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 5/9/2013 1:09 AM
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To:  ####EmailSalutation####,

This Open Letter is published on this link. Please pass this link to as many people as you can:

It is read into the public record on this You Tube video.: E03 - Open Letter to Australians 

This Open Letter is intended to be presented to the following groups in Australia:
  • All members of both houses of federal parliament.
  • All members of each state parliament.
  • All members of the Australian Federal Police.
  • All members of state police forces.
  • All members of the so called "Law Society".
  • All employers of men.
  • All men who are employed.
  • All fathers who wish to defend their children and grand children from the criminals in the government.

If you have a personal email list? I ask that you please pass this Open Letter along.

Item 01 - The Criminality of the Australian Governmental System

Ladies and Gentlemen,
for those of you who do not know me I have two callings. Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c) and Joschua-Brandon: Boehm(c).

I was born in Australia with the calling Nolan. I now live in Germany and have adopted the calling of my German ancestors and adopted a German name to fit in better to my new homeland.

If you would like to know a little about me before reading this Open Letter you are welcome to watch these videos from my you tube channel.

A01 - Introduction
A02 - The Awakening

In 2008 I became aware that the entire governmental system implemented in Australia is a criminal cartel masquerading as "protecting us and serving us".  Most people do not accept this is the case and dismiss such a statement out of hand.

The criminality of the Australian governmental systems is why I am issuing this Open Letter to the Australian People.

Albert Einstein has something to say to you if you dismiss the FACT that the entire governmental system in Australia is a criminal cartel.

"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance".

Many Australian men dismiss this FACT out of hand. Many more actually turn around and attack the messenger, me, for bringing this news to them. These men are a disgrace. They are wilfully ignorant on this point.  I am quite willing to say so in my own name in the public.

If you have doubts as to the criminality of the Australian governmental systems? I have released two books on this topic. You can watch the podcasts or read the books on the links below. Please remember that the information in these two books was very hard won. Many men went to jail to figure out how to deal with these criminals. We even have one allegation of a cold blooded murder by NSW Police to cover up the torture of one of our colleagues. This allegation of murder has been suppressed for more than six years by the NSW Police.

We are not making an "allegation" that the entire governmental system of Australia is a criminal cartel. We are stating it as a PROVEN FACT. These are two very different things. I have even risked my life to bring VIDEO EVIDENCE out of the Australian Federal Magistrates Court to PROVE the criminality of the Magistrate and the legal fraternity. I have been prepared to suffer the blatant theft of my house to PROVE the criminality of the governmental system of Australia.

You ridicule me and ignore me at your own risk and the risk of your children and grand children.

Here are the books that index the evidence quite well.

The Truth Be Told Video
The Truth Be Told Book
Living Free in the FemNazi World Video
Living Free in the Femnazi World Book

To learn about what is really happening in Australia you might also like to watch the videos below. These are notices that were served on ALL members of both houses of federal parliament and ALL members of the NSW Parliament that we could find email addresses for. We also served notices on many police officers as well as providing notices for fathers who are employees and employers.

I would recommend you take the time to view some of these. When you view these you will realise that your politicians have been served the PROOF of the criminality of the judiciary more than TWO YEARS AGO and they did nothing about it thereby becoming accessories to these crimes.

The PROOF of the criminality of David Dunkley, criminally pretending to be a Magistrate on 2009-11-26, was presented to Kevin Rudd and Robert McClelland in December 2009. The FACT that the Prime Minister and Attorney General suppressed the evidence of a serious crime and have done so for THREE AND A HALF YEARS is irrefutable proof that the criminality of the guvment goes right to the office of Prime Minister.

Here are notices that have been recently reloaded to my video channel.

A06 - LN20110404 Lawful Notice For Federal Members
A06 - LN20110404 Lawful Notice For NSW Members
A06 - LN2011032201 Police of Australia
A07 - LN20110411 Lawful Notice For Employers
A07 - LN20110411 Lawful Notice For Fathers

If you would like to read the documents that have been served on these criminals you can go to this link.
Selection of Lawful Notices Served In Australia

You might like to visit this link which is the lawful notice to the Australian Police.
Lawful Notice to Peace Officers of Australia

You will notice that this entry has had more than 5,800 views now.

You will see that the Lawful Notice to Police was posted to the facebook of the NSW Police and that the NSW Police have removed it. Indeed the NSW Police have removed evidence of crimes posted to their facebook and have refused to follow up on crimes reported to them. These include such crimes as Louise Henderson, also committing the crime of impersonating a Magistrate, and David Dunkley stealing my house.

You, as an Australian, would do well to wonder why the NSW Police, which mostly consists of MEN, would fail to investigate irrefutable PROOF that two people were impersonating magistrates and had colluded to steal a mans house. After all? Many police officers are ALSO victims of the family law criminal cartel. The men in the NSW Police must really come from the least intelligent men in the country because they are willing to victimise other police officers and other men just to be "right" about being criminally victimised themselves. Not very smart.

Police officers are not well paid. Once a police officer goes though the family courts criminal cartel he is essentially reduced to slavery via the extortionate payments called "spousal support" and "child support". Not even police officers want to learn that spousal support and child support are voluntary payments. Again. Not very smart.

Further. The NSW Police officially participated in the HATE CAMPAIGN AGAINST MEN called "The White Ribbon Campaign". This is a HATE CAMPAIGN AGAINST MEN because while explicitly saying "no to violence against women" it is completely silent on the idea of violence against MEN. When my colleagues and I denounced the NSW Police, a predominantly MALE organisation, for running a hate campaign against MEN on their facebook our posts were removed and we were banned.

You, as an Australian, would do well to wonder why the NSW Police have become judge, jury and censors of the posts of the very people who pay their salaries. You, as an Australian, would do well to wonder why the NSW Police did NOT ENGAGE IN DIALOGUE over the issues raised by the MANY men who went and posted on the facebook denouncing the HATE CAMPAIGN AGAINST MEN  that the NSW Police were engaging in.

This is especially so given that NSW Police claim to be UNDER ORDERS to use MASSIVE FORCE AND THE ELEMENT OF SURPRISE to arrest men even on FALSE DV allegations.

Indeed, in NSW it does not even take an ALLEGATION of violence for police to use MASSIVE FORCE AND VIOLENCE against a man in a DV situation. All it takes is for the woman to CLAIM she is "fearful". Even if that claim is ADMITTED to be false in the presence of the arresting officers they will STILL use force and violence in arresting the man. This has been the case since 1997 to my certain knowledge since I was the victim of a false claim of my wife being "fearful" at that time.

Indeed. When I requested a copy of the legislation that claims to order MASSIVE FORCE AND VIOLENCE against men in DV calls from my family law lawyer, Justin Dowd, at Watts McCray in Sydney in 2009, he charged me AUD500 to "research" a piece of legislation that was used to perform 22,000 arrests in 2008. Justin Dowd is now the President of the NSW Law Society. He is also a criminal.

Justin Dowd asked me what I was going to do with the copy of this piece of legislation. I told him I was going to post it to my web site and make it public. He then REFUSED to hand it over to me. So I demanded my money back. Guess what, dear reader. Justin Dowd, a low life lawyer, actually handed my AUD500 back rather than pass me a copy of the alleged LEGISLATION from the NSW Parliament MANDATING MASSIVE FORCE AND VIOLENCE against men in DV calls. Why would that be, eh? We all know how lawyers LOVE MONEY.

Could it be that such legislation never existed and ALL MEN who have been assaulted in DV calls therefore have a personal complaint against the arresting officers? I have never seen a copy of this legislation despite being willing to pay a lawyer AUD500 for him to present me with a copy. Why is that?

And what about the sexism and discrimination of the NSW Police Force? A Force of 17,000 people that say "no violence against women ever" while also claiming the right to MANDATORY VIOLENCE AND FORCE AGAINST MEN no matter WHAT they find when they arrive at the scene? How about THAT for criminal sexism and discrimination!

We are yet to see anyone produce this alleged legislation from the NSW Parliament that allegedly claims the right to MANDATORY VIOLENCE AND FORCE AGAINST MEN. The very fact, dear reader, that the NSW Police Force and the NSW Parliament has NOT been forthcoming with this alleged legislation should disturb you greatly since 22,000 arrests are made according to this un-produced legislation each year in NSW alone.

THIS is how criminal the governmental systems in Australia are. 22,000 men are attacked and assaulted in their homes each year by nazi thug criminals called "police" alleging they have the right to do this based on legislation that they have been unable or unwilling to produce a copy of for THREE YEARS.

There is a name for this. It is called "a police state". Australia is a police state by any aspect you care to measure. The fact that Australians are so asleep they don't KNOW they are in a police state is just like the old frog in warm water analogy. If you heat the water slowly the frog will never jump out. That is what is happening in Australia. The police state is being introduced slowly so that people do not wake up. Not even the unlawful Carbon tax woke up many Australians to the criminal nature of the governmental system.

From this point on. Those who claim that they do not know the governmental systems in Australia are a criminal cartel will simply be dismissed as ignorant on this point and ignored. There is more than enough evidence presented by myself and my colleagues that has proven the criminality of the governmental systems. We will not waste our time on those who refuse to educate themselves any more.

Item 02 - What Are We Doing to Re-Introduce the Rule of Law to Australia

This section contains a little background since many readers of this Open Letter will never have been exposed to the criminality of the Australian governmental systems before.

In June 2008 I made a vow to re-introduce the rule of law into Australia so as to defend the people of Australia from enemies both foreign and domestic. One of the driving forces behind making this vow was my step grandfather, one Frank Trainor. Both my grand fathers died when I was very young and I did not know them well. That is how it used to be. Men used to die young because of their very hard working lives.

My mothers mother remarried when I was 12. We were asked to call Frank "Uncle Frank". Frank Trainor was only in my life for a short 6 years from 12 to 18. He died soon after my 18th birthday. But to say we "got along like a house on fire" would be an understatement. Frank was very tolerant of me as a "chatty kid" and he was prepared to spend hours and hours with me talking to me, answering questions, sharing his views of the world. I actually volunteered to mow my grand mothers lawns so I could get to spend more time with "Uncle Frank".

Then one day, when I was about 14 or 15, I can't remember exactly when, he sat me down and asked to talk to me. I said sure. He then proceeded to tell me about his wartime experience. He was a digger who fought clear across South East Asia in WW II. He did not tell me these stories as "glamorous". Indeed, it was very hard for him to repeat these stories and to repeat what he had seen. He had to stop numerous times to dry his eyes or blow his nose as he was very clearly reliving the experiences.

At one point in time he looked me in the eye and said "Peter, when you see shit like that, it really f***s you up." But he had a point to make and he made it, as hard as it was.

If I were to paraphrase the whole conversation it would be like this.

"Peter. I am here. I am one of the lucky ones. I have had a good life. As good as a man can ask for.

But many of my mates didn't. Many of them gave their lives for you, for your dad, for your mum, for your brothers. For your whole family.

That you live in freedom and not in Japanese occupation is the result, and only the result, of those brave young lads who never came back. They gave their lives for you and yours. They are the real heros. Not me.

So long as you live? I want you to remember what I have told you. I want you to remember the debt you owe these men. They did not know your mum or your dad. But they gave their lives fighting valiantly to protect them when your mum and dad were just kids.

And Peter. If ever there is a need for you to step up to the crease and take on those who would kill and conquer Australians? You must not let those men die in vain. You must not dis-honour those men. They died so you could have the good life I hope you will have. It is not I who was a hero in that war. The real heros are the men you never met. It is not my message I bring to you. It is their message.

You must do your bit with the same courage and conviction those young men did their bit."

This is the message a digger from the jungles of South East Asia brought to me in 1978 or so when he was 61 and I was about 14.

This is the message I present to the Australian people today, in 2013, when I am 49. This message comes to you from the battlefields of WW II where the enemy was known and understood. A battlefield where young Australian men fought and died so as to protect and defend children they would never meet. To give opportunities to people who were not even born, like me.

You ignore Frank Trainors message at the peril of your children and grand children.

As I have presented the evidence for above, we have a new enemy. But this time it is a domestic enemy of the most treacherous and treasonous kind. We have people who would claim to be our own working in the service of foreign powers selling out the futures of our children and grand children. They are organising a police state on the promise of benefits to themselves. Criminals like Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard and Robert McClelland. And let's not leave Tony Abbot out. He knows all about this and has remained silent.

They will deny, deny, deny they are our enemy. They will falsely claim they are our servants, our friends, here to help us.

Nothing could be further from the truth. For, no matter they call themselves "public servants" they are forever also calling themselves "authorities" and claim to have "authority" over us. Just listen to the TV news or read a newspaper and see how many times you see members of the government referred to as "authorities". This is a LIE. A BIG LIE.

Every single person who works "for the government" is a PUBLIC SERVANT and that means the PUBLIC IS THEIR MASTER. They are bound by oaths to perform the WILL OF THE PEOPLE and all government authority is derived BY THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE. Therefore no person who takes a pay check from any public operating entity can do ANYTHING that is not explicitly BY THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

These criminals in government are playing mind games with you. They are playing word games with you. You are falling for it for the most part. The most important thing to remember is this:


No one who works for the government has any more power than the most humble member of the public. Yet how do they present themselves? They present themselves as "authorities". They present themselves as "having the power of government". This is diametrically opposed to BEING SERVANTS.

Frank Trainor brought the message from his fallen comrades on the battlefield to me. That message rings as clear and true today as it rang to me in 1978, as it rang to him when he was under machine gun fire and mortar attacks in the early 40s. As true as it was to him as he watched his comrades bleed out and die on the jungle floor.

The men of Australia must defend our children and future generations from tyranny, with our very lives if we must.

So. In June 2008 I determined I would make a vow that I would re-introduce the rule of law to the land known as Australia. I would do so at the risk of my life if that was necessary.

Since June 2008 my colleagues and I have done a massive amount of work. All unpaid. Many of us risking our lives to do this work. In the books and videos linked above you can see the volume of work that I have done. I can assure you that there are others who have also made super human efforts to work against the criminals in all areas of public service.

Over the last five years I have asked TENS OF THOUSANDS of Australian fathers to please help me re-introduce the rule of law on to the land known as Australia.

Sadly, in excess of 99% of men have turned down this call for their assistance to DEFEND THE CHILDREN OF THEIR LAND.

This is a total disgrace. One that should have men in Australia hanging their heads. Most men refuse to assist based on "I do not believe you" but they NEVER go on to review the evidence that was so hard won by my colleagues and I.

Our WW II diggers laid down their lives for future generations. Within two or three generations 99%+ of Australian men are cowards of the first order. They will not even defend their own children let alone defend anyone else's children. That 99%+ of men I have called on for assistance have turned me down means that whatever befalls them and their children is well deserved.

We could have sorted out these problems long ago, in guaranteed peace, if just 5% of men had answered my call for assistance. Australian men, especially fathers, have given the criminals in government an extra TWO YEARS to prepare for this inevitable showdown. I can assure you that the criminals in government have made very good use of the extra TWO YEARS PREPARATION TIME that was allowed them because of the cowardice, apathy and ignorance of Australian fathers.

For example? The Australian government has been busy building interment camps in various locations around Australia. They have been busy militarising the police force and handing out heavy armaments like machine guns to police officers. The last time I was in Australia in November 2009 there were police officers walking around with machine guns in the food court at Westfield in Paramatta. This level of overt display of weaponry is part of the program of psyops to intimidate you into submission.

In Australia you are seeing more and more instances of "police or security guards dressed in black and looking menacing". You are seeing these "guards" at the most inappropriate of places like test matches.  They were even nicknamed "the fun police" by Sam deBrito who is a writer for the Sydney Morning Herald. They are much more sinister than that. They are getting you used to the presence of black booted, black dressed thugs to "protect" you. They will eventually oppress you.

When I went past my boyhood high school in 2009 what did I see? I saw the tennis courts and cricket pitches in complete disrepair and unusable while there was a SEVEN FOOT SECURITY FENCE AROUND THE ENTIRE PERIMETER. This is teaching the children that it is "normal" to have high, unscalable, perimeter fences around your school. My former high school could now EASILY be used as an internment camp as very few people would be able to scale the fence that was installed. That fence must have cost at LEAST AUD10,000 to install. It went around the entire perimeter of a high school that has 1,000 students.

Question: Why would a seven foot high unscalable perimeter fence be needed around a HIGH SCHOOL?

Question: How many OTHER SCHOOLS have had high unscalable perimeter fences put around them?

Go look for yourself if you are wondering and feel free to report back to me at if your local high schools have got high perimeter fences around them now. I am pretty sure my old high school will not be "unique".

Many Australians say "Peter, you are paranoid, our government could never turn into a tyranny, it could never happen here."

Let me share with you this. I live in Germany now. Many Germans said "we never believed tyranny could come to Germany". When I describe what is happening in Australia to Germans they are shocked. They can not believe Australians have not figured out they are ALREADY living in tyranny.

One number I know is 22,000 arrests are made for DV calls in NSW per year. Every single one of them is a crime. It is arrest without due process of law. That one number alone shocks Germans beyond all belief. They know that is already a soft tyranny.

In Germany, a land of 80 million people, every time a police officer unholsters his/her weapon he/she must write a full report about it and that report must be published to the public.

In 2011 there were a total of EIGHTY FIVE (85) instances of police drawing their weapons. FIVE of which occurred near where I say in Germany where a big bank robbery occurred. THAT is what "effective policing" looks like. In Germany the people are VERY sensitive to what the police are doing and they keep an EXTREMELY CLOSE EYE on what the police do because they know it is called a "police state" for good reason.

A Police State can ONLY be introduced via the "police force".

The very name "Police Force" tells you what is happening in Australia. Years ago what are today called "Police Officers" were called "Peace Officers". Peace Officers had the job of "maintain the peace". The "Police Force" have the job of "Law Enforcement" you are told. But they are not enforcing LAWS. They are enforcing LEGISLATION of corporations that are owned and operated by people unknown. That is what is really happening no matter whether you believe it or not.

Every Australian who reads this or listens to the podcast? You can rest assured my friends in Germany are absolutely convinced you are living in a soft police state and you had better wake up very, very soon. They recognise the symptoms. You reject their advice at the peril of your children and grand children.

Despite the cowardice and failure of other Australian men to come to our assistance to defend the children of your land we have persisted. We have taken about two years longer than might have otherwise been possible, but we have persisted. We have fought on just like those men who fell and died next to Frank Trainer persisted in the face of terrible odds of surviving.

Before I continue on I want to make one thing very clear. The fact that Australian men have been so cowardly and have refused to stand up to the criminals in government as soon as they were called upon has made it very clear to the criminals in government that Australian men can now be easily cowed by the use of force.

The two year delay has virtually guaranteed that when push comes to shove the criminals in government are going to use force, up to and including deadly force.  If men had reacted more strongly sooner we might have avoided such deadly force being used against them. Now? I fear that the criminals in government will use deadly force. It is the fault of those men who heard my call for assistance who refused to step forward in numbers that said deadly force is very likely to be used.

If you believe the criminals in your government will not order police and armed forces officers to fire on the public in Australia I can assure you that you are mistaken in that belief. Further, we believe that Australian armed servicemen and police have been performing joint training operations with Indonesian police and armed servicemen. We believe it is very possible that Indonesian police and armed servicemen might be deployed on to the streets of Australian cities. Yes. Things are THAT far advanced. Australian men have refused to heed the calls of my colleagues and I for five years. For refusing to heed that call many of you might be called upon to die fighting against much greater odds than would have been necessary a mere two years ago.

We are now at a very critical point. This is why this podcast and Open Letter are being issued. This is why it is so detailed.

We are about to put two Australian Federal Magistrates on trial. We are going to put them on trial in the full view of the public. All evidence will be presented in the public. The court proceeding itself will be performed in the full view of the public as well as being recorded and posted to You Tube.

Because of the harassment of my colleagues and I by ASIO (a public funded organisation) we are granting anonymity to the Secretary of the new courts and the jury members of the new courts so that the criminals in the government can not retaliate against these men. The names of the Secretary and the Jury Members will be known to only TWO people and those records will be sealed. However, the actions of the Secretary and Jury Members will be public.

If the people of Australia wanted the Secretary and Jury Members for our new courts to be public then the men of Australia should have offered the protection of the law to my colleagues and I in large numbers and made it clear that ASIO Agents were to stand down from their harassment and intimidation of my colleagues and I.

There was a meeting on April 15th 2011 attended by 29 people to claim into existence new courts that are totally separate from the existing court system. The proclamation for the new courts had 29 signatures attached to it. The requirement under the Magna Carta was 25 signatures. These courts were nominally called "The Peoples Courts of Australia". The procedure manual for The Peoples Courts of Australia can be found here. 
Common Law Courts Procedures

We campaigned for more than two years to find volunteers to be able to proceed with The Peoples Courts of Australia. The men of Australia were not willing to man these courts because of fear of retaliation by the criminals in government. These courts are proposed to be open and public with all parties known. We eventually prepared to run our first case in Melbourne against a man calling himself Chris Merrett, a criminal slanderer.

ASIO paid a visit to the old aged pensioner who had agreed to be the secretary in Melbourne. That ASIO, a publicly funded service, chose to intimidate and harass a man who is an old aged pensioner who has chosen to serve his fellow Australians like this is a total disgrace. There will need to be a great deal of attention paid to ASIO when we have access to all their files.

Now that the criminals in government have made it clear that they intend to attempt to intimidate and perhaps use force against those men who serve on the juries of The Peoples Courts of Australia we have decided to launch an alternative set of courts as part of the global Mens Business Association Law Services.

In these courts, for Australian cases, we will extend the protection of anonymity to the Secretary and the Jury Members in the face of proven intimidation and harassment by the criminals in government. In order to ensure the due process of law is followed we will make all evidence public and the jury trial process itself will be public. If any member of the public wishes to assure themselves that the due process of law is followed they are welcome to investigate the process themselves.

In Summary? What we are doing to re-introduce the rule of law into Australia is to form new courts so that we can put criminals in the government and legal fraternity on trial.

These new courts are needed because the people who work in the existing courts are criminals and they know they are criminals.

This brings us to Item 03.

Item 03 - The Precedent Setting Jury Trials

Now. You may well ask: "What cases are the precedent setting jury trials?"

In Australia I have prepared the first 6 cases to go to trial as the precedent setting cases. Should we be successful with these precedent setting cases then many more will follow. I have cases against each and every member of the federal parliament and each and every member of the NSW Parliament to prosecute.

The first 6 cases are as follows:

  • Chris Merrett - Criminal Slanderer.
  • Chris Roubis - Criminal Slanderer.
  • Jennifer Marguerite Toal - Perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse.
  • Louise Henderson - Theft of my house.
  • David Dunkley - Theft of my house.
  • Registrar Johnston - Theft of my house.

The links for these cases are as follows;


The plan that we developed back in June 2008 was to see if we could  get the criminals in the Australian Federal Government to attack me and commit crimes against me so that if they did I would be able to bring them to trial in a public trial as and when we could organise a public trial.

As you, dear reader, can see, we are now up to the public trial stage. David Dunkley, Louise Henderson, Justin Dowd and Greg McCray conspired with Sarah Bevan and Jennifer Marguerite Toal to steal 95% of the proceeds of my 25 years of labour. A clear crime.

David Dunkley and Louise Henderson at no time provided any evidence they had any right to disperse the proceeds of the sale of my house to Jennifer despite being offered many opportunities to present such evidence. Hence they are going to be put on trial in the most public of possible ways to allow the public to ensure that they get a FAIR AND JUST TRIAL and that the DUE PROCESS OF LAW is followed.

The other four accused are "minnows". Chris Merrett and Chris Roubis have seen fit to slander me for some years. The NSW and VIC Police have seen fit to ignore these crimes. Google and Facebook have seen fit to continue to allow this slander. So they will be put on trial to set the standard in Australia for the crime of slander.

Registrar Johnston signed the order to sell my house against my expressed non consent and therefore was handed a Bill for doing so. He is being put on trial to establish that a court order is an order under the Bills of Exchange Act and can be presented with a Bill for so being.

Jennifer Marguerite Toal is my ex wife. She is the woman most responsible for me taking on this task of re-introducing the rule of law in to Australia. I gather she will be widely hated by women when they lose their "female privilege" of committing crimes against men with impunity, especially in the family law courts.

Jennifer committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse. These crimes were mostly committed on the land known as Ireland. But since Jennifer was born and bred in Australia and lived the majority of her life in Australia and stole a house in Australia I have chosen to put her on trial in Australia. My Irish brothers are not yet brave enough to do what I have found enough Australian men to do.

If you do not believe that creating new courts and putting people on trial in new courts can be made to work? I would refer you to the work done by the International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State. This tribunal recently held trials for 30 people including Joseph Ratzinger, the then Pope, Queen Elizabeth II of England and the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper.

All 30 people were found guilty of crimes against humanity. All 30 have been sentenced to 25 years in prison without the possibility of parole. As a result of this jury trial process Joseph Ratzinger resigned as pope. There is also now talk by senior political figures in the UK such as John Prescott, that Queen Elizabeth II might abdicate. An option that Queen Elizabeth has denied she would ever take all her life. It is clear that the conviction of Queen Elizabeth for Crimes Against Humanity has rattled senior political figures in the UK since, by not insisting she abdicate, they are themselves becoming accessories to these crimes by aiding and abetting a known criminal.

If you would like to read more about the International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State I recommend you click on this link.

News from Kevin Annett

With the initial successes of the International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State and the International Common Law Court of Justice we are launching the Mens Business Association Law Services to be able to prosecute much smaller and simpler cases.

Item 04 - What Are Australian Men Being Asked To Do?

If you are reading this and you are male you might be asking yourself this question:

"That is all very interesting Peter but what are you asking me to do?"

If you are male and over the age of 25 I am asking you to do the following please.

  • Observe this process and satisfy yourself that each of those who are accused gets a fair and just trial and that the due process of law has been followed.
  • Tell all the other men that you know that this is happening.
  • Encourage all the other men you know over the age of 25 to follow this process so that they too ensure that the accused get a fair and just jury trial and that the due process of law is followed.


If you are male and under or equal to the age of 25 I am asking you to do the following please.

  • Observe the process and learn. You might want to volunteer for jury privilege one day.
  • Tell all the other young men you know that this is happening.

My colleagues and I have been asking and asking and asking for more men to join us for many years now. The response rate, as mentioned, has been very very low. So in this open letter we are not particularly asking men to do anything other than witness the process of these new jury trials.

Item 05 - If You Want to Get Involved and "Do Your Bit"? What Can You Do?

If you are male and over the age of 18 and you want to get involved and help? I would suggest the following. This is very much an "add on" rather than what we are working on in this case. I want to make it clear that I am not particularly asking you to do these things.

If you want to do these things then they should be on your own initiative from your own choice because you choose to be like the fallen comrades of Frank Trainor and do your bit as best you can. I take the position that a REAL MAN should not have to be asked to "do his bit". I take the position that a REAL MAN will do his bit because he knows doing his bit is an OBLIGATION.

  • I created the global resource Crimes Against Fathers so that any father who has been the victim of a crime can come to CAF and gain remedy for the crimes committed against him. The Australian Portal is on this link.

    To join CAF you must be a father. Please check the registration requirements on the front page. That it has taken 2.5 years to find about 170 fathers in Australia willing to register is a complete disgrace and I am willing to say so in my own name in the public. Australian fathers ought to be ashamed of themselves for such slow response to the call to secure the future of your children.
  • I have created a global business association called "The Mens Business Association" so that men can do business outside the jurisdiction of the criminals in government. You might want to join it. Here is the lead video explaining it.
    A01 Introduction to the MBA

    When you join the MBA you are making oath that you will be willing to serve in MBA Law Courts as a Jury Member for the fee of one ounce of silver per hour. The more MBA associates we have the easier it will be to draw jury members from the pool of associates.

    Any honest man of honour and integrity can join the MBA. You do not have to be a father to join the MBA. You only need to be male, over the age of 18, and willing to sign an Affidavit stating how you will conduct yourself in business.

    Joining the MBA is "doing your bit" to create an alternative second economy outside the jurisdiction of the criminals in the guvment. If you choose not to join? You are choosing to remain a subject to the criminals in your guvment.
  • Many men have risked their lives and expended large amounts of money from their own savings to get this far in the process of re-introducing the rule of law into Australia. I have personally put in excess of AUD500,000 into this effort. Remember. These criminals stole my house to stop me from making progress. Some men have even hated on me because my actions shows them up for how "cheap" and "cowardly" they are. This is how disgraceful some Australian men are today. They will hate on a man who is working to the benefit of all honest Australians.

    These men who have done so much deserve to be paid for DOING YOUR JOB FOR YOU. The defense of all the children of the land known as Australia is the responsibility of ALL MEN OVER 18.

    Just like the diggers in WW I, WW II, Korea, Vietnam and IRAQ were told they were defending Australian interests? Just like the message Frank Trainor passed from his fallen comrades to me?

    It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to defend the children of your land from ALL enemies foreign and domestic. The vast majority of you left that job to someone else.


    You were getting paid at YOUR JOB while these men defended your children and the children of your land. If you want to pay these men for the work they have ALREADY DONE? You are welcome to make a payment to I can also give you a St George Bank Account to make payments to.

    I want to emphasise. I do not ask for DONATIONS because men do not donate money to other men. I ask for PAYMENT for WORK that has already been done. The only time men pay other men is when they recognise that WORK has been done.

    If you take the position that the men who have been doing this work are not deserving of PAYMENT you are making it very, very clear that you consider securing the future of the children of Australia has NO VALUE TO YOU.

    I can and will have no respect for any man who took the benefits of Frank Trainors fallen comrades, the benefits of men sacrificing their lives, the benefits you have enjoyed as an Australian man, while then turning around and dishonouring those men by refusing to DO YOUR BIT. I make no apologies for refusing to show any respect for or to such men.

    If such men are "upset" that I have no respect for men who have dishonoured our fallen war dead, the very men who repelled the efforts of Japan in the 40s who gave you the chance to live a great life? Tough. These exact same men who pretend to be "upset" over me showing them no respect are the exact same men who have seen their brothers criminally abused in the family courts and not lifted a finger to help their brothers.

    There is no man in Australia over the age of 25 who has not seen one of this brothers criminally victmised in the family law courts. And yet when called upon to help re-introduce the rule of law and extend the protection of the law to his brothers only about 0.3%, 3 men in 1,000, actually respond and agree to serve on new juries in new courts.

    Pretended "upset" from men at my lack of respect for them will be dismissed if not published and ridiculed by name.

    So if you want to salve your guilty conscience for not supporting my colleagues and I? Pay these men what you claim is the VALUE TO YOU that these men risked their lives for the children of Australia these many years.

    I guarantee that any money paid to will be redistributed to the most worthy and most needy of men who have proven their credentials over many years.

    If you would like to pay me personally for my 4,000 hours of effort over 5 years at a personal cost of AUD500,000 then you are welcome to use my personal paypal account Any payments to that account will be considered your personal direct payment to me. I prefer Euros or Swiss Franks. If you want to make a personal direct payment to me via my St George Bank Account? Let me know and I will send you the account number.

    Again. I want to make it clear. I no longer ask for "donations" on the basis that men refuse to donate money to other men who are doing such vital and important work in any significant amount. Men will donate money to women for doing such stupid and useless things as making movies about "sexism in video games". But men will not donate money to men to help them re-introduce the rule of law into an entire country. So I don't ask for donations.

    I ask for
    PAYMENT FOR WORK DONE ACCORDING TO YOUR VALUATION OF THAT WORK. On that basis you get to say exactly what this sort of work is worth to you, personally.

    If you do not value the re-introduction of the rule of law into Australia? If you do not value the creation of fair and just courts of law? If you do not value the fact that many men have laboured at great personal risk for the benefit of all the children of Australia? Just make that clear by refusing to pay these men for

    We will get the message loud and clear if the tens of thousands of men who will see this Open Letter refuse to put their hands in their pockets and compensate these men for their efforts.

    Of course. You should not expect these men to have much respect for you since you are clearly not showing respect for them where they have earned it in spades, right?



Item 06 - What Happens If We Fail With These Jury Trials?

There is a saying. "Failure is not an option".

Should we fail to re-introduce the rule of law via a new set of open, transparent, fair and just courts? Should we fail to be able to have "Peace Officers" to follow up on court instructions? Then there will be a state of WAR claimed into existence on the land known as Australia.

The law-less state of the land will be declared because it will be law-less. The members of the federal parliament will be given the opportunity to cease and desist their war against fathers and, by extension, all the people of Australia. Should they fail to do this then state of WAR will come into existence. This will introduce a state of Civil War on to the land known as Australia.

The precedent has already been set on the land known as Ireland. In Ireland it has not been possible to even find enough men to create a jury trial. As a result a state of WAR has been accepted into existence by all members of the Irish Parliament.

I would also like to make it clear we have given the existing Police Officers the opportunity to join us two years ago. The notice for this was linked above. There was not a single police officer who was willing to break away from the criminal government and join us. Not even one.

We have re-issued the invitation to all Police Officers in Australia to choose to join us as Peace Officers. The video issuing this invitation can be found on this link. In the first instance we would like existing Police Officers to join the Mens Business Association Peace Officers and make oath to serve the people of Australia as Peace Officers.

As Peace Officers they will take their instructions from a Secretary of the MBA Law Courts or from a properly convened jury of 12 honest men of honour and integrity issuing a Jury Instruction. Peace Officers can also be hired by members of the public on a case by case basis to perform work that is in line with the Peace Officers Oath of Office.

Here is the link to this invitation. I ask you please pass this along to any Police Officers you happen to know.
D78 - Statement to Australian Police Officers 

Item 07 - Why Are Women Absent From This Process? 

Those of you with sharp eyes will notice that women are absent from this process apart from being recipients of this Open Letter when they are members of the target groups for the distribution of this Open Letter.

The reason that women are absent is because the response rate of women who are willing to assist us re-introduce the rule of law into Australia is all but non-existent. In all of Australia there is only ONE WOMAN who has actually gone out of her way to assist me. She is a grand mother whose own daughter refuses to allow her to see her grand children.

This woman knows exactly how criminal the family courts are. She has even been up before David Dunkley and she calls him "a deeply evil man".

Because this woman has experienced the criminality of her daughter and the family law system first hand she is assisting us and supporting us. However, even as a highly respected grand mother, when she talks about the crimes occurring in the family courts she has been attacked by other women. She is fearful of speaking in her own name in public. How about that?

The reason I am not asking women for any assistance is that it is not worth wasting my breath on women in Australia as 99.9% of the non-muslim and non-original women openly support crimes by women against men in general and fathers in particular.

There is barely a woman in Australia over the age of 25 who does not know that women commit crimes against men with complete impunity, particularly in the family courts. There is not one single woman prepared to call for women to be held equal before the law to men for their oaths, signatures on contracts, and crimes, specifically meaning that the remedy for a crime is the same no matter the sex of the perpetrator or victim. AND said woman is willing to serve on all womens juries in all womens courts to extend the protection of the law to men.

In FIVE YEARS OF ASKING I have not found ONE WOMAN OF NOTE in Australia who will call for that in her own name in public.

Since no such woman has been able to be found in Australia in FIVE YEARS I will no longer waste my breath on asking women in Australia to assist us re-introduce the rule of law and extend the protection of the law to men. I am simply denouncing them as liars and hypocrites in the 99.9% majority on the issue of "equality before the law". As I noted. This does NOT apply to muslim women or original women. These women in Australia do not condone crimes against men.

I have prepared a Commentary To Western Women.  This applies to Australian women. If you are over the age of 18 and female and live on the land known as Australia and you are not muslim or an original woman? This commentary is for you:
D87 - Commentary to Western Women 

The text of this commentary is here:
D87 - Commentary to Western Women

In short? I am saying that when Western Women form a quorum of 12 women who MAKE OATH that they stand for women being held equal before the law to men for their oaths, signatures on contracts and crimes AND are willing to serve on all womens juries in all womens courts to extend the protection of the law to men AND are willing to start and run a Womens Business Association that holds women accountable for their oaths, signatures on contracts and crimes.....THEN they can come to my table and talk to me. Why 12? Because that is how many are needed for a jury.

Before women find this quorum of 12 such women? I am no longer interested in talking with them. They have chosen to be irrelevant.

One word of warning to MEN. Any MAN who attempts to defend the indefensible behaviour of Australian women will be immediately published to the Crimes Against Fathers site as a man hater and IgnorMANus. An IgnorMANus being a man who ignores the rights violations of men thereby causing injury, harm and loss to all.

All attempts to slander me will be met with a notice for AUD10,000, per instance. That is the price I set for those who slander me who live on the land known as Australia. I am being widely slandered in Australia, particularly by people who are known to be associated with ASIO.

When women want to make themselves relevant to this process again the representative of their quorum can come to the table and talk. I will listen. However. I see no useful role for women in the re-introduction of the rule of law into the land known as Australia. This is because they made themselves irrelevant so we created a remedy that does not require their involvement. Australian women made it clear they would make all efforts to undermine the re-introduction of the rule of law into Australia. So they were sidelined so that they could not undermine said efforts.

We will re-introduce the rule of law into Australia DESPITE the best efforts of many Australian women AND MEN to stop us from doing so.

Item 08 - Conclusion 

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The future of Australia stands in a very precarious position at the current point in time. The entire governmental system is a criminal cartel working for the benefit of foreign interests. Australian men have allowed the criminals in the government to implement a soft police state. A totalitarian police state is planned.

When called to action Australian men have refused to do so in the 99%+ majority. This is a disgrace that these men will need to explain to their children as their children find out about this betrayal of their future.

Australian men, fathers in particular, will witness these precedent setting jury trials and make sure that the criminals that are brought before the MBA Law Courts receive fair and just trials and that the Remedy Instruction are fair and just and then acted on.

Or, if Australian men, fathers in particular, refuse to do even so little as witness this due process of law being exercised? They will be the ones who have allowed Australia to slide into a state of Civil War and lawlessness.

I claim Australian men, fathers in particular, have an OBLIGATION to ensure that the due process of law is implemented on the land known as Australia.

Failing in that OBLIGATION is to fail their children and grand children. Failing in that OBLIGATION is to dishonour our fallen soldiers and to make their sacrifice in vain.

Australian men, especially fathers, will meet this OBLIGATION to ensure that the due process of law is available to ALL VICTIMS OF CRIME or be responsible for the slide of Australia into a state of lawlessness.

It is THAT simple.

If you would like to read the emails I have sent out to my personal list of about 400 people you can click on this link.
Emails to Peters List

Thanks for reading.

Best regards

Your brother peter/joschua

This set of links will take you through to the most important sites we have created for this effort over the last few years.
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