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 12/22/2010 8:37 PM

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From: Robert Kennedy []
Sent: 19 December 2010 14:31
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Subject: False reported male blame.

Honourable Members of the Legislative Assembly of The Northern Territory

As our Legislators please keep your Public Servants and Police in particular law compliant to laws of The Legislative Assembly of The Northern Territory in such matters as prosecuting female offenders ‘without fear or favour’ and protecting male victims just as promptly and wholly as female victims are provided this Government Service.

Robert E Kennedy          Coordinator         NT Office Status of Family – PO Box 988 – Palmerston NT 0831.  Ph 8932 3339

Folks and Others

 This government ‘administrative’ bias against men must be brought to its end NOW.


Never miss an opportunity of writing letters to anyone important and to your editors, police commissioners and politicians etc.  If you are proactive in your responsibilities to yourselves and falsely stigmatized blokes then you will have all the more historical material to tell in your letters.  I have not spoken with anyone of this mailing list that has not acknowledged the bias in government administration against males.  So whoever holds back and does nothing when they can is only reinforcing the problem in an effective vote against males.  Here is a lead to follow such as out of a newspaper article self revealing of police gender bias not to prosecute females they could and should to end the waste of short supply precious police resources.  AND THE BIAS AGAINST MALES leastwise in one area.

Acting Commissioner Gwynne made an honest observation of ‘false reports’ and may take all ‘reports’ seriously but does not take her duties of ‘prosecution’ of women ‘false reports’ seriously at all.  That on her own statistics about 40% of these police attendances are false reports and wasting this amount of police resources without appropriate prosecutions to discourage this waste of Taxpayers resources that could be better applied to real needs.    Is why false reports are a prosecutable crime.                              Regards Robert

The Editor NT News

The following 377 words for publication

NT News No spiking – victims took drugs.  Is yet more of the endless prosecutable false reports to police by women wasting police resources and taxpayers money and still no prosecutions to dissuade false reports.  Because they are made by women.  So who do the police work for?

I have been a decade representing blokes to police and politicians as physical and false report victims to including Officer Colleen Gwynne when she was OIC domestic violence. At an interview explaining this phenomenon she was deliberately rude to me to destroy my information and I had to end the interview.  A case of shoot the messenger.

Just recently I had an interview with the current Commissioner and again tried to tell him what has been going on for a decade and he too tried to divert me from presenting the case.  When I said that Government and police have too long listened only to the feminists he rose and ordered me to leave.  Because he said I had said police listen to the feminists.  Another high level case of shoot the messenger so that the male case cannot reveal a terrible truth about gender corruption in the police.

Do police listen to feminists? Some days later I happened to be taking to a police officers wife and she said that is the way police are trained as other police have told me the same.  Well they are.  In 1997 police nationally undertook the Duluth Model devised on solely male blame by feminists and then were trained locally in it by Dawn House who advertise for staff to feminist policies.

What I and about one thousand NT blokes annually victims of false reports and undue restraining orders want to know is when will the Police Minister have The Police Commissioner return officers to being compliant to their oaths of ‘Without Fear or Favour”  enforcing laws of The Legislature?  And stop enforcing male hate ideology of feminism?  Also when will Police Union Rep Vince Kelley support his members in doing their duties to their oath and not to gender corruption ordered by their superior officers?

What about that gender equality the feminists fought so hard to obtain now being ruined by the police holding back on law enforcement of female offenders?

Robert E Kennedy Coordinator    NT Office Status of Family - PO Box 988 - Palmerston      Ph 8932 3339

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