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 3/18/2013 11:51 PM

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Sent: 30 October 2012 03:52
To:; Jenny Macklin
Subject: CSA

  Ministers Macklin and Carr

And Individuals and Community Members BCC – Ministers note they are many far and wide with great concerns about the loss of ‘legal’ integrity within the Child Support Agency service delivery.


We have worlds best Child Support Legislation and Administrative System but we have lost it by staff sole gender ideologies to the ‘feminist template’  Substituted by them in their workplaces for what The Legislature decreed as the ‘template’ of the Legislature.


Whilst mother non-payers are overlooked father payers of at least two categories are being massively overcharged.  They are ‘pensioner’ self support on legislate fixed amounts child support and ‘self employed’s’ often no better off.


Pensioner ‘self support’ (minimum income) payers


These are legislated to pay a minimum / maximum amount of about $360.00 per annum but I have some of my clients being demanded they pay $5,000.00 per annum in direct contradiction of The Legislature.  This comes – as too the case records show – by Commonwealth Officers employed by CSA breaching (a) their Public Service Code of Conduct and because it involves money transfers (b) is an offence under the Crimes Act.


Self employed’s


Arrogant and uneducated Commonwealth Offices employed by CSA who cannot – even with accounting and legal training – simply from bank statements determine the true income of a sole trader.  Because ‘cost of operation’ costs are not known and thus overzealous CSA Officers serially falsely allege ‘self employe’s’ are all cheating.  So CSA Officers unlawfully set unobtainable incomes on which to calculate ‘overcharge’ amounts of child support. One of my clients honestly earned only $17,000 for the year but CSA Officers – by not complying with their Public Servcie Code of Conduct charged him $30,000.00 for the year.  They siphoned out his ‘working capital’ and ‘creditors payments’ and unlawfully transferred it to the mother – in effect a second fraudulent property transfer.  All based on the ‘feminist’s template’ that self employed fathers are cheats because they have such as ‘working capita’ allegedly as ‘hidden’ child support.  This template will render most payers financially insolvent in three years.  Is a snide rort of a second property transfer from the father to the mother fraudulently by CSA that causes bankruptcy and suicides..


Please fix



Robert  E Kennedy         Coordinator        NT Office Status of Family          08 8932 3339





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