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 7/3/2011 9:43 AM

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From: Robert Kennedy []
Sent: 23 June 2011 02:26
To:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; senator.O’;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Yvette.D’;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Brendan.O’; ken.o’;; deborah.o’;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Subject: Lebensborn too out of Australian Government


Honourable Senators and Members.

Do your elected duty and STOP THE GENDER WAR AND ADMINISRATIVE ‘OBSTRUCTIONISM’  AGAINST MEN AND FATHERS OUT OF GOVERNMENT HETERISEXUAL SERVICE DELIVERIES.  Stop these injustices causing CSA {and family law} male clients to suicide to escape GOVERNMENT ‘administrative’ gender victimization out of these Government Service Deliveries - as set out herein.  And other male payers’ depression and financial insolvency incapacities to ultimately to have to be supported as a whole family unemployed by The Taxpayer.  Please render the overdue fix of a recalcitrant ‘gender biased’ Public Service in these agencies ruining excellent legislation and thousands of willing and able father’s capacities to support their families.   When delivered as set by The Legislature and not by The Insurgent force within agencies staff during the confidentiality of ‘case administration’. Including The Family Court and the legal profession and support workers using the same modus operandi of achieving ideological  ‘women win’ outcomes over ‘impartial’ fact and law determinations.

Stop blaming the ‘male’ victims and deal with the cause and perpetrators within The Public Service and NGO’s.   Please fix this ‘unlawfulness’ as your undertaking to The Legislature decrees you must ensure the business of Government is conducted ‘lawfully and ethically’ right down to every single member who believes an unlawful deed has or is occurring within any area of Government.  Note in these attachments (a) the obstructionism of ‘watchdog’ regulatory agencies in matters appearing as male initiated (b) the accumulative consequences upon such ‘government” created male victims (b) obviously only because they are ‘male clients’ in heterosexual mattes of government business (c) only to appease staff ideology that ‘women win’.                                                                                    Please fix.

Australia has world’s best legislation and service delivery systems in family law and related family and heterosexual relationship matters but it is currently unrecognizable for the reasons of the gender war and administrative obstructionism including by watchdog regulatory agencies as set out briefly below and in previous material to Honourable Members.  Please fix ‘the regulators’ and ‘policing’ of Departments and agencies for compliances to ensue they deliver services as The Legislature decreed wholly and properly and impartially serves citizens and not themselves or foreign ideologies..

As currently ‘corrupted’ ideologically by the insurgent force of EMILY’s List membership of ‘feminist’ politicians including Portfolio Ministers encouraging and ‘blind eyeing’ their sisterhood and sympathizers as STAFF of the agencies of Child Support and SSAT and in family law and child protection and family violence who may have moved on but have left their legacy as the substitute ‘ideology’ now being delivered allegedly as ‘due process’ so that ‘women win’ - inversely legally equal and qualifying men and fathers and their children are not delivered their legal entitlements. Please remove this unlawful insurgent from our Commonwealth Government service deliveries THAT IT IS YOUR DUTY TO DO SO - indeed failed to prevent it in the first instances - in fact some aiding and abetting it.  [We know who most of you are identified in annex to ‘watch dog’ agencies attached].

Do also urge the ‘watchdog’ agencies of Commonwealth Ombudsman and Australian National Audit Office and Federal Police and Attorney General’s Department to attend to male and father originating complaints just as responsibly and impartially and promptly as they attend to female and mother originating complaints in these ‘heterosexual’ family matters.  And for these agencies to stop the nonsense of answering complaints with replies that say they take complaints seriously but do nothing except reiterate only what the service delivery should have been - if they reply at all and voiding handling the actual ‘complaint’ of the failure. Thereby allowing and assisting the insurgent to ‘govern by proxy’.  Please put on notice these Agencies to do their appointed and undertaken duties to remove this unlawful insurgent from our Commonwealth Government service deliveries.

The ‘war dead’ out of this gender war against men ‘at home’ exceeds the Australian war dead out of Iraq and Afghanistan under YOUR GOVERNANCE AND CONTROL yet you do nothing about it. [note the suicides]  Please fix as your elected duty to keep our Government service deliveries lawful and ethically compliant to the Australian Constitution and the laws of The Legislature.

The Opposition and Independents please note too it is your highest duty to ensure the business of Government is conducted lawfully and ethically.  Moreover you should realise no one can govern when an insurgent in the service deliveries is allowed to ‘governs by stealth’.  Don’t be too busy doing ‘work’ not to ‘do the job’. Please fix.


Robert E Kennedy          Coordinator        NT Office Status of Families, PO Box 988, Palmerston, NT 0831               Phone 08 8932 3339

@ cc

To All

This is your democracy too and you have a role in proactively keeping it lawful and ethical by keeping our politicians and Public Servants compliant to the decree of The Legislature and their undertaking to the Taxpayers and Constituters they undertook to be paid to serve.  To deliver lawfully and ethically as by The Constitution and The Legislature decrees.  Make your response to yours and who you know who suffer ‘government victimization’ out of gender biased service deliveries. U tell M luv.

Politicians and Public Servants are all being very well paid and remunerated with superannuation the likes of what we do not get, they are elected and appointed and at work being paid it is up to you too to ensure they are all attending to the ‘legal’ responsibilities they undertook to keep our Government service deliveries lawfully and ethically compliant - INCLLUDING BEING GENDER IMPATIAL.

Please do your citizens and family organizations part HERE AND NOW to restore democracy to ‘the administration’ of child support and family law and child protection and family violence.  Stop blaming ‘the law’ and blame the politicians who allow officers to do an ‘ideological’ switch during case administration to deny men and father their legal equality to women and mothers to unlawfully achieve ‘women win’.  Respond now to ALL politicians to do their first duty to The Legislature by ensuing Government business - including by The Public Service - is conducted lawfully and ethically.  Favoring one person or class over another is unlawful - favoring one gender over the other is the epitome of unlawfulness by a politician or public servant - liable in most cases to prosecution as ‘abuse of office.  You too please do your fix of your unlawful male and father victimization by ‘Government’ by at least lobbying for male and fathers return to democratic treatment out of Government heterosexual service deliveries.  The likes of family law and child support etc.  You know you are the victims and representatives of these victims

The EMILY’s List and feminist ideology of anonymous fatherhood - aided and abetted by the Australian Government and its EMILY’s List elected Members-  is an uncanny parallel to NAZI Herr Himmler and Hitler’s Lebensborn programme of anonymous fatherhood and kindergarten and mother reared children of the regime. Similarly and currently ‘governing by proxy’ in Australia out of government heterosexual and family service deliveries.  What separated father and paternal grandparents don’t already know this?  Now is the time to unite and have our ‘government’ do the democratic duties they all undertook and are well paid to do and not be lackeys to the ‘bullying’ and ‘deceitful’ insurgent ‘sole gender’ and ‘self interest’  feminists.

Note the male suicide rate has risen under Labor and its feminist wing of EMILY’s List ‘gender war against men’ combatants.  Who use ‘families’ ideologically and as merciless as Pol Pot to extend their gender war against men into heterosexual families and ostracize and alienate fathers form their children - like Lebensborn.  That every politician should see and hear the painful lives of the children left the rest of their lives seeking out their fathers and eventually hating their mothers.  Is also the same residual in present day Australia out of feminists rule ‘by proxy’ out of government nobbling the family court and its support services..

To EMILY’s List feminist Labor our families cohesion and welfare comes well behind the welfare of exported cattle. Yep Joe Ludwig was once Minister for Child Support chasing ‘over charged’ blokes into bankruptcy and suicide.  Not bothering to audit the conduct of CSA but he puts a complete stop to cattle export in the interest of bovine welfare - Good Aussie Blokes as fathers come somewhere well behind cattle in the feminist gender war against men out of Government..  Jenny Macklin is Minister for Families and Tanya Plibersek is Minister for Child Support and Kate Ellis is Minister for Women and Family Violence all devout members of feminist EMILY’s List - “The governing Insurgent’ force. {Note them listed in the attachment CSA and SSAT complaint proudly stating their ‘hidden agenda’].  Ensuring it is less than a cows life for fathers and heterosexual blokes under EMILY’s List and cohorts rule by proxy..

Stop being victimised in silence and present them your case as via this means democratically open to ALL CITIZENS - victims or not - to ensure the legal and ethical integrity of our Government service deliveries.  Don Chipp said to ‘Keep the bustards honest’ so you too please do your citizens duty NOW to keep them honest.  They see not to be doing it voluntarily.  Your silence is a vote against yourself and other fathers and children in support of feminist control over families.  Note in CSA and SSAT complaint annex the ‘formal’ feminist wing of Labor  self confessed ‘hidden agenda’ is already in control of government aided and abetted by non members of ‘the now ruling sisterhood’   Please fix by registering a written protest to watchdog agencies and politician about this serial and gross unlawful misandry administration conducting a gender war against men our of government service deliveries.



 Men behaving sadly - suicides.pdf
 CSA suicides.pdf
 CSA Male Client Suicides.doc
 CSA and SSAT complaint multiple 6 170611.pdf
 CSA and Banks.doc
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ForumForumNews from Freed...News from Freed...News Parent ForumNews Parent ForumNews From Rober...News From Rober...23 June 2011 02:26 FW: Lebensborn too out of  Australian Government23 June 2011 02:26 FW: Lebensborn too out of Australian Government