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 3/18/2013 11:50 PM

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Sent: 09 October 2012 19:02
Subject: Handbag Brigade Gender War against men

Tony you are not being attacked by a nondescript handbag brigade.


Do man up and use their lawfully registered name of EMILY’s List of an International Network of sole gender megalomaniacs.  Wake up man they are combo ‘sole gender’ feminists and lobbyist and voters not declaring in Parliament their ‘conflict of interest’ of sole gender lobbyists and voters in one and same persons of the same organisation. Note attachment of Members and Agenda. Viz Shareholders and Politicians all in one not DECLARED AS A CONFLICT OF INTEREST under parliamentary rules.  Unafraid at any time to rattle the gender saber to stir up female sentiments on anything at any time as a Trojan Horse of MISANDARY pursuits and feminists advocacy above their parliamentary representation of their family men and their children constituents..  Especially high profile men who seem to also only go for their own ‘self preservation’ and do not know how to ‘counterclaim’ or expose the ‘gender’ intentions in the feminists Trojan Horse.


Wake up Tony there is an election on the way that the ‘the issues’ are only a Trojan Horse’ to the Cato wailing of allegedly ‘victimized women’ [by men] and they don’t care what man so long as it is public and they can put him in the village square stocks and hurl their misandary abuses at him and cheer on the women of the nation to hate men the same.  It is their modus operandi to make feminists and women nation wide see that they – Emily’s list female politicians - are there for ‘anti male’ to get more women’s votes and more EMILY’s List politicians up at the next elections.  To dominate in the diverse ways they do even more than now and they are already ‘in control’ thanks to weak male politicians who are deluded by the Trojan Horse skirts.


Tony stop allowing yourself to be their fall guy and have the guts to ‘return fire’ and expose their ‘gender war’ organisation and face fire with fire instead of Margaret and daughters body shield. Your performance in Parliament is as disgusting as theirs because you fall into their trap returning the same – which you will never win-  


If you had listened to fathers from when at least you were Family Services Minister then you would have know better and already by yourself have already turned this clearly ‘gender’ onslaught upon you around to their MOTIVES.  Instead and then you ran down a hole from them and abandoned fathers to them in such as CSA and family law etc.  Tony you have been too much their White Knight at their service – abandoning fathers for example – until you had served your purpose for them and you became their opportune tall poppy to knock down.


Fathers predominately vote for the Coalition so stop stuffing it up for fathers and your party colleagues.  Expose that it is EMILY’s List – Gillard, Roxon, Plibersek, Kate Ellis etc.  Note the attached and name each and their membership.  Know your most dangerous enemies are your gender enemies are far more numerous than your political enemies.  It is EMILY’s List in parliament and even feminist in the Coalition and all across Australia numerically exceed you political enemies.


Tony while you remain a weak man and White Knight to feminist our cheated fathers so easily recognize your incapacity to represent them in a Coalition Government.  Take a tip from Chis Pyne and George Christensen and Malcolm Turnbul.  Otherwise pass the banner before you have fathers deserting to Labor.  Frankly Tony it seems you do not have it in you to wade through EMILY’s List distractions and get the real issues on the agenda.  You exist by default only that Labor is so very bad and that your colleagues have been so courteous with you in the doldrums of bad Labor to have party stability.


Tony we are not angry men as feminists portray and you accept.   We are serially disappointed men out after voting Coalition term after term and remain irrelevant family men just as under Labor.  If you do not buck up Tony and get on with the real issues like CSA and SSAT and Family Law GENDER BIASED ADMINISTRATIONS then it might well by yourself who becomes even more irrelevant.


Every Opposition Member should write at least one letter to Kim Carr for example about the disgusting state of gender bias in CSA and SSAT Administration.  Just one letter from each Opposition Member – a Ministerial- but even that does not happen.  Too much time wasted being caught up in the EMILY’s List trap and crap and being distracted from the real issues.  Take a lesson from Philip Ruddock who handled things by professionally explaining the business and not answering their misleading crap.



Robert E Kennedy          NT Office Status of Family  08 893 3339

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