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 3/19/2013 12:04 AM

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Subject: Public service gender corruption


My shot below on fathers4equality. Every father with a computer should read and write on this site.  Every father should also lobby all of the politicians to return the many corrupt Government Service Deliveries back to case fact and law compliances.  Fathers who do not to do so is interpreted by politicians is that silence is a vote of approval. Regards     Robert



John and Tony respondents here are blokes with their eyes open and consequently know a thing or two about this endless blatant deception of 'advocacy research' by feminism.  Making endless research into women amongst only women that claims such a percentage of women are of whatever the subject is that drives their advocacy.  In many cases men are of equal of whatever victimisation or even greater victims but such comparisons are not made by feminist advocacy research.  For all and more of the reasons John has stated.


Feminism is a world wide movement driven extensively out of USA by EMILY's List of which Julia Gillard and Tanya Plibersek and Jenny Macklin and several other Federal Politicians are the Australian Field Marshals of the Australian division of the 'gender war against men'.  Google to find it and even more such that many large companies financially support EMILY's List.


Feminism is as sneaky and ideologically egocentric obsessive in their gender war against men as the Taliban or Al Queda make no mistake.  Their best examples of their worst seem to gravitate to around heterosexual administrations where it is expected they would be gender impartial and family oriented. Like family law and family violence and child protection and child support where female staffing is their self chosen majority and up to 100% as women moved up to senior positions.  Where they oversee the substitution of the laws of The Legislature with their own sole gender ideology and make unbalanced claims about 'women and children' snidely pretending to us that fathers do not exist.  Until it comes to paying child support.


I know because I have been proactive across these topics from community to legislation to administration for over a decade and encounter them at meetings and in offices and courts obstructing with lies to achieve favouring women and destroying men.  Particularly deconstructing families down to women and children illusions.  What father in Australia does not already know this from his own experience of knows another so victimised by lies and false allegations against them and the feminist staff advocating for the untruthful mother.  As a team member in the gender war against men run by these insurgents out of our own Government Service Deliveries and legal services.


One of the dirty old tricks of so called research is that 98% of violence to women is by men with no mention of violence by women to men is advocacy research.


All comes undone when one sees the Australian Bureau of Statistics research reveals that 38% of violence to women is by other women - up 10% in the last six years.  And when women attack men 77% of the time it is in the home is domestic violence.


Office Status of Women were handed the National Domestic Violence Strategy (both gender) but after six years they simply changed its name to Violence against Women and used the Taxpayers Funding as a war chest in their gender war against men.


Office Status of Women commissioned ABS with $4M taxpayers funding to research into violence against women.  The Government had to put in whatever extra to have similar research into men to get the above statistics.  Wow what an enormous war chest of taxpayers funding going directly into the feminist gender war against men out of Government Service Deliveries.


A colleague in Western Australia did some research on government annual funding in WA and found women got $4M and men got only $700,000.


In UK the feminist tried pulling the same tricks of women being underpaid.  A female social scientist reported back to Blair that women in the same job get equal pay to men but women are more often absent.  So there is the dirty trick of wanting to be also paid for absenteeism and eventually equal superannuation for fewer contributions.


It is risky to believe a woman but never believe a feminist and note on EMILY's List how many are in parliament fighting their gender war against men.  Fathers must do more to unite and fight back with the truth.


Robert E Kennedy Coordinator

NT Office Status of Family  08 8932 3339
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