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 5/18/2011 8:44 PM

-----Original Message-----

From: Robert Kennedy []
Sent: 08 May 2011 18:38
Cc: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: MLA Law Makers and MLA Law Breakers in a gende4r war against men.

@ 1

Honourable Members of

The Legislative Assembly of The Northern Territory

Honourable Members

Your attention is drawn to all Honourable Members of The Government and Opposition and Independent all condoning the breaching your own laws by doing nothing about the current Government “M” rated advertising racially and gender vilifying Caucasian males.  The Opposition is meant to “Keep the bustards honest” are failing dismally in this instance.

Your attention is requested to closely read and understand the attachments to this complaint setting out in detail your offences against Caucasian males of your electorates.  Complaints to Ombudsman and Anti Discrimination Commission with some supporting material set our for you the case against  you collectively as The Government being government inclusive of  Opposition  The attachment ‘Feminization of the administration of Domestic Violence’ validly applies to Australia because Australia has been copying the same solely male blame Duluth Model and other advertising strategies of USA and Canada.  This NT Government advertising is  nothing more than a Wooden Horse of Troy making The Government and Opposition ‘participants’ in the feminist ‘Gender war against men’ .  Viz their ‘governance by proxy’ and you should have of your own Legislative responsibility already taken these actions and not leave it to the victims to have to protect themselves.

Your duty in these matters is in the first instance is not to produce offensive vilifiying material and in the second according to your own laws not allow it to be broadcast.   Please Fix.

Some MLA’s have been in the media because of family members becoming involved and The Member seeking some exoneration for their family member.

Nay may it not be granted until you have the wit to realise the victimization and suffering such hypocritical Members enforce upon other family men  Until politicians learn their responsibilities includes for themselves to also uphold the laws they make and protect their innocent constituents from victimization from the likes of  the current disgustingly Caucasian male vilification advertising.

I deal with many ‘false report’ victims facilitated by false government claims and advertising.  So victimised they are too afraid to call police to protect them it being known universally they are going to be ‘prosecuted’ as a ‘perpetrators’ and possibly ordered to leave their home and children while being a victims.  Leaving the violent parent alone in his home with his children instead of being ordered to a refuge.  So victimised are males they are now too afraid to make complaints about their victimization by such as to Government. Is it no wonder the male depression and suicide rate is so high?  They are being unlawfully relegated into second class citizens by Government.

The feminist said to politicians that the worst form of victimization occurs when the victim is forced to accept their victimization as ‘normal.  Such a victimization of the male population is openly before you all from your own pandering to hypocritical feminists.

This advertising does not apply correctly even as much 30% of the ‘offending’ community and not at all to your Anti Discrimination Legislation which binds The Government by the same law equally to any other organisation or citizen.  Please do your duties to The Legislature and end this discriminatory advertising.

The true situation is universally understood by the community and appropriate advertising can be devised for the facts of the community and the object of ending family violence.  Races and gender according to the facts can be portrayed and ‘safe guarded’ by The Government obtaining exemption under s57 special measures of the Anti Discrimination Act to openly portray the highest offenders who are not Caucasian males nor males alone.

Please withdraw the false and demeaning advertising immediately and replace it according your legal undertaking as a MLA to ensure the business of The Northern Territory is conducted lawfully and ethically - and according to the community facts you also have{ but ignore for the feminists}- and the legislation you and your predecessors made - for the protection of the innocent and vulnerable of our community. PLEASE FIX IMMMEDIATELY and end Caucasian male stigmatization and vilification.

@ 2

Others cc

As citizens you should be aware and note this unlawful injustice against males out of Government in all states and territories of Australia from funding and programmes devised in the Federal Jurisdiction by Minister for Women Affairs Tanya Plibersek and Kate Ellis to FaHSCIA Minister Jenny Macklin - all EMILY’s List feminists members - as programmes and funding to states and territories who deliver it as in this complaint in such a manner that it is only a ‘gender war against males’ -  and is nothing of any benefit to ending heterosexual interpersonal  or ‘family violence’ impartially across the spectrum of society as it occurs..  Indeed only inciting gender ‘unjust’ and ‘unequal’ gender divides and more violence.  That the feminist know is to ensure them the next round of funding for their ‘taxpayer ‘funded gender war against men.  It has to stop

 It is also up to you to make our politicians be impartial and comply with the laws they devise for the ‘equality’ of all - until they break them or allow others to break them with impunity as in this complaint..

Consider if it were a health matter and a both gender all races disease but if Government only vaccinates only men and vilified women and sectors of women for spreading the disease?  It is the same here by Government trying to stop a both gender all races conduct by blaming and vilifying only one male sector.  The false advertising Is nothing more than a Wooden Horse of Troy concealing the feminist gender war against men using taxpayers funding falsely.

Never be afraid to ‘prosecute’ a gender or facially corrupt government via Ombudsman or Commissions or Courts.  These ‘community protection’ measures are to protect everyone so use them as frequently as there is opportunity.  With governance by proxy by feminism there are currently plenty of opportunities to make such prosecutions as set out for you here.

Make your responses of protest please to all of the politicians as listed above.  This complaint  has gone to other mailing lists also to inform them of this form of unlawful gender and racial Government “Prohibited Conduct” by ‘false advertising”..


Robert E Kennedy          Coordinator        NT Office Status of Family, PO Box 988. Palmerston, NT 0831.     Phone 08 8932 3339


 White Ribbon Day Fraud.pdf
 Feminisation of the administration of Domestic Violence .pdf
 DV Complaint against NT Gov 2011.pdf
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ForumForumNews from Freed...News from Freed...News Parent ForumNews Parent ForumNews From Rober...News From Rober...08 May 2011 18:38 MLA Law Makers and MLA Law Breakers in a gende4r war against men.08 May 2011 18:38 MLA Law Makers and MLA Law Breakers in a gende4r war against men.