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 7/26/2011 1:43 AM
 Modified By host  on 7/25/2011 8:05:40 AM

@Hi All

This is absolutely brilliant stuff on Treason and one of the many similar options I have always advocated and pursue when I can do. But not to that level becaue I am no ‘qualified’ according to ‘court rules’.  But I do by in one of many things as a Child Support Representative to be able to argue blokes cases on ‘matters of law’ by officers according to the blokes case facts Offices have not complied and deliver according to the Child Support Assessment or Child Support Collection Act. Sometimes they go beyond the legislation into ‘unconstitutional’ behaviours too.  Everyone should make some real contribution via this mechanism and similarly to assist the ‘proactive’ and ‘well aligned’ blokes going to as far as it needs.

I do not want readers to try and limit my knowledge to what they do not know as so many folk set out to do.  Blokes live in this society and keep themselves ignorant on these matters and behave as feral as a brumby first time inside a paddock.  I am not here to be abused and blamed in a feral view of a very ‘staff’ corrupted Government System.  I want to help blokes and them to use their own material to make a contribution (a) fixing their own case (b) assisting to repair a corrupt system by exposing corrupt staff working under the auspices of such as EMILY’s List but being paid by Taxpayer.  I want to turn ‘respondent’ blokes into ‘plaintiffs’ within their own case.  As I easily can if they have got enough guts about their fatherhood responsibilities to authorize me as their representative {same primary scope as solicitor} and counter sign my out mail.  As in this attachment




Post Office Box 988



Phone 08 8932 3339

4th July 2011

Child Support Agency

GPO Box 9815


Objections Team

In the matter of [named} ref [given] Robert E Kennedy is his appointed representative.


Grounds of Objection

  1. The assessment is erroneously based on a 6A assessment on false and non qualifying criteria
  2. The qualifying assessment is the ‘taxable income’ assessment
  3. The alleged facts supplied supporting the 6A assessment do not in fact exist.
  4. Material required by CSA and supplied by the payer were not used and falsely alleged to not have been supplied supporting the ‘taxable income’ assessment and not the 6A assessment.
  5. The determination by CSA is false and overcharges.
  6. Previous determinations have been similarly unsound occurring ‘serially’ generating ‘over charge’ alleged arrears in the now amount of $86,518.59.

Rectification Sought

Relevant CSA Officers

  1. This objection be wholly upheld
  2. The child support monthly amount of Mr Named be recalculated
  3. By apply the correct facts and criteria according to law
  4. Restore the ‘taxable income’ assessment according to law according his case facts by the means of lawful ‘due process’.
  5. Expunge the ‘alleged’ arrears to an amount that are an overcharge not having any lawful foundation.

Note further

The grounds according to Judicial Review attached also sets out the ‘Administrative’ grounds on which this case is being argued.  Under child support legislation a court may also find on “matters of fact” also.  The whole spectrum of officer misconduct is fully prosecutable.

Note further

This case is under audit and monitoring on all of these features for correct due process and amounts.

Prosecution under the Commonwealth Crimes Act on ‘slavery and debt bondage’ could be made against individual officers who create and ‘hold out’ [in contravention of their employment] to a false ‘overcharge’ of CSA clients as a financial enslavement.  Is also separately prosecutable an ‘abuse of office’ defrauding one citizen to unlawfully benefit another by unlawful use of Taxpayers resources to achieve it.

Note only the unlawful means [as an Officer of Government] of achieving and the amounts of ‘overcharge’ are being referred to here and be advised the ‘legal wrong’ is the overcharge.  Please fix.

Respectfully consider CSA duties to The Commonwealth and its Citizens and discharge your duties accordingly.


Robert E Kennedy        Coordinator                  [countersigned]


Put my letter up and state I want more Child Support Cases to use to kick arses of CSA Staff. I am looking to collect a legal team who are qualified to do the same in courts.  Especially would qualified solicitors contact me to take cases of this standard when necessary into court. Most probably probono motivated like me to make them pay - hopefully with the loss of their jobs - for their wrongs CSA staff commit against fathers..

Regards Robert

From: Peter Nolan []
Sent: Monday, 4 July 2011 10:23 PM

Subject: FW: Fathers portrayed as murderers - how your choices as a consumer can help


Thanks for letting me know about this. I have copied you to my personal list of the men leading the effort to re-introduce the rule of Law to Australia. 

I have also posted your email here without your name attached.

Best  Regards 



this is the level of hatred spewed out of our televisions every night against men. 

You men might not think it matter because you know it is all lies. 


This psyop of portraying men as murders, rapists and abusers has WORKED WONDERS on our women who do not have the mental capacity to reject these lies as they are repeated so often. 

The misandry in the media has left our women folk with an unconscious deep seated hatred and fear of men. 

The reason I ‘ping’ women and then show you men the results of this ‘pinging’ is to bring to your attention the level of hatred and fear that is really there. 

It is this underlying hatred and fear that is destroying families and, in some tragic cases, causing the deaths of children like Luke Borusieiwicz. 

The Illuminati have been pushing this poison into womens heads for 40 years now. 

I know it’s hard for a man to believe this. But it is the case. 

Best Regards 



-----Original Message-----
Sent: 04 July 2011 09:10
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: Fathers portrayed as murderers - how your choices as a consumer can help 

Media Item: Fathers as Murderers 

Last night, 3 July 2010,on Australian television,  the Nine Network's 60 Minutes program broadcast a story about fathers murdering their own children as a means to take revenge upon their spouses. 
You may have considered this story to have been biased against men, or as giving improper emphasis upon, say, infanticide by males compared to similar crimes perpetrated by females.
If so, you are not alone. We believe that the choices you make as a consumer can have an effect upon your well-being. We are advising that you follow your conscience; in making ethical choices you will feel more empowered and, most importantly, less a fool for supporting unethical broadcasting. 
This evening's 60 Minutes program was sponsored, as usual, by Toyota.
Depending upon your local TV channel, you may have seen two commercials by the Coles-Myer group; one for Target stores and another for Coles. 
There were two advertising spots for Westpac bank.
We advise you to use discretion if telling others about ethical consumer choices you are making as an individual. It's more a case of making your choice and moving on.
If it comes to corporate purchasing choices for which you may be responsible, however, you may  be required for follow your organisation's criteria when it comes to such decisions as awarding tenders for a fleet of vehicles. Perhaps you might be able to contribute to the wording of that policy.  
Men as people to be belittled 
[Unnamed] Insurance Company, Queensland 
On 11 June 2011 we wrote to SBS Television using their website complaint form. We have received no reply.
Our complaint was as follows: 
[the following is copied from SBS's website online complaint-form fields after we filled them in][SIC] 
>The insurance advertisement figures a man stuck in the ceiling of a house, feet protruding into the living room  while a woman ignores his plight, speaking to camera.  
Please note that SBS's own Codes of Practice page at 
returns a 404 Not Found exception.  
However, there are other comparable codes to refer to.  
I would like SBS to point out why the broadcasting of this commercial would not infringe, for example:  
Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice 
Proscribed Material 
A licensee may not broadcast a program, program promotion, station identification or 
community service announcement which is likely, in all the circumstances, to:  
1.9.6 provoke or perpetuate intense dislike, serious contempt or severe ridicule against 
 a person or group of persons on the grounds of age, colour, gender, national or 
 ethnic origin, disability, race, religion or sexual preference;  
If SBS has a code of practice which differs in this respect, please refer to the corresponding article.  
Please note that I reserve the right to publish your response, or relevant excerpts, or in necessary any failure to respond or refusal to do so. >
Please understand the simple principle we are inviting you to follow: 
As a media consumer, you may have to endure a number of media-driven forms of abuse. These are unlikely to abate for some time. 
However, you are not obliged: 
to advertise with SBS, purchase Toyota products, or continue to help finance insurance advertisement which belittle or humiliate men.
There are many means of advertising besides SBS Television. There are many after-market spare parts for your existing Toyota. An insurance company is obliged by law to refund the balance of your policy, pro-rata, calculated from the date of cancellation. 
That's it. There may be future consumer guides emailed to you, but we will not engage in any political campaigns or debate as to the ethics of media. We base our decisions on the industry's own codes of practice and practice our own right to choose what we buy. 
Please do not mass-email this letter. It is wasteful, generates opposition and is disreputable. It might also expose you to legal action. If you need to pass information on, speak confidentially to just two friends. 
kind regards, 
 CSA representative_authority blank form.pdf
 CSA Objection format.doc
 CSA guide Judicial Review pre 300608.pdf
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ForumForumNews from Freed...News from Freed...News Parent ForumNews Parent ForumNews From Rober...News From Rober...04 July 2011 20:36 FW: Fathers portrayed as murderers - how your choices as a consumer can help04 July 2011 20:36 FW: Fathers portrayed as murderers - how your choices as a consumer can help