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 5/19/2012 12:33 AM
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Subject: Open Letter to my former children Joshua and Josephine

This is an open letter to my former children by the callings of Josephine and Joshua.

This letter will be placed on to the CAF Australia site and CAF Ireland site to set an example of these two young people.

Section 1 – Background for the new reader.

Josephine and Joshua will, by their actions, present an example to their peers as to what men can expect from their own children in marriage and divorce.

Quite frankly? Men can no longer expect much from their own children. Certainly they can not expect “honour thy father”. As far as children are concerned fathers are also just sperm donors and walking wallets. My former son Joshua is now 19. How could he ever expect that his son, if he ever has one, would show him any more respect than the clear lack of respect Joshua showed his own father. If a lad is not willing to show his father the respect he has earned (presuming he has earned it) then he can not expect any better result himself. He does not have it in him to do any better.

Similarly with Josephine. That she was willing to so disrespect her father will inevitably lead to her children asking about why she did so. Eventually, any children of my former children will find my story and ask their parents why it was that they treated me so badly. Similarly the children of my former family and friends are going to ask questions about me and look me up. They will inevitably find that their parents have told them lies about me when they find out I spent a vast amount of time and effort working for THEIR futures.

I would not like to be any of the parents of children who come to ask their parents why it is that they supported a criminal woman abuse an honest man via a criminal cartel called the “legal fraternity”. I would not like to be asked why it was that these parents did not join me in my efforts to re-introduce the rule of law when asked. The rule of law that would benefit these children all their lives.

When children, such as the children of Josephine or Joshua, or the peers of Josephine and Joshua find out their parents have betrayed them? I would not like to be those parents. We are already seeing stories of men and women in their 60s and 70s being rejected by their children for their betrayal of them. This is happening to the early feminists. And it is going to happen to virtually every woman who destroyed her family in divorce. The children are no so stupid as to allow themselves to be as abused as their fathers were through the emotional manipulation of such women as Jennifer.

Over the years the emotional manipulation Jennifers subjects her children to will increase until a breaking point is reached. And then those children will understand just exactly what it is to be betrayed by their mother. Perhaps they have not learned that lesson yet.

For the new reader, some background.

As my former children can testify, should they have been willing, I was a great father and husband whose wife deemed fit to criticise in the eyes of his children at every opportunity. If anyone is in any doubt this is what happened you are welcome to read this link.

And please note that Jennifer said in her own words in may 2007.

“I know you feel the relationship with our children is secondary and I have always made you wrong for that. I want our relationship to be complete freeing you to be a father to them. Will you be their father? No amount of mother love can compensate them for the loss of you. I  am also standing in the possibility of our children attending the teen forum. I see how I have enrolled them in my stories about you to their detriment. I want them to have the loving relationship with you I know is possible. ”

Please remember that was written just SIX months before I was falsely accused of being a bad father and abandoning my former children. THAT is how blatant women lie nowdays. No man should forget that.

What Jennifer meant by that comment was that I, as the husband, and she, as the wife, put her first in my life. I made it clear to my former children that the way our family worked was that the husband was the head of the household, the wife chose the husband, and that the husband and wife relationship was the superior bond. I made it clear to my former children that from that bond of husband and wife they were born and that, though important, they were the children and their relationship to me was secondary to my relationship to my wife. I also made it clear that the relationship from my wife to me was superior to my wife to them.

This is a VERY important lesson to teach children because when they grow up and wish to have a family of their own they need to know to make the relationship with the wife or husband the PRIMARY relationship. They need to LEAVE their parents to establish their OWN family. Not completely SEVERE relationships but LEAVE the mother and father and make that bond secondary to the bond with the WIFE or HUSBAND.

If the man or the woman retains the relationship with the parent as the PRIMARY relationship the spouse is in for HELL ON EARTH. And BILLIONS of men have suffered the fate where the mother has manipulated the child to consider the mother child relationship superior to the spouse and the child clings to the mother even when married.

This is why you have “mother in law from hell” stories but almost NEVER a “father in law from hell” story. Women abuse their children by emotionally manipulating them into dependency on the mother and this severely damages, if not destroys the child’s ability, or even willingness, to marry and start their own family.

As my eldest former step son Jarrod stated “After seeing how my mother treated my father and you I will never get married. I might get a wife like my mother.”

Ouch, eh?

So that comment was about my wife acknowledging she had ABUSED her children by “enrolling them in my stories about you” and by “making you wrong about making the relationship to the children secondary”. She had made the relationship to her children her PRIMARY relationship and LIED to them about me, their father.

This is CHILD ABUSE. The result was that she made her children EMOTIONALLY DEPENDENT on her…emotional CRIPPLES is another way of saying that. The children sense this but did not know what to do about it. When in Ireland for a year as an au pair Kristen (then aged 21) and Jennifer fought like cats for the entire year. This was because Jennifer had emotionally CRIPPLED Kristen so as to create dependency on her. This is a terrible thing to do to a child. When I saw her doing the same things to Josephine I took he aside and told her MANY times to stop abusing OUR DAUGHTER.

Alas. Jennifer refused to stop abusing OUR CHILDREN because she wanted to make them DEPENDENT on her. She wanted to emotionally cripple them so she would be able to manipulate them later in life. Therefore it was also necessary to sabotage their relationships with their father.

And I will give the reader a sample of this.

When Jennifer was in Australia tending to Jarrod who had cancer I had to fly home each weekend to care for the younger two children. At one time Joshua had a school project. He decided to make a catapult…one that worked. So we bought the materials and we spent two weekends making this catapult.

It was a simple activity only made a little difficult by the lack of proper tools and workbenches.

When Jennifer returned we were eating dinner one time and Joshua recounted his two weekends building the catapult with his Dad. He was very enthusiastic and finished up with “Those were the best weekends of my life!!!” I looked across at Jennifer. Rather than being pleased for her son having expressed such love and enjoyment at being with his father she was SEETHING with jealously. She could not hide it from me. I talked with her about this very disturbing reaction later on. This is why she would try so hard to undermine me and to ruin the relationship between Joshua and myself.

Even though I was not home often I caught her frequently telling both children “your father does not love you as much as I do because he is off working and having fun while I am left here to take care of you”. No mention of course that Jennifer unilaterally quit work and caused our family severe problems through lack of the promised second income.

Another time we decided to buy some new book shelves for our house in Dublin. They were flat pack book shelves and so I needed to put them together. For me, a trivial task. So I decided to involve both children in “building” the book shelves. I gave them little jobs like placing the nails in the right place for me, placing backing boards in the right place for me, helping move the bookshelves around as they were constructed etc. They were children. There was little they could really do. So I went out of my way to make sure they really felt like they were contributing because that is how children learn.

At dinner that night the two children regaled Jennifer with how they had “helped dad build the book shelves” and they proudly showed her the results of their work. Of course, as a good father I praised my children for their work and told them how I could not have done it without them. I gave them praise for doing the very best they could do.

Again. My wife was SEETHING with jealousy. I had to speak to her again later to tell her that it is very important for children to get involved in working with their father and making things and feeling like they have accomplished things. This was an essential part of their development and she should not interfere or undermine that development.

So when it came to divorce…I was furious Jennifer had broken her agreement to help me get the kids to citizenship. I was furious she broke her word to pay her own way. I was furious she was being so greedy and selfish right in front of the children. I was furious that she was now coming out as a liar in front of her children.

On the Saturday and Sunday night of 10 and 11th November 2007 I had dinner with my former family while staying at a hotel. At those two dinners Joshua and Jarrod openly called Jennifer selfish. Joshua, in particular was very upset his mother was forcing his father out of his life. Jennifer, being the complete bitch, even had the gall to say “See, you are upsetting Joshua by packing your bags” when it was SHE insisting that she was not willing to tolerate being financially responsible in marriage. You could have knocked me over with a feather when she told such a blatant lie as to who was responsible for what was happening.

It takes two people to make a marriage but only one to break it. In my case it was clear to all the family members that Jennifer was SOLELY responsible for the end of our marriage as she was the one who broke her vows and refused all efforts at remedy. This was clearly obvious to the children at those two dinners.

On Monday 12th November 2007 (dates from memory) I went to the Irish courts to ensure that Jennifer had not filed in Ireland as she PROMISED all members of the family she had not done over the weekend. It turned out she had filed in the irish courts on the Friday and so had BLATANTLY LIED to all family members at the dinners on the weekend.

I called a family meeting. Jennifer actually called the police. An action that she had been told was not acceptable to me after having me falsely arrested, injured and incarcerated in 1997.

At that family meeting I explained to all that I would not tolerate being disrespected for what I had already done. I would not speak to anyone from the family until such time as Irish proceedings were withdrawn as promised.

As it happened I met a really nice women in this time and she convinced me to call Joshua and Josephine for Christmas 2007. I did this and these two children refused to talk to me. In this they dis-respected their father and dishonoured themselves. For this action alone they do not deserve to have a father. If a father means so little to them that they refuse to speak to him when he calls then they can try living life without one and see how they get on with that.

Certainly life for me is far superior without have them in my life. So I wonder if they find life superior without having me in their life. Time will tell.

So that is the background for the new reader.

Here is the open letter that I have sent via email and have published to CAF.

Section 2 – Open Letter to Joshua and Josephine

Attention Joshua and Josephine.

At the end of this month, May 2012, you will be 19 and 21 respectively. This means you are no longer children. Therefore “for the benefit of the children” no longer applies to you. You no longer have the protection of the law traditionally extended to children that is far in excess of the protection of the law that is traditionally extended to adults. By that I mean that children are, by law, not considered responsible for their actions for the very fact they are children. Further, children can not be put on trial as adults, again, for the very fact they are children.

A child who sides with a criminal parent can not be considered to have committed a crime because the child is not expected to be able to even understand what a crime is. Even if the child is aware a crime has been committed the child is not expected to take any action about that crime.

Your “protected status” as children is now over. I have given Joshua a year extra so he could get to 19 years of age so that no one can argue he is not an adult. At Joshuas age I was making my own living and had been for a year. I was an adult. I expected to be treated as an adult. So I will treat Joshua as an adult. I have not addressed this issue with Josephine two years earlier as I might have done merely because I wished to address it at the same time with both Joshua and Josephine.

Joshua and Josephine. Jennifer is a criminal. She has committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse. I have not gathered the proof of her child abuse. A Peace Officer will take your statements as to the abuse you will inevitably have suffered when I bring that case against Jennifer. Relocating you to places unknown and disallowing communication with your father and your grand parents is abuse. To do so merely in a quest to make money is disgusting to me and since I was your father and taught you well it should have been disgusting to you too.

Further. Jennifer, Irene and Bill conspired to not allow my mother to talk to Josephine, her very much beloved grand daughter, as she was falling into Dementia. In case no one has told you. I was required to sit in front of my mother in her elderly and ill state and watch her cry while begging me to get a phone number for her to call Josephine on. That treatment of my mother is not forgivable, and it will never be forgiven.

I offered Bill Toal the deal that he give that number to John Nolan on the basis of John Nolans word he would not give that number to me. Bill Toal turned down that offer. That is one of the most disgraceful acts I have ever witnessed in my life from all concerned. To abuse an elderly and ill woman by using her love for her grand daughter to extort money from her son.


That you, Josephine, being 16 years of age, did not contact me and give me a number for my mother to call you demonstrates her love for you was wasted. You know how my mother doted on you. Your greed and selfishness demonstrated at the last family meeting extended even to your elderly and ill grand mother.

What a disappointment you are to me.

If the two of you are in any doubt that your mother committed these crimes then read these links. Of course, you can simply ask your mother if she committed perjury. She quite openly bragged to me that it was a “negotiating tactic”.

By my count Jennifer committed 14 counts of perjury. I was able to establish irrefutable proof of two counts by getting emails from the two banks involved that PROVED Jennifer had made false statements under oath. That means that she committed the crime of perjury in her initial statements in November and December 2007.

That means that ALL actions that I was required to take to defend myself are subject to LAWFUL REMEDY as I was under UNLAWFUL ATTACK based on the law “thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour”.

This means that ALL proceeds of my labour that were STOLEN by Louise Henderson and David Dunkley must be returned to me AS WELL AS COMPENSATION for all injuries and losses suffered during these last four years.

Jennifer is going to stand trial. The jury will review my default judgment and evidence.  They can not rescind the guilty verdict as Jennifer has admitted guilt by non response. Not only that. She did actually commit these crimes and there are many witnesses to the facts of the matter. Not the least of which are the two of you who will be called as witnesses should Jennifer be so foolish as to deny her actions.

Once the guilty verdict is ratified I am going to ask for ALL property Jennifer has to be returned to me. Any property that she has disposed of since November 2007 she will be billed for. She will be required to pay that bill until she dies. It will become part of my estate.

I am going to ask for compensation to be paid that is the SAME compensation that will be paid in future should a MAN commit the same crimes against a woman. In the future the Mens Business Association will have ARMED PEACE OFFICERS and we will defend our members such that if any effort is made to issue a LARGER remedy instruction than I receive we will defend that man with force. Deadly force if needed.

Jennifer is going to be impoverished. She will be “eating cat food in a caravan” which is what she deserves for being a criminal. There were no excuses and no extenuating circumstances that justified her greed and selfishness to the extent of committing criminal acts.

That Jennifer committed these crimes? It also means that ANYONE who assisted Jennifer during this period who KNEW OF THE PERJURY is also a criminal based on the law of “aiding and abetting a known criminal”. Therefore anyone who assisted Jennifer is LIABLE FOR CRIMINAL PROSECUTION and PAYMENT OF COMPENSATION AS REMEDY.

This means the following people are also going to be put on trial if they do not make remedy prior to the trial being brought against them.

Bill Toal
Irene Toal
Michael Toal
Jarrod Robinson
Kristen Robinson

I shall ask the jury for 95% of their property. That would include any pension allocations via the superannuation funds.

Why 95%? The reason is that ALL FIVE have openly supported the FACT that 95% of my property was taken off me. Since this is what these people think is just fine to happen to me when I had committed no criminal act? I suggest that it is just fine to happen to them due to their aiding and abetting Jennifer the criminal.  “Do unto others as they have done unto me”. If these 5 people are not willing to meet that remedy then they can go to trial, which they will pay for, and they will be subject to the decision of the jury as to how much of their property will be transferred to me.

This brings me to the two of you.

I do not know if you have been following along my activities in re-introducing the rule of law into Australia and Ireland. If you have not then I recommend you click on this link here.

The fact is that you have criminals in your guvment in both Australia and Ireland. They are both working on implementing a police state such that you too can be victimised with impunity. They would like to be able to victimise you just like I was victimised with impunity by the criminals in the legal profession using the “excuse” of your mother being willing to criminally abuse me as their “legitimization” of the criminal abuse.

What is being constructed will reduce you to abject slavery if you are not killed outright. You might actually thank my colleagues and I one day if we are successful. Many brave men have spent many days in jail for your benefit. The two of you seem to be very ungrateful for their efforts.

Now. I take the position that when a man, especially a FATHER, sees a crime then he has an obligation to ensure justice is done. Even more importantly. I take the position that a FATHER who is aware of a criminal act of HIS CHILDREN (or former children as is your case) has an OBLIGATION to the wider society to ENSURE his children make remedy for that crime.

Sadly Bill Toal failed in what I considered was his LAWFUL OBLIGATION to stop Jennifer from committing the crime of perjury and to ensure that all injury caused by that crime was immediately remedied. I spoke to Bill Toal about this perjury in November 2007 and he was absolutely clear that he knew it was perjury.

Even worse, Bill Toal actually joined in these criminal acts as did Irene Toal. They failed their broader society by not holding their child to account for a crime they were both well aware Jennifer committed. Further, both Bill and Irene are fully aware Michael Toal has joined in committing criminal acts and have failed AGAIN to deal with the criminal acts of one of their children. Bill and Irene are failures in this respect as parents.

I intend to be no such failure where my former children are concerned.

I am going to teach my former children the lesson that they are to obey the law or they WILL be punished by their former father. No one has the right to claim my former children have impunity for criminal acts. As their former father I will live up to my obligation to my society by making DAMN SURE my former children know the difference between what is acceptable behaviour and what is not. The difference between right and wrong if that is how you want to put it.

So, Joshua and Josephine. You are being given until the 31st of May to choose for yourself.

You are recommended to make a public statement that will be posted to CAF that you are aware of the criminal acts of Jennifer and that you, as a law abiding person, require that justice must be done regardless that this will involve losses for your mother. You are recommended to present your evidence that you have that you know that these crimes took place. Especially the crime of the theft of 95% of the family assets.

You are both recommended to make it clear that you are aware that Jennifer had given her word to pay for her own keep since 2002 under pain of divorce if she did not keep that promise.

You are both recommended to make it very clear that you are taking the position that you denounce the proceeds of these criminal acts and that you no longer wish to benefit from the proceeds of these criminal acts.

In short. You are recommended to TELL THE TRUTH and denounce your mother as the criminal she chose to be so as to maintain your own good standing at the start of what will be your adult lifetime.

Should you fail in your LAWFUL OBLIGATION to denounce criminals WHERE EVER THEY ARE you will be put on trial. I will ensure that it is widely known that you condoned and supported the criminal abuse of your father. I will ensure that you are made an example of so that other men can see what they can expect of their children in divorce.

I will remind you both that I own and I can publish whatever I like about you onto CAF and have it picked up by Google. What I publish will live with you all your adult lives. What is published is up to you. It will be your actions that are published. If you choose to stand for truth and justice that is what will be published. If you choose to stand for lies, hypocrisy and criminal acts? That is what will be published. Whatever is published will be visible to your friends, your partners, your employers and prospective employers. You will have a public profile create by me that people will be able to judge you by.

So consider carefully your actions and how you would wish to present yourself to your family, friends and broader community.

Joshua and Josephine. When I talk to young men and I tell them that you refused to take my call for Christmas in 2007 those young men are STAGGERED. Their first reaction is usually “but one day that could be me!” And, indeed, it could be. Young men are staggered that the two of you could have benefited so much from my labour of 25 years and they show such dis-respect and dis-honour to your father while supporting you mother whom you knew to be lying to you.

I tell young men now that my children are not at all unusual in this respect and that MANY men have the situation where their children are lied to by their mother, emotionally abused by their mother, and do not have the sense to call their father and explain this to him. Indeed, even when old enough to know better they hate on their father.

When young men who wish to have a family one day hear these things they are shocked to the core. So you two? You are now faced with a choice that will stick with you for your entire lives.

Will you do the right thing and denounce a criminal and see justice is done?


Will you continue, as ADULTS, to commit the crime of “aiding and abetting a known criminal” and therefore stand trial before a jury of your peers and take whatever punishment or remedy comes your way.

And if you take the later option? Are you willing to have your names and your photographs spread widely to be an example of how the children of the best of fathers act in divorce? Are you willing to be the “poster children” for what a man can expect from his children in divorce?

Already I have told MANY people about how I raised Jarrod and Kristen as my own and how hard I worked for their benefit only to be betrayed by them in divorce. Men are deeply shaken when they hear that story.

I have refused to speak much about your two as you were not yet adults. I only started speaking publicly about Josephine after Michael Toal saw fit to reveal my full name to the public. So Joshua and Josephine can thank Michael Toal for her name coming out sooner than I had planned.

You can ALL thank Bill and Irene Toal for refusing to be good parents that this entire situation has had to be done out in the public. Bill Toal was offered MANY chances to do the right thing and he has spurned them all. So his family name is going to be exposed as a bunch of liars and criminals. To be screwed over in divorce will become known as being “Toaled”.

You both obviously know the CAF site. You both obviously know my email address.

I will give you both until 31st of May to send to me a SIGNED IN RED INK statement that I can post to the CAF site.

Failure to do so will require me to teach you right from wrong the HARD way.

As I used to say to Jennifer. When ever Jennifer was faced with making something easy for me or hard for me, she invariably chose to make it hard for me. The major emotion that I felt in our marriage being over was relief. Relief I did not have to put up with another 20 or 30 years of Jennifer making my life as difficult as she could for me. I have worked FAR less since November 2007. I have enjoyed the time off greatly.

And Joshua and Josephine? When I say I will make your learn right from wrong the HARD WAY? I mean I will have a share of your future incomes sent into my charity I am founding for a period of 25 years. You will be allowed to have the equivalent of AUD20,000 as of your 46th birthdays. That being exactly what you will be agreeing with as you considered acceptable to happen to me by your non denouncement of your mother as a criminal.

After my 25 years of labour Jennifer, Bill, Irene, Michael, Jarrod, Kristen have publicly taken the position that being given AUD20,000 of my own money back was perfectly ok. Once lawyers fees that I spent are taken into account I actually made MINUS AUD60,000 after 25 years.

Now. If the two of you are not willing to DENOUNCE that as a crime? Then I will apply the law of “do unto others as they would do unto you”. I will ensure you are not allowed to gather any assets of any significance until your 46th birthdays. You, like me, can start earning money from there. We shall see how you like being treated as you have agreed I should be treated.

And by the way? Most of the money that I would take off you will be used for my charity. I am founding two charities. One for boys of the men who have killed themselves in the murder by proxy of their fathers in divorce. One for originie boys to create schools for them and to teach them my skills.

Since I was very nearly one of those men who killed themselves because of the criminal abuse of their families in divorce I know exactly how those men who DO kill themselves feel right before they do it. I think it would be very appropriate that your future incomes go to help the children of such dead men since you cared so little about your own father you could not care less when he was suicidal. Maybe paying over some of your income for 25 years will teach you the lesson that it an OBLIGATION to care about those people around you. Even if they are only your father.

As I wrote in my second book. I recently met a woman whose father killed himself when she was 17 and her little sister 7. The look in her eyes told me everything I needed to know about how suicide affects children. Those boys whose fathers killed themselves need a helping hand in their lives. I am going to provide it.

It would be a good idea if Jarrod and you Joshua joined in since the two of you were so thoughtless and callous during this period that you too could have had a former father who killed himself.

Now. Joshua and Josephine. I shall await your response of 31st of May.

I do not recommend you test my resolve on this issue.

As your former father you will be very well aware that when I tell you I am going to do something I will live up to that commitment. Neither of you should have forgotten that yet about your former father.

It was your mother who was the liar in the house. You are quite welcome to your relationship with such a liar and such an emotional manipulator. I am sure that you will both tire of her lies and her emotional manipulations and her crimes soon enough.

And when you do? You will be without a mother OR a father because of your choices in life.

I see that as a good thing.

You can be good examples to other children of what happens when children do not stand up for what is true and right and just when their mother is a criminal.

Joschua-Brandon: Boehm©
Formerly Peter-Andrew: Nolan© 

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