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 3/19/2013 12:02 AM

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Sent: 20 December 2012 04:34
To:; Aust Fed Police; Ombudsama CW; Australian National Audit Office; George Brandis;
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Subject: Equal other corruption

Honourable Jason Clare and Police Commissioner Negus


Honourable Members


Community Members and Organizations


‘Tis time overdue too to turn your same focus on corruption within Child Support Agency for overcharging in abuse of office not for self gain but fulfilling ideological misandary ambitions of particular officers behaving foreign to the intentions of The Legislature and Australian Public Service Code of Conduct.  The evidences to which will be found only on the ‘client in confidence’ pages of files by case officers and it being compared with the true family facts and the proper due process intended as set out by The Legislature and APS Code of Conduct.  There is no problem with the legislation as with Customs in the current case it is just the same ‘networking’ as for monetary fraud but of a common gender based ideology as kickbacks in between Customs Officers.


In the case of CSA it takes place at a desk with case officers on pages of the file marked ‘client in confidence’ and in SSAT behind suppression orders to the hearing and so the insurgent ideology like a parasite survives on the parent template of the legitimated Legislature and the same ‘confidentiality’ protecting the CSA client protects the Officers ‘wormhole administration’ operandi’.


This corruption is every bit the same abuse of office and crime as by Customs Officers in your present prosecutions but lacks only the media hype and kudos and your same attention to it.  It has the same fatal consequences as drug related deaths by the amount of about 1,600 by CSA inspired suicides per year from payers who cannot meet the accumulating OVERCHARGING victimization. And it is a multi million dollar fraud using the CSA system to ‘launder’ the ‘overcharge’ amounts.  No one goes broke under the templates of The Legislature which works on accruals and not the misandary false hypothesis all father payers are income cheats.  Is where the Ombudsman got the data that CSA stereotypes fathers out of mothers false claims not being properly investigated and ruled out of order. It shows up on the ‘client in confidence’ pages against actual incomes.


Your best same efforts here too and it is of no less importance to our community.


Robert E Kennedy          Coordinator                    NT Office Status of Family, PO Box 988, Palmerston. NT 0831      phone 08 8932 3339


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