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 3/19/2013 12:13 AM

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Sent: 02 March 2013 17:08
To: Greg Canning; Ash Patil; Brian Tucker; Christian Fourcard; Dads In Distress; Dads In Distress; Dads Landing Pad; Dads On Air; Dead Beat Dads Assn; Domestic Violence Legal Service (Business Fax); Frederick Mack; Greg Andersen; Jeff Robinson; Jey Lamech; Jim Carter; Kevin Bell; LFA Kingston; Mark Flowers; Muckarosviski Paul; Non Custodial Parents Party; Peter Doolan; Peter Nolan; Robert Dalton; Simon Hunt; Steve Peters
Subject: see fathers4equality site

So Flood broke his shoulder.  Pity so close to better circumstances to be rid of a rogue advocacy researcher for feminist in their gender war against men. The harm this creep of a male has brought upon Aussie Blokes is disgusting in the extreme.  Of course this eccentric rogue is being heard.  Any one bad mouthing males and fathers in particular will be heard and repeated in this venomous feminist dominated administration of heterosexual service deliveries


Its falsely perceived women know best when it comes to administering families and women and so venomous feminist and metro-sexual pro feminist males get to be staff running families and children on propaganda. Which the likes of Flood 'research' their self serving false stats and propaganda and come up with 'advocacy' research stereotyping and stigmatizing good heterosexual family men.  Bringing accolades for Flood as a renowned researcher.


On the other hand there is Murray Staus and Gelies who in 1977 developed the 'statistical ascending scale of violence' between heterosexual couples in dating and domestic relationships. It took random couples and alternative only one of opposite gender from each couple.  Asking but recording statistically the answers to the frequency of (a) their victimisation (b) them as a perpetrator in ascending frequency of degree of violence (c) who struck the first blow. The latter called 'self reporting'.


In early 1990's feminists accused Straus and Gelies of (the feminists own modus oprandi) advocacy statistics so they went through all of their research again of the self reporting sector.  They found in both dating and domestic relationships women struck the first blow in 52% of the cases.


Flood should be sacked for defrauding the University and the Taxpayer of funds to do advocacy research falsely in the name of family or domestic violence.  Only as advocacy research for a feminists sole gender lobby group in their ideological 'gender war' against men.


All should complying to the Chancellor of Wollongong University about this blatant fraudster.


Keep up the mountain bike riding your victimised males may be luckier next on your next fall.


Below is EMILY's List feminist advocate politicians who use the Flood advocacy research crap against males of all constituency's.  May they and Flood rot in Hell for the great harm they bring via their corrupted administration of solely male blame in what are both gender perpetrator matters.


Robert E Kennedy  Coordinator

NT Office Status of Family   08 8932 3339



Current State/Territory



Katy Gallagher ACT Member for Molonglo, and Chief Minister


Yvette Berry ACT Member for Ginninderra


Joy Burch ACT Member for Brindabella


Mary Porter ACT Member for Ginninderra


Linda Burney NSW Member for Canterbury


Noreen Hay NSW Member for Wollongong


Sonia Hornery NSW Member for Wallsend


Penny Sharpe NSW Member for Leg. Council


Carmel Tebbutt NSW Member for Marrickville


Lynda Voltz NSW Member for Leg. Council


Helen Westwood NSW Member for Leg. Council


Natasha Fyles NT Member for Nightcliff


Delia Lawrie NT Member for Karama, and Opposition Leader


Lynne Walker NT Member for Nhulunbuy


Desley Scott QLD Member for Woodridge


Jackie Trad QLD Member for South Brisbane


Frances Bedford SA Member for Florey


Lyn Breuer SA Member for Giles


Susan Close SA Member for Port Adelaide


Gail Gago SA Member for Leg. Council


Robyn Geraghty SA Member for Torrens


Stephanie Key SA Member for Ashford


Grace Portolesi SA Member for Hartley


Jennifer Rankine SA Member for Wright


Gay Thompson SA Member for Reynell


Lara Giddings TAS Member for Franklin, and Premier


Michelle O'Byrne TAS Member for Bass


Rebecca White TAS Member for Lyons


Jacinta Allan VIC Member for Bendigo East


Liz Beattie VIC Member for Yuroke


Candy Broad VIC Member for Northern Victoria


Lily D'Ambrosio VIC Member for Mill Park


Kaye Darveniza VIC Member for Northern Victoria


Joanne Duncan VIC Member for Macedon


Maree Edwards VIC Member for Bendigo West


Jane Garrett VIC Member for Brunswick


Danielle Green VIC Member for Yan Yean


Jill Hennessy VIC Member for Altona


Natalie Hutchins VIC Member for Keilor


Sharon Knight VIC Member for Ballarat West


Jenny Mikakos VIC Member for Northern Metropolitan


Lisa Neville VIC Member for Bellarine


Bronwyn Pike VIC Member for Melbourne


Jaala Pulford VIC Member for Western Victoria


Fiona Richardson VIC Member for Northcote


Gayle Tierney VIC Member for Western Victoria


Sue Ellery WA Member for Leg. Council South Met.


Carol Martin WA Member for Kimberley


Sally Talbot WA Member for Leg. Council South West


Lisa Baker WA Member for Maylands


Janine Freeman WA Member for Nollamara


Linda Savage WA Member for Leg. Council Eastern Metro



Former Federal Members of



Jennie George NSW Former Member for Throsby


Kelly Hoare NSW Former Member for Charlton


Julia Irwin NSW Former Member for Fowler


Cheryl Kernot QLD Former Member for Dickson


Kerry Rea QLD Former Member for Bonner


Leonie Short QLD Former Member for Ryan


Jodie Campbell TAS Former Member for Bass


Sue Mackay TAS Former Senator


Ann Corcoran VIC Former Member for Isaacs


Sharryn Jackson WA Former Member for Hasluck


Carmen Lawrence WA Former Member for Fremantle


Jann McFarlane WA Former Member for Stirling


Ruth Webber WA Former Senator



 Former State/Territory Members of



Karin MacDonald ACT Former Member for Brindabella


Verity Firth NSW Former Member for Balmain


Alison Megarritty NSW Former Member for Menai


Sandra Nori NSW Former Member for Port Jackson


Karyn Paluzzano NSW Former Member for Penrith


Christine Robertson NSW Former Member for Leg. Council


Jane Aagard NT Former Member for Nightcliff


Malarndirri McCarthy NT Former Member for Arnhem


Clare Martin NT Former Member for Fannie Bay, and Chief Minister


Kerry Sacilotto NT Former Member for Port Darwin


Marion Scrymgour NT Former Member for Arafura


Bonny Barry QLD Former Member for Aspley


Anna Bligh QLD Former Member for South Brisbane, and Premier


Desley Boyle QLD Former Member for Cairns


Liddy Clark QLD Former Member for Clayfield


Lesley Clark QLD Former Member for Barron River


Wendy Edmond QLD Former Member for Mt Coot-tha


Jan Jarratt QLD Former Member for Whitsunday


Linda Lavarch QLD Former Member for Kurwongbah


Lindy Nelson-Carr QLD Former Member for Mundingburra


Rachel Nolan QLD Former Membe for Ipswich


Dianne Reilly QLD Former Member for Mudgeeraba


Christine Smith QLD Former Member for Burleigh


Judy Spence QLD Former Member for Mt Gravatt, Sunnybank


Barbara Stone QLD Former Member for Springwood


Karen Struthers QLD Former Member for Algester


Christine Scott QLD Former Member for Charters Towers


Jane Lomax-Smith SA Former Member for Adelaide


Lea Stevens SA Former Member for Little Para


Fran Bladel TAS Former Member for Franklin


Heather Butler TAS Former Member for Lyons


Allison Ritchie TAS Former Member for Pembroke


Lin Thorp TAS Former Legislative Council Member for Rumney


Paula Wriedt TAS Former Member for Franklin


Denise Allen VIC Former Member for Benalla


Dympna Beard VIC Former Member for Kilsyth


Rosy Buchanan VIC Former Member for Hastings


Helen Buckingham VIC Former Member for Koonung Province


Elaine Carbines VIC Former Member for Western Vic Province


Mary Delahunty VIC Former Member for Northcote


Anne Eckstein VIC Former Member for Ferntree Gully


Dianne Hadden VIC Former Member for Ballarat Province


Carolyn Hirsh VIC Former Member for Silvan Province


Lynne Kosky VIC Former Member for Altona


Maxine Morand VIC Former Member for Mount Waverley


Janice Munt VIC Former Member for Mordialloc


Karen Overington VIC Former Member for Ballarat West


Glenyys Romanes VIC Former Member for Eastern Vic Province


Megan Anwyl WA Former Member for Kalgoorlie


Shelley Archer WA Former Member for Leg. Council


Judy Edwards WA Former Member for Maylands


Dianne Guise WA Former Member for Franklin


Sheila McHale WA Former Member for Kenwick


Alannah MacTiernan WA Former Member for Armadale


Jaye Radisich WA Former Member for Swan Hills



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