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 4/26/2011 1:08 AM

January 20, 2006


To Whom It May Concern:


Cooking the Books!


This is a short outline of a vast number of irregularities (call it intentional crime, and a cabal) inflicted upon my person, as carried out by a dishonest and evil-minded Law and Justice system here in the State of Victoria.


As to the facts:

Try as I did to resolve a Family problem on several occasions, and over a long period of time, that Department of Justice, Dispute Resolution Centre, had the power to resolve before it took on ugly proportions, or deteriorated into costly litigation, the Department of Justice not only failed me miserable, had no remedy to offer, was not at all interested, but abandoned me and then pushed me into the hands of the ever hungry legal profession.


The unresolved problem then shifted to the Magistrates Court at Dandenong where the problem, that in the beginning was minor one, a problem more of social nature than anything else, but before the Magistrates Court at Dandenong, the unwise Court, devoid of any common sense, no social responsibility, then made a big Mountain out of an Anthill.

And involved me in a lot of unnecessary bureaucratic bungling, most frustrating and costly delays, drown out procedures, and generally gave me, the Plaintiff, more than a hard time.


Documents, letters of mine written to the Court before the Kangaroo Court Show even started, indicate very clearly that the Court, with due deliberation, then involved this Pensioner in a very, financially costly exercise by taken some, to this date still unexplained, pleasure to disadvantage me financially by changing Court appointments at will. This happened on three occasions. And as the Court did change Court dates every time on very short notices, it caused havoc not only with our emotions, but did a lot of damage to our financial situation, precarious as it already was, but we had to change horses in midstream which disadvantaged our position even further. That too, this sordid episode, cannot be dismissed as just to happen accidental, we do have our suspicion. (See documents to the Registrar, included)


Apart from the extra financial expenses the Magistrates Court burdened me with, there is the most important matter of losing my Witnesses. Witnesses in two elderly people, who, fed up with the caprices of the Court, who had come to Court on the first occasion well prepared to testify, had brought along all their family and friends, who had sacrificed one full day, only to be told, after wasting 4 hours of idle time in Court, to go home.

And as it, the same kind of thing, did happen the next time around, being told at the last minute to come back on another day, my two witnesses, rather than to be fooled again, decided excuse themselves by bringing along a Doctors certificate.


Later in Court however, with the Court having deprived me of my main witnesses, the Magistrate in question voiced her hostility and displeasure to the fact, and blamed me directly for having no witnesses to testify on my behalf. 

Indeed, having no witness, it was crucial. The defense and the Court, were having a Ball.


Before that came to pass, there was another witness, my youngest Son, whom I, the Plaintiff, needed as a witness.

At a Pre-Conference Hearing, however, I was told (warned would be the better word) not even to try to get this witness back from New Zealand, where he evidently was.

That was the advice the Court gave me. Under any no circumstances should this witness be called, for it would be too expensive for me.

Now, I am not too sure who was more insistent in their persuasion not to call the witness who was supposed to be in NZ, whether it was the Court or Defense Counsel, but I smelled a Rat.


As it happened, a big Rat I smelled, and a big Rat it was.

Not satisfied with the Court’s warning not to try my luck, I, with the help of the New Zealand Police at Christchurch, established the fact that the witness, my youngest son Martin, was not in NZ, as the Court wanted me, and urged me, to believe, but all along in Australia.


Consequently, and as we tracked him down to an address in Coburg, at my expense, my Lawyers did subpoena this witness to testify on my behalf.


On the way to the Court Hearing proper, something very astonishing did happen.

Due to the many delays of original Court dates set, the defense took advantage of the situation, hijacked the witness and turned him around, in effect, made him commit perjury by urging him to tell, in parrot fashion, tall, improbable lies and fairy tale stories. Stories that did not at all tally-up, and did not stand up to any close scrutiny whatsoever.


The Magistrate however, did not only go along with such improbable concoctions, but actually shielded the witness from any further questioning.

He was allowed to make a hit and run, one-day only appearance.


Although the Magistrate did not give him expressed permission to be excused from any further duties, this witness did not appear on the following day of the Hearing where he was needed for further questioning.

But he was not there, to the chagrin of our Barrister, who now, suddenly had run against a wall of silence.


As to the Court proceedings, it is of utmost importance to mention that, I, the Plaintiff, had filed my complaint to the Court in my own hand, and had made it on the document very clear to the Court that the question of Money, in way of my claim, is not, and never was, the motivating factor, the recovery of my priceless memorabilia and heritage, however was;


The Court however, not knowing how to deal with such an issue, had taken the unusual, and must we say, illegal and quite improper step to, first suppress, or embezzle, my documentations, and then to condemn me on the pretext that, all along it was I who had taken this matter to Court, out of spite, and to make mischief against my former family.

Mischief for the sake of opening wounds, and to enrich myself with Money demanded, at their expense. (Copy of my original Complaint as filed to the Magistrates Court included, that shows clearly how deceitful and dishonest the Court system really is.)


Whereas, in the old Canon Laws of the Church it was laid down that everyone must have a hearing, even the Devil, the new Society, our Law and Justice system in the State of Victoria does not even obey the precepts which the dark Middle Ages held sacred on behalf of the accused.


In the eyes of the Magistrate sitting at Dandenong, the accused I, the Plaintiff, certainly was.

That was clear from the very beginning.  As a culprit, a troublemaker, I was treated as such. The Magistrate was not in any mood to take any Prisoners.


All kinds of most irrelevant things were thrown at me.

Even a divorce that happened some 16 years ago, and was resolved by the Family Court at Dandenong in proper fashion was good enough to be dragged along, was turned into a Soap Opera in  to prove my guilt, although such was irrelevant, and had absolutely nothing to do with the matter at hand.

The Magistrate thought otherwise.


I was not allowed to refute any of the ridiculous and false accusations and falsehood leveled against me.

And my legal representative, a most experienced Barrister from the City, was concentrating on legal matters only, played by the book, relied mainly on his superior legal submission of which he was absolutely sure of.

Of that,, his superb submission, the Magistrate did not take any notice, nor did the Magistrate take any notice of the submission of the defense, who had  conceded  certain facts and aspects of the case.

The crux of the matter, the very point that I am making here, the very matter that is at the heart of my complaint against the system, and the Magistrate, is the fact that the Magistrate sitting at Dandenong has cooked the Books!

In this regard, and quite obviously, something in the State of Victoria is very, very wrong.

Something is rotten with the Court and legal system.

To come to the point: The question I am asking; how is it possible, and is allowed in the State of Victoria to manipulate, not only the evidence, but to falsify and alter certain Court documents at will?

That very question I want to have answered!


Of the documents so manipulated and falsified there are two.

Firstly, we have the Certified Extract of the Court Order.

That Document was issued on May 19, 2003, one full Day before the Court case came to a conclusion.

To make it clear what we are saying; the Court case did continue into the following Day, May 20, 2003.


Therefore, it must follow, the Document, the Order as made out by the Magistrate sitting at Dandenong, is illegal, therefore, invalid, and unenforceable.


About this, we did complain to the Court about the illegality of the Court document, but were told to hold our tongue, and not incur the displeasure of the Court on account of contempt.

However, in spite of the treats made against me by Court Officials on the Day of my complaint, said officials looked into the Computer records, found that I was right, the date on the document wrong.

Quick as a flash the date was changed, and I was handed an amended Court document now showing the proper date of May 20, 2003.

I refused to accept such manipulation, and left the Court building.


Later on, when we also became aware of yet another irregularity regarding Court documents, we also complained to the Magistrates Court at Dandenong.

This time it is the Case log document that has been falsified.

This document is totally at odds with the Certified Extract of the original, if we can call it that, Court Order.

On close inspection of the Case log document, we find that sometimes in August of 2004, after I had filed with the Chief Magistrate of Victoria a Complaint against a Magistrate sitting at Dandenong, this Case log was manipulated, and altered by unknown Court official(s) at Dandenong, who knew exactly what they were doing, namely to push me into an abyss so deep, unable to raise my ugly head.


Following this, the Sheriff was informed that all of a sudden change in my debt situation concerning the second named Defendant had been increased twofold.

The Sheriff, although we made his Office aware of the obvious mistake?, did ignore my plea, did not check out the correctness of the document, started to pursue us more vigorously by having the House I live in put under surveillance.


In this regard, the unlawful manipulation of Court documents, we must expect from any Authority, especially the Court(s), to be precise, truthful and correct, at any time, and in every detail, if we, ordinary citizen that we are, are to continue to have respect of such Authorities.

But again, the Court, rather than to take notice of our legitimate concerns, did threaten us instead.


In addition to our grievances expressed to the Court at Dandenong, and due to the fact that the Court Order insisted that I, the Pensioner, pay a huge, and then unreasonable, in error, or by malicious intent, inflated sum of Money to the second named Defendants in a Lump sum, I applied to the Court, as is my right under the law, to pay by installments.


As my pockets are empty, no cash money in it, I did apply, not only once but twice, to be allowed to pay by installments.

In both cases, the Magistrates Court at Dandenong, refused my application, citing that I, the Old Age Pensioner, had a great capacity to pay.

This refusal is rather odd, because at the time, my appeal to the Supreme Court was under way, the Court Order therefore, should have been suspended in any case.

This was not to be, as I was accused by the Court, at the urging of the second named Defendant, of lying, of having stashed plenty of Money away for a rainy day.

Realities, however, are quite different. I, the old man, depending on nothing else than the Old Age Pension, do not have the Money, had to borrow, had to Mortgage the House I do live in for a second time around.


This, in short are my grievances against a ruthless, useless, Legal, Law, Court and Justice system that does operate in the most atrocious, illegal manner to the detriment of ordinary citizen.


To this, a most important question must be asked: ‘What is the extend of my crime anyway?

Why have I, who has lead an exemplary, completely blameless life, done to deserve such severe punishment inflicted upon me by society, and by a corrupt legal, law and court system?

A punishment that is out of all proportion, and is well above the norm applied to real crime committed in Australia.

Come to think of it, something is very wrong with the health of our society when it pleases a certain Officer of the Court, knowingly, to award the cheats, the Liars and the very people who commit perjury in Court with perverted pride.

When the end justifies the means, and the Truth becomes irrelevant!


A system that can manipulate and falsify vital documents, cook the books, at will, with impunity.

There is more to this sordid story, much, much more.

Part of the story, a small part I have been telling to my friend, the President of Crime Victims Association.

(Copy of that included)

Yet, there is more to it, much more. This is a story, a sign of decay and sickness in our time that has polluted our Society, a society of which the law, legal and court system is part of.


One more thing is worrisome; I have dared, even tried to provoke certain people within the system, like the Police, and certain Politicians, have pointed to the system being corrupted on many levels.

Now the system has closed ranks, has sent me to Coventry, do not answer me.

What to do in this case? More important, where can I turn to?

Turn to for a little bit of consideration, and for some degree of social justice?

The system, as has been explained to me at nauseam, will devour me, if I do not keep quiet.

Bust challenge I must, for I cannot live a lie, nor can I submit to lies and gross deception.

Anybody out there, outside the system, who is smart enough to beat it?

Who can help and assist, who is straight forward, without any falsehood, and come along with some good ideas?

I’d be grateful, and, in accordance with my code of uncompromising honour, be loyal to the core.




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