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 10/18/2015 11:05 AM
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Tim Wilson Blatant Liar and Hypocrite Possible Genocidal Criminal.

Tim Wilson is the "Commission For Human Rights" in Australia.

Here is his facebook.

This is what a liar and hypocrite looks like.

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 10/18/2015 11:13 AM
So Tim Wilson put this post on to his facebook yesterday.

So lets look at my conversation with Tim Wilson and see what his position on "free speech" is in private as opposed to his public position.
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 10/18/2015 11:14 AM
Peter Andrew Nolan

Tim, Why are you not concerned about the "human rights" abuses that have been inflicted on me, hmm?

You might start with getting me paid my unemployment benefit...especially since I paid in more than AUD1 M in taxes.

And I will remind you that until my compensation payments are in my swiss bank account where the criminals in the Australian and German governments can not steal from me the claimed state of war will remain in force in Australia.

Any man who commits an act of war on the land of Australia and is taken in to a POW situation will be released at the cessation of hostilities. may be pushing the NWO agenda of homosexuality with your little stunt about priests in schools etc.

But you might want to think about the fact there is a state of war in effect and that any man who commits an act of war and is taken in to a POW situation will be released..

I would argue that working to secure the peace is more important than whether priests talk in schools. The funny thing about wars is that they have a very bad habit of getting out of hand.

So I suggest you talk to all your pals in politics and discuss if and when you are going to give up these efforts to introduce the NWO agenda and work to secure the peace rather than work to promote war.

Best Regards

Peter Andrew Nolan.

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 10/18/2015 11:14 AM
Tim Wilson

Dear Peter,

I cannot look at issues that have not been bought to my attention. Official investigations have to be based on a complaint and violate a law. You can make a complaint to

The letter I sent to the NSW Education Department simply requested a review of formal complaints registered with the school chaplains program to see if there are any systemic issues.

Kind regards,

Tim Wilson

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 10/18/2015 11:14 AM
Peter Andrew Nolan

Hi Tim,

"I cannot look at issues that have not been bought to my attention."

May I ask you a question Tim?

Are you honestly going to try and tell me that your connections with members of parliament and the media are so poor you do not know who I am and what I have done?

I am kind of interested in your answer to that.

I would find it very difficult to believe that you have insulated yourself so much that you do not know who I am.

Everyone important in Australia knows who I am.

Indeed, Julie Bishop just used tax payer money to ask the German government to send police in to my home to harass me an threaten me with violence, kidnapping, and unlawful incarceration again.

Are you going to tell me that Julie Bishop gives such orders and does not tell you that she is committing such crimes given the human rights violation that kidnapping and unlawful incarceration is?

Just wondering.

Now. "bought to my attention".

If you would like you can read the following links.

Lawful notices sent to all members of the Australian Parliament in April 2011.

You can read the follow up Open Letters on this link. These have been sent to all members of parliament and all major media outlets in Australia. Everyone knows about these follow up letters.

On the following links you watch things like my claim into existence of a state of war in Australia.

Yes. There is now a state of war in effect on the land known as Australia which has been consented to by all members of both houses. (Did they really consent to this and NOT tell you?)

These men who are killing women in greater numbers this year will be released from any POW situation if their act of war occurred after June 1st 2015.

You can read the transcript of my court meeting with David Dunkley proving him to be a criminal and proving the family court system to be criminal in nature on this link.

On this link you can actually watch the video I took from inside the family law courts on 2009-11-26.

I am the only man in the world to do this.

This video proves the criminality of the family law courts. It also proves that human rights violations as defined by the UNs Universal Declaration of Human Rights that routinely take place in the Family Law Courts. Are you really telling me none of your politician pals showed you this video?

And yes.

I do know that the Commonwealth of Australia is not a signatory to the UNs Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

They somehow conveniantley never got around to that in the last 60 years. Just not important I guess. Too busy making speeches saying "Women MUST be respected" to adopt the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a document that will be given the standing of legislation in the Commonwealth of Australia.

As the man with the title...."Australian Human Rights Commissioner" I would have thought you might object at the fact that Australia has not signed on to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

You can read the full presentation of the case against my wife on this link. She is going to be prosecuted to the full extent of the will every member of both houses of parliament.

Further. You can read about my EIGHT YEARS of criminal abuse by the Irish Government on these links. Successive Foreign Ministers have refused to address my criminal abuse by the Irish Government.

And then you can go on to ready about my 4 years of criminal persecution in Germany, including being JAILED for 19 days in very poor conditions on these links.

Lastly. When I was working in Australia I was one of the top 3 people in the country in my job. I paid up to AUD96K in direct income taxes in my highest taxed year. I paid in more than AUD1 million in income taxes Tim.

And yet. While I have been criminally persecuted by the Australian, Irish, UK and German governments Marise Payne has refused to give me an income tax refund to the tune of the unemployment benefit. You can read about that on this link.

So. As the "Australian Human Rights Commissioner"? I would suggest that your FIRST port of call be the new Minister for Human Services Stuart Robert, and insist that he contact me and pay me an income tax refund equal to the unemployment benefit from April 1st 2012 until now. "On 21 September 2015, the Hon Stuart Robert MP was sworn in as Minister for Human Services."

Because I would argue that having paid in more than AUD 1 MILLION in to the "welfare" system I am entitled to the unemployment benefit. And I would argue that in the context of Australia the unemployment benefit is a "human right" in that it is needed to EAT!

I have had to borrow a great deal of money from friends to support myself, pay rent and buy food, while I have been denied my MANDATORY work permit and residency permit by the Irish Government since April 2012.

So. I would ask you to please contact Stuart Robert and insist that the payment of a mans unemployment benefit when he is being criminally abused by the Australian, Irish, UK, German Governments is a HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE which falls in your purview.

Apart from that?

You may wish to consider what all this evidence means to you and means to the people of Australia.

We have proven the government of Australia is a criminal cartel and we have declared war to get rid of these criminals.

Lastly. My colleague, Darrell Foote, has been held unlawfully for more than two years. He has been held without communication. You can read his case on this link.

This is a war crime. It is a gross violation of the Geneva Conventions on treatment of Prisoners of War to hold them without communication. Even prisoners in Guantanamo Bay get phone calls and letters.

For this war crime Kevin Rudd, and Tony Abbott are going to stand trial in front of a military tribunal with the ability to sentence them to be placed against a wall and shot.

And I rather think that is the decision the Military Tribunal will hand down.


You can see why I would find it very hard to believe that you have insulated yourself so much you are not aware that the Government of Australia has been publicly denounced as a criminal enterprise conducting an open war against the people of Australia to the extent they are kidnapping and incarcerating people for up to 2 years.

We even have a credible accusation of the NSW Police murdering a homeless man to cover up the torture of another man.

These are very, very serious crimes that we are talking about. And many people are going to die as we attempt to remove the criminals from the government, judiciary, armed services, police, law society, and prison services.


I will copy all this documentation to this email address.

"You can make a complaint to"

If you would like to speak to me I am peternolan9 on skype.

I would also tell you that I have every scrap of documentation generated by these 8 years of crimes against me scanned and available to be published. Much of it is already published.

There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide for the criminals in these areas.

Like cancer they have to be cut out and disposed of....and there will be some damage to the patient while we do this.

All members of parliament and the police were made offers to peacefully settle these matters in 2011 by forming their own courts to be personally overseen by me.

These proposed courts were the opportunity for the politicians and police and law society to prosecuted the criminals among their own and to swap sides and join "we the people" to remove criminals from their own ranks.

All parties chose not to accept this offer.

So "we the people" retain the right to convene juries in common law courts to prosecute these criminals. "We the people" also retain the right to declare war against our enemies within and to prosecute this war with all vigor necessary.

I think I have made my point Tim.

Like I said. Once you read some of this documentation? If you want to talk to me? peternolan9 on skype.

The most useful thing you can do right now is get me paid my unemployment benefit so that I can send that money directly to the men who loaned me money to pay my food and rent these last 4 years.

After all? Having paid in more than AUD 1 million in direct income taxes? I rather feel entitled to a bit of unemployment benefit. Would you agree?

You have to love facebook and the fact you wrote that letter scrolled past me on my timeline. Amazing.

Best Regards

Peter Andrew Nolan.

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 10/18/2015 11:15 AM
Peter Andrew Nolan

Hi Tim, when you talk to Stuart Robert? He should already know about me.

Best Regards


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 10/18/2015 11:15 AM
Tim Wilson

Hi Peter,

No one has mentioned your story to me.

Kind regards,Tim

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 10/18/2015 11:15 AM
Peter Andrew Nolan

Hi Tim,


I will take you at your word on that.


You now have before you proof positive that the entire Australian governmental system is criminal in nature.

I have been very severely criminally abused for 8 years for bringing this evidence forward.

As you would be well aware it is dangerous, in the extreme, to bring forth proof positive of criminal activities by governments....especially when governments have all the guns. I have been assaulted, cuffed, kidnapped, and jailed as a political prisoner for doing this sort of work Tim. As have my colleagues.

The central piece of evidence I have brought forward is the video recording of my court meeting and the paperwork that led up to that court meeting.

All this has been widely published and is on Crimes Against Fathers.

The video is linked on here.

You can see on that post I have challenged Troy Grant directly to answer my questions.

He blocked me.

As I said.

All members of both houses know who I am.

There is a great deal more evidence but the evidence I have collected is sufficient to remove all members of parliament from their office which is what is necessary.

All members of both houses have been kept fully informed of every step we have taken to attempt to peacefully re-introduce the rule of law.


The strategy we have devised in our efforts to re-introduce the rule of law can not be countered by the government. That is why we have adopted it.

The strategy is to claim in to existence a state of war on the land known as Australia and to tell men that any man who commits an act of war against an enumerated enemy combatant and is taken in to a POW situation will be released at the cessation of hostilities. Which he will be.

Any man who sacrifices his life in this declared state of war will be accorded the same status as a fallen ANZAC.

We are now on a war footing Tim.

All human rights are now suspended on the land known as Australia for the enumerated enemy combatants and we will observe the Geneva Conventions on warfare so much as we can.

However, should people who are representing the Australian government continue to commit war crimes we will give very serious consideration to suspending our observation of the Geneva Conventions on warfare.

I certainly hope it does not come to that.

We have made every effort to secure the re-introduction of the rule of law peacefully Tim.

You can see the volume of paperwork and emails that have been presented to all members and to the media and to the public over and over again.

I have been presenting information to the government since mid 2009. And to the Prime Minister and Attorney General since December 2009.

It is time for you to choose for yourself who you will ally yourself with.

If we are not successful?

The plan is Australia will be invaded by Indonesia as a proxy for china.

You only have to look around to know that efforts are afoot to create a much wider conflict than just the middle east and the Ukraine. Hence the influx of nearly 1 million military aged men in to Europe via the "refugee" scam.

We live in very serious times Tim.

It is time for very serious decisions to be made by very serious men.

The first help I would very much appreciate is to be paid my unemployment benefit so that I can repay those men who loaned me money before this conflict gets any worse.

Stuart Robert paying my unemployment benefit would be a good sign that at least one or two people in government are starting to think hard about their positions.

If you wish to further help me?

Discussions with Julie Bishop to secure my MANDATORY permanent residency of Ireland, as a minimum, would also be helpful in the extreme.

If I can gain my Irish Citizenship such that I have an Irish passport, as have done my former wife and children, that would be a very good result as I would be able to get back to work more easily here in Europe.

That is what I am asking for you to help me with. My unemployment benefit and securing paperwork such that I am not assaulted, cuffed, kidnapped and unlawfully jailed again by men who seem to think I am in Germany somehow "illegally".

I think you can see the sense in the two areas in which I am asking your for your help.

Best Regards

Peter Andrew Nolan

New Post
 10/18/2015 11:16 AM
Peter Andrew Nolan

Hi Tim,

facebook tells me you have read my message.

One more point I would make to you so that this situation is very clear to you.

On 2009-11-26 I walked in the Australian Federal Magistrates Court in Parrammatta.

The complete video from the time I started speaking is on the link below. ASIO is blocking this video in to Australia so you might have to view it via a proxy. The transcript is also linked but Transcript Australia routinely falsifies transcripts and they know it.

Now...One Paul LeLarge was the Registrar at the time.

I had spoken to Paul extensively two days earlier and presented him with paperwork I wanted delivered to David Dunkley and Louise Henderson (the two magistrates involved).

I went through this paperwork with Paul. He asked me if I would open the letters and show him that there was nothing untoward inside. So I opened both envelopes containing the documentation I wanted delivered and showed Paul it was just paper. I also took him through the lawful notice being presented to both David Dunkley and Louise Henderson.

Paul invited two federal officers to the court meeting. Their first names were Andrew and Christopher. They are clearly visible to my left rear. When Paul told me he had invited them I went over and introduced myself and told them that today I was here as a peacemaker and as an ANZAC determined to expose the criminality of David Dunkley.

I told them that I proposed to ask David Dunkley if he was serving under oath today on video. I questioned both officers on their understanding of the obligation for any public officer to acknowledge the oath they were serving under and repeating that oath if questioned on it by a member of the public.

Both officers acknowledged that they understood that if any public officer is queries on his oath that he must acknowledge that he is operating under oath, and if queried as to what that oath is must repeat the oath of office her is serving under.

Both officers admitted that they knew if someone was dressed in the part of a public officer and is NOT a public officer and pretends to be and repeats the oath they are committing the crime of impersonating a public officer.

Both officers agreed that if someone was dressed in the part of a public officer and when queried on their oath and refuses to deny they are a public officer and ALSO refuses to recite the oath then they are committing the crime of impersonating a public officer.

So I said to them that David Dunkley was certainly "dressing the part" in that he was going to impersonate a public officer, a magistate, while sitting at a bench in the Australian Federal Magistrates Court. He would be surrounded with public paid for staff and office equipment.

I put it to them....BUT David Dunkley is today acting as the captain of a ship and not as a magistrate. He is impersonating a magistrate. And I will ask him if he is serving under oath. I put it to them that if he refuses to acknowledge he is serving under oath or repeat his oath he is committing the crime of impersonating an officer.

Both agreed that if David Dunkley did not recite his oath then he was committing the crime of impersonating a public officer and both put forward the view that David would acknowledge and repeat his oath when challenged by me.

I asked both officers if they were serving under their oath as they sat there and as they would participate and they both confirmed they would be. So I told them that if David does not respond to my challenge of him serving under oath I expected them to live up to their oath of office and arrest him and take him in to custody and take him to a REAL magistrate for a bail hearing.

At this point both officers became very nervous and said that even if they saw David refuse to respond to his oath they would not arrest him. In their words. "There is no way I am arresting a sitting magistrate". I pointed out...."But he would not be a sitting magistrate, he would be a criminal pretending to be a sitting magistrate". To which the reply was along the lines of "Sure, enough, but we are still not going to arrest him."

So...on the video and in the transcript you can see that I challenge David Dunkley twice on this oath and I then read into the record that he is impersonating an officer.

I ended the video recording and put the video recorder back in to my bag. I then turned to where the officers had been sitting. They had run away like little girls.

Two big burly "Federal Police Officers" who where there for the purpose of attempting to intimidate me ran away like little girls Tim.

So. I have two federal police officers, about 12 other witnesses, who are clearly visible on the video including a class of children, the video itself, and the transcript, that show that I challenged David Dunkley as to whether he was acting under oath today and David refused to acknowledge that he was acting under that oath.

This is the crime of "impersonating a public officer".

What SHOULD have happened was the two feds should have immediately arrested him and taken him to a REAL Magistrate and repeated their EYE WITNESS TESTIMONY and the REAL Magisrate should have put David on a bail bond for later due processing.

Clearly, the fact that David Dunkley later wrote a "court order" to send 95% of the proceeds of MY HOUSE to Jennifer is a crime.

As the "Australian Commissioner of Human Rights" what is your position on stealing a mans house? Would you call that a "human rights violation"? I would.

Further. I want to make sure you have, and it is on record that you have it,the information about the package of documents.

Paul LeLarge told me right before the court meeting that he had PERSONALLY delivered my package of documents to both David Dunkley and Louise Henderson. PERSONALLY. He said to me "I give you my word that both David and Louise have the documents you asked me to give to them."

So...on Video....David Dunkley refuses to agree that I may enter HIS SHIP (court) with my inalienable rights in tact, specifically my property right. He claimed, on video, that if I do not enter his court, ABSENT his agreement that my inalienable rights are in tact, that he will proceed with the hearing "undefended".

He claimed this "undefended" status WHILE IN POSSESSION OF ALL DOCUMENTS OF DEFENSE.

Further, I had ANOTHER COPY of all documents in my bag and you can see on the video that I agreed numerous times over to come to the table and present my documents IF David would agree that I may board his ship/enter his court with ALL my inalienable rights in tact.

You can see, on video, Davids refusal to agree because the deception and justification for courts stealing from people is that they have to VOLUNTARILY waive their inalienable rights by boarding the ship/entering the court when called.

So, you see Tim. This video, and the events leading up to it and the events subsequent prove, beyond all doubt, that the legal system in Australia is criminal in nature and based on lies and deception.

And the fact that the Prime Minister and Attorney General, followed by all members of parliament, thousands of police, all members of the law society etc have allowed this crime to stand when it is on video and in the full view of the public PROVES that they know about these lies and deceptions of the legal system.

The course is set in Australia for a major confrontation in which many people will lose their lives.

The government and their stooges have made their decision that they will use deadly force to retain the criminal enslavement of the people who live on the land known as Australia.

And so...the only possible way of dealing with these criminals is by the use of deadly force.

Now...if some saner heads would prevail in the circles of the criminals in the government? The number of dead people might be somewhat reduced.

So feel free to ask your colleagues in politics, the law society, the judiciary, the media, the police and defense why it was they did not tell you about what they were up to. Because they have really "dropped you in the shit" as we so eloquently say in Australia, right?

Whether you like it or will be perceived to be part of the criminal cartel.

And if we are successful you will be prosecuted just like all the other criminals will be prosecuted.

Given the evidence before you now? You have to choose a side. Because sitting on the fence and remaining silent will be taken as supporting the criminals in government.

And as I say...I have a record of this conversation that can not be deleted by Facebook.

I keep records of everything. I am kind of "anal retentive" about things like that Tim.

I wish you luck in your deliberations as to what you will do.

Best Regards

Peter Andrew Nolan

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 10/18/2015 11:16 AM
Peter Andrew Nolan

Hi Tim, you have had a few days to go over my case and establish for yourself the facts of the matter.

As the Australian Commission for Human Rights I would be interested in your opinion as to the rather lengthy 7 year criminal victimisation I have been subjected to by the Australian criminal governmental system and the fact that there seems no peaceful path to justice available and that a state of war has been declared.

I mean...this is bang smack in the middle of your job that you take public money to perform, right?

Best Regards


New Post
 10/18/2015 11:16 AM
Tim Wilson

Without seeing hard documents I can't judge. And I have no capacity to deal with such situations. Only courts have that power.

New Post
 10/18/2015 11:17 AM
Peter Andrew Nolan

Hi Tim, the transcript from my court meeting PROVES the criminality of David Dunkley.

He committed the crime, on video, of impersonating a public officer and he did it in front of two federal police officers who were informed this was the expected result.

This is why the two officers fled the scene of the crime.

Here is both the video evidence and the transcript. Is that hard enough evidence for you?

I mean you (and the ENTIRE MEMBERSHIP OF BOTH HOUSES) have been presented PROOF ON VIDEO of the criminality of David Dunkley and, by extenstion, the entire law society.

And every single member of both houses of parliament were sent links to the video in 2011.

Justin Dowd, my criminal family law lawyer, was promoted to president of the NSW Law Society for his willingness to publicly criminally victimise me.

Are you really going to try on "I have not seen enough evidence"?

You recently tried on "No one has told me about this".

Well? You have been given IRREFUTABLE PROOF of the criminality of the entire governmental system. A system in which you participate and for which you will be held equally accountable in a court of law....OUR courts of law.

Now, Tim.

I risked my life to get that evidence.

I flew from London to Sydney return to get that evidence.

Are you REALLY going to try to ignore it when I can publish the fact you did that if you do?

Here are the Lawful Notices that were served on all police and all members of both houses in 2011.

Notice that the lawful notice for the police has had TWELVE THOUSAND VIEWS.

Are you REALLY going to try and say "gee, not enough people have seen this yet"?

Notice the Lawful Notice to all members of BOTH HOUSES has had 5600+ views.

And notice the continued emails to ALL MEMBERS for a period of FOUR YEARS.

And notice that the cases have been prepared in the case registry.


The time has come to start killing people in acts of war. EIGHT YEARS of me being criminally persecuted with the full consent of both houses of the Austalian Parliament is more than enough evidence of their criminality.

As the Austalian Commissioner for Human Rights?

You might want to get off your arse and actually do the job you are being paid to do so that the suspension of all human rights for all enumerated enemy combatants is as short as possible. You might like to do your part to make sured as few people as possible need to be killed in acts of war to defeat the criminals in the government and our criminal women who have allied themselves with these criminals in government.

Or not. If you do not want to do your job? Just resign. Let someone else do your job if you do not have what it takes.

There have been 64 women killed in Australia this year....and a lot more will be killed yet. Especially as men learn that they will be released at the cessation of hostilities even if they kill people outright at the current point in time.

And. Of course. No one cares about the men being murdered by proxy in the family law courts.

My documents prove there is no peaceful path to justice for men who are criminally victimised by the Australian courts Tim. And that makes killing people lawful. That makes suspending all human rights lawful.


I suggest you choose if you are going to ally yourself with criminals, as you are percieved to be doing today, or whether you will jump from the sinking ship.

No courts in Australia are courts of law. And all members of the law society are criminals.

Things are very, very serious.

You are welcome to go through the links below as well at your lesure.

I have risked my life, put in over AUD1 million, and more than 6,000 unpaid and I have been criminally persecuted for 8 years.

Saying something like "Only courts have that power" is not going to wash with men like me.

After all? The courts are PUBLIC SERVANTS and they are DELEGATE responsibility.

We are taking that responsibility back and we are going to run our own courts.

You are a public servant, paid for out of tax payer money.

You might want to start EARNING YOUR KEEP.

I have done all this work UN-PAID. Indeed, PERSECUTED.


You can attempt to delay my path to justice as much as you like.

But you can rest assured, you, and all your other criminal pals will stand trial.

I do not believe you are going to be able to subjugate the entire Australian population by fource. And any effort to do so will result in us pointing to you politicians and telling men "those are the guys you need to go kill right now". We will not tolerate any attempt to kill any significant number of Australians.

You want hard evidence...go through these links and talk to the senior political figures in Australia.

Read the documentation in CAF.

Everything is very, very, VERY well documented.

Best Regards

Peter Andrew Nolan.

New Post
 10/18/2015 11:17 AM
Peter Andrew Nolan

I posted this on Malcolm Turnbulls page.

Since I mentioned you I am doing you the courtesy of letting you know I mentioned you.

"Every religion, every faith, every moral doctrine understands the golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. "

Malcolm Turnbull.

You and all your colleagues have been informed of the criminal acts being perpetrated in the family law courts.

For people new to this conversation you can see the proof on this link.

You lead a government that is criminal.

You lead a government that steals the children of men, steals their houses, destroys their businesses. And in many cases drives men to suicide.

You have been well informed of the crimes of your government and you do nothing.

And this is exactly why we have claimed into existence a state of war on the land known as Australia.

This state of war will continue on the land known as Australian at LEAST until my compensation payments for the crimes that have been committed against me have arrived in my swiss bank account where it can not be stolen by you and your criminal colleagues.

Any man who commits an act of war on the land known as Australia who is taken in to a POW situation will be released at the cessation of hostilities.

If that means some men who are "violent radical islamist jihadis" must be released in the future because their acts of war will be covered by this statement then so be it.

You can not commit act of war against your own people and then complain when someone else commits an act of war.

Either ALL Australians have the equal protection of the law or NO AUSTRALIANS have the protection of the law.

And right now NO AUSTRALIANS have the protection of the law.....most especially all you politicians, members of the law society, and members of the criminal police forces.

I believe I have made myself very clear in my open letter and in all the works I have published.

And I believe Is also now well lets see what he says about this situation where all human rights have been suspended on the land known as Australia during this openly declared and publicly declared state of war.

New Post
 10/18/2015 11:18 AM
Peter Andrew Nolan

Hi Tim, so...

You now have in front of you proof irrefutable of the criminal nature of the entire governmental system in Australia.

Right from the Prime Minister on down they are criminal in nature, not incompetent.

You have had the entire weekend to peruse this information that I have spent eight years accumulating so that no one could question the veracity of the evidence I brought forth.

Eight years in which I have been endlessly criminally victimised by up to 4 national governments including assault, kidnapping and unlawful incarceration.

As according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which Australia is not a signatory by the way, my "human rights" have been violated by governments almost endlessly. Up to and including my children being kidnapped, my house being stolen, my business being destroyed, my right to work being violated and even being unlawfully incarcerated.

The evidence is all there right in front of you whether you wish to read it or not.

Further, Darrell Foote remains unlawfully incarcerated in Adelaide for which those responsible will face military tribunals for their war crimes.

You said you needed solid documentation.

Now you have had it for a weekend.

Care to make comment as to your opinion of all this as the man who is being paid to occupy the public office of "Commissioner for Human Rights"?

Please remember since you are serving in a public office at the tax payers expense anything you say while serving in that office the public has the right to know.

You will be publicly judged based on your responses to me. Ok?

Best Regards

Peter Andrew Nolan

New Post
 10/18/2015 11:25 AM

And now I would like you to take a real close look at this next image.

Yes. You are seeing that correctly.

Tim Wilson. Who is taking TAX PAYER MONEY to be the "Commission for Human Rights" in Australia, in the public, proudly pronounces how he supports religious freedom and free speech.

While at the SAME TIME claims to have never heard of me and my cases. And when presented with the case of Darrell Foote, who has been incarcerated unlawfully for 2 years without communication, which is a RATHER OBVIOUS human rights violation what does Tim Wilson do?

He blocks my facebook profile from sending him a message.

That is THIS MANS idea of "free speech".

I think it is time Australia had a new "Human Rights Commissioner".....don't you?

So then I sent him this message from another facebook profile I have.

New Post
 10/18/2015 11:25 AM

Really Tim?

You are talking about freedom of speech and yet you block me from sending messages to you?


I wonder what all your friends are going to say about THAT level of hypocrisy.

I was going to give you a bit more time to respond to me.

However, in my opinion, your choice to block me from sending you private IMs is ample evidence you have made your choice to remain a member of the criminal cartel of the government.

I will be making our conversation public. And I will be pointing out that while you claim to promote "free speech" in public that in private you block messages from me, a man who has handed you a great deal of evidence of the criminality of your colleagues.

Do you hear that sound Tim?

That is the sound of your "public service career" ending.

Best Regards

Peter Andrew Nolan.

This is the message I tried to send you from my other profile.

Hi Tim,

"Wonderful to be in Bendigo to talk religious freedom and free speech ..."

Funny how you are talking about free speech....and yet block me from making comment in your page.


You do realise that Crimes Against Fathers gets 300,000 hits a month and if I choose to put the fact you promote "free speech" while blocking my comments on your page that this will be found by google and displayed, right?

You do realise that CAF is a tool by which I can expose widely those who are criminals, liars and hypocrites, right?

So you spent a day in Bendigo talking about "religious freedom and free speech"...but you have no comment about Darrell Foote being unlawfully incarcerated for 2 years without communication?


Would you care to explain your priorities to me?


You claimed you never heard of me and my cases.


Now you have.

And I have the ability to make our conversation public or not.

I have the ability to disseminate our conversation to all members of parliament, all the media, and to thousands on thousands of Australians who are very interested in finding out who are the criminals and who are the honest men in the Australian governmental system.

Sad to say we are sadly short on honest men in the government today.

Stuart Robert has made his position clear. He is going to attempt to continue to criminally persecute me by refusing to give me a refund on my income taxes to the value of the unemployment benefit.

I will be making his position public in a little while.

Best Regards

Peter Andrew Nolan

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