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 7/3/2011 9:55 AM
 Modified By host  on 7/2/2011 3:56:42 PM

Well it takes all but not for me thank you.  All about the maladministration of family law and child support and family violence and child abuse should be directed as States and Territories Governments and Department heads with clear messages.

I am making real progress where others are being thrown out.  See below my ten minutes appointment with Commonwealth Attorney General and on of the subjects being raised with him - much briefing material already sent to him to best utilize the brief session.  I say to all “Cut the bitterness crap and get on with real work to fix real situations”. I do not run a revenge philosophy but a ‘fixer’ proactive campaign to the real people in charge who let the ‘bitter’ insurgent of feminism in to run their gender war against men out of Government Service Deliveries.  Get it behind you and get on with achieving the best form of revenge by ‘disempowering’ the insurgent.

Regards Robert



Thank you for your registration to attend the Community Cabinet meeting.  We look forward to seeing you at Palmerston Senior College, Palmerston, Northern Territory on Wednesday 29 June 2011.  Below are some details that may assist with your arrival and attendance at the meeting.

Venue details

  • Access to the venue is via Tilston Avenue, Palmerston, at the gates closest to the school hall.
  • Disability Parking is available onsite. Other parking is available at the pool off Tilston Avenue.


·         Wheelchair access to the venue is available. Please contact the Secretariat if you have any access requirements. 

·         Smoking is not permitted in the venue or on the school grounds.

·         Animals (other than service animals), signs, placards, flyers or material for distribution are not permitted inside the venue.

·         Bags may be screened or searched, so you might reconsider bringing large bags.


·           Please arrive between 5.30 pm and 6.00 pm and allow yourself enough time to go through security and registration.

·           On arrival, our staff will direct you to the registration area.

·           At the registration desk you will be required to show photo identification (such as your driver’s license).

·           You will be directed by staff to the Community Reception and to the Public Forum.


6.00 pm

Community reception
An informal opportunity to meet with the Prime Minister and ministers; refreshments will be provided.

6.30 pm — 7.15 pm

Public forum
The Prime Minister will address the forum, followed by a question and answer session.


Honourable Robert McClelland


I wish to include within the family law matters agenda for note and reference and remedy

  • In the matter of The Hague Convention on Children and Australia’s signature to it and consequential obligations to ‘protect’ children.
  • Parts on Parental Child Abduction and The Definition of a Childs Home {where it normally resides} and Parental Alienation in particular
  • The absolute failure of Northern Territory Government in my direct and evidenced experiences - likely to apply to other states and territories also  - by police and Ombudsman to not recognize - in the actual instance - of child abduction - their Government ‘trickle down’  duties to protect and recover parentally abducted children and return them to their ‘normal home’.  They refuse in the most absolute terms to make any reference will not ever utter the words when they have been raised on a number of occasions by me.
  • In this I refer as support that parental child abduction is omitted from the Northern Territories Criminal Code Act and
  • (The similar absolute ‘refusal’ of The Family Court of Australia to recognize Parental Alienation as a feature in family law cases).
  • I refer the Attorney General to Section 9 of the Australian Constitution advising the law of the Commonwealth is superior and applies in the absence or conflict a state or territory law.
  • I further inform that the ‘attitude’ here too is ‘it is the mothers child and she can move the child to wherever she likes’ is consistent with the ‘feminists legacy’ pervading all heterosexual administrations overriding impartial ‘fact’ and ‘law’ determinations - is ‘unlawful’ and contra try to the intentions of The Hague Convention and The Federal Government as Signatory to (a) recognize a child has a right of its own (b) there is an ‘undertaken’ responsibility to protect children even from parents.
  • That these and all appropriate Hague Convention matters on children to which Australia has signed be incorporated into The Family Law Act and be relayed to all States and Territories Government for incorporation in their Acts in their ‘normal’ constitutional jurisdiction of [front line] ‘child protection’ responsibly


Robert E Kennedy          Coordinator        NT Office Status of Family. PO Box 988. Palmerston, NT 0831      Phone 08 8932 3339

From: Peter Nolan []
Sent: Tuesday, 28 June 2011 12:42 AM

Subject: FW: 'ANY QUESTIONS': Guess who got thrown out for complaining about ...

Norman Scarth at it again!!! GO NORMAN!!!


I wish there were more like YOU!


-----Original Message-----
From: norman scarth []
Sent: 25 June 2011 07:47
Subject: 'ANY QUESTIONS': Guess who got thrown out for complaining about ...


'ANY QUESTIONS, Radio 4, Friday 24th June (repeated Saturday, 1.10pm):
Guess who got thrown out for complaining about a panel of Quislings answering Pat-a-Cake questions from an audience of sheep!  The same pathetic questions, year after year, after year. 



I usually shout at the radio in frustration when listening to the 'experts' giving their predictable answers. 



Not until the afternoon did I notice that this week it was coming from Saltaire, about 3 miles from me.  Hurriedly making some new placards, I grabbed my megaphone, sallied forth & tried to educate the people going in.  After a few minutes of that, it came as a surprise to learn that seats were available - & that me & my two companions would actually be allowed in!  



We sat quietly until a particularly daft question (something about a glass of wine & psychologists) came up.  So (in my timid little voice), I addressed the company, & of course got thrown out.  Afterwards, I used my megaphone to address the people as they came out. 



It was gratifying that presenter Jonathan Dimbleby & producer Victoria Wakely listened carefully.    Dimbleby gave a friendly wave & said "I'm sure you have" after I told them I had more real experience than all the panel put together.  Perhaps they will take up my offer to be on the panel?   It wouldn't be boring if they did! Steaming mad    


Norman Scarth.  

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