again!”


Peter: “Oh? Really? And this would be somehow worse than it is for us men? We can have our children kidnapped, our houses stolen, our money stolen AND our future income stolen. We can be put in jail for talking to our own kids. We don’t even get the suitcases with our cloths in it and set out on the street. You mean you might feel as hard done by as us MEN?”


To that comment she just hung her head. So I drilled it home.


Peter: “For 30 years in the west women have stolen everything of value from so many men, and all the other women stood by and laughed at us. If you want to know who to blame for how hard it is to find a husband now look no further than all those women who supported women like my wife. All those women who laughed at men like me. There are millions of men like me. And we are telling every young man we meet to refuse to marry and refuse to have children. If I were you? I’d be throwing stones at my ex and women like her. They are the cause of your problems.”


To that comment she just hung her head some more. She really wants to find a husband and she can see how hard it is going to be with so many older men like me telling the younger men:


“Do not marry under ANY circumstances until we sort this mess out”.


The only way women are going to have ANYTHING of value to offer is for them to sign one of the two Affidavits that I proposed. And to follow up on from those Affidavits? Women will have to insist that those women who claim ‘lawful equality’ will have to ensure that women who break their agreement and violate their oaths actually have the bond given to the man they violated the oath to.


Only then will women start to restore some of the credibility they have so gleefully thrown away.


So yes. I will keep going, telling young men ‘how it really is’ via books, podcasts, and videos.


The young men have a right to know.


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