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 3/18/2013 11:56 PM

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Hi All

Feminists EMILY’s List originated in America and is now international wherever family law and family violence and child support exists.  This case of Dr Amir Sanjari typifies the back door control by EMILY’s List amongst female politicians and Public Servants who dominate and run their ‘gender war against men’ out of Government Agencies and Service Deliveries.  Although it is against the law and the Constitution.  Here too in Australia Child Support Agency is simply ‘making it up’ and driving fathers into bankruptcy and suicide. Same as Amir in the Australian family court too.  These feminist simply substitute their own sole gender ‘template’ for the ‘fact and law’ administration in the case they have ‘carriage’ of and no one ‘audits’ the ‘due process’ applied by the Officer or Solicitor.  Proper pursuit and prosecution of these scoundrels would fill the courts and empty the family law industry of personnel.


Dill fathers who instead self harm or commit violence or suicide would have contributed ever so much more by simply compiling a complaint against the officers of their case who did not comply with ‘their own laws’ while handling the family case.  Blokes who do nothing saying ‘it won’t work’ (a) guarantee it won’t work (b) vote that it is OK as it is (b) reinforce the feminist template ‘governing by proxy.  Feminist got there by networking and finally the weight of numbers.  Something is very, very, very, sick about blokes who (a) do noting but whinge (b) will not network (c) will not make up the numbers of coordinated fathers (d) simply surrender to FEMALES.  Then complain they have been denied their ‘rights’.


There are many of us who are proactive for fathers are starting to conclude that fool fathers deserve what fool fathers bring on themselves by not using their democratic ‘rights’ to counter the arrogant well organized feminist in their gender war against men.  Well - it set out as a gender war but there is no resistance – IN THE APPROPRIATE WAYS – and is now no more that just ‘selfish’ one by one divide and conquer surrender.  Because blokes will not join in a common focus ON THE CAUSE but just their own misguided versions of ‘what SHE did’.  When it is what OFFICERS handling the case did.


Our Military men died on the battlefields to protect our democracy but their grandsons ‘surrender’ it one by one without a struggle to the ‘gender war at home’ by brazen and arrogant feminist who our servicemen’s deaths protected.  Trouble is grandson’s tunnel vision is only about six inches ahead and about the same field of vision too, with no comprehension of using the democracy protected by their grandfathers which is lawfully theirs too.


There is no hope for blokes who do nothing and surrender ‘en masse’ to bullying feminists and their male traitors White Knights.  Trouble is they take down with them other good blokes too.  Unlike their battle field grandfathers who all sacrificed themselves for each other and their descendants.  Completely unaware that their daughters and granddaughters would become an arrogant ‘undemocratic’ feminist block and grandsons would be so cowardly as to surrender our democracy to them in a gender war against men at home.


How it turns my guts to see GG Quentin Bryce a self declared feminists and past family lawyer the epitome of hypocrisy attending Anzac and other military ceremonies of our fallen military men.  While she and Gillard are simultaneously the Field Marshals of EMILY’s List ‘Gender War against Men’ in Australia.  That run the gender war against men out of Government like Family Court and CSA doing the same to fathers as Amir is suffering.  But who cowardly will not fight back via ‘the remnants’ of out democracy.

Regards Robert K


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articles about men

Articles, news clippings and research on Men

Jailed Father on Hunger Strike to Protest Denial of His Parental and Other Constitutional Rights

21.05.2010 | Author: admin | Posted in Fathers' Rights

Tags: Constitutional, Denial, Father, Hunger, Jailed, Parental, Protest, Rights, Strike

Dr. Amir Sanjari, was divorce after a 17 year marriage. He’s a UK Citizen who was originally invited to the United States to Stony Brook University, New York for a research position.

Now he’s destitute and on a hungar strike in jail to protest the unconstitutional denial of father’ rights and more.

Initially, Sanjari and his ex-wife shared equal custody of their children and had similar incomes. Nevertheless he was ordered to pay $1,000 a month in child support. Such a payment is the first sign that something is seriously amiss.

But when he lost his job and applied for a reduction in ‘child support’, it was denied. This denial is also not unusual – wrong, but not unusual. His ability in the recession to get a job to cover the outrageous child support payment faded. It brought on hardships for him. Eventually his ex-wife won sole custody of the children, he says, by lying about him while he was out of the country on vacation.

Sanjari, a competent man, was not idle though. He learned the law to fight for his children and his rights to see them and care for them on his own. He fought in the Indiana family court, its district court, and eventually in federal courts. He had to go on the run to stay out of jail for not paying what he couldn’t pay – a common circumstance for fathers under such ‘child extortion’ orders. He spent time helping other parents with their family court cases while he was on the run.

Unfortunately, though well-versed in constitutional and federal legal processes, it became apparent that he’d get no due process to protect rights clearly denied to him. For the child support he couldn’t pay, he’s been sent to jail.

Amir is now on a hunger strike to try to expose his plight and that of other fathers under this tyrannical anti-father system that separates fathers from their children and turn them into criminals.

Sanjari hasn’t had any solid food since March 26, the day he was arrested. Once trim at 150 lbs, he’s now down to 115. He drinks some nutritional supplements with potassium and sodium to keep his brain functioning normally.

I stress that the constitutional denials Sanjari has had to face that set him up for his tribulations are not unusual for fit fathers under family court actions. Yet Amir’s personal sacrifice to garner some public notice is honorable.

The denials he faces are unjustified. He knows it, and many other decent fathers know it. And his efforts will in large part be suppressed by both the courts and all those who profit by the present day denial of fathers rights.

Fathers Rights means basic constitutional rights for a fit father to maintain physical and legal custody of his children to the same extent of a ‘fit’ mother – and then, of course, all other fundamental rights due a free person.

The denial of a fit father’s rights begin in a state’s county family court where his children are essentially kidnapped from him without the required constitutional due process to prove unfitness nor assigning him equal physical and legal custody of his children. The family court simply usurps all his rights by declaring that it will assign custody to one parent and make the other parent pay whatever it assigns as ‘child support’.

And why? Because the court claims it can deny fundamental rights based on it ‘alleged’ right to determine what’s in the ‘best interests of children’ who have fit parents. It’s an absurd claim when both parents are fit and willing to parent fully or at least equally to the other. It’s absurd because it’s unconstitutional.

But since, collectively, a multibillion dollar industry has grown up around the denial of a father’s rights because of the enormous benefits that can then accrue to them. Benefits include child support, collection fees, lawyers’ fees, GAL fees, course fees, extracted directly from fathers.

And then there are additional benefits from enormous government money transfer to family courts systems, state revenue agencies, domestic violence agencies and organizations, and federal revenue collections too.

Who supports this extortion industry?

Just follow the money. And with all that money comes plenty of propaganda to justify what happens based on extraneous reasons and vilifying men or fathers – but always steering clear of the clear constitutional rights violations that this system depends upon.

Unfortunately even the federal courts are afraid to over-rule the unconstitutional family court procedures and orders as is their duty when states’ procedures violate the U.S. Constitution. There’s just too much money and political push to make waves against the ‘divorce and domestic violence industry’.

That’s what Amir Sanjari found out – as other have too. What will you do when it’s your turn to go to court?

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