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 3/18/2013 11:48 PM

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Sent: 07 October 2012 12:20
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Subject: Women casting the first misandary stone

TO        Honorable Members and Senators

And Community colleagues CC and Bcc

With special attention to EMILY’s List and weak men in politics and community who do nothing about their illicit conducts


Much excessive ado over Jones and Abbot trying to  encompass all men allegedly being a pre election misogamy epidemic – over and over and over and over is the feminists strategy of a gender war against men.  Especially by ‘self centered’ and ‘self serving’ EMILY’s List out of Parliament on Taxpayers backs for example paying Ashby’s $55,000 to bring down The (male) Speaker and unpicking the Shared Parenting Legislation and so the gender war goes on across any spectrum of Parliament or Government to which Emily’s List and feminists  has access.  Some Trojan Horses are Portfolio Ministry in heterosexual departments and ‘gate keep’ the ‘sisterhood’ positions as Trojan Horses in the Public Service dishing out misandary ‘determinations’ via Government Service Deliveries and holding  ‘gate keeper’ positions in the complaints departments.  Being a Commonwealth Officer breaching the Public Service Code of Conduct means nothing at all for them.  They have invaded sufficiently these days to count on a ‘sister’ crossvesting who will make a false determination against the complainant and protect the unlawful Public Servant.


 Like in CSA and family law and family violence and child protection and any lone male politician the vixen wolf pack decide to bring down.  Oh what a Coven within our Parliament crying ‘wolf’ who are indeed the wolf pack incarnated.  Smart enough to know the best way to keep a secret is to not have none.  Just do it in open warfare and cry ‘wolf’ and ‘offended woman’ and ‘violence against women’  and any male complainant is at the stunning end of the abattoir chute.  Half of the Labor Government is EMILY’s List feminists anti family but claim to be a ‘family’ oriented Government.  True are ‘family’ oriented but only for its reduction to women and children.


Jones and Abbott are only another Trojan Horse for feminists to detract from the insidious gender war against particularly fathers by Public Servants law breaking as feminist sympathizers or in some cases are actual EMILY’s List Members.  Oh Dear those poor {allegedly] ‘hurt’ women crying wolf are as tough and horrible of the same substance as the German Nazi camp women guards.  Immune to the Lebensborn destruction they create out Australian Families and the male suicides occurring consequently adding to the ‘fatherless’ children of Lebensborn.


The debate about ‘gender’ is now on public media and revealing at last that ‘gender’ is unlawfully underpinning many parliamentary and community divides  May it go all the way until it is wholly exposed and made to comply with the Constitution and is removed completely from the corridors and offices of Government.  Now is the time to ramp it up against feminism as EMILY’s List desperately rely more and more upon misandary ideology to demean more and more men as their rallying call to female voters and to ‘slay’ all of the men they can who dares to speak in their deface of gender discrimination against males..


I lived WW2 and the atrocities and today observe the feminist in places of power in Australia are just a callous as were the concentration camp female guards.  Notwithstanding Mrs Mengler making lampshades out of murdered male inmate’s tattooed skin.  Yep historically since Jezebel women can plummet to depths of behavioral disgust far beyond men.  So it is of no consequence to them to appear on TV as brazen as Dr Gobles peddling male hatred knowing they have their allies as Portfolio Ministers and colleagues across The Public Service dishing out their misandary  ‘ideological’ in a Gender war against heterosexual families and children to reach the ‘male’ father.  Paid for by The Taxpayer no less by unlawful use of Taxpayers systems of Government.


Read how in free society feminist behave too.  The author of this feminist manifesto of 1967 killed Andy Warholz in 1970’s.  Read of Loretta Bobbit and women who cut off men’s penis and feminist advocate they should be made Surgeon General.  One in Sydney in the last year it killed him and she got only three years gaol another in Adelaide poured fuel over his genitals and lit it.  Even Commonwealth Sex Discrimination Commissioner (2006 Main Committee Room Parliament House, Canberra) admits it has been “women who have started a gender war” (against men).  Oh yes and she added ‘Men now have to start behaving like women’.  Yep the feminization of EVERYTHING into a feminist controlled monoculture society and Parliament already.  Note attached EMILY’s List agenda to ‘take control of our government’.  A done deal long ago so that ‘feminism’ is a toxic word to them because it starts to reveal their illicit control out of insurgency of Government and its Service Deliveries..


Oh to them it is only such a big joke and no harm intended females allege although the harm has been achieved when such vile bile comes from the foul mouths of females such as Valarie Solaners and many akin even to this day.  Oh such a joy allegedly only as ‘fun’ to simply say and do this self pleasuring that remains harmful to others.  Feminists are the greatest hypocrites of modern times and think they can get away with it forever on the basis of their female gender.  Such as EMILY’s List Penny Wong feigns offence being called ‘pussycat’.  Their Trojan Horse of respect for females is rapidly collapsing in the community as it emerges respect of females is being disgustingly abused by females as a misandary Trojan Horse.


The Australian Labor Party has a specialist ‘feminist’ wing of EMILY’s List an unannounced misandary lobbying and same voting block (note EMILY’s List in Parliament)  are over Jones and pursuing Abbott are out like angry ants (identifiable personas on television) to by some politicians as the ‘handbag brigade’.  Please Identify them by their proud ‘organizational’ name viz EMILY’s List and their ideology of misandary ‘feminism’.  ‘Handbag Brigade’ only hands them another Trojan Horse to hide from the truth of their real intentions


The feminist badmouth even  the women the likes of Mrs Abbott who dares defend a male or husband or brother using any exaggeration or lie to bring down males.  Outrageous claims and dishonest and law breaking  is never a bridge too far for misandary feminist and women.  Their last ditch cover up is to break into tears but most feminist like the WW2 camp guards are too self centered and  brazen faced to cry, they simply carry on lying and lying and making up more lies.  But may this disgusting war against men and their families and children come to end soon and the insurgents as in EMILY’s List above be publicly shamed for their abuse of parliament to destroy families and men by their self centered and self serving Lebensborn ideology.


I am proud to be a ‘straight’ male with a wife who has suffered humiliation too at he hands of misandary women and feminists.  I am proud to be a ‘straight’ honest supporter of gender impartial lawful ‘administration’ of families and parents and children.  I am proud to be a proactive male warrior fighting a ‘straight’ fight with law against the unlawful gender war against men by feminist out of Government and its Service Deliveries.  I have a strong disgust with ‘Metrosexual’ males who ‘roll over’ to feminist thinking they will be treated preferentially but it only makes it an easier coup for the coven who spit them out whenever they have served their purpose. 


 As Speaker Slipper must be one who now realizes too late when the Venus Fly Trap closes. So too will Ashby when he has served his purpose of the feminists lesser Metrosexual male urged to bring down another prominent male.  All of this now public feminists caterwauling by women is the pattern across Australian Parliaments approaching elections.  As more and more female politicians and public servants fill more and more positions and more and more take the kitchen sink to work with them and degenerate parliament and the public service as a ‘hen’s party’ or and under stated ‘handbag brigade’.


The several female politicians on TV this week who said female politicians must pick up their standards.  Were they not also saying those elected by their Constituency are then in fact lobbying and voting for EMILY’s List and feminism as an unlawful and unelected ‘self serving sole gender ideology?   That produces a bad result for the Constituency and Community?   Clearly it is yes.  Please fix.



Robert E Kennedy          Coordinator        NT Office Status of Family, PO Box 988, Palmerston, NT 0831.  ph 08 8932 3339
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