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 3/18/2013 11:53 PM

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Sent: 31 October 2012 09:36
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Subject: RE: some interesting news from Peter October 30th

Further on cowardly fathers who will not use their democratic ‘rights’ to fight for themselves and their children in child support matters.  While these women in these attachments may not actively speak out against wrongful women and feminism they are proactive – MUCH MORE THAN THE FATHERS THEMSELVES ARE – for ‘men’ and ‘fatherhood’ and ‘fair child support’.  They should not be wholly condemned because I know they are doing more than almost any fathers I deal with especially on child support.  It is absurd to ‘shoot the messenger’ of better female ‘male ambassadors’ than males themselves are - only because of their female gender.


I know Bronwyn Bishop is a fierce critic and representative of father payers with CSA Officers.  All of these women I have met personally and had conversations with and they know my position and representation of fathers and our rapport is mutually respectable and cooperative.  Far more so than so may of the blokes I represent and deal with.  As I reiterate – blokes do not need enemies while they have their short sighted tunnel vision and spitefulness that they try to take down BOTH their male and female allies.


I am more and more like the zoo keeper – the more I have to do with fathers the more I like the animals.


It is simple.  Commonwealth Officers employed in Child Support Agency are law breaking working to the ‘feminists template’ of ‘women win’ and stealing fathers money BY OVERCHARGES and unlawfully use Taxpayers Resources to ‘fraudulently’ transfer the ‘overcharge’ to a Citizen not entitled to the overcharge.  Dill fathers will not countersign ‘complaints’ I raise for them against CSA Officers and to Ombudsman and The Minister lawfully raising the CSA breaches of the Public Service Code of Conduct.  Because the father say it will upset the officers and the father will be accused [falsely] of being a reluctant payer. Oh shit what bad luck if these lawbreaking Officers get upset!   They are arrogantly and willfully UNLAWFULLY robbing the fathers without a concern for the many bankruptcies and suicides it causes fathers.


Well let us put it another way. Someone steals your car and your solicitor writes them a letter telling them they are a thief and to return your car to you and asks you to countersign it.  But you say “Nah it might upset them”.


Also in family law matters I insist on all ‘instructions’ to solicitors being written but here blokes don’t want to upset solicitors with written instructions. Yet all solicitous write instructions between themselves for good legal reasons fathers who do not get duped by their own failures twix the tongue and lip.  One father I am assisting took my written instructions into court to the Duty Court Solicitor who deliberately misrepresented him.  We had the written instructions and went to the appeal court – self represented – and the appeal judge in reasons found that the Duty Court Solicitor has misrepresented him and misled the Federal Magistrate.  So we now have a watertight case against the solicitor (a) in complaint to the Law Society (b) “legal negligence’ in other jurisdictions open to our choosing.


Also in child abductions when non domicile mothers come in and abduct children for fathers is ‘child abduction as State {child protection} and not Federal Jurisdiction.  Under the Criminal Code Acts and the direct duty of police to recover the child.  Note the attachment for examples out of Queensland.  Now take a guess?  Will fathers complain against police not doing their legislated duty to the child?  Nah again – it will upset the police.


So you get the picture - Public Servants and Mothers and Police can all break the law and fathers are too piss weak to even sign a complaint against these vile perpetrators of law breaking and child abduction.  Even worse some spend tens of thousands of their precious dollars with solicitors in the family court chasing ‘parenting’ instead of their proper jurisdictions of ‘criminal conducts’ having the perpetrators dealt wish as law breakers.


Oddly the best fathers to work with are those who openly admit they know nothing and trust my knowledge and experience with case facts and the law and administration to best present them a winning case and sign their prepared complaints.  That’s how we caught out the Duty Court Solicitor deliberately ‘misrepresenting’ the father and ‘misleading’ the court.


99.999% of fathers are their own worst enemies being obsessively focused on ‘her’ and wont even sign a prepared complaint against deceitful Government Officers and Solicitors and Police.  Instead they remain in complete surrender of doing nothing or paying a fortune to family law solicitors who take their money and will do nothing for them about these unlawful conducts of Administration Officers.  The law are not in the family law act but in States and Territories legislation under which these officers do fathers the injustices that skew the family law hearings.

Regards Robert K 
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