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 7/4/2013 12:50 PM
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This open letter is published on this link. So you can pass this link around.

This open letter is being sent to the members of these groups where we have an email address for the person.:
  1. Members of the Australian Parliament
  2. Senators of the Australian Parliament
  3. Cabinet and Members of the Northern Territory Government
  4. Premier of Western Australia Cabinet Ministers and Members
  5. Members of the Queensland Parliament
  6. Australian Newspapers

If anyone has email lists out there that they would like to add to such mailouts? We would be very pleased to be passed valid email addresses so as to be able to publish criminal acts of our servants in government employment. Exposing criminality among our servants in government is the duty of every man in Australia in my humble opinion.

1. Darrel of the Foote Family

Gentlemen and Ladies,
In a blatant example of just how criminal our servants in government employment have become, my client, Darrell of the Foote family who lives on the land common known as South Australia has been kidnapped and is currently unlawfully incarcerated.

I have sent a Lawful Notice to the manager of James Nash House which is where Darrell is unlawfully incarcerated. You can click on the link to this notice here.

Ken has responded that he is in possession of this Lawful Notice. However Ken did not immediately release Darrell as he was advised to do. So when we put Ken on trial for this crime of kidnapping and unlawful incarceration we will tell the jury that when Ken was informed in writing of his crime he decided to commit a bit more of it and then try and get away with it. I am pretty sure that the 12 men on the jury will take a very dim view of Kens intransigence on this matter.

Today I have completed the paperwork to perform an emergency Strawman Recapture process for Darrell. If any of you want to find out what this is then you can click here.

I have proven that the Strawman Recapture process is required to be recognised by the criminal cartel also known as "the law society" in Australia. The Strawman Recapture process was consented to by Kevin Rudd and Robert McClelland in 2009.

I am putting all parties on notice, here and now, that I am performing this process on behalf of Darrell of the Foote family as a matter of great urgency. Following this process it will be provable in a court of law that Ken O'Brien never, at any stage, had any lawful basis on which to incarcerate Darrell Foote, let alone inject him with substances unknown against Darrells expressed non consent.

Gentlemen and Ladies,
That you are all partaking in crimes as part of a criminal cartel has now been well established. The very fact that not one single one of you has objected to me labelling you criminals in April 2011 indicates that you are perfectly happy to be labelled the criminals you chose to be. However, going as far as to grab people from their homes and throw them into "mental health facilities" and shoot them up with substances unknown is the stuff of communist Russia and communist China.

This is what you people in politics think you should be doing with our Tax dollars? Really? Please let me refresh your memory of the Lawful Notices I served on all members of the Federal Parliament more than two years ago. Try clicking here.

Our Crimes Against Fathers site is very hot now. We have even had a month with 11,000 unique IP addresses and 124,000 page views. You politicians should be in no doubt that word is getting out to a wide audience about your criminal nature and the fact you have been trying to get away with your crimes having had them clearly explained to you more than two years ago.

In particular more and more people are coming to realise that my court video of 2009-11-26 where I PROVED David Dunkley committed the crime of impersonating a public officer, namely a magistrate, is the most damning piece of evidence there is as to your criminality. When I tell people this video was served on Kevin Rudd and Robert McClelland in December 2009 and nothing was done about it? Those people "get it".

That ASIO has been spending time and money suppressing that video into Australia has also woken many people up to the criminality of you politicians. Here is the link again that I believe is also now blocked in to Australia. You politicians do not like your criminal buddies in the legal fraternity being exposed as the criminals they are, do you. Go ahead. Try clicking here.

Now you politicians are condoning grabbing men who expose you as the criminals you are, throwing them into "mental health facilities" and shooting them up with drugs? What sort of idiots to you take men like me for? Do you really think we are going to tolerate this? The stuff of Communist China and Russia?

Even as I type men are arming themselves in Australia because it is very clear to many men that you politicians are criminals who do not intend to stop committing your crimes. If you criminal politicians do not halt committing your crimes and do not make the remedy instructions from the jury trials you are about to be invited to come to? There is a very real prospect that these men will "do unto you" as you politicians have been so want to do to them. Namely use force and violence to cause injury, harm and loss. That is what you politicians have been doing for a LONG TIME now. So claims that "no violence should be used" will fall on the deaf ears of men like me who have been violently assaulted by gorillas you like to call your police FORCE. If violence is not supposed to be allowed? Why do you call them a police FORCE? Eh?

Men like me have been patient in the EXTREME. The very fact Kevin Rudd and Robert McClelland were served copies of my court video in December 2009 and we are now in July 2013 demonstrates to everyone that we have had the patience of Job. It also indicates to everyone that you politicians are trying to provoke a violent response so that you can paint those who oppose you to be "domestic terrorists". It's not going to work because the fact you know you are criminals has been so widely disseminated that your "domestic terrorist" propaganda is not going to work with honest men of honour and integrity. Characteristics you politicians know nothing about by the way.

We have worked to create a new set of courts with honest men of honour and integrity as jury members so we can put you criminal politicians on trial. However, your intransigence and continued criminal victimisation of men while simultaneously refusing to even acknowledge the fact we have denounced you all as criminals is wearing some men's patience a bit thin.

We have not claimed a state of war into existence in Australia as we have in Ireland. But I would advise you politicians to not try pushing your luck by continuing to commit criminal acts in the full view of the public in an attempt to provoke a violent response. There will be no violent response until such time as we claim into existence a state of war. We are going to give you every chance, in the full view of the public, to defend yourselves against our accusations you are criminals in courts of law. You will be invited to your jury trials professionally and politely.

But we all know the step after the jury box is the ammunition box. Those men who are arming themselves have had it explained to them VERY clearly who the REAL culprits are.

The REAL culprits are you politicians who like to do things like have innocent men thrown in "mental health facilities" and shooting them up with substances unknown as is happening as I type with my client Darrell of the family Foote. 

My recommendation to you politicians is to give up and not attempt to incite a civil war in Australia. Because if you incite a civil war? The first targets of opportunity have been clearly explained to many men now. Men will not be foolish enough to engage with your brainwashed gorillas in the police and the armed services. They will head directly for the REAL culprits. You politicians. You will have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide should you continue to commit crimes in a concerted effort to provoke a violent response.

So. My advice to you all is this. Admit your crimes, cease and desist committing more of them, beg forgiveness, make remedy, and let us manage a peaceful transition to honest men of honour and integrity to be the politicians of the future.

That is my advice to you all.  You are very well advised to take it.

2. NSW Police Deputy Commissioner
Catherine Burn

Now. Just to let you all know exactly HOW criminal your police are? Let me introduce you to NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn. Man hater.

Catherine Burn has been informed in writing of the crimes that David Dunkley and Louise Henderson have committed. Indeed the evidence of these crimes was posted to the NSW Police Facebook. The evidence was then promptly removed and I was banned off the NSW Police Facebook for posting evidence of crimes and evidence of sexism, discrimination and man hatred being promote by the NSW Police. Many of my colleagues were also banned and had their comments removed.

Where do the NSW Police get off? Banning the very people who pay their salaries for pointing out crimes they refuse to investigate? Really? This is how bad it has become.

Since Catherine Burn was trying to project the lie as to how good a police officer she was I decided to wander over to her facebook and let tell her and all the facebook friends just what a bunch of criminals the Police are.

I also pointed out that I have served a Lawful Notice on the Wagga Wagga Police of an allegation of child sexual abuse by one Suzanne Toal against her father, one Bill Toal. Bill Toal has proven himself to be a criminal of late so the accusation of child sexual abuse came to have merit.

The Wagga Wagga police refused to investigate this allegation of child sexual abuse. I asked Catherine why it might be that she allows her officers to refuse to investigate allegations of child sexual abuse. What did Catherine do? She removed the Lawful Notice from her Facebook claiming that it might be "prejudicial" to Bill Toal.

So I put it to her that according to her it is perfectly ok that a national icon like Rolf Harris is being accused all over the media, but me pointing out that I have reported an allegation of a crime that has been refused to be investigated by her officers on her facebook with 474 likes is somehow "prejudicial". Really?

I could not make this garbage up if I tried to write bad novel. How many media frenzies have we seen in Australia over the last 10 or 20 years over men alleged to have abused some woman or other? MANY.

These media frenzies ALL take place before any jury trial. The presumption of innocence has been thrown out the window by women just like Catherine Burn. But when a man like me, someone who is calling the police the criminals they are, repeats an allegation of child sexual abuse it is suddenly "prejudicial" to appear on one facebook with 474 likes. Yeah. Right. Like any man with a brain in his head would believe that!

And since Catherine Burn has had the video of David Dunkley presented to her as well as the evidence of the theft of my house presented to her, why is she not having these alleged crimes investigated? She will have her officers investigate the allegation by a woman that a man stole her handbag. But she will not investigate the PROVEN ALLEGATION that woman stole a mans HOUSE?

I guess we can all see what a man hater and a female supremacist Catherine Burn is, right? Anyone who would like to check up on the truth of this story? Please feel free to go over here and check it out.

Now. I put the Lawful Notice repeating Suzanne Toals allegation of child sexual abuse exactly where it should be put. On to the fax machine of the Wagga Wagga police station. It was up to the duty officer to make sure that the allegation was passed to the appropriate officers to go and investigate. They refused to do so. For anyone who wants to read this Lawful Notice you can click here. You can see the fax receipt in the CAF entry.

Catherine Burn claims that in the face of her officers refusing to investigate this allegation that posting the same evidence on her facebook may be "prejudicial". Well? Maybe I would not have posted it to her facebook if her officers were DOING THE JOB THEY WERE PAID TO DO rather than being the bunch of criminals they have chosen to be, eh?

So I made a video of this. Bill Toals son, Michael Toal, who really IS mentally unstable and really DOES belong in a mental health facility, decided that he wanted that video taken down from You Tube. It seems that he does not like the idea of his father being accused of child sexual abuse by his sister.

So I put the video back up on my company site where Michael Toal can not get the criminals over at You Tube to suppress the evidence of a crime. Here is the video of me reading the Lawful Notice of the allegation of child sexual abuse by Suzanne Toal against Bill Toal into the public domain. Bill Toal Video 

If Michael Toal has a problem with me repeating the allegation of Suzanne Toal of child sexual abuse by her father? Then maybe the time for Michael Toal to ensure his family was not a bunch of criminals was long ago, right? I will also mention that Michael Toal is accused of being a long term ASIO asset, accused of war crimes in Afghanistan, and is currently collaborating with other criminals by the names of Chris Roubis and Chris Merrett in a slander campaign against me that has lasted more than two years now. This is ANOTHER crime that the police officers in NSW and Victoria seem to not want to investigate. Hhhmmm?

That the Police refuse to investigate such crimes? What the hell are we PAYING these people for? They most certainly are not doing the job they are being PAID to do so they should have their payments taken from them based on fraud.

Lastly. The very fact that the Lawful Notice I created for Police Officers of Australia has now had 6,200+ views and has been plastered all over the NSW Police facebook for more than TWO YEARS and NOT ONE POLICE OFFICER has contacted me to establish the FACTS OF THE MATTER demonstrates to all us Australians what a bunch of criminals our police are.

There is no excuse for their behaviour. They are a disgrace. Every last one of them. Just like Catherine Burn is a disgrace. If you have not taken the time to review that lawful notice to police? I recommend you click here.

I have gone to a great deal of trouble to present the crimes of such people as David Dunkley and Louise Henderson to politicians and police alike. That not even ONE of you has bothered to speak back to me for more than THREE YEARS shows every man in the country just exactly what a bunch of criminals politicians and police are in the face of having crimes reported to them.

It shows what a JOKE you people are. It shows there is no path to justice POSSIBLE for men when talking to you criminal politicians, police and members of the legal fraternity. I pity the fools who keep talking to you criminals thinking that you might actually be there to help. What fools those people are in the face of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

I wonder. Are your parents are proud of you? I agree with Alan Jones. If I were Julia Gillards father I would have died of shame too. If I were the father of ANY of you politicians I would deeply regret bringing you in to the world. None of you are doing anything to make the world a better place. You are inciting division, hatred, violence and social chaos so as to feather your own nests.

I know it. You know it. Your parents know it.

And soon your children will know it too.

What are you going to tell your children when you are found guilty at the jury trials you are about to face? Hmmm?
3. All comments welcome

Thanks for reading. I am sure that those who are in the general public who read this will be very shocked that you politicians have been trying to suppress the evidence of your crimes for some years now.

Best regards

Your brother peter/joschua
Mens Business Association
Re-introducing the rule of Law to Australia and Ireland
despite the opposition of our politicians.
If you would like to have a friend added to these mailouts to our politicians and media please suggest they write to

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