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 3/19/2013 12:08 AM

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Sent: 07 February 2013 08:19
Subject: Family Cohesion or not?

Hi all

What dill father is still going to vote for allegedly ‘family’ Labor at the next elections?  With this feminist wing of the Labor party is at the ever ready to ostracize and alienate fathers from their family and children with the feminization of everything.  Like family law and family violence and child protection and child support is already lost to their illicit control.  Feminist are megalomaniacs and do not know when enough is enough like they are pushing for paid leave for alleged women domestic violence victims.  What about the blokes who go to work sick from domestic harassment by women.  As ABS found when women attack men it is 77% in the home.  Get the sole gender self serving self interest of elected female Labor Politicians who trade EMILY’s List helping them get elected will when elected toe the feminist ideological line.  A sisterhood like a version of the mafia brotherhood.


While for the past fifteen years Rip Van Winkle blokes have been asleep and unconcerned by the ‘woman’ image this insurgent snakehead organisation has been chipping away at the laws and most particularly Government administrations of heterosexual relationships.  Of course the Labor male politicians will do nothing because they rely now on EMILY’s List getting them past the post on Election Day and for that the Labor blokes trade votes. If a Labor male politician tells you what they will do about family law or any of those family and heterosexual relationship matters do not believe it.  Because during committees they will trade you off to EMILY’s List and vote against blokes to get swap votes on other things they consider more important to them staying in power.  They know very well blokes are not organized and will do nothing for being duped election after election.


They know these EMILY’s List allegedly violent males are not and so placid Rip Van Winkles will not even speak up to defend being cheated election after election after election for the past 30 years of feminist insurgency.  Father organisation after father organisation has been started but soon died because of the lack of support so much of the blame must be place of fathers own Rip Van Winkle characteristics.  Fathers have to learn to become proactive and network like the feminist have been dong for the past thirty years.  Until they have so many in Parliament they have achieved their 2008 goal of ‘controlling our Government’.  To a great extent because Rip Van Winkle men.


Labor wants the ‘family’ vote to get them in and after that families become only fodder for EMILY’s List to promote and advocate single mothers over cohesive families.  Tune into Federal Parliament and listen to the endless women women women victims advocacy of everything that one would never believe Australian women are the best provided for in the whole world even above USA and UK..  Female megalomania know no boundaries until someone has the guts to restore the gender neutral equilibrium. To stay in control they pretend endlessly to be victims.


I wager if ‘refugees’ only knew how Labor and Emily’s List and feminist in this country destroy family cohesion most of the boats would never come.  I know of many Australian men both moving off shore to marry and others importing family oriented wives preferably over the selfish feminist coached Australian property raiders and child abductors.  Separated men 24 to 34 years are Australia’s highest suicide group at about 1,600 a year mainly child support payers being overcharged.


Robert E Kennedy          Coordinator        NT Office Status of Family  08 8932 3339



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