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 3/19/2013 12:07 AM

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Sent: 02 February 2013 06:11
Subject: Hypocritical Family Values


And Others – who ALL should also tell Nichola and Labor just how badly fathers and fatherhood is being administered.


So you consider YOUR family is a priority over one of the nation’s top jobs and resign to be with ‘family’?


So you will recall all of your and your sisterhood EMILY’s List fatherhood misandary anti family maneuverings you made in such as family law and child support legislation and administration.  What apart from misandary do you consider makes you and your family anything superior to all of these families you for a decade in parliament spent considerable time deconstructing?  EMILY’s List politicians shamefully providing dishonest wives and mothers the alleged legal opportunities of alienating and ostracizing fathers solely on the base of their gender utterly false criteria with the assistance of dishonest Public Servants and Solicitors.  With you in particular amending legislation trying to hide the lies and falsehoods by women as irrefutable facts.  How unjust and evil.

While the Public Service simultaneously became feminist ideologically corrupted too in its heterosexual service deliveries that we are now being governed by proxy on gender under a feminist insurgency to their ideology irrespective of whatever the law is.  Continuously reported to all politicians and just as continually ignored by them as the wider community becomes frustrated and harmed by the loss of governance to sole gender feminism.  What a lot of gate keepers of unlawfulness.

To the extent in child support Government Officers are unlawfully ‘making it up’ (by falsifying incomes and case facts) according to the feminist template to overcharge father payers to the extent of leaving them with only enough ($14.14) per day to by two pies and a coke when The Legislature decreed the minimum of minimums is $34.00 per day.  Is it no wonder CSA is the institution with the highest suicide rate of between 900 and 1,600 per year?  When you accept women cannot live on $34.00 per day why do you allow CSA to reduce this to as little or in some cases lower than $14.00 per day why do you expect fathers can live on $14.00 per day or less?  Simply you are so gender biased in feminism you hold that ‘ideologically’ higher than the ‘the law’ of your job as Commonwealth Attorney General our highest law officer.  Such is the gall of feminists in trusted positions.

What a pseudo pro- family the Australian Labor Party it is when it has the nations largest and most influential proactive misandary gender war against men and fathers in its Feminist Wing of EMILY’s List.  With a membership rivaling its parent and donor companies rivaling its parent it makes its parent and Parliament only a Trojan Horse a vehicle of enforcing its evil sole gender ideology.  Any father voting for the Australian Labor Party is a dill creating his own and others family demise.

Nichola may you be haunted for the rest of your living days for the unlawful ways you abused your politicians role as an EMILY’s List member in feminism using Government as a Trojan Horse in your gender war against men and fatherhood in particular.


May God have no mercy whatsoever upon your evil anti family soul. However may your child and husband not suffer at all, but that you do as you have make thousand of children and their fathers unnecessarily suffer.  Especially in the way fathers have made sacrifices to be with their children – as you resign to be – but are held alienated and ostracizes by the ways devised by EMILY’s List and Cohorts allegedly to ‘empower’ women by the destruction of heterosexual families – just like your own.

Most sincerely

Robert E Kennedy

Coordinator     NT Office Status of Family, PO Box 988, Palmerston, NT 0831.  Phone 08 8932 3339                                                                                                                                                                 

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