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 3/15/2012 3:08 AM
 Modified By host  on 3/14/2012 9:10:37 AM
So Kerry Rzezkik and Chris Merrett claim that mark Beyer is a part owner of Sly Ink which is such a fabulously well known publishing house that they do not even have a web site.

The correspondence with Mark is below. His last known email is

New Post
 3/15/2012 3:12 AM

-----Original Message-----
From: Kerry Rzezkik []
Sent: 18 January 2012 04:17
Cc: chris merrett;
Subject: RE: Slandering people

Mr Nolan,

Thank you for your email

Firstly you don't appear to understand the stucture of our publishing company, Sly Ink. You say you will speak to my bosses and go "up the chain". Well go no further Mr. Nolan. Chris Merrett, Myself and our Chief Editor Mark Beyer are the equal co-owners of Sly Ink, so I can do nothing more than refer you to myself, Mr Merrett and Mr Johnson in that regard. There is no further "up the chain"

Mr Nolan, claiming sovereignty is nothing more than a well worn, well tried and thoroughly discredited get-rich-quick scheme and failed method of debt and tax avoidance. Nothing more. There have been several convictions attracting terms of imprisonment that have resulted from people claiming sovereign citizenship. When a party refuses to buy into your scheme and simply ignores frivolous claims, this, despite your own thoughts does not constitute consent or acceptence of those claims. To think it does is utter nonsense.

Now, pertaining to your 7 questions, as already pointed out I have lost track of several emails, not just your own, and have asked Mr Merrett if he still has copies of these 7 questions but it seems he has seen fit to delete several of your emails regarding this matter. If you would be so kind as to resend me those questions, point by point you can be assured of a prompt response. 

Failing this you shall receive no further responses from me. I like most of the others you've bombarded with frivolous emails am way to busy to get involved in a meaningless email exchange with you.

Thank You



----- Original Message -----

From: Peter Nolan

Sent: 01/18/12 09:07 AM

To: 'Kerry Rzezkik'

Subject: RE: Slandering people

Hi Kerry,


1.      Chris Merrett is WELL aware of my video channel. That he asks for information that he is WELL aware of is just more of his psychotic behaviour.

Since you ask and you are not expected to be aware of this channel? The direct link to the video is here.

However. The Australian government is blocking this video into Australia so there is a downloadable low quality version here.

The transcript is here.

All the above is published in the book which has been downloaded by about 5,000 people so far. Apparently the HUNDREDS of times I have placed the link to this book in forums Chris Merrett is aware of is not yet enough for him to “find” it.
Do not let the numbers there fool you. I have moved the book recently. It also has more than 1,100 downloads from here and that is despite it was deleted by a hacker not that long ago and reinstated after there were more than 1,000 downloads.

Are you trying to tell me that Chris has claimed to you that he could not find the book that links directly to the video despite the fact it has been the highlight and first post put into CAF for more than a year?

Is this REALLY what you want to claim to me?

Do you know how silly that makes you look in saying you have every confidence in his research when he can’t find the book that I have been promoting FAR AND WIDE?

Forget question 1. You HAVE to be a woman. I will bet $A100 right now with you that you are a woman. Ok?  

No man would be willing to make such of a fool of himself so quickly. Only women do that. It comes from your false sense of superiority that you have been programmed with via feminism. You are a victim of feminism and you likely do not know that yet. Most women don’t.


2.      I asked 7 very simple questions. I would like 7 simple answers please.


3.      “Defy me”. I do mean defy me. I know what the word defy means. It does NOT imply I have personal authority over you. You seem not to know the English language very well. That would be a disadvantage in your line of work. The English language is a precision instrument, like a scalpel. You can rest assured that I use words with great precision and that I am well aware of their dictionary meaning.

The tone of your emails would seem to indicate you still do not know just how close you are to being in real trouble.  

You are associating with a known criminal. Further, we have evidence Chris Merrett is associating with a character calling herself “Illuminati Ingrid”. Ingrid is associated with the suppression of evidence of murder via an ASIO psyop. By associating with Chris you could wind up accused of suppression of evidence of a murder, conspiracy to commit TREASON after the fact. We are pretty sure we will be able to get Ingrid for Treason just like we already have Julia Gillard for Treason.

There is an outside chance that should you continue to assist and associate with Chris Merrett that you might wind up committing TREASON. The penalty for TREASON is death by hanging.

You want to think about that as you make flippant replies.


4.      The new courts will have the authority to withdraw the protection of the law to you. They will have the authority to outlaw you if you make the choice not to make the remedy instruction issued by the jury of 12 men. Once you are outlawed no other person who wishes the protection of the court may aid or abet you. That is called aiding and abetting a known outlaw and it is a serious crime. This means you can have no electricity, no gas, no water, no phone, no car, no bank accounts, no credit cards, no legal tender. Anyone who wishes to cause you injury harm or loss may do so. You will have to protect yourself because you chose not to observe what is considered to be the community standard for the law.

You may read about this here.

Are you ready to go without those things in Melbourne? Are you willing to be outlawed rather than to make remedy unanimously agreed for any crime you may commit?

If you are outlawed the new courts will issue writs to the local police in your area to inform them that they are not allowed to assist you or protect you in any way shape of form and if they do they will be accused of aiding and abetting a known outlaw. Are you ready to be “independent” enough to live without the police on the end of a phone?

Thing about these things. They should inform the decisions you make as to whether you are going to aid and abet someone you now know to be a criminal.

I gave you the links to the CAF site where Chris has slandered me. I do not need a guilty verdict from a court to declare him a criminal. I am a sovereign. I can declare him a criminal in my own calling and claim of right.


5.      “Your definition of what constitutes a crime is an interesting one. ”

I am a sovereign and so I get to define what is a crime against me Kerry. The crime of aiding and abetting a known criminal has been considered a crime for some thousands of years now. I see no problem in getting a guilty verdict for a jury should you fail to co-operate with me completely in my evidence gathering of the crimes Chris has committed against me.

If you do not know what a sovereign is? Think Queen Elizabeth. All men are born sovereign, free, and equal before the law.

I have claimed my sovereignty more than two years ago. Elizabeth agreed that I have the right to claim that sovereignty. So when you talk to me? You need to remember you are talking to someone with the same standing in law as Queen Elizabeth.

If you have chosen to be one of her subjects you have far lesser standing in law than I do. Indeed, if you have not claimed your sovereignty and claim instead to be an “Australian Citizen” then you have no standing in law at all.

“Ignorance of the law is no excuse”. And it would seem you are very ignorant of the law Kerry.

Do you even know the difference between a law and legislation?
Do you even know the Commonwealth of Australia is a Uniform Commercial Code Legal Entity registered on the US Securities and Exchange Commission and has no standing in LAW?

If you do not know these things you are in way over your head. But “ignorance of the law will be no excuse”.

I have tolerated Chris Merretts slander long enough. It is time to bring him to heel and to show him that committing crimes is not a good idea.

If you do not bring him to heel? Then I will bring you to heel first, or go up the chain until someone there actually know the LAW and not just legislation.


Now. I have been very polite despite your flippancy in the face of being in a very serious situation.


I would like the answers to my seven questions please. I would like copy of any materials using my copyrighted materials please.


I won’t be asking again. The next time I ask I will be asking your boss or I the court will be asking with the ability to imprison for contempt of court.


Choose your actions wisely. You will not be offered second chances.


Peter-Andrew: Nolan©





-----Original Message-----
From: Kerry Rzezkik []
Sent: 17 January 2012 18:55
Cc: chris merrett
Subject: RE: Slandering people



Defy you? Defiance implies you feel you have some sort of authority over me. Chris and my other writers have told me you feel males have some sort of God-given authority over women. Is this true? Do you feel that by not replying to you constitutes defiance on my part given that I am a woman ?

You have an odd way of persuadeing people to cooperate with you.

Your definition of what constitutes a crime is an interesting one.  

This said, I must apologise re any direct questions, I've been frightfully busy, hence I'm up at 4:30 am answering emails, and I must confess to losing track of several. Please reply with any direct questions you have and they'll be answered as soon as convenient. Please also include a link to the Court Hearing footage my staff say you claim exists. I note 2 of them have requested a link to this footage several times without success.

Thank You.




----- Original Message -----

From: Peter Nolan

Sent: 01/17/12 11:47 PM


Subject: RE: Slandering people


Dear Kerry,

So you have known the man in this photo for 11 years and it is your professional opinion that this is the face and attitude of a man who would do thorough research to establish facts of the matter and to ensure that he does not commit the crime of slander?


Surely you jest.


The man is clearly mentally unstable.


He has labeled HIMSELF “The anti-nolan”. Mentally balanced? I think not.


I can see that from Germany. I wonder why you can not see that sitting across the desk.


Now. I asked you some VERY simple questions.


Would you care to answer them?


Remember. Right now? You can walk away no crime committed. But if you defy me? You will be committing the crime of suppressing evidence of a crime.


If you assist Chris in any way, shape or form, you will be committing the crime of aiding and abetting a known criminal.


Choose carefully. Your financial future depends on it.






-----Original Message-----
From: Peter Nolan []
Sent: 14 January 2012 16:31
To: ''
Cc: 'chris merrett'
Subject: RE: Slandering people



Apparently the “journalist” whom you have so much faith in can not find this link. He claims I have no evidence my wife committed perjury. That is what he is referring to. Go ahead and ask him if you like.


Are you really that poor a judge of character? Really?


If so? Your bosses need to be informed.


You have created a very significant liability for them if you have allowed slander to be published. After all? I will not go after them via the Australian Legal system and the limited liability company structure. If they are not fully co-operative I will go after them under common law which is FULL liability not limited liability.


But I am sure I am talking about things you have no idea about, right?





-----Original Message-----
From: chris merrett []
Sent: 14 January 2012 02:33
Subject: RE: Slandering people


exactly, that's what you always say when you falsely claim to have evidence that you don't really have. Fuck you're stoopid. LOL


New Post
 3/15/2012 3:17 AM
Mark was tremendously useful and respectful.

-----Original Message-----
From: Mark Beyer []
Sent: 19 January 2012 01:02
To:; Kerry Rzezkik
Cc: chris merrett;; Bill Toal
Subject: SPAM-LOW: Re: The claim of Kerry Rzezkik as a co-owner of sly ink and the calim of sly ink slandering Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c)

Go away fruit loop.

New Post
 3/15/2012 3:19 AM

-----Original Message-----
From: Peter Nolan []
Sent: 19 January 2012 19:28
To: 'Kerry Rzezkik'
Cc: 'chris merrett'; ''
Subject: Re: The claim of Kerry Rzezkik as a co-owner of sly ink and the calim of sly ink slandering Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c)


I am copying the list but only those interested in this case should read. The rest please just discard.


For those who are new. We have 8 new members on this list today.


Chris Merrett is a criminal slanderer who is actively working with ASIO to slander me and to damage my income earning ability. This is in order to divert attention from the effort to introduce new courts.


Chris Merrett claims he has published slanderous materials about me via the company called Sly Ink. He claims to have been paid to do this.


Kerry and Mark, claimed to be co-owners with Chris Merrett in Sly Ink, have been politely asked to provide me any materials published by sly ink that contain my calling, name or image.


They are refusing to do so. Indeed, they are now attempting to be dismissive of me despite the fact their business partner is a criminal slanderer and has been making a nuisance of himself for some 6 months now.


Apparently, according to Kerry and Mark, what is good for the goose is not good for the gander.


I shall be asking Mark if he is willing to hand over the materials that Chris Merrett claims he has published.


As you can see. Kerry is a MAN-HATER of the first degree because she thinks my “hobby” of saving mens lives is not something worth doing. All men on here ought to take note that Kerry Rzezkik is perfectly happy for men to be criminally abused in the family courts. Indeed she flippantly dismisses efforts to stop the deaths of so many men and the fatherlessness of so many boys. This is now normal among Australian women. They care nothing for dead men. MAN-HATERS is the only way to describe them.


Your brother peter








You did not copy your co-owners on these answers.


Allow me to do your job for you, you incompetent woman.


I have also put comments into the email.


Your brother peter



-----Original Message-----
From: Kerry Rzezkik []
Sent: 19 January 2012 00:10
Subject: SPAM-LOW: Re: The claim of Kerry Rzezkik as a co-owner of sly ink and the calim of sly ink slandering Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c)



Thank for your email. Please find answers to your ever growing list of questions below.

Q1. Are you male or female? And I have $A100 on you being female.          Female. 
Hardly a surprise. Your juvenile attitude is consistent with women in business.  If you women are so “equal” you might want to wonder why it is that I can pick a females writing in an email with about 90% accuracy. It is because you write like five year olds.

Q2. Are you publishing materials about me provided to you by this criminal slanderer?  This is a loaded question. No, I do not consider I have published any materiels provided to me by a criminal slanderer.
It is not a loaded question. Chris Merrett is a criminal slanderer. His photogaph has been placed next to criminal slander. Here. This is one such case.

Since I have no ongoing relationship with this Robert Farquharson and Chris Merretts photograph is next to it on his facebook account I am claiming that this was posted by Chris Merrett.

Indeed, since Chris Merrett has posted video here he, plainly visible in the video, calls me a wife beater and child molester.

The FACT that Chris Merrett is a criminal slanderer is not up for discussion. We have moved on.  

The question now is whether you have published any of his criminal slander. You seem VERY reluctant to answer that question. I will not ask it again of you.

Q3. Are you paying this man to publish such materials?  Yes.

Q4. What is the calling and contact details for your editor/publisher and the most senior person in your company. You already have those details.

Q5. Are you willing to accept Lawful Notices to your fax machine or email to save on sending paper from Germany to Melbourne? Yes. Fax machines also use paper. You have my email address.

Q6. If you have, indeed, published any articles containing my calling, name or image of me, please provide PDF copies of the full magazine in which these articles were published.  No

In saying No, should there be any publication of slander of me as is claimed by Chris Merret you just committed the crime of suppression of evidence of a crime.

I shall ask Mark Politely for said materials claimed to be published by Chris Merrett.

Should he decline and should these slanderous materials exist and be published he too will be committing the crime of suppression of evidence of a crime.  You don’t get to publish criminal slander and then refuse to give copies to the victim of that slander when he asks Kerry. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. When a crime has been committed you are required to provide evidence of it when asked. If it takes a court order to get that out of you then you will pay all fees for time required to do so.

The new courts will have the power to imprison indefinitely for contempt of court. And since we will not have nice comfy jail cells I rather think that a few days in chains for contempt of court will loosen your tongue.

Q7. Are you also willing to accept lawful responsibility for what your writers put into your magazine? Yes.

Q8. Given your claim you are a co-owner. Please send me a scanned countersigned copy of the certificate of registration of sly ink showing the owners of that legal entity No.

Then you will be charged for my time to obtain a copy of this from the Companies Register. My fee is EUR100/hour.  

So far I have spent about 5 hours on this set of emails and correspondence. So you three already owe me EUR500 for my time in being uncooperative.

When you are found guilty (you have now already committed the crime of aiding and abetting a criminal by refusing my request to hand over such materials) you will be required to pay my fees for the time it took you to do by the rule of law what you should have done just as a decent person in the first place.

Kerry. One of your business partners is claiming he is committing crimes. If you were a decent person you would wish to get to the bottom of his allegations that you are involved in criminal activities quickly. That you are not doing that tells me you have something to hide. If that is published slanderous materials they will not be too hard to find.

It is amusing to me that a publisher who has FULL FAITH in their reporter and who claims they have done nothing wrong is NOT willing to pass such materials alleged to have been published to the person they are allegedly about.

What are you afraid of, eh? The little girlie starting to get worried what she has got herself into? If you REALLY had full faith in what you had published you would have just sent me a copy. That is obvious to the men on this list. We have plenty of members in Melbourne who can drop by your office and say hi.

Q9. Was Mark Beyer appraised in a timely manner of the criminal activities of Chris Merrett when they were brought to your attention? Another loaded question. Mark is well aware of all the work Chris has performed for us.

Good. Then he is on the hook as well unless he denies this on an affidavit under oath and penalty of perjury. He is copied on this email. He is welcome to deny your claim that he was aware of any and all materials published.

Q10. Please provide the name, business address, email, phone numbers of this alleged friend in the AFP. Since she claims to know something about my case I would like to put her on notice as to her obligations with respect to my case. Again. If you are honest you will do this. No.

Again this is suppression of evidence of a crime and you are associating yourself with the suppression of the evidence of a crime via the suppression of the video.  You were required by law to provide me that womans name. According to you she is a criminal because she is an AFP who is AWARE the video is suppressed.

I now have you on another crime Kerry. How many crimes would you like to associate yourself with?

You also seem to forget that the AFP are MY SERVANTS and I have every right to speak to any of MY SERVANTS at any time I choose. They are not an “authority” at all. If you are stupid enough to fall for their lies that they have “authority” over you then more fool you.

I guess you “equal” and “empowered” and “independent” women are just too cowardly and shit scared to deal directly with a man who is going to put you back in your place like a small kitten into the corner of a box, eh?

You women are so cowardly it takes many times over for you to answer simple questions. Even AFP women are so cowardly they dare not reveal who they are to me even though they are half a world away.  LOL! THAT is how cowardly women are Kerry. If men were so cowardly as women they would be laughing stocks and no one would take them seriously.  

Guess what? You women are fast becoming laughable in your claims of “equality”.

You are going to be the laughing stock of young men for generations to come. Quite a few are reading this and laughing about you already.

“Woman up” Kerry. Show is what “real women” are made of, eh?

Peter. You need a hobby or some sort of distraction if you are ever to recover from your marriage break up. You have too much spare time on your hands.

Your attempts at dismissals and shaming language do not work. Women like you are VERY HATEFUL and we will make this widely known. I am going to re-introduce the rule of law to stop the estimated 4,000 men killing themselves every year due to the criminal victmisation of men in the family courts. I will stop those little boys becoming fatherless.

THAT is my hobby you HATEFUL BITCH.

Young men will read your flippant comment and they will realize that YOU ARE SO HATEFUL that you care nothing about these men. Indeed, you are collaborating with a known criminal who is actively associated with ASIO in order to KEEP MEN DYING by diverting efforts to set up our new courts to chase down the odd criminal slanderer.

Will your mother be proud of her daughter when we find her and we tell her that you are a such a HATEFUL BITCH that you promote and support the murder by proxy of men?

How about your father?

Maybe your husband?

Maybe your boyfriend?

Your name did not register on Google.

Well? It soon will. You will be going into our Women who HATE MEN section of CAF. And google will find you in there.

How many Kerry Rzezniks can there be in Melbourne?

You are an example of all that is wrong with women in Australia Kerry. You waste the time of a man who is a great patriot with your juvenile antics. Men are watching and they will learn from you as to the HATRED you have in your hearts for them.

Thank You


New Post
 3/15/2012 3:21 AM

-----Original Message-----
From: Mark Beyer []
Sent: 20 January 2012 00:42
Subject: SPAM-LOW: Re: The claim of Kerry Rzezkik as a co-owner of sly ink and the calim of sly ink slandering Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c)

" I am copying the list but only those interested in this case should read. The rest please just discard."

Ok then, I'm not interested so I'll discard. I've told you once, go away fruit loop.

Nil Regards

M Beyer.

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