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 4/18/2013 1:31 PM
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Note: This is also dictated into a video and available from here:

A notice to young men from 18 to 30.

This is a notice to all English speaking young men in the age range 18 to 30 in the “western world”. This includes places like USA, Canada, Ireland, UK, Australia, New Zealand.

As a brief introduction my calling is Peter-Andrew: Nolan©. I am also known as Joschua-Brandon: Boehm©. You can find out a little bit about me from this video.

A01 - Introduction

I have released quite a bit of video materials to educate young men just like you. We even have our own education channel as follows:

Forum for the MBA Education Channel

I have decided to script this video so that I can be precise and clear in this video. I will say what I mean and mean what I say. You can make of it what you will.

About a year ago I completed my second book. It was dedicated to young men 16 to 30. I called it "The Truth Be Told". The reason I called it by that name is that young men have been lied to since the day they were born. Just like I was lied to since the day I was born. If there is one thing that has really pissed me off over the last 6 years or so it has been the realisation that almost EVERYONE lied to me since the day I was born. Many of the MEN who lied to me did so unknowingly, so they can not be too harshly blamed.

However the VAST MAJORITY of women who lied to me did so with malice of forethought. And that includes my own grand mothers, mother and aunts. These women lied to my face. They knew they were lying when they did so. This is not excusable and I refuse to excuse them for their betrayal. These women knew the true nature of women and they lied to me about women so as to sell me a faulty bill of goods when I was too young to know what it was I was buying. I was lied to by people I loved and respected and truly believed had my best interests at heart. It is these women, the women of my extended family, that have been so instrumental in motivating me to tell you young men what women are really like.

Now. You can download the book from this link. I recommend you read it. It might just save your life. If you see this link and you refuse to click on it and you refuse to read The Truth Be Told? Don't come whining to me if you get your life destroyed by some woman. Ok?
The Truth Be Told Video
The Truth Be Told Book 

Now. I will not assume you have read this book or watch this video. I will assume that you WILL watch the video or read the book at some point in time in the future if you are going to go on and learn how to live in freedom.

I want to address one of the most important issues for you young men. Something that you are very well advised to "get" and understand.

You have been betrayed.

Yes. You read that correctly. You have been betrayed. Most importantly you have been betrayed by your fathers and your grand fathers.

Sure, you have also been betrayed by your sisters, your mothers and your grand mothers. But they are women. They are not honest. They have no honour and they have no integrity in the 99.9% majority. You can not expect women to not betray you. Betrayal is a mainstay of  the female nature. The vast majority of western women will betray even their husbands. All the other WW will look on and support and condone a woman betraying her husbands faith and trust.

If you are a young man and you do not know that women will betray a man at the drop of a hat and all the other women will agree? Just go talk to some men who have been divorced.

For example? In my case I had not long before inspired my 26 year old son to fight for his life when stricken with cancer. Not even his own mother could inspire him to fight for his own life. That task came down to me. Even though I had just been instrumental in saving her own sons life she betrayed me. Even though I had just been instrumental in saving HIS life my own step-son betrayed me. This is what it is like to be a man and a father now.

When my close friends were telling me "Jennifer is going to lie to you and betray you" I would say "After all I have done for her there is no way she is going to betray me or betray my trust. And even if she did? Her father and mother will come down on my side because they have known me since I was 12 and know the sort of man I am."

So if my wife can betray me and virtually ALL the WW who were around her support her in her betrayal? You young men are very well advised to learn from that experience and know that ANY woman can betray ANY man and ALL the other women will see that as being just fine and dandy. Yet you ALL KNOW how women HATE on men who betray a woman.

So yes. Your women will betray you at the drop of a hat. You should NEVER trust ANY woman, EVER, with ANYTHING. If women do not like me saying that? THEY are the ones who should address the betrayals of women so as to start the long and arduous process of restoring their own credibility.

But your fathers? Your grand fathers? Their betrayal of you is not forgivable and you are well advised to never, ever forgive them. There will be a few lucky ones among you who have good fathers and grand fathers who have not betrayed you. But that will surely be the "lucky few". Less than 1% of you will have fathers and grand fathers who have not betrayed you.

So I want to talk about this betrayal of your fathers and grand fathers for a while.

Three generations ago. Men who would be in their 90s to 110 years of age were they to be alive today fought in WW II. My step grand father, Frank Trainor, was one of those men who fought and was lucky enough to survive. When I was about 14 he sat me down and he told me some stories of his mates, his fallen comrades. He did not tell me these stories as examples of "glory". It was very hard for him to tell me these stories because he relived those times as he told them.

He told me of men who died next to him while he was spared. He told me stories of men who, fatally wounded, had to be left to bleed out slowly. He told me how the small jungle animals and flies would start eating their flesh even before they were dead. How the men, too weak to even move, knew they were being eaten by rats and mice and flies, and simply accepted this was their fate. To die in some foreign land having done the best they could do to protect the people of their homelands.

He made the point that when he and his mates were fighting in the jungles across south east asia my parents were little children. My father being born in 1937 and my mother in 1939. He made the point that should it ever be my turn to do my bit then I must not dis-honour the memory of his fallen comrades. I must, like them, fight to the death to defend my loved ones and the people of my land. This is the message he passed to me. The message from his fallen comrades. That my parents had a great life because they were willing to fight and die. That I would have a chance of a great life because his comrades were willing to fight and die.

The men of my grand fathers generation, the men of your great grand fathers generation, fought and died in large numbers to give your grand fathers generation, my fathers generation, a better chance in life. And what did your grand fathers and fathers do? The men of my fathers generation and my generation? They took the benefits of that chance themselves and then squandered it for their own children, the men of YOUR generation.

As you can see if you check into my background I am now 49. My father is 75 soon to be 76. My former step children are 32 and 31. My alleged children are soon to be 22 and 20. I know that of which I speak. Men of my fathers generation and my generation "fell asleep at the wheel". We were told there was a "cold war" and an "external enemy" and we fell for it. All the while traitors from within slowly introduced a tyranny that was hard to distinguish. Hard to understand.

These traitors, who so loudly proclaim how hard they are working for us and how much they care about us, have been building the preparations for a police state that will make Communist Russia and China look like picnics. These traitors are called Politicians, Lawyers, Police Officers, Bankers and Media Personalities.  There are others called Doctors and Psychologists and Priests and Ministers but they are less important and are having less influence than the Politicians, Lawyers, Police Officers, Bankers and Media Personalities.

I "blew the whistle" on these criminals in 2008. I was gathering up evidence for the criminality of these collaborators and developing a remedy so that you, the next generation, could live in freedom and peace and prosperity. When I finally delivered that remedy in November 2009 and proved it in the Australian Federal Magistrates Court I expected your fathers and your grand fathers to rally and work with me to put an end to the criminal cartel known as "guvments" around the world.

But a funny thing happened. Something that shocked me at the time. Your fathers and your grand fathers refused to work with me to stop the coming tyranny. They flatly refused. And the #1 reason they refused was "the guvment might hurt me".

I would tell them: "It is certainly true that the guvment might hurt you. But the only reason you have ANYTHING that can be taken from you by your own gvument is because men died for you. Your fathers and your grand fathers died in the worlds bloodiest war so that you might have the chance to live in freedom. Now? When that very freedom is under threat again you are not willing to step up to the level of your fathers and grand fathers? You are not willing to do for your sons and grand sons what your fathers and grand fathers did for you?"

The answer has proven to be a resounding "Yes. We are not willing to do for others what was done for us. The next generation can sort it out for themselves."

I recall in late 2010 I flew over to Ireland to meet with the leadership of the Irish Freeman Site. My colleague and I put it to them that if their children and grand children are to live in freedom then they must stand up to their guvment and create new courts of law. The men said no. One among them was a new grand father. His grandson was a tiny baby. Just a few weeks old I was led to believe. So I asked him. "You are a grand father. What are your plans? What will you do?" His answer was "When they come to my door I will take a few of them with me."

So I asked him "What about your grandson who is not able to defend himself?"

And his answer was "He will have to look after himself."

I looked at the man long and hard. I really, really eyeballed him. I finally said. "That is your answer? You refuse to defend your grand son with everything you have?" He did not break eye contact with me and just said "Yes".

There was nothing more to say. This came from an Irish Man. This came from a man who had lived in Freedom because of the Irish Men who fought the British. And here he was, willing to go eyeball to eyeball with me and tell me he would not do the same for his grand son.

In that moment I saw that betrayal of the grand children is now acceptable for grand fathers and fathers alike.

I can tell you. I was not very happy with that man. But he must make his own choices.

I have talked to 10,000 such men, if not 100,000 such men. I do not know how many men of my generation, 49, and my fathers generation, 74, I have talked to because I have put posts into public spaces that could be read by any number of people.

The message I can give to you young men of 18 to 30 is this. Your grand fathers and fathers are not going to help you. They are not going to work against the introduction of the tyranny that is coming for your benefit. They are openly condoning and supporting the introduction of the New World Order. They want you enslaved. They want you to be paying taxes in the future to pay for their "welfare benefits". The vast majority of them are fully aware that there is a tyranny being introduced. The thousands that I talk to refuse to pass along the word of the coming tyranny pretending "I don't believe you so I will not pass the word along" when they know full well what is going on. They say they don't. But they absolutely know.

They are betraying you because they know what is coming and they are doing nothing to stop it.

Now. Just before I go into the next section I want to share with you something of my life because you might not read it in my books and it is important to this presentation.

I have had a charmed life. Many people tell lies about me and say I am "angry" or "bitter" or any of a whole bunch of other lies. I was telling one of the boys I grew up next door to the other day that "if I ever complained about my life you should just slap me one because I have had a better life than just about anyone else I know. Very few men get to live a life like me."

I won the DNA lottery when it came to God handing out brains. Such is life. I got lucky. I was dux of my high school and I was awarded a scholarship for physics at the Australian National University. I turned it down because I had started my first job as a trainee programmer for a large company in Australia called Australian Iron and Steel. I was assigned to the programming team for the Plate Mill. This was the mill that made flat steel plate for things like ships, oil rigs, flooring in buildings, pipelines and the like.

Of course, in 1982, deciding to be a software developer was a very risky decision. No one had any idea that software development was going to become the industry it became. We were paid pittances in those days and seen as "propeller heads". We were much hated by the men on the factory floor as they saw us as taking their jobs off them with automation. A view they had much justification in having by the way.

In 1985 IBM came to our university campus. I decided to go for a campus interview. I was dressed in my usual leathers for riding my motorbike which took the interviewer aback. I also had the requisite long hair and beard that university students have. He said that "We at IBM are looking for the best of the best. We are looking for people who are great at what they do and know they are great at what they do." I told him that he was looking for me then. I told him I was the top programmer in my year at the university and the top programmer in my intake year for Australian Iron and Steel. I was very self confident. Something that less capable people like to call arrogant. People of lesser capability like to try and slur people of greater capability with the term "arrogant". People of great capability almost NEVER use the word "arrogant" of anyone. If the person has the goods we admire them. If they do not have the goods but pretend they do we pity them because that is a terrible way to live.

I got the job at IBM and I went into the International Software Development Centre in Sydney in 1986. I did my first overseas trip in November 1986. It was only to New Zealand but it was a start. Next year, in 1987, I went to Hong Kong for three months for IBM. I was asked to go straight on to Thailand for another two months but I was sick and I was burned out. In 88 I went to Malaysia for 8 weeks. My then fiancée finally put her foot down and demanded I quit the long trips. I did a few weeks in Taiwan to hand over my job and took a new job that did not require so much travel to placate my then fiancée. Big mistake by the way lads. If a woman EVER gives you an ultimatum like "stop travelling or I will leave you" then you MUST say "Then go now, get out."  Never, EVER give in to a woman's "ultimatum". EVER. She will hate you for your weakness.

I spent many years not travelling. But Jennifer was wasteful of money. She also quit work. So in 1996 I took a job at Hitachi Data Systems. One of the reasons they could not fill the position was the level of travel that would be required. The role was for the Business Development Manager for Asia Pacific for Business Intelligence. This would require massive amounts of travel going around Asia Pacific giving presentations to HDS customers so as to launch the Business Intelligence Practice. It was also a well paid position and I had four children and a wife to feed. So I took the job and told Jennifer she had no choice about the travel as she was refusing to work.

From then on, 1996, I have travelled extensively for my work. I would have to sit down and try and recall all the countries I have worked in. But it is likely to be well more than 20 by now. I have worked on all continents except South America. I have worked in at least 200 companies across those 20 countries. I have had dream contracts and I have had some pretty bad contracts. But more than anything else I have had a life experience that few get to enjoy. Many people outright disbelieve me when I talk about my life. They just say "No one ever got to live a life like that, not even presidents and kings!"

Well? I did get to live a life like that. I am not a president and not a king. I have lived a life blessed in so many ways that I can only think of one lad I grew up with who could realistically say he did better than me. And that would be Mark Taylor,  the former Australian cricket captain. Mark and I played cricket together and against each other in school. His sister was in my class so we knew each other pretty well at school. He was good at cricket at school but no one would have picked him as ever making it to being an opening batsman for Australia.

One of the incidents that marked Mark for greatness was this. One day we were playing on opposing teams. I was captain of my  team but I was ill and unable to take the field. Mark was on 98 and going for his hundred. Our bowler managed to get one to cut back a little bit and beat the edge of the bat and rapped him on the pads. My dad was umpiring and gave him out leg before wicket.

Mark came over to me and said "You can tell your father later that he didn't have to give me out, he could have let me get my hundred."

So I asked him. "Well, were you out?"

And he said "Sure, I was out, and I deserved to go, but I really would have liked to have gotten my hundred."

The VAST MAJORITY of other lads would have denied being out and been a bit angry about the situation. But young Mark was quite willing to admit the ball beat him. He was going for one of his standard off drives, a shot he had even at that time, and the ball was a little close to the body to be doing that and got a bit of movement back and so there was no question in Marks mind that the ball was going to hit the stumps and he was "man enough" at 14 to admit that.

It marked him as an honest lad.

So many years later when Mark was on 334 overnight against India, the equal highest score by an Australian next to the greatest ever Donald Bradman and Sid Barnes, and there was much speculation in the media about whether, as captain, he would decide to bat for 10 minutes to break the record or whether he would declare overnight. Knowing Mark there was never a question in my mind. He would declare overnight so as to give his team the best chance of bowling out the Indians.

So I am more than willing to concede that Mark Taylor, former Australian Cricket Captain, opening batsman and cricketing great had a better life than I did.  His headline statistics are as follows: "In 104 Test matches, he scored 7,525 runs with a batting average of 43.49, including 19 centuries and 40 fifties."

But after Mark? Of the lads who were in my peer group in the schools around my area? Some made more money than me, sure. Some have in tact families, sure. But I don't know anyone else who raised four children, travelled the world, and made it to the top of his profession in something so mundane as Information Technology.

The point I want to emphasis to you young men is this. Those men who died next to my step grand father? Those men who bled out in the jungles across south east asia? Those men who never saw their 21st birthday in many cases and were rarely older than 25? Those young men died fighting for what they believed in. As a result I got to live a great life. A life almost unequalled even in my own time. Only the very luckiest or most talented get to live a life like I have lived.

I owe those men a debt of honour. I owe them a debt that I can never repay. There is only one way to repay the debt of men who fought and died for you. That is to be the guardian of what they fought and died for. Liberty. Freedom. The chance of a better life for those left behind. I got that chance that was paid for with their lives. It is my obligation to my step grand fathers fallen comrades to be the guardian of the liberty and opportunity they died for.

This is why, as soon as I realised that the judge dealing with my family law case in Ireland was a criminal that I realised that there was something very, very wrong in the whole system of guvment. I had to deal with first things first and disown my former children, go through my suicidal period and come out the other side. But once I had made it through being suicidal and had come out the other side in May 2008 I made a very conscious choice to go into battle with these criminals for the benefit of others, particularly young men just like you. To defend those who were too young or not well informed enough to defend themselves.

There is a saying on 4CHAN. It is "we are not your private army". I was asking my friend John Rambo what that means because, being 49, I believed it likely had meaning I did not understand. John explained to me that it means that though there might be a lot of young men on 4chan they see themselves as not being obliged in any way to help out anyone else. They are "no mans private army" to be doing things for other men. That is what he told me, be it true or false.

My question to that is this. "Why not?"

I have been, for five years, a one man "private army" doing battle with the powers that be, the Illuminati, for the benefit of others. I most certainly did not do it for myself. It would have been much safer and much easier to just have my ex, Jennifer, killed and to move on with my life. But that would only have served me. It would not have served all the other fathers and it would not have served the millions of young men around the word whose futures have been sold down the toilet by their fathers and grand fathers.

If you, as a young man, take the position, "I am no mans private army" meaning that you will never stand up for your brother when he has been criminally victimised or is in need of help then under the law "do unto others" you can't expect your brother to stand up for you. That is how life is. If you want someone to do something for you then you either pay them or you do for others what you expect back from them. It is quite simple.

Now. I have spent 5 years working through this process. In 2009 I started the call to your fathers and grand fathers for the creation of common law courts. In Australia we proclaimed new common law courts into existence on April 15th 2011. And yet? Your fathers and your grand fathers are so cowardly they are not willing to sit on the juries of these courts and run these courts as open and transparent courts citing "fear of the guvment" if they do.

And those lads who bled out in the jungle in WW II? What would be happing in your land now if those men who died in WW II refused to fight because they were "fearful of getting hurt"? Australians would be speaking Japanese. British would be speaking German. Right? You get my meaning. That men were willing to fight and die to defend liberty and freedom, as they believed they were doing, places a burden of responsibility on those who follow to guard those freedoms so hard won.

Your fathers and your grand fathers will not do this in any number. You can go and ask them yourselves to join us on CAF and MBA if you want. Please. Go ask them. Get their "no" to your face. Have them betray you right to your face like my father betrayed me right to my face. I would encourage you to do that so that you can look your father and/or grand father in the eye as he lies to you and betrays you. It will hurt more but it will be clearer for you what you might do next.

And what MIGHT you do next?

Well? I would ask. Why are you NOT your brothers personal army when he has been criminally victimised or is in need of your help? Why would you leave your brother to fend for himself when he is out of his depth?

When I was young there was a very popular song in Australia by a man named Rolf Harris. It was called "Two Little Boys". You can listen to it and read the lyrics here.

The story is basically two little boys are playing with their toy horses. One lad has an accident and his horses head falls off. As he is crying for his broken toy his friend says that he can share his horse and he can go just as fast with two. So the lad is happy again. Long years pass and they are both on the battlefield. The little boy who was the one who helped gets wounded and is dying on the battlefield and needs to be rescued. Of course, who comes to his rescue is the lad who he had helped out and shown kindness to all those years before.

For us Australian lads this song epitomised our Australian ideal of "mateship" that we had in the 60s, 70s and 80s. You never let your mates down. If your mate needs help you help. He should not even have to ask if you are a "good mate". I was raised to always keep my eye out on those around me and notice if anyone was in distress or trouble where they needed some help. I was raised to go and offer that help unasked. If I was turned down that would be fine. 99% of the time I have offered my help to someone across the years it has been accepted as the offer of kindness and concern that it was.

Somewhere in the 90s and 00s this ideal of "mateship" disappeared from the Australian way of life. We, Australians, for whatever reason, no longer come to the aid of a man in need. We leave him to his fate. We will still help "women and children", but the vast majority of people in Australia and Ireland will not help men. Men have been relegated to 4th class citizens behind women, children and DOGS. You lads would do well to know this.

Australian men, for their own part, became quite impossible to actually help. The very need for help seems to be "offensive" to them. They have had this idea that "macho" or "manly" means to "never be in need of help". This, of course, is ludicrous. We all need a hand every now and then no matter who we are. The old beatles song of "I Get By With a Little Help from My Friends" comes to mind.

When you do offer help to Australian men now they do not accept the help offered which is generally the help needed. They prefer instead to demand support that is not of any earthly use to them and seem determined to refuse to understand the position in which they are in. It beggars belief but that is 99% of the men I have tried to assist over the last few years in the area of family law.

It has actually been so impossible to help Australian fathers that I have had to refuse to help them any more out of my own time and out of my own pocket. They simply parasite off any man who is willing to do such and then do not join in the fight once they are back on their feet in the vast majority. Of course, there are exceptions but they are actually quite rare. The very fact that it has taken more than THREE YEARS to assemble 180 or so men willing to sit on new juries in new courts in Australia you can see the issue at hand.

The next step, of running a court and getting a guilty verdict, is going to lead to the position where there is a need to seize the property of a guilty party and hand it to the victim of their crime(s) so as to remedy the crimes. If your fathers and grand fathers have been too cowardly in the main to create new courts how do you think they will go seizing property?

This leaves you young men with a decision to make about your futures. Will you return to the values of "mateship" and "brotherhood"? Will you help your brother in need? Or will you, like your fathers and grand fathers, leap tall buildings in a single bound to help a woman with a broken fingernail while leaving your brother to lay bleeding to death on the battlefield?

What is at stake is no less than your future. As I said. I am 49. I have had a great life already. I will never have grand children now. There is not that much to look forward to other than more of the same great lifestyle I have had over the last 25 years. Only now I am free to date much younger and much more attractive women than be with my overweight and over 50 ex wife. My life is great. I am going to keep doing it until my maker calls me. Having been suicidal I see every day above ground as a great bonus. I am going to enjoy every minute of it.

But you, young man? How is your life? What are your prospects? If you live in the western English speaking world? You are far more likely to have poor prospects for your life. You will likely have been betrayed in school by your female teachers. You are likely to have been deprived of the education that your fathers paid taxes for as the "needs of the girls" were put in front of your needs.

With blatant discrimination against men in universities very few of you would have gotten a degree. Very few of you would have been able to secure a job at a large firm like I did at IBM. The vast majority of you will not have a prayer of living a life like I have lived these last 25 years. John Rambo has described to me in great detail what the world looks like for a "twenty something man" in the western English speaking world. And it is not good. If you add to that the efforts of your guvments to get World War 3 started? Who do you young men think are going to be the primary victims of World War 3 if they get it started? Who do you think is going to be the primary victims of the civil wars they are trying to start?

Here is a hint. NOT your fathers and grandfathers. Those traitors are going to try and sell YOU on going to war to DEFEND THEM. The very men who are too gutless to sit on a jury to secure your rights will demand YOU DIE to secure their safety.

You might want to think about that.

So. Let's say you now understand that you have pretty poor prospects. What can YOU do about it?

Well? I have been YOUR PERSONAL ARMY for five years now. I have worked my butt off to try and re-introduce the rule of law into Ireland and Australia and then help other men from there on as and when possible. I risked my life to do so. I spent 4,000+ hours and USD500,000 of my own money. I asked your fathers and your grand fathers to stand up to criminal women and criminal guvments and re-introduce the rule of law. We have some small number of such men. But we are going to need more men who are willing to act in roles like Peace Officers, Private Investigators and Jury Members.

So the invitation I am extending to young men is to join the Mens Business Association and volunteer for those roles. These are the links you can use.

As you can see. Your fathers and grand fathers are not signing up to be Peace Officers or Private Investigators in the new economy we are building. They are too gutless and cowardly to do so. They falsely believe "the police" are there to help them. I find such wilful delusion to be quite ludicrous.

You can see from the links below and the lack of response by Police Officers.  Police Officers are NOT willing to be Peace Officers at least in Australia and Ireland. And the same is likely true for other countries. Feel free to taker a look at these two videos that have been passed to Police Officers in Ireland and Australia. I have noticed the Police in Ireland and Australia in 2011. Both lots of Police have made their intentions clear. They are siding with the guvment. They intend that you men live in a police state where they get to be your slave masters. You might want to object to that.
D78 - Statement to Australian Police Officers
D80 - Statement to Irish Garda

At the end of the day there is only one way for you young men to improve your prospects. That is to improve your prospects yourselves. For you to become the "personal army" of your brother. To come to your brothers aid when he is in need. To be willing to labour WITH your brother in co-operation and collaboration to create a future that is worth living in. Because I can tell you for sure and for certain, the future that your guvments have lined up for you is going to make it very questionable as to whether it is going to be one you want to live in.

How do you improve your prospects? A lot of young men are expressing the desire to "see the world burn". There is a nihilistic attitude expressed by many young men. It is very much along the lines of "I was screwed over so I don't care if the world burns, I have my popcorn and a beer, I am going to watch it go up in flames." There is a certain level of justification in doing so. I can see why many young men would see it like that. You would see the obstacles as insurmountable. You see you have no leadership to show you how to improve your prospects. You see there are few men of my age and ability showing any real care or concern for you.

But here is the thing. There are a few men like Bill Greathouse and I who would really like to see you men have better prospects in life. And not by being some wage slave for some greedy man who would kick you to the gutter as soon as he could. There is a future you can live into and create that will improve your prospects so that you can live a great life. That future is what we are building at the Mens Business Association. 

You want to see "their" world burn? You want to see "them" get their comeuppance? You want to see "them" get what they deserve? Well? You can do that if you want.


By building a parallel economy and then taking away the businesses that "they" run one by one. The Unique Selling Proposition of businesses associated with the Mens Business Association will be that it is a man-friendly business. A business built by men to the benefit of men. They will be businesses you can offer your brother a job in. And he will labour honestly for his honest salary in return.

All those other "big businesses" out there? They are pandering mostly to women employees and women customers. The sexual harassment lawsuits, the wrongful dismissal law suits? They are draining the energy and money from these businesses. I even saw an article today where a woman took IMDB to court claiming USD1,000,000 in damages for publishing her REAL AGE! Here is the link.

If you young men can not out compete large companies that are weighed down with "women employees" and "affirmative action" then you do not deserve to be in business.

I am proposing that men create their own businesses and they run them as effectively and efficiently as possible so as to out compete the established businesses. And by delivering better products and services at a better price with the Unique Selling Proposition to men that "when you buy from us you are not paying the "wimmiz equality" tax" you are very likely to be able to run successful businesses. And remember. Men do the VAST MAJORITY of useful work. We can persuade those men to join the MBA for the benefit of all men. We can persuade them not to compete with us directly. If they compete with us directly we can out compete them every time and put them out of business.

The FIRST business us men must be in is the business of due process of law. This is why we have now launched MBA Law Services. You can listen to a detailed presentation about MBA Law Services on this link: A08 - Introducing MBA Law Services

I said above that you young men are considered 4th class citizens behind women, children and DOGS. This is true. In the current environment in the west a woman can make a false allegation and the cops are going to throw your arse in jail, period. Some young men have spent YEARS in jail for false rape allegations. The FIRST priority for you young men must be to re-introduce the rule of law so that you have the protection of the law from those older men who are betraying you.

Think for example how many men in the US are in jail for non-crimes. For example, having in their possession some of Gods own produce? That is not a crime. It is only declared a crime and tolerated as being a crime that gets you young men thrown in jail by GUESS WHO? Your fathers and grand fathers. And evil men called "politicians", "judges" and "lawyers". While you young men do NOT serve as "the private army" of every other young man? While you stand alone rather than stand together? You will be easily picked off one at a time. Just like Chris Dorn was easily picked off.

But if you co-operate and collaborate? If you stick together as soldiers? If you serve as the "private army" of every other young man out there? If you join us to provide an alternative system of law that is fair and just and SEEN to be fair and just?

You can take away the advantage the guvment has in having a monopoly on courts, police and prisons. Since the VAST MAJORITY of men on the various police forces are young men just like yourselves? You can speak to them in their own language and tell them that oppressing you unlawfully is not longer going to be tolerated.

In a free and open society there can be no monopolies. Most especially there can not be a monopoly on the due process of law. The people who live on the land decide what the law is. Guvments can only make legislation and that legislation only applies if you consent to it. I, personally, do not consent to any legislation.

So the FIRST business we must create to be an alternative business to that those who have sold your future down the drain is the business of Law Services. If you young men just stop to think about how much money goes through the hands of lawyers, judges, magistrates, politicians, police and prisons? THAT is the FIRST business we can, AND MUST, gain a very large slice of. Enough of a slice so that no young man is criminally victimised by those who are trying to oppress you. Since there are so many criminals among that ranks of lawyers, judges, magistrates, politicians, police and prisons? We should be well able to kick start the MBA Law Services revenue stream by taking the property off those who are guilty of crimes according to LAWFUL decisions of juries of 12 men.

All those young men who are in jails for non-crimes like carrying some of Gods own produce around need to be freed from their incarceration. We are well advised to create businesses to offer them jobs of some sort when they come out. The obvious jobs being things like Peace Officers, Private Investigators, Security Guards and similar.

This is only going to happen if young men decide that they no longer wish to take the attitude "I am no mans personal army" to

"I am every young mans personal army because I will defend my brothers rights and he will defend mine".

When you become your brothers "personal army" as I have been your personal army these last 5 years? As Bill Greathouse and John Rambo have been your personal army for years and years? Then YOU will have better prospects because YOUR future will not be able to be attacked and destroyed by the criminals in politics, the criminals in the legal fraternity, and the criminals in the police forces.

Remember what the MBA is about. It is NOT about retribution or anything unlawful. Mens Business Association is about creating a LAWFUL second economy outside the jurisdiction of ANY gvument such that any man who chooses to can live in peace. This carries with it RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY. If you want to be "wet-nursed" by the "nanny state" the MBA is not for you. The MBA is for "go getters" and "self starters". It is for honest men of honour and integrity. It is for men who seek a better future for themselves, their brothers, their possible future children if they decide to have them.

It is for the young men who can see they have been betrayed and are determined to create a better world to live their lives in. That is who the MBA is for.

Losers are not invited.

So. If you want to just continue on as you are? You want to play computer games and work dead end jobs and have no good prospects? Just ignore me. Do nothing different. That's fine by me. I have a great life.

But if you want something better? If you want the chance to create a great life for yourself? If you want to create your own business, generate your own wealth and income? If you want to show the world, show your parents, you can make something of yourself, that you can do good work in this world for the benefit of many? Then consider joining up and getting to work in your local area.

The very first area to get to work in is the area of protection of the law. I am sure that pretty much any young man can learn how to be a peace officer. After all? Just look at your police officers. Do they strike you as the sharpest knives in the drawer? How many of you think you could do a better job of being a peace officer than your local cops are doing? I would think plenty of you, right?

The better educated and more capable men among you? You might want to volunteer to serve on Juries. And the very brightest? You might want to learn how to prepare cases for other men. As MBA Law Services grows there will be a lot of good jobs generated out of it. Those who get in first are going to have the pole position because they are the men who took the most risks. I believe in the "risk reward" model of business. Those who take the biggest risks of loss deserve the biggest rewards if successful.

Look at the risks I have taken. 4,000 hours of unpaid work and USD500,000 of my own money to create cases against two national guvments over a 5 year period. Not many men are willing to take such risks. Now it is time to see if we can get these politicians, lawyers, judges, magistrates and other assorted criminals put on trial, found guilty, and take their property off them. Because if we can? There will be a very nice kick start to the cash flow for MBA Law Services that I can plough back into creating jobs for young men just like you.

That is my call to the young men out there in the English speaking world. Your future has been sold down the toilet by your fathers and grand fathers who squandered the legacy bequeathed to them by those who fought World War II. They have squandered your future opportunities.

You will either "go with the flow", go down the path of least resistance, sleep walk into a police state.

Or you, like me, will say:

"NO! I do not consent. I will create my own future. I will defend my own rights and the rights of my brothers in arms. I will not slink off quietly into the night like the cowards our fathers and grand fathers have shown themselves to be."

In which case? Welcome aboard my brother. Nice to have you join us.

In my signature below is a series of links you might like to look over so as to educate yourselves. If you have decided to join us you have quite a bit of learning to do. This is why we have created our MBA Education Channel. There is much you need to learn because you have been so comprehensively lied to.

Please pass this notice to young men to all your mates and buddies.

They should each have the chance to choose to join the Mens Business Association or not.

Thanks for listening.

Best regards

Your brother peter/joschua

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