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 5/18/2011 9:21 PM

-----Original Message-----
From: Robert Kennedy []
Sent: 14 May 2011 05:16
Subject: RE: Great to see a man with balls and backbone

Hi to All             Re the ex SAS father on the Harbour Bridge

I agree with peter and the protester but he made a fatal flaw and he is being made to appear mentally disturbed in the bureaucratic and family law industry backlash - and this is it.  In his opportunity to speak (a) he did not once say it was because the family court [or other} had got their determination wrong - the trouble is in the Government administrative staff viz The Bureaucrats (b) he said he did the protest  for him and others - bureaucrats see him as ‘inciting’  more than ‘personally’ protesting (c) he was two steps away from stating that he and his children were ‘legally wronged’ and the victims of an extensively ‘gender biased’ family court magistracy and judiciary copycatting bad precedents {or other} by a non compliant ‘Government Administration..  The same grounds and reasons the Middle East is in rebellion - viz Government corruption against the people.  Here it is  feminism governing by proxy through the government administration in a real ‘gender war’ against fathers and fatherhood aided and abetted by white knight politicians selling out their ‘stupidly’ inactive father constituents.  Fathers have to network equally to the feminist who are now well established convincing Government that their lies are the community facts.

This courageously proactive bloke’s protest

·         Could have been a wrong family court decision out of gender bias or false claims given false credibility {federal jurisdiction}

·         Could have been police ‘unlawfully’ enforcing a restraining order {DVO} on a ‘false report’ {states jurisdiction}

·         Could have been CSA enforcing an unlawful ‘overcharge’ on an actioned false 6A {administrative assessment} change {federal jurisdiction}.

·         Could have been a combo of some of the above

He failed to  state his motivating reasons consequently the media reporting of him such as the female {of course} family lawyer interviewed (a) portrayed herself as being sympathetic towards him - the feminists pseudo compassionate so as to hold the status quo against him (b) but that alleged ‘compassion’ only left it implied that he was unable to accept a proper court or other ‘government’ determination (c) leaving him looking that he was totally off course and it doubtful about his sanity. [He did well as a humble layperson and did his best at the time but the bureaucrats play upon ‘failures’ to ‘professionally; articulate.  Instead of being ‘inquisitorial’ of his complaint they unlawfully become ‘combatant’ - a prosecutable abuse of office to deny a qualifying citizen their ‘lawful’ government service delivery.

All should take up all of the above issues the same way the feminists come out of the woodwork any time they get an opportunity.  The difference here is the feminists mostly lie and exaggerate but here there is a vast pool of fact and law evidence against bureaucrats to change or be sacked or prosecuted just waiting for such as us to take the first action.

This is the time all fathers and grand parents and especially on this mailing list should plaster The Commonwealth Attorney General and Commonwealth Ombudsman and Australian National Audit Office and all media (a) defending his protest (b) explaining better one or all of the reasons listed above why he did it (c) from our widespread experience as a representative part of society it happens more often than not in this manner to fathers (d) THERE MUST BE A GOVERNMENT INQUIRY INTO THE CONTINUAL INJUSTICE AGAINST FATHERS AND CHILDREN BY THE FAMILY COURT DIVERTING TOO WIDELY FROM THE CASE FACTS AND THE INTENTION OF THE LEGISLATION.  There must be included or separate inquiries into police issuing DVO’s against false complaints. CSA ‘overcharging’ by not compiling with family case facts and legislation and the harmful effects [and costs to the Taxpayer} of obviously false reports of fathers sex abuse of children.  This SAS father kicked in the door and all you have to do is to walk in and make your protest too.

This will be his sacrifice of his good reputation unless we ALL support him. He took that risk for us to hear and support him. Here is the chance in this group at to self test and be observed if they are tiger or barbers cat aka as ‘marshmallow men’.

I have added an extension to the mailing list {some may duplicate} pleading all to become proactive ‘complainers’ to the above ‘watch dog agencies’ and media the family court gets it wrong too often and there MUST BE A GOVERNMEN INQIRY INTO IT FREQUENT GOVERNMENT INJUSTICES and speak as one off the base he gave us and that it is democratic to use the excellent gift to us.  Any one who wants the media involved has now got it so don’t waste the opportunity and make a complaint to all officials and media.  Fathers’ big failing is that they won’t network so DON’T LET THIS COURAGEOUS FATHER DOWN. - other fathers - and mostly YOURSELF and your children and become a proactive supporter and campaigner of not only wronged fathers but a biased court for the reasons you know and set out here...

The feminists in these systems masquerading as ‘staff’ are ruthless creatures treating grandmothers no more favorably than fathers if the daughter decrees gran a persona non grata -  no one should be selfish like them and do it for everyone being denied their democracy out of the family law industry.  Keep the debate on line as set out above and there are thousands of good women out there even more willing to support the cause than marshmallow blokes.  Follow the feminist successful template - the template is democratic albeit their ‘argument’ is false and it works so well only because blokes are inert or prefer to be the feminist perfect victims and surrender before the first shot in the gender war against them.

Cases in point.  I have had mothers and sisters and even ex-wives phone me to help them motivate blokes to protect themselves from getting done in and in some cases the third time.  Set aside these masochists and use our precious resources to focus for all on fixing a ‘sabotaged’ and ‘stolen’ system - THE ADMINISTRATION.  Easier to deal with ‘wrong doers’ in the administration than get more legislation that will then not be followed.  The legislation and precedents is already there to use so get started now prosecuting bureaucrats instead of barking at turning wheels.  Don’t change the legislation just change the staff and audit their conduct better - hence The Audit Office connection - our watchdog where we are not be but they need your reports and complaints to give them cases to investigate.  Blokes silence and inactivity is interpreted as approval and only supports the feminists who are being deceitful in their insurgent positions.

Another point about blokes.  Of course most are financially poor but it amazes me that in their own cases they only want to do the minimum they want and not what the case requires and expect to win.  They refuse to do anything outside of this minimum of their own case - only while it is current - and surrender the running of the system to the insurgent feminist.  I have been poor all of my three score and ten + and have found time to volunteer in such as this role.  Blokes allow themselves to become so embittered with ‘her’ they miss the big picture and are spitefully ‘mean’ to other blokes.  I still help these blokes while they remain around in self pity but it gets very disgusting and explains graphically that blokes actually place themselves where they are - that they then complain bitterly someone else put them there.

A closing note Richard Partington has at his own expense brought an expert proactive lawyer from USA already successfully prosecuting to seed Australia with the skills and courage to prosecute these wayward officials in courts.  However he does it including judges. Well family court victims should want to support Richard.   Some Australian well qualified legal folk are already interested and more should join in this movement.  If this is what it is going to take lets support it as well as the campaigning set out herein to fix a corrupted administrative staff.  We must restore integrity to the family law system that the feminist currently control for their own ideological sole gender self ‘anti family’ self interest. Note the attachment of the Australian Labor Party’s feminist wing formed out of USA and part of a worldwide ‘feminization’ of everything. You may not agree but we have worlds best but yet unseen behind its ‘feminization’ BY THE WORKERS IN IT.  Because fathers and blokes are marshmallow and will not unite this tsunami of feminism has nothing stopping it.

It is pitiful in the extreme marshmallow fathers help dig the pit for their sons and grandsons.  I have met such inter generational marshmallow blokes for whom I have compassion but am too disgusted to find the words why they work as hard to remain a victim than escape from it.  It seems it is what the feminists described as the worst form of intimation when a person accepts it a the norm.  Such is the extreme of feminist hypocricly when it comes to them victimizing blokes - and blokes still will not unite against it - beggars belief.  Blokes’ inaction and misdirected incipit efforts is the only reason the feminist have become and insurgent force delivering their own ideology via government systems.  Feminists network as a sisterhood about the systems and blokes stay vigorously self centered ‘isolates’ unwilling to even accept and use free offers of assistance.  I know very well because I am a formal representative and do some cases for them as litigant in person.  They do not need enemies while ever thy have themselves to surrender to any strong willed feminist wanting to challenge them - unless it is “up dooks and come out the back’ approach.  They too would prefer to fight with me than them send a letter of protest to the portfolio Minister.  It is still boys with children and fatherhood responsibilite still being boys wanting daddy to have a fight with them and then still fix their responsibilities for them.  This is how it is with too many fathers and why it is as it is for fathers in general.

But let us from this mailing list find a more elite strata of proactive and capable citizens and get back our stolen heterosexual administration for the feminist using it as a gender ware against men and fathers.

I want an honest and impartial staffing of these otherwise well legislated and structured delivery systems.  Also it is easier to fix by as herein them than lobby for more unnecessary legislation that the current magistracy and judiciary and the feminist ‘advocate’ support workers as family report writers and feminist solicitors will still ignore - are included to be named in an inquiry or preferably by prosecution.  Prosecuting law breaking officials is easier than forming new legislation.  Begin your support now in recovering our democracy from an unlawful insurgent power.

Phone me  if I can help you.

Regards Robert E Kennedy

From: Peter Nolan []
Sent: Saturday, 14 May 2011 2:03 AM
Subject: Great to see a man with balls and backbone

If anyone knows how to find this man? Please help me do so.



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ForumForumNews from Freed...News from Freed...News Parent ForumNews Parent ForumNews From Rober...News From Rober...14 May 2011 05:16 RE: Great to see a man with balls and backbone14 May 2011 05:16 RE: Great to see a man with balls and backbone