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 7/26/2011 3:14 AM
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From: Robert Kennedy []
Sent: 24 July 2011 06:55
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Subject: RE: Tasmanian Family Violence Act of 2004

Hi ALL  and

Honourable Members

Why do all blokes blame the only The Law?  Laws are inert writings on paper records.  Every time anyone relates their bad experiences to me they endlessly tell of how ‘officers’ did something wrong that was obviously a contradiction of the law - yet still blame the law.  Crass.  Totally ignoring a vast Administrative Law spectrum legislated to ensure public servants and police included deliver lawfully and according to The Constitution and The Legislature. TO THE  INDIVIDUAL CITIZENS CASE   Legislation that allows the aggrieved to ‘prosecute’ corrupt public servants who unlawfully use ‘Government or Taxpayers facilities’ for personal and other ‘ideological’ gains.

Which places every EMILY’s List Politician or Minister or male White Knight supporter while conducting Government business on heterosexual matters  in a ‘conflict of interest’ and they should declare an interest and step down.

In the first place legislation is most likely not unconstitutional because it is written up by independent ‘legislative writers’ highly skilled and aware of the constitution - I find instead grounds to commend them..  Occasionally a piece has got through that The Public Service finds unconstitutional and have refused to use it.  I concede in the case of ‘male blame’ they are most unlikely to do the same here if it is unconstitutional.

From my almost 20 years in the field I am prepared to give the legislation the benefit of the doubt against officers such as public servtant police who threw away their oaths and badges to ‘work for the feminist’ by NATIONALLY DURING THE 1990’S adopting ‘unlawfully’ the ‘FEMINIST’ Duluth model of solely ‘male blame’ policing domestic violence AND IGNORING FEMALE PERPETRATOS OF MEN AND WOMEN.  Why have none of you considered this?

Clearly this is wholly contrary to our Constitution and the facts of the community and the presumption of innocence by police who simply ‘male blame’ as the feminists want it to be.  Creates for those whose short fall an intellectual strata of understanding our democratic system of only an illusion it is the law.  When it occurs in the ‘service delivery’ of The Government Administration  as a ‘due process’ under various ‘interlocutory’ Acts.  No acts ‘stand alone’ to be literally interpreted alone they have other law ‘interlockers’ at various points that prevent any unconstitutional of legislative single act ‘stand alone’ interpretations.  Feminist claims of ‘women’s rights’ is propaganda because constituently there are none over men because by gender or race etc ‘citizens’ are all equal.  Is one starting point of interlockers.

Police are a prime example and most common at ignoring the act and case facts to simply ‘male blame’ without proper impartial investigation including not investigating a female false report to simply on her unfounded allegations.  Police simply raise an unlawful dvo against her nominated victim AS A PERSONAL FAVOUR FOR ‘HER’ BECAUES THEY REFUSE TO RAISE ONE FOR A BLOKE AGAINST A WOMEN EVEN IN LEGAL CIRCUMSTANCES - see below.  Whereby the police ‘enforce’ her spitefulness via an abuses Government protection procedure TO ENFORCE HER SPITEFUL VICTIMISATION - allegedly as the law because a police officer - breaking the law - “said so”.  Real third world police corruption stuff for ‘an ideology’ and not money.  All of the way politician have been those who allowed this to occur in spite of and wholly outside of the legislation - Because EMILY’s List and feminist simply demanded it to be.

On the other hand I have represented blokes and their property being victimized and damaged in front of attending police on ‘his call‘  for Government protection while the police simply watched - were witnesses to a crime - simply did nothing and said there is nothing they could do - then issued the blokes with restraining order ordering them onto the street - where by law one cannot put animals.  These example ‘administrative’ failings and not a legislative failings.  PLEASE NOTE   Instead it is a loyalty to an insurgent ruling force of feminism by Police and Public Servants and a disloyalty to the constitution and Legislature and citizens case facts.  Stop deceiving yourselves that the public services is impeccably impartial and loyal to citizens.  If you have done over the last decade the variedly of work with them and they will not open a single door to a legitimate male complaint then you too will come to where I am in the real world.  The feminist insurgent will no longer allow Australian males to access their due process of the constitution and legislature.  Few know as well as me who and how much hate males ‘micandary’ to the extent they risk their jobs they risk their jobs and superannuation’s to deliver hate outcomes.  But blame the male victims just as much too intimidated ‘mafia style’ to shoot back via and administrative prosecution the evidence the officers unwittingly gave them to use - but blokes will not fight for the restoration of their ‘rights’

It makes the victim blokes sick and me too and I hope you too especially hope against hope the politicians who allow our democracy to be run by any insurgent who speaks against males.  I have met politicians whose male family members have been victimised this way and dills they are concede to the feminist insurgent - YET THEY MADE THE LAW that obviously the feminists are breaking - such is the power of EMILY’s List to ‘govern by proxy’.

Australia has no room to criticize other corrupt governments while our public servants and police are treasonous to us by being more loyal to a foreign insurgent of EMILY’s List our of USA and now world wide governing on gender and by proxy out of The Public Service contrary to the laws of the legislature via a due process that must include the individual case facts to form a ‘lawful’ determination .  So that right down to the last individual everyone is treated lawfully according to their case facts.  I well know it is not happening so don’t tell me.  Everyone of you please tell the politicians with the duty to uphold our democracy out or the public service.

Yes too the feminists and EMILY’s List of each state and territory are trying gradually to turn their Domestic and Family Violence Act into a Trojan Horse family law act.  But most of all the switch occurs in the ‘service delivery’ of these ‘heterosexual’ service deliveries on gender so that inevitably ‘women win’ as EMILY’s List and the feminist movement have had such as police comply with ‘solely male blame.

The real resolution is for you and politicians to ‘kick arse’ of wayward public servants and policed who WE EMPLOY but are unfaithful to The Legislature and ‘deliver unlawfully’ for others.  Traitors is an apt word because the EMILY’s List has ‘foreign’ origins and association with it Australian Branch the ‘feminist’ wing - founded by then Victorian Premier Joan Kerner of the Australian Labor Party.  Fathers who vote Labor vote also to be unlawfully dealt with by the same sisterhood in the Administration and be falsely blamed and kicked out of their home and family.

Much media propaganda preceding minor legislative changes is only a cover up for the sisterhood and male ‘white knights’ to unlawfully deliver ‘an ideology’ instead of to the Constitution and Legislature what you really are entitled to.  Blokes are not good investigators and researchers and those who do not simply surrender soon go under by not being on target.  PROSECUTE THE UNLAWFULLY BEHAVING OFFICER BY COMPLAINT OR DIRECT COURT ACTION AS THE AGGRIEVED PERSON CAN WITHOUT LEGAL REPRESENTATION.  But are matters Ombudsman and DPP  and police should be handling as a duty of upholding the law and democracy.  But instead from my frequent attempts and as a forma child support representative behave ‘obstructionist’ and even ‘combatant’ against the victimised citizen making a complaint - but only if your are mail - women get a free pass including making false claims..

Such is the power of the feminist insurgent in our Federal and States and Territories Government and their Administrations.

They have stated their own agenda and I am only the messenger keeping it above the horizon when the have achieved insurgent status and do not want it exposed.


Stop being misled about the law and realise the cheating against men occurs only in the administration of ‘individual’ cases in ‘divide and conquer’ in wolf pack mentality of the ‘gender war against men’.  But do realise that your are being provided by them with your best prosecution material against them if only blokes would wise up and become proactive and fight back via the great democratic system we have only if we apply it. It is a whole band of legislation covering Administrative Law.  It relies upon you the aggrieved taking an action - no one else by law can do it for you - and it will not self rectify and only lays in limo if you don’t.  Whosoever has a complaint and does nothing about it votes (a) with the insurgent feminists (b) against themselves (c) all other victims trying to get resolution is how a tire kicker helps the feminist insurgent into and to retain ‘unlawful’ power over us.

What chance of a democracy do out Aussie Blokes have against and insurgent infiltration of our Government and its Service Deliveries such as this with our ‘watchdog’ agencies just a complicit in ‘obstructionism’ and ‘combatancy’ as if it were EMILY’s List itself?  Pleas fix.


Robert E Kennedy          Coordinator        NT Office Status of Family, PO Box 988, Palmerston, NT 0831      Phone 08 8932 3339

Sent: Sunday, 24 July 2011 12:04 PM
Subject: Fw: Tasmanian Family Violence Act of 2004


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From: Ray Escobar

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Sent: Sunday, July 24, 2011 12:12 PM

Subject: Tasmanian Family Violence Act of 2004






To Cowards and Traitors

The worse legislated Family Violence Act ever devised in Australia is the current Tasmanian Family Violence Act of 2004.  It exceeds all other state legislation in its brutality and illegality and is the benchmark for all other anti constitutional family violence legislation ever written by any state of the Commonwealth of Australia.

If you look carefully at the illegal and draconian Tasmanian Family Violence Act of 2004 the normal insane common result of this practice is not to see your kids for 1 year. Yes, 1 year.  By that time the separation of 1 year is complete, Parental Alienation sets in and this perjury then progresses from the Tasmanian Magistrates Court to the Australian Family Law Courts where it is rewarded by the Emily’s list faction and the parasites existing on the break up of our families and the devastation and misery left behind in the wake of our Admiralty Kangaroo Courts of Australia.

In Tasmania you really don’t need a reason to rid yourself of your partner only that you cry wolf first and the illegal unconstitutional Pro Arrest Policy as legislated means the first person to commit perjury gets all the beans.  The Tasmanian Police just love to bully boy themselves on families and in 92% of cases they always arrest the male without even one shred of evidence.  Risdon Prison, near Hobart, is now filled with over 50% of its male inmates as those who have breeched the Tasmanian Family Violence Act of 2004. 

We are in a state of crisis down here, living in an unlawful police state and I would recommend to anyone who values their future freedom never to move to Tasmania especially if you have a wife and family. In fact I would recommend anyone considering coming down here for a holiday to choose another place to relax. 

Our Tasmanian politicians must love being referred to as representing the suicide capitol of Australia and where they are so dumb as not to recognise the basic legislative principle of separation of powers, now giving the Police similar powers to our Kangaroo Court judiciary.  What a criminal state what dumb politicians. What kiss arses to do anything to secure the female vote.  What a group of misandry who hate men and boys. What a group of cowards and traitors. 



“Save Our Families”

Kindest Regards,

Ray Escobar


Juries Against Illegal Laws Inc.

24/ 7 / 2011

Juries Against Illegal Laws Inc. 166 Henry Street Launceston Tasmania 7250


Twitter: @JAILTasmania Web:


 Emilys List Politicians.pdf
 Emilys List control of Gov 08.pdf
 ABS personal safety 2006.pdf
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