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 7/26/2011 2:14 AM
Robert sent this to my list on 8th. Well worth reading.

Hi All

Well that is the modern day drift of (a) the uninformed generational drift and selfish pampered young to want more ‘democracy’ i.e. they do less and get more earlier and earlier in their life  (much too early).  Perceive themselves as ‘elite’ and ‘victims’ at the top of the food and financial chain (b) similar generation politicians ‘pampering’ for self interest votes i.e. more paid for by the taxpayer (c) a similar community population (c) besotted by self interest at the total disregard for the purposes of parliament and governance business being impartially for all (d) thus drift and do not uphold the fundamental core responsibilities supporting democracy.

This forum is such and example.  Most came here our of the Government mal administration of family separation and its administrative components but I see here an increasing drift from addressing how they were ‘administratively’ cheated and pursuing the likes of Public Servants and solicitors who ‘legally’ wronged them.  But instead abandon the only fix and divert off into other hypothesizes in other irrelevant directions.


Here The Brethren and the media were mentioned - I presume the Exclusive Plymouth Brethren - no matter - other groups too banish parents and separate children - I am unconcerned with the ‘brand’.  Just to make the comparison of politicization and priorities. The Family Court of Australia and of UK and USA and Canada are doing the same allegedly ‘legally about which there is much jawboning whingeing but no direct action like I take of throwing the mal administration of their case back upon staff and solicitors who were the scoundrels and ‘cause’ of bad outcomes.

“Nah” they say “It won’t work. I am withdrawing” - substitute speak for approving of what happened to them too gutless to go “professionally’ and ‘lawfully’ after the ‘persons’ doing the ‘unlawful’ wrong.  Instead chase remote rainbows to avoid the only thing that works best when numbers are assembled like on this forum working as one and being very targeted on their most vulnerable Achilles Heel - by exposing their unlawful wrongs they achieved in their workplace.

I have almost two decades of helping blokes and I observe blokes especially don’t want to do anything unless (a) from their narrow vision sees it helps them IMMEDIATELY (b) gets ‘the other’ and they fall over writing in pain or dead or apologies (c) absolutely will not do anything for other blokes unless it is conditional on (a) and (b).  Thus such as this forum decays quickly into disagreeable rabble and like others gets nothing done.

Moreover even if it were at its best it is not big enough to take on ‘the lot’ of similar need.  Blokes simply will not network like women and especially the feminist - who do stay focused and on target and succeed.  Just a tad of commonsense should tell out blokes why they are getting no where.

It frustrates me to the extreme that victimised blokes with all of the evidences and the legal ‘right’ and ‘responsibility’ are the loudest complainers “It wont work” do guaranteed it wont worm by doing nothing - and if they do something different and irrelevant and often simply abusive.  I constantly offer help but they - first timers up - as the democratically can deem themselves wiser and more experienced than me and my three score and ten life’s experiences and now decade and half in the family law field.

I am aware and interested in the wide field of our democracy and national wealth etc I including The Greens and their ramifications but I am only concentrating on the origins of this forum on family law and court and family violence and retraining orders and false claims and child protections and false claim and the like on family separation matter.

I CONCLUDE AND TAKE GREAT HEED.  It is unlikely in the extreme that anyone will for the reasons set out herein be likely to get their ‘pet’ to anywhere near being effective.  Meanwhile has destroyed - on behalf of the feminists - yet another primarily ‘father’ base gathering - is why I generally work ‘lone wolf’ and not be sucked down the vortex of blokes self fulfilling prophecies.

I challenge ‘Ya all’ as an unpaid volunteer on your fatherhood behalf.   Who of you? - seeking diverse subjects? - have engaged personally with Prime Minister Howard and Attorney General Ruddock on Share Parenting discussed case facts and reported the gross dishonesty of solicitors and industry staff?  Since year 2000 have made substantial case experienced reports to umpteen Federal and Territory Inquiries.? {Out ‘learning’ the law and case facts and constant unpaid volunteering with blokes and politicians and meetings}

I started behind where I suspect any of you have - out poverty not seen anymore in Australia out of the Depression and world war 2 in a white ant riddled pioneers cheap hut with open tank water and hand carried in droughts and a country dunny four pole and Hessian walls also white and infested.  And in family law matters where you all began. I have never had the option of withdrawing from anything or I would not survive.   Modern folk get too much too soon and it destroys their capacity to find what is inside of them to develop and use.  Here if modern-day fathers are not Metrosexual wimps then the suffer obsessiveness and tunnel vision destroying any lateral thinking.

I will stay connected to this forum but I do much more direct work outside of it helping folk get their ‘administrative’ prosecutions on family law and child support and similar matters up the noses of the wrong does via department heads, watchdog agencies and politicians - which often INCLUDES THEM

Blokes in general have to break the notional bonds feminism puts around them of the Metrosexual Bloke = Marshmallow Man putty in their hands who ‘surrender’ in the disbelief it will insult them - the biggest pigs a - conned into the most polite surrender of all - yep sold out the kids as chattels ransom to a momentary peace treaty.

If I lose any support by my frankness then nothing at all was lost because it was not there in the first place.  I want to only work with proactive folk focused on these primary subjects I know a few here are.  I understand the counseling effect but I am not into that either - only the fix - that is the best counslling for the individual and the nation. 

Stop thinking fixing the system comes from within your case and winning it - yes the evidences do but the action ‘required’ is another case outside of it in another jurisdiction - only if blokes will learn they have so much power over the scoundrels to use.  Like the Maffia intimidate so too have The Feminists in all matters heterosexual.  Lets start with a win in this arena and move next - Oh Dear when? - on to the next.  It would be a possible if blokes can lean to network and target subject by subject.

Regards Robert K

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ForumForumNews from Freed...News from Freed...News Parent ForumNews Parent ForumNews From Rober...News From Rober...08 July 2011 02:53 Wise Words from Robert Kennedy.08 July 2011 02:53 Wise Words from Robert Kennedy.